please dear god why

I’m not particularly articulate so I won’t try to explain why, but dear god, please don’t tweet Rob or Glenn about macdennis, crack theories, weird fandomy things, etc. I’ve been invested in too many shows where fans have sent fan art or pestered creators about ships that I can see when we’re headed in that direction. I’m honestly begging everyone to stop before we reach that point.

DK is your babo, The8 is your sunflower, Chan is your baby. Then Jisoo oppa is Jeonghannie’s ____ ?
JH: Deer

Credit: 趙依依 
Source: confretti
Trans: jeonghoonhao

  • Me: Hey I want to watch Solve It Squad. *watches SIS*
  • Solve It Squad: *ends*
  • Me: Hey I want to watch Solve It Squad.

Well, I was not expecting to get this finished so soon, but I here are some more warframe sketches. No refs used (of course) and I could explain some things, but it would involve alternate universe stuff and second dream spoilers, so…I guess all I will say is that the Nekros is named Chicken, and in the timeframe of this doodle he is 90% floppy ragdoll and White Christmas doesn’t understand why he won’t move. (Chicken is perfectly fine, just…very floppy.)

And, it is hard to tell, but White Christmas is supposed to be holding a void key in his maw in the bottom right doodle. The human-looking fellow is named Joss, and he likes to breed kubrows.

Also, kubrow breeding = lots of doggie toys. Doggie toys + close proximity to mentally developing monsterframes = oh no Xmas please don’t put those in your mouth dear god why

The Journey Home... Cont.

NOTE: Sorry my loves that it has been so long since I’ve written! Life has been hectic the last few weeks. Can’t believe it’s already been a month since I’ve written! This story, and many others, have been on my mind though. Love you all and thanks for the support and continued reads <3 Extra delicious chapter in thanks for waiting! Plus, who doesn’t love some good loving… ahem…

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Previous Chapters: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Warnings: angsty Thor, telepathy, fluffy fluffy fluff, SMUT!! crying with delight over here, don’t shoot me for this!! 

Chapter 8: Rising

“LOKI!!” Thor roared as he approached the odd cluster of people. He saw his mother pacing about, a hand on her chin, thinking deeply. His brother with a lopsided grin, shrugging his shoulders at him and turning back to the apparently frightened girl who was a very pale blue. “What is going on here? Loki who is this girl, how are you are free of the cell, mother what are you doing? I demand answers!”

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I recently got into Glee and on the episode Darren came on for the first time, I screamed, fell off my bed, started crying on the floor and throughout the rest of the episode I cried seven more times. All because I kept seeing him. It was 2:00 am. I’m not even kidding. It felt weird because I couldn’t see Joey or Lauren or another Starkid bounding after him or singing with him but hohhhh man I loved it.

alchemotiferototyper said: *Bursts through door* PROS AND COns for a Seer of Breath please... *collapses*

OH NO OH DEAR GOD WHY- Are you alright?

Anyways, yes of course!


  • All super good people and are likely to be great leaders!
  • Cute outfits!! Wonderful!!
  • Windy Powers are so cool ngl


  • Learning about Breath is like having to take AP US History in High School and I’m p sure that’s not very fun
  • Are… You sure your favorite color is blue?? Because it better be from now on
  • Your hood is too small to store anything in there, sorry no candy hiding for you

-Mod Ama

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phone meme | always accepting

NAME: Hector
RINGTONE: Lay All Your Love on Me by ABBA
PICTURE:(this is so stupid i’m crying)

LAST TEXT RECEIVED: “already done. I saw the note you taped to the bathroom mirror.”
LAST TEXT SENT: “and can you please take out the recycling? it’s trash day tomorrow and I’m sick of the beer bottles sitting by the sink.”

  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I need to know more about Corypheus.<p/><b>What she means:</b> I have exhausted every dialogue option but I still want to hear this hella intelligent and attractive elf with the AMAZINGLY melodic voice talk about anything, even if it's a false god with rocks in his face, okay?? Tell me more stories. Something. Anything. Hell, pull a Cullen and talk about the weather just keep talking. And also PLEASE LOVE ME.<p/></p>
the signs "wake me up"

Aires: in an hour
Taurus: when september ends…
Gemini: do it don’t idc
Cancer: *gives an actual time to be woken up*
Leo: please dear god don’t
Virgo: ok sure
Libra: bitch why would you
Scorpio: don’t.
Sagittarius: when I’m dead
Capricorn: wAKE ME UP INSIDE
Aquarius: don’t, let me do it on my own
Pisces: I’ve been up


“Like most people who watch the documentary, [it was] immediate love at first sight with this couple. The energy and space between them is so potent and vibrant and lovely, and just tender and shy. It’s lovely to see that sort of joyful innocence really, isn’t it, sometimes? I thought, ‘When I grow up, I want to be like this couple.’”

“I think a lot of people are responding to the love story because they are like, ‘Wow, I want that. Whatever they are, whatever that was, please, dear God, let me taste that in my lifetime.’ I think that’s why it resonates.”

–  Ruth Negga on her response to Nancy Buirski’s 2011 documentary “The Loving Story” upon which the feature film “Loving” is based.

Lower photo: Richard Loving greeting his wife with a kiss as he returns from a day’s work to the farmhouse in which they were secretively living in Virginia