please deliver this to my face


You know how every once and a while USPS will mark a package delivered and it’s just not there? Some time sensitive supplies were “delivered” on Wednesday, and after searching high and low I had to reorder some to be delivered to my PO box instead to make sure I got it.

I figured someone delivered it to the wrong house so I asked at the post office today and immediately was told it was in my PO box. But was addressed and marked delivered to my ~*~house~*~. Please do not. 

So yeah… here’s an alternate ending to “where the hell is my package” if you also have a PO box. 

The frozen teardrops melted in Relena’s eyes, flowing down her face. Heero wiped them away before quietly whispering into her ear, “Please watch me, Relena.” “Watch you?“ “Like you, I’ll discard the name of Heero Yuy. From now on I can let my soul shine… no, let it continue to shine.” Heero handed her an envelope. “You finally came to deliver it to me.” Relena opened it. Written inside were English letters, which read: Your sight, my delight. Will you marry me?” Relena nodded, silently, deeply. 

The End.

Good news, friend-o’s!

My Tapas account got accepted for the tipping feature!

I’m coming up with a graphic guide that explains this feature in-depth for newbies, but here’s a very short briefing of how it works:

  1. Simply find me on Tapas app, either through my series, or by inputting my name into Tapas’ search
  2. On my profile page, there’s a small button that has “Tip” on it.
  3. When you press it, you’ll see a giant tapas coin, and to the right, there’s a prompt button for selecting whatever amounts of tapas coins you please.
  4. If you’re satisfied with the gift amount, just slide that giant coin to my profile image and ping me in the face with it!


  • You can do this as many times as you like, so long as you have Tapas coins in your bank
  • Once delivered, the coins gain a real monetary value that I can redeem for cash on my paypal!
  • You can, in fact, tip with the free coins you receive from Tapas’ Ad Watching Feature! This means you could potentially send me hundreds of coins absolutely for free!
  • It’s literally the cheapest way to show your support, you guys!

Again, I’ll have an update coming up on Idle Vampire that will give a more descriptive look at this. In the meantime, I just wanted you guys to know that this is what’s going on. I’m really very excited about this! :D


So thank you Sam. For reminding me who I really am. Powerful magic. Might have worked on any other demon. But me? Please. I could kill you. Snap my fingers, easiest thing in the world. From here on, I want you to know that the only reason you’re alive is because I allowed it. And I want you to deliver a message. You tell that ginger whore that I gave her a chance to walk away and she spat in my face. So now, she’ll never see me coming.

anonymous asked:

Roxy Lalonde for the character asks

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level:
get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: everything dude
worst quality: nothing.
ship them with: calliope and jane
brotp them with: jake
needs to stay away from: cronus ampora. not because she’ll hurt him , i just want her to stay the fuck away from him except if it is to deliver a spinning kick to his face

misc. thoughts:

fandom please i beg of you stop making her an alcoholic in every fic

Headshot/Bust Portrait Commissions

Price: $45+ (in USD | payment by Paypal)


  • Any character, any fandom in the style of the examples above.
  • I reserve the right to decline commissions for any reason (most likely if I feel I won’t be able to deliver a satisfactory product)
  • Visual references are required! Screenshots, face claims, etc. 
  • Please also provide a brief personality description & preferred color palette/mood.
  • +$5 for extensive scarring, intricate tattoos and jewelry (will be negotiated)
  • No commercial use. I retain all rights to the work done.
  • I require payment before I begin working and by Paypal only. 
  • Send me an IM if you’re interested!

finished commissions | art tag

Commissions are open again! No slots this time, just send me a message if you’re interested!

Yomo gets pierced by Arima and he crumbles onto the floor.

Narration: Stand in the way of Reaper who took everything away!

Yomo was pierced thru the neck rather than his face and blood continues to drip. His mask starts getting soaked with blood.

Yomo: Ugh… Gah….
Touka: Yomo-san!!

Arima swings Narukami to deliver the finishing blow.

Opening cover is Kaneki and Yomo.

[Yomo Flashback]

Hikari and Arata are walking with Touka and Ayato.

Touka: Please do the byo~n daddy! The byo~n!
Arata: Alriiight!
Arata: Heave-ho! Heave-ho!

Ayato: Me too mommy!
Hikari: You’re going to fall out of my arms.
Touka: One more, one more!
Arata: One more…? Alright, here we go…

Foosteps creep behind them. The scene changes and Arima is seen standing in a place that resembles an underground passage.

Mommy? Daddy?

PSA About Madancy and this weeks Twitter tag

:D Not shaming anyone!  Just a friendly reminder to my fellow trash shippers Madancers.  Madancy is the family secret kept locked and chained in the back room, attic or basement and fed fish heads once a week and is never spoken about except in hushed whispers away from prying eyes. 

Again, not shaming anyone! Lord knows I am one of the ones who delivers the fish heads most often but with this weeks tag being MadsAndHugh it’s gonna be tempting to make allusion to it. 

Please please avoid sending any word of it to official channels. I mean I am pretty sure they know it exists but still polite of us to not blatantly shove it in their faces. ^^;;

Thank you and happy shipping my lovely trash family.

–Steph (I swear I am not the captain of this ship)

anonymous asked:

I delivered food to the most confused man I have ever seen today . . . I got to the house, rang the doorbell and he walks up behind me (he had just gotten home) with this face like "why are you at my house" and his daughter opens the door, looks at me, looks at him and says "Dr. Richardson could you carry this bag please" and his wife comes out, I hand him the bags of food, and hes like "How much do I gotta pay" and shes like "Its taken care of" it was kinda cute. Surprised him with food.

So I commissioned @bonkalore to make me a lovely picture of Ghourandt and Shiro and she delivered! Aaaaahhh let me tell you what a great pick me up this has been after an otherwise shit day.

But UGH LOOK AT IT GUYS look at their faces lookit Shiro’s hair lookit how their clothes drape look at the little hints of detail on Shiro’s yukata look at their feet look at their toes AAAAAHHH I love it so much I had to show you all LOOK AT IT <3