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Caught (Liam Dunbar)

Caught (Liam Dunbar)  

Hi i was wondering if you can do an imagine that liam is my brother’s bestfriend and he and i are dating and my brother finds out, and try’s to kill liam, you can take it from here.  

a/n - I am so sorry I took so long for this imagine. But here it is and I hope you enjoy it! I named the brother ‘Luke’, btw hehe. <333


“Don’t worry,” you reassured your boyfriend, Liam, “Luke won’t be home for another hour or so.”  

“I know, just making sure,” Liam said, as you tugged on his arm which was tightly around yours.

Liam and you have been dating for a while and it’s all been amazing, but the thing was, your brother didn’t know. You knew that if he knew, Luke would murder Liam. And you didn’t want Liam to be hurt because of your failure to be discreet.  

And, the reiterated 'bro code’ that the other was not allowed to date the other’s sister.  

Well, Liam broke the bro code because he was crazy, deeply in love with you.  

And you returned the feelings.  

On normal days, you’d sneak out at crazy hours to be with Liam or you’d skip school.  

All just to be with one another.  

Today, however, knowing that your boyfriend was out with his girlfriend, you took the chance to be with Liam.  

You switched on the light, then taking a sit next to Liam, who was still feeling extremely nervous about getting caught. Liam was that kind of friend, who never wants to betray others’ trust.

“I’m just scared, I promised to your brother,” Liam stroked your hair as you laid your head on his shoulder.  

“Promises are meant to broken,” you replied.  

After that <serious> talk, you cracked a super lame joke to lighten up the mood a little.  

And soon after, you lost track of time. It’s always like that.  

Every time you hang out with Liam, you have so much fun enjoying each others company. And you lose track of time.  

One time, you snuck out at 1am to go to the pier, and you got back home at 6. Good thing you didn’t get caught though. You would’ve been dead meat.  

But as they say, all good things come to an end, or 'the calm before the storm’.  

If you knew what was going to happen, you would’ve been more careful; you would’ve hung out somewhere else.  

The two of you were in the middle of a tickle attack, and at that moment, Liam had you pinned to the ground, going for the 'kill’.  

“I regret telling you my soft spots,” you laughed, as he tickled your waist.  

“It’s too late, Y/L/N,” he laughed along, as you continued to struggle against his iron grip on your hips.  

“You suck,” you say, still laughing, but this time, poking your tongue at him.  

“Wrong creature,” he joked.  

“You still suck,” you repeated, before Liam leaned in to kiss your lips. You smiled against it, kissing back with an equal amount of passion and desire.  

You love his kisses. They were sweet and passionate.  

So, if anyone were to walk in right now, they’d see a couple making out on the floor, with one on top of the other.  

And when Luke Y/L/N walked in with his girlfriend, that was exactly what he saw.  

The girlfriend, which you didn’t even bother to remember the name, looked horrified. It kind of made you want to laugh.  

It took you and Liam a few seconds to realise that Luke had come home with his girlfriend.  

You hurriedly pulled away from Liam, standing up quickly and straightened your shirt.

“Oh shit,” you muttered under your breath, realising that you’ve been caught red-handed in the worse way possible.  

“WHAT THE FUCK, LIAM? WITH MY SISTER?!” Luke shouted, causing his girlfriend to kind of stand awkwardly in a corner.  

“WELL SORRY I FELL IN LOVE,” Liam yelled back.  

Oh no, this is going to end so bad.  

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW ABOUT LOVE? OH AND DID YOU FORGET ABOUT OUR CODE? IT SEEMS LIKE YOU DID, ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR THE BEST FRIEND EVER,” they were screaming at each other so loudly, you bet the neighbours could hear.  

“Fuck the stupid code, nobody cares about it,” Liam muttered under his breath and I guess that made Luke even more pissed because Luke went right up to Liam and punched him in the face.  

And there they were, two best friends with their friendship going down the drain, with you as the cause. They were hurting each other, punch after punch, jab after jab, hit after hit.  

Profanities flew, insults were thrown.  

And you couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. You had to stop them fighting, before one gets seriously hurt.  

You noticed that Luke’s girlfriend wasn’t at the corner cowering awkwardly anymore. Must’ve left, poor girl.  

So you tried to break up the fight in the most stupid way ever. By standing in the middle of the two boys.  

You felt a sharp pain on your cheek, one of their’s hits which was meant for the other has hit you instead.

You immediately put a hand to your cheek, and the two boys stopped their hassle. Mission accomplished.  

Liam wasn’t that injured, just a couple bruises with some blood. Luke got it way worse.  

“Y/N, I am so sorry,” Luke apologised, “You just suddenly went in the middle just as I was going to deliver a hit to my amazing best friend.”  

“It’s okay, just please stop fighting. I’m sorry for going behind your back, I’m sorry for lying and sneaking out at 3am and all that crap.”  

Luke sighed, and opened his mouth to say something but Liam was faster.  

“Look, Luke I’m sorry. I’m a horrible friend, just-”  

“No, Liam. I don’t want to see you or hear you for a while. Just go,” Luke interrupted before Liam could finish what he was saying.  

It was Liam’s turn to sigh. He pecked your lips before whispering in your ear, “I’m sorry, babe. I’ll see you later. I love you.”  

And he left.  

Luke opened his mouth but you shushed him.  

“Don’t worry about me, worry about your girlfriend, hmm, I wonder where she is.”  

His eyes widened as he finally realised that his girlfriend wasn’t around anymore.  

“Shit, sorry Y/N, I’ll be back. Love you,” he hugged you real quick before leaving.  

And you were alone in your house once again.  

What a day.

Again (Michael Clifford smut)

Michael’s POV

Her plump pink lips wrap around my tip; my jaw drops open slightly as my breathing increases. I’m scrunching my eyebrows together to stop my eyes from closing, and so far it’s working. I can’t look away from her. She’s so fucking perfect.

She’s on her knees in front of me with her hands and elbows bound behind her back, her tits on prominent display due to her current position. My right hand is wrapped firmly around the base of my painfully hard cock while my left is resting lightly on the back of her head, guiding her gently along. If I pull back enough, I can see the slick evidence of her arousal running down her thighs, and the sight is almost too much.

“That’s it, kitten,” I tell her as she gently pushes her head down farther, taking me almost completely into her mouth, my tip hitting the back of her throat causing a shudder to run through my body. “Shit, baby girl, I’m gonna come. You’re gonna make me come - holy fuck.”

She looks back up at me and winks cockily as she continues to work her perfect lips over me, her tongue knowing instinctively how to move around all the best spots. “I’m right there baby please don’t stop,” I pant and beg as my hips thrust forward again.

I’m startled awake suddenly and sit straight up in shock and confusion. My dick is rock hard and apparently I just woke up from a fucking incredible dream right before I was about to blow a massive load into my boxers.

I rub my hands over my face roughly, trying to calm myself the fuck down. I’m somewhat disoriented and I look around the room quickly to get my bearings. That’s when I remember everything.

Y/N arrived yesterday, just before our show. With only a few tour dates left before our long break, we figured it would be the perfect opportunity for her to see us play before we got to spend some quality alone time together. Throughout the entire performance, though, I was completely and utterly distracted by her. I could see her dancing around backstage, her gorgeous body swaying to the music as she wiggled her beautiful hips and her fucking amazing ass.

I swear she was doing it on purpose, too. Every time I would happen to glance over at her she would turn around with her arms above her head and taunt me with one of my favorite parts of her. By the end of the encore, it was getting difficult to physically restrain myself from taking her in the dressing room in front of the boys or on the ride back to the hotel.

After we got to my room, however, all bets were off. I had her pinned against the wall so fast she couldn’t even get a word out, and trust me, with a mouth like hers that’s an accomplishment. I had her on every flat surface in our hotel room last night. And this morning. We were so completely and utterly worn out that we had decided on a little early afternoon nap before we’d have to get on the bus tonight.

That’s what led me here, to my current position: hard as fucking granite and in bed next to my very beautiful, very naked, and very sleeping girlfriend. Well, shit.

Your POV

I breathe in deeply through my nose as I roll completely onto my back. My eyelids flutter slightly but they’re still too heavy to open. I smile recalling everything that took place last night. And this morning. Holy shit that was a lot of sex.

Michael took me against the wall, bent over the bathroom counter while we watched ourselves in the mirror, on top of the desk, and once in a chair before he finally took me to bed. It slowed down once we got there, and he made love to me as the sun rose.

Suddenly, I feel feather light touches on my ankles beneath the blankets, and my slight smile turns to a full-on smirk as I realize that Michael’s not yet finished. I crack one eye open, but he’s nowhere to be seen; he’s just a lump beneath the plush white duvet on the comfortable hotel bed.

I toss my head back on the pillow, but don’t move another muscle as Michael continues to kiss and feel his way up my legs. His fingertips lead the way to my knees and his lips follow behind, leaving warm, wet kisses and goose bumps on my soft skin. He uses his skilled hands to part my legs further, and when he dips his head back down to kiss the spot on my right leg just above my knee, his hair tickles me. I jump and release a soft giggle, at which Michael freezes and brings his hand up to move the duvet down. The first thing I see is his bright white hair poking out from under the blanket, followed by his lustful green eyes.

He smiles at me lovingly, and keeps his eyes on mine as he brings his lips back down to my flesh. He kisses and sucks and nibbles as he works his way closer and closer to my now throbbing center. I moan softly as he scoots further up the bed, his hands smoothing up my skin to wrap completely around my thighs and rest on my hips. Michael places tender and loving kisses on each hip before trailing his lips down toward where I need him most.

“Are you too sore, kitten? I don’t want to hurt you,” he whispers sincerely while focusing on my eyes.

I shake my head slowly, attempting to convey my need for him. My thighs are shaking slightly and my stomach muscles are quivering in anticipation. I’m barely able to focus through my desire, but I force out a breathy, “Please.”

He wastes no time then, immediately attaching his lips to my clit and swirling his tongue around it. I bring both of my hands down and thread them through his hair, keeping him exactly where I need him. My back arches at the intensity of the pleasure coursing through me, and my thighs clench tightly around his head.

Michael rubs my hips soothingly, releasing some of the pressure on my clit and instead running his tongue up and down softly. I let out a deep sigh and relax my muscles, instead just savoring the sensations that his mouth is delivering. My soft moans and whimpers spur him on, and soon he is bringing his tongue down to probe at my entrance, sliding it in easily.

His right thumb moves down to rub slow circles on my clit as he moves his pointed tongue in and out of me languidly. My back is arching as I roll my hips toward his face, grinding myself against his mouth as he brings me closer toward my impending release.

When he feels my walls begin to flutter slightly, Michael moves his hand away from my clit and slides his soft tongue through my folds and back up to the small bundle of nerves. He grips my hips firmly then to hold them down to the mattress while he alternates between running his tongue back and forth and closing his lips to suck gently.

All too soon, I feel the familiar tightening of my muscles as my thighs shake uncontrollably and my grip on his hair tightens. My chest thrusts into the air as my orgasm rushes over me quickly and powerfully. I moan his name, causing him to groan against me harshly as I’m coming down.

Michael continues to run his tongue over me lazily, causing aftershocks and spasms to course through me until I gently giggle and pull his head back. He kisses my clit one last time before moving up to my hip bones and leaving lingering caresses there. He runs his tongue along the valley between my breasts, coming up to kiss and suck the tender skin of my neck and jaw.

I tilt my head to catch his plump, kissable lips with my own, and I moan into his mouth when I taste my lingering flavor on his tongue. I slide my hands down his milky torso and grip the hem of his boxers, slipping them down past his ass and halfway down his thighs before he brings his hand down to stop me.

“Are you sure, baby girl?” he asks dubiously, watching my eyes for any sign of hesitance. “Again?”

I smile, biting my lip and nodding as I whisper my reply, “Again.”