please commission me lmao

i’m doing a new post to add links to examples.   the specifics are still the same:   is summer,   so landing a job now is almost impossible;   i have made a few bucks taking care of my grandma,   and i’m living with that,   but it’s vanishing already;   my son recently had an operation that had us change his meal habits,   so that meant more fresh food and for being an agricultural region,   prices in here are obscene.   i have to reach $880 more or less to pay for debts and maybe trying to take an IELTS,   although i might have to use part of that money to get the kiddo’s school supplies…

as i’ve stated before,   i can do ICONS,   GIF ICONS,   MOBILE HEADERS,   PROMOS  (  both static & gif  ),   BACKGROUNDS,   PSDS,   AND THEMES  (  minimalistic,   container,   or with tall sidebars  ) 

payment is via paypal only. 

examples & prices under the cut.

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Heyo I’ve finally set up commissions after waiting so long ;D

As of right now, the money made from each commission will be donated to cancer research funding through the Relay for Life program, something I’m doing with some friends of mine.

The pictures above are only some of the examples, keep in mind. Check out the page on my blog for more information (payment and contact info, etc.) and prices here.
Also you can look through my art tag and if there’s a certain style that you like, please let me know!

Some general info: 

  • Please provide references! It’d be incredibly hard to capture the same thing you want by description only, so please include references if you can.
  • I am open to a lot of things, but please note that some things will cost extra depending on the difficulty, like complex backgrounds or designs.
  • Nothing mean-spirited or hateful towards other people/groups!
  • It’s not specified, but there are a variety of styles that I’ve tested out and if you want to see a particular one please let me know!
  • Any artwork from me is for personal use and personal use only! Unless stated otherwise, please do not distribute!


I will only be taking on six commissions at a time, so please bear with me if all of the slots are full. Everything will be first come first serve, and I will draw everything in the order that they are presented to me.

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
  5. Open
  6. Open

new commissions post!! please reblog this one instead of the old one! 

hi everyone!! my name is duke and im a queer high school student who’s looking to begin doing commissions! still savin up for my binder an other stuff so buying from me would help a lot!

commissions page for more info: (x)

please reblog this if possible even if you cant buy because getting the word out would be very helpful! thank you very much for considering and reblogging; it means a lot to me!

(updated as of 8/15/2016!)

!!!!! OK HEAR ME OUT YALL !!!!!

I have to move out of this house soon and my stepdad has been having a hard time keeping up with bills ever since my mother passed in June and I’ve been living off of ramen tbh (sometimes friends buy me food but I feel bad aaa) lmao and I just need some money for food and clothes and my phone and whatnot also I think this will be a good experience for me regardless  

so if anyone would like to commission me, then go ahead!! 

if you don’t want to commission me, then please consider sharing this!

you can send me an ask or direct message on tumblr or you can email me at

you can also message me on Twitter! @canadianhyena

AND sorry for my bad handwriting omg

Before you even think about requesting art from me, please note this..

If you ever want to be a customer of mine, you’re just gonna have to trust me bruh.

If you can’t trust that I’m gonna take your deposit, then work on your drawing, create a masterpiece, and ship it to you by deadline without you bugging me every couple days, then this relationship is not gonna work

I get it, you’re paying good money for something so of course you wanna make sure you get what you paid for.

I’m a perfectionist. And I also hate to let people down. So know that I put all the time and love and care into your piece as I put into my original creations, and yours cost a whooollleeee lot less lol.

If you don’t believe that, don’t commission any art from me please lmao. You just gone stress both of us out.