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Belle’s Travels Double Photoshop Event

Edited to merge this post with @judymulder and @virgidearie’s. 

Belle’s… completely non-faked travelling pics from the finale have certainly caught our attention, haven’t them? So we had ideas for two similar-yet-different events we could do with them.

The First Event, from the minds of @judymulder and @virgidearie, is a homage to Emilie de Ravin and this is how they explain it: We will make a photobook for Em with lots of photos of Belle in different places around the world. The idea is that you get to have Belle in your hometown, or in a place you always wanted for Belle to go. Besides each photo we also want to include a small fic drabble related to that place (no more than half a page) or any personal message you want to write for Em. 

We will try our best to give this photobook to Em during the Happy Endings Paris Con (18-19th June). If you want to participate please send me your submission no later than Monday, June 5th to General instructions: We are including below some transparents you can use for this (no need to know photoshop!). You basically can use these in PowerPoint adding any background you want. If you are a photoshop savvy you are welcome to use more complex manips like the ones that we already have out there (example1, example 2). 

If you are having problems with figuring out how to use the transparents or you can’t come up with something you really like, @virgidearie will take requests from you guys. Just send her the background you want to use. You can put your text inside the pic if it is small (one sentence). If it is larger than that or a drabble, please send that to me as part of your email text. @barpurplewrites is taking prompts for small drabbles. Do not forget to include your twitter and/or tumblr nickname when you send me your work. Of course, we encourage you to post your submissions, so people get an idea of what they can make. To make these posts easier to find we suggest using the tag #Belletravelstheworld Please let me know or @virgidearie if you have any questions or suggestions.

The Second Event, which could happen at the same time as the first, is more humorous and kinda aims more at making fun of the OUAT production team, though I’m sure EDR would also appreciate these pics too and can be included in the photobook if you want!

So, basically, people who want to participate create the most outrageous and obviously fake photoshop pics of Belle in her travels. And in the end we can make a category in next year’s TEAs to pic a best pic to celebrate who was the most creative/funny. This is brilliant because you don’t really need to be talented at photoshop to participate, but rather creative (though I imagine talented photoshop artists will come up with lots of great stuff). 

We post them all on twitter with the hashtag “Bellestravels” and tag A&E, ABC and so on in them. For that we’d have to pick a date (or we can make it a week, and add something of the like to the hashtag).

Anyone in?

Out-d*cking a stingy roommate. Suffer!

(warning: long story)

The Backstory

I attend a university in Boulder, CO. If you don’t know, living expenses are quite… ludicrous here. Therefore I got an apartment with my 3 best friends since elementary school. We grew up pretty well off in a very upper middle class suburban area of Denver… this is relevant.

As part of furnishing our apartment, every family pitched in $100 to buy this awesome 12 person sectional suede couch. It was used, and in great shape. Everything else came from individual families, but everyone pitched in equally for what we needed. This couch will be the subject of the story.

The three roommates, with changed names, we’ll call them John, Taylor, and Nigel. Taylor, Nigel, and I all study profusely for our technical degrees, as where John has switched from his technical degree to biology to pursue medical school (good for him). However, it was this change that precipitated a whole shitstorm that I will now explain.

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Tormund’s Silly Starter Call

Because we all need a laugh now and again 

And since most crack threads seem to come from this ginger lump, why not invite people to join the madness? 

Like this post for me to come up with a silly idea, might be set in a modern or alternate verse 

These might take a while to come out, so bear with me 

get it? 

Multimuses please specify muse

Everyone else, if you want to throw a prompt word or idea at me, it’d be appreciated 

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im gonna need you to tell the rio 2 story

ok… my family wanted to watch rio 2 when it was still in theaters so I was like ok work! let me go on a torrenting site and download it there (cause they always have good quality n I want the best for my family) and I found one that had like 4 downloads but it said it had GOOD ASS quality so I was like WORK!! and i downloaded it and it took SO long I was like why it taking so long.. and by the time it finished my family wanted to go to bed so I was like :/ and went to bed…. next morning I woke up to my sisters slapping my face yelling “WHAT DID YOU DO FATIMA” I WAS LIKE EXCUSE ME?? IT WAS THE 4TH OF JULY I WAS TRYING TO SLEEP IN AND THEY SHOVED THEIR PHONES TO AN EMAIL SAYING “You have 24 hours to delete the file using Cox Communications: Copyright infringement or we will take further action” I WAS WOKE!! BY THEN I DELETED EVERY SINGLE THING I DOWNLOADED FROM THAT SITE I DELETED PHOTOSHOP, SPIDERMAN, THIS IS US, MONSTERS INC EVERYTHING I CRIED DOING THEM ALL TOO AND I EMAILED THEM BACK LIKE I DELETED THE FILES PLEASE DO NOT TAKE FURTHER ACTION!! CAUSE I KNOW IF I DIDNT THE FEDS WOULD COME TO MY APARTMENT AND ARREST ME WITH A $10,000 BAIL I CRIED THAT DAY.. ON THE FOURTH OF JULY….

After the Battle of the Five Armies, Tauriel takes Kili’s runestone, travels alone to the West and brings it to Dís. She can’t deal with the death of innocents and Mortals, so no words are shared between them; besides, Dís is clever enough to understand what happened. Her only family is gone and there is nothing that can soothe her endless pain.