please commission me lmao


~more examples HERE~

HELLO so im prepping for grad school and in general would rly like some extra money, so. commissions!

these prices are just a ballpark figure, basically the lowest price is for a bust and the highest is for full body, we can discuss it in more detail to get an exact price! i may charge a bit extra for overly complex poses/character designs, but it’s not too likely. if you want more than one character in a drawing, just let me know and we can work out a price!

a few things i won’t draw:

  • nsfw
  • Furries
  • as of right now not going to do any animals either (unless they’re not the main focus)

A note on backgrounds: the prices for adding a background to your commission are kind of up in the air- a full-detail background added to a bust would be around $20 extra, around $30 for a waist-up, and $40 for a full body. basic (i.e, one color with some texture) backgrounds are totally free

how to order:

  • shoot me an ask/message or email me at to let me know you’re interested
  • supply me with some references!
  • include your tumblr url (only if you want) so i can credit you!
  • once i’ve confirmed that we’re good to go, send payment thru paypal to if for some reason i can’t finish your commission i’ll refund you ASAP

Even if you can’t get anything, please signal boost!!! thanks so much, it’s super appreciated

Please help me gene my jeggings by partaking in some quality doodle commissons ;)c

But seriously I need some funds to help my kids look their best so I’m opening these up to try and help.
- 500 gems
- 500,000 treasure
- $5.00 USD
- Tips are always appreciated as well!

For right now I’ll only be doing simple dragon doodles like the one shown above as well as some previously posted ones that can be seen under my art tag. (I can do more than noodles and imps I just like them the best.)

My UN is Astromoth n my ID is #147449 so feel free to send me a message either on there or on here if you’re interested!


Heyo I’ve finally set up commissions after waiting so long ;D

As of right now, the money made from each commission will be donated to cancer research funding through the Relay for Life program, something I’m doing with some friends of mine.

The pictures above are only some of the examples, keep in mind. Check out the page on my blog for more information (payment and contact info, etc.) and prices here.
Also you can look through my art tag and if there’s a certain style that you like, please let me know!

Some general info: 

  • Please provide references! It’d be incredibly hard to capture the same thing you want by description only, so please include references if you can.
  • I am open to a lot of things, but please note that some things will cost extra depending on the difficulty, like complex backgrounds or designs.
  • Nothing mean-spirited or hateful towards other people/groups!
  • It’s not specified, but there are a variety of styles that I’ve tested out and if you want to see a particular one please let me know!
  • Any artwork from me is for personal use and personal use only! Unless stated otherwise, please do not distribute!


I will only be taking on six commissions at a time, so please bear with me if all of the slots are full. Everything will be first come first serve, and I will draw everything in the order that they are presented to me.

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
  5. Open
  6. Open



It’s that time of year/month again where I open commissions and hopefully someone will bless me w/ money to draw for them!

Anyway, here’s more on the pricing!


I can actually mail these to you, if you’d like. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to cover shipping cost because I am BROKE

If you want an edit and then want it mailed to you, I’ll see if I can actually print it out on some nice glossy paper and get it in the mail but if I can’t, I can always give you the file/you can print it out yourself! 

They WILL be scanned, not taken pictures of then uploaded so don’t worry. 
I won’t ink them because I SUCK at inking and it will ruin the picture and I don’t wanna risk that, you feel.

  • Traditional w/ Edit: 
    I use Photoshop CS5 to draw or edit so I will do what you’d like to the picture. I recommend these edits to be minimal (as shown in the picture) because imo it’s a bit harder to touch up a scanned picture than just draw one on a tablet. 

    You can also get this option without the edit and just have a singular person. That’ll only cost 2$!
  • Lyric comics/Comics:
    I can definitely do these! Unfortunately, they can only be done traditionally because I cannot do them on my tablet for some dang reason.
    If you want an entire song, that’s gonna be harder and a bit more expensive but nothing I’m drawing exceeds 20$, I promise. 
    As for regular comics, you choose what they say or just give me a prompt that doesn’t violate what I’m comfortable w/ drawing and we’ll be okie dokie.
  • Character Sheets:
    Ok these are basically a page filled with busts/faces of expressions of a certain character either of your choice or I’ll just slap random expressions on them. 
    You can add another character for me to draw alongside with them for a 1$ more!

If you want any of these to be edited on Photoshop (unless youre getting the option that already has an edit come with it) add on 3$.


Keep in mind, this isn’t my forté but I’ll do my best and try my hardest to make you happy with what I can do! 

These will be given to you directly with no permission except you and me to use them! 

  • Digital Character Sheets: 
    Basically the same as traditional except minimally colored!
  • Ships: 
    Ok, who doesn’t love art of their ships right??? 
    It’s 6$ for two people and each additional person costs 2$ but I will only draw up to 4 people per ship.
  • Fully Colored Digital:
    Ok, since I can’t draw backgrounds that like cuts the price so yeehaw for you, right? 
    Anyway! A fully colored drawing of just one person is gonna be 10$. 
    If you want more people then uh, we’ll work that out.
  • Partially Colored Digital: 
    The example for that one is just an unfinished drawing that I have, it won’t look that crappy, I promise.
    But a partially colored digital of one person is gonna be like, their eyes, their hair, their skin or whatever you want colored that isn’t the entire thing.
    You get 3 things to choose that you want colored in the drawing


  1. No porn. 
    I’m sorry. I just don’t have the most extensive knowledge on anatomy so I just cannot. Most of my drawings are from the waist up anyhow. 
  2. No difficult mechas/robots. 
    I can’t draw stuff like fuckin’ transformers or nge over here it’s juST TOO HARD. 
    If you want a little humanoid/android person then go ahead! 
  3. I might be able to draw furries.
    I wouldn’t count on this one, my furry knowledge is just awful, again I’m sorry.
  4. No gore.
    Let’s just keep it at that.

Anymore questions and I’ll be happy to answer them!

If you’re interested please shoot me an ask with questions or email me at

For more examples of my art check it out here!


new commissions post!! please reblog this one instead of the old one! 

hi everyone!! my name is duke and im a queer high school student who’s looking to begin doing commissions! still savin up for my binder an other stuff so buying from me would help a lot!

commissions page for more info: (x)

please reblog this if possible even if you cant buy because getting the word out would be very helpful! thank you very much for considering and reblogging; it means a lot to me!

(updated as of 8/15/2016!)


finally got around to updating this

so i kinda owe my family over £2k at the moment from a years worth of driving lessons and 2 years of college train fares and for the past month i havent really been able to do anything besides apply to a million jobs and wait for a response so yknow. this isnt incredibly urgent but id really appreciate it if you guys could help me earn even a little bit to pay back my family and put towards bills and stuff so i can be a little less of a useless freeloader

things i wont draw:

  • explicit nsfw content
  • gore

please contact me at if youre interested!

(payment accepted via paypal only)


Yes! Commissions! I am broke broke broke lmao. Details should be clear, sorry for the strict(ish) guidelines but my arm is still in pain and it varies daily depending on how much I have to write in class so just bear with me…school comes first. ;n;

Message me first with what you want (fanmail is preferred since that seems more reliable than reg messaging system) and I’ll let you know if I’ll accept or not then I’ll tell you my paypal address and I’ll begin as soon as possible after receiving payment!

((Please, please! keep the guidelines in mind. I don’t want to work myself to death with these things, I obviously can’t afford (both time and money-wise) to see a doctor for my arm so just go easy on me haha.))

For now I’m opening 2 sketch slots and 4 colored sketch slots~ Signal boost if you can and keep an eye out for updates on slot availability!

Before you even think about requesting art from me, please note this..

If you ever want to be a customer of mine, you’re just gonna have to trust me bruh.

If you can’t trust that I’m gonna take your deposit, then work on your drawing, create a masterpiece, and ship it to you by deadline without you bugging me every couple days, then this relationship is not gonna work

I get it, you’re paying good money for something so of course you wanna make sure you get what you paid for.

I’m a perfectionist. And I also hate to let people down. So know that I put all the time and love and care into your piece as I put into my original creations, and yours cost a whooollleeee lot less lol.

If you don’t believe that, don’t commission any art from me please lmao. You just gone stress both of us out.