please come to us

every time NASA finds shit about habitable planets I’m like ok…. please let there be aliens soz they can come here and kill us all… humans actually think aliens will like us and wanna be our bros lmaooo we don’t even like each other why would an alien

“This .. is probably a .. weird .. awkward moment for me to come here and talk to ya especially since.. I don’t come around often. But please, we need your help and I think you are the only one who can help us now. Eddie is missing, he disappeared, started .. a reset he can’t seem to come back from. A clock was involved so its not like a normal reset, I saw that .. he was trapped somewhere.” Edgar feels hesitant. 

“I .. feel lost without him. Everyone does. There are so many people hurt without him. So .. I’m coming to you, to ask you, please can you bring him to us. From the start?”

The small white deity looked towards Edgar. They could feel the compassion in the request, and would offer it to him. Magic around the area began to be pulled in, it felt warm and calm. Edgar watched feeling his soul pounding becoming part of it. The deity’s entire body started to glow with the soft warm light, and a soul emerged. It gently floated down into the outstretched hands.

The deity was rocking their arms, until the form of the soul took forth into that of a tiny body. They then held their hands out, presenting the young one to Edgar. 

“Ah, another baby I -” Edgar cut off his rudeness, he got Eddie back. That was them right there in the deity’s arms. “Is he .. going to be like this for a while?” Edgar saw the deity shake their head, and then cradles the infant in his arms. “Thank you, Mother.” Edgar takes the infant with him, leaving the realm. 


>>Shut Up and Dance With Me<< Chapter 3 update!! @wittyy-name has been working her ass off for thi s one

These boys needs to get over themselves. Pidge and Allura both have too much power. 

Vodka was easier to swallow than the fact that you weren’t coming back.

Finally. A reason to live again.

I’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to love me again,
I’ll put my hands up,
I’ll do everything different,
I’ll be better to you.
—  Adele ‘I’ll be waiting’


Hey guys!
I’m opening commissions again to save up for a new apartment, one with windows and that allows pets. So far the apartments I’ve canvased with my almost-new roommates are pretty pricey especially if we want to live near the city and we need help paying for 2 months rent advance of security deposit and some key money.

Does not help most of my money is going to laptop repairs, life insurance, current rent and bills. *sobs*
It would be totes awesome if you could help us out!

What you’re gonna get:

-Hi-resolution PNG file, 300dpi
-Rights to do anything you want just as long as you dont resell or claim as your own


There are two versions one in American dollars (USD $) and one in Philippine Peso (PHP ₱). The rates are based on how much detail the commissioner demands.

B & W sketches: USD $ 3-7 ; PHP   ₱ 46-230 (depends on add ons)

1 Character (full color)
half body:
USD $15-20 ; PHP ₱ 460-670
full body : USD $20-25 ; PHP ₱ 670-920

character (each): USD $12 ; PHP ₱ 300
background: USD $20-60 (depends on how much detail)

What I can draw

fandom art
slight NSFW (#freethenipple)
slight gore (a few bruises and bloodynoses)

graphic nsfw
graphic gore
super complex backgrounds

Some Rules:

- Payments can be done via PayPal. If you dont have that, payments can be done via Bank Deposit, LBC, M Lhuillier or Cebuana.
- Once we settle all the details of the commission, i’ll send you an invoice.
- For OCs please, send me good references of the character(s).
-Through the whole process, i’ll be sending you thumbnails,WIPs and ask you for your opinions.

- Send me a PM to this blog 
- Email me at
       Subject: Commission
       Content: tumblr username, commission details, references

50 ways bellarke has said "I love you" (without saying I love you)
  1. “I need you.”
  2. “We need each other.”
  3. “Together.”
  4. “I trust you.”
  5. “You left me.”
  6. “I can’t lose you too.”
  7. “You won’t be by yourself.”
  8. “I’m sorry.”
  9. “Get some sleep.”
  10. “You’re forgiven.”

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1170 Talents

Here’s a link to a list of 1,170 potential SHSL Talents.

In a skype chat, we figured there were 78 classes at Hope’s Peak by canon time, and if they had approximately 16 students in each class, minus the 78 SHSL Good Lucks there would be 1,170 titles. Now, it’s stated on the DR3 wiki that the SHSL Student Body President is the only one to ever share a talent. How many other talents could there possibly be?

And so, we made a list of potential ideas. Canon talents are listed at the top, and our own ideas are underneath (we forgot DR0, so those talents are somewhere among the main list).

If you’re a DR OC roleplayer, or want to make a fanstory, or just want to look at a list of cool talents for whatever reason, please feel free to use this for reference! A fun game to play is to randomize a number and make an OC with whatever talent you get. Have fun!