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After several sketches and failed attempts at doing his hair, I got it done.  I present you my trash space elf husbando, Dhaos.  Seriously though, it was fun working on this.  I may color in the future, but for now it is left at light shading.  Now to work on my blog.

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The third batch of muskrat skulls for sale. These are dyed reddish pink and are for sale within the US for $8 shipped, outside of the US will require more information. We do offer discount on multiples, and if you buy the whole lot for $26 shipped you will save 1.50 on each skull.

If you are interested in buying any of these, please contact me here on tumblr OR Dumpstercryptid on twitter where he is likely to respond quickly.

These will be put on the Etsy shop at some point soon but buying directly is easiest for us right now.

credit to @cryptocommie for one of these photos

a few icons of m’gann from the stills of her in the next supergirl episode because i am very excited for her return!

  • 2 icons in 3 colour variations each
  • 150x150 size
  • you don’t have to credit me but I’ll love you lots if you do :)
  • however!!
  • don’t claim as you own and please like or reblog if you use or save
  • more icons can be found on my icon page
  • thanks!

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dtjbsd  asked:

Hey Star, got an important question to ask. I'd like to do some fan art based on TBWF; specifically, I want to do a reproduction of one of your old comics in my style. Thing is, the comic I would like to redo is random-comic-189659320 from your deviantart scraps page. Reason I'm asking is because I feel this comic is very personal to you and you wouldn't want it brought to anyone's attention again. I would only do this with your permission, otherwise I have my own idea to use instead.

Go ahead but please give credit to me including a link to the original comic.

Here’s Non-binary King Dice icon I made using your King Dice Flowercrown icons!!! I hope this is ok!!

(Submission by @stupid-simple-trash!) Oh my goodness honey this is great! I love this! I absolutely don’t mind people making their own icons from my transparent crops/etc, I’m super glad you sent me this! I love it! (If anyone uses this please credit @stupid-simple-trash! Because.. I love this.)

One of several batches of muskrat skulls for sale. These 4 skulls are for sale for $8 shipped within the US, outside the US youll have to contact for further information.Three are degreased and whitened with nothing done to them, and one is whitened with gold sprayed flecks on it. You can also buy the whole lot for $26 shipped, which is 1.50 off each skull.

If you are interested in buying any of these, please contact me here on tumblr OR Dumpstercryptid on twitter where he is likely to respond quickly.

These will be put on the Etsy shop at some point soon but buying directly is easiest for us right now.

credit to @cryptocommie for one of the photos

  • face claim: ryan mccartan
  • age: 24
  • height: 6′2
  • ethnicity: caucasian 
  • quantity: 133 gifs
  • content: freakish season 2
  • trigger warnings: guns, pills, panic attacks
  • credits: @oliviaholt for screen recording all of his parts & sending them to me, a huge thank you.

these gifs were created from scratch by myself. please do not gif icon these, please do not put them in gif pack ( but feel free to link to this pack ) & please do not repost without credit, or claim credit for these in any way. please do give these a like, likes on a pack lets me know who you guys wanna see and it makes me prioritise things, reblog these if you’d like but a like is suffice, please use for your roleplaying needs & be respectful !

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UNIVERSTAR BT21 7 icons + 2 wallpapers :D

Universtar BT21 are new stickers on Line created by BTS! They are based on their drawings

Icons from top to bottom (+ descriptions):

  • Koya: Namjoon x
  • RJ: Jin x
  • Shooky: Yoongi x
  • Mang: Hoseok x
  • Chimmy: Jimin x
  • Tata: Taehyung x
  • Cooky: Jungkook x

You’re free to use anything but please credit me if you do♥♥

Secret Sign Language MasterPost

This is for @zenlikejen. 

Disclaimer: I don’t own all of these gifs (only some) so credit to the original owners of those i don’t own.

Okay so it has been clear from the start that some certain members from the band One Direction have gone to the great lengths (and most kind lengths) of leaning sign language. These two members are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson and despite them using their new talent as a way to communicate to the deaf fans, they also have mostly used it to communicate with each other, and each other only.  

We firstly have this:

Here we clearly see Louis gives a small thumbs up before tapping his chest multiple times with his left hand at which Harry doesn’t notice properly at first. Also Louis realizes he is tapping with his wrong hand for what he is trying to say so therefore corrects himself by switching to his right hand and this time Harry sees; like so: 

When Louis taps his chest, in sign language it means ‘Mine’, so basically he is telling Harry that he is his and Harry replies with a small thumbs up, a common thing which I will talk about further down in the post. 

Louis also glances at Harry here and touches his chest, a year later and they still communicate through signing, Louis again telling Harry that he is his. 

Harry here signs to Louis something along the lines of ‘Later we talk, before kissing’ but the second part can also mean ‘I want the truth’ as its unsure if he touches his lip or chin.

And Louis replies back with this: 

Which would make Harry saying ‘Later we talk before kissing’ more reliable due to Louis’ answer. 

Still complete cuties here.

Again during an interview, Louis seems to rub his hands together which research says could mean the letter ‘H’. In this case, H for Harry; or H was also a nickname that Louis could have had for Harry.

He then taps his chest twice again (meaning ‘Mine’) except he uses his fist more which may take away its meaning, but they could of changed it up more so that the signing was more personal to each other. 

Now during one of their songs on the TMH tour, Louis and Harry were stood next to each other on the stage. Louis glances at Harry for a moment to get his attention before crossing his fingers and then placing his hand back onto his microphone stand, fingers still crossed. 

Now some say that this means ‘Hope’ however others say because of how Louis did it, it means ‘Forever’ so I guess its your own choice to decide which one you want it to mean. 

Then we have this:

Now everyone knows that in sign language this sign with another person means ‘Lover’/ ‘Make Love’.

So really there is nothing much to say about this apart from the fact that it is adorable as fuck and the most cliche thing that a pair of platonic best friends could do together. 

No we are on to the famous ‘Thumbs up’ sign that they both constantly used to give each other on stage, during interviews and at any moment they were happy, having fun or in each others company. Now I researched this and found that it meant different to what the ‘Lovers’ sign that’s above. Many use the thumbs up sign as a way of saying good or as a positive attitude towards things like ‘I am good’ or ‘This is fun’ etc; except it also has another meaning. More discreetly, this sign can mean ‘I love you’ or ‘Love’ but is different from ‘Lover’ and ‘Make love’ so the two signs should not get mixed up. 

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Thank you for everyone’s warm response from last year’s 31witches, and everyone who has been asking for another list for 2017! I’m so happy to know that I can help people like this!!! I hope you enjoy the list!

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