please come over and bring wine

BTS reaction to V rapping Cypher pt. 4 with his s/o

//Gonna make this gender neutral just cause I can//

Jin: Lowkey cheers on for the both of you. He wants to join the both of you, but if this was after practice especially Eomma needs her rest, bring her some wine please. But he’ll try to keep up but fail miserably so again, cheerleader Jin!

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Yoongi: Highkey judges you. That’s legit all I can say. I mean he’d just going to be in the corner thinking to himself. “How’d he come to know these idiot.” But trust me, if you get a part wrong. He’s gonna show you how its done son. Rapping straight fire. SORRY BAE?

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Hobi: Starts laughing the instant he hears the words “Ireum!”  leave your lips.  Like legit he’d be falling over. As he watched Daegu boy trying to imitate his Daegu hyung. He’s going to legit teasethem both so bad later on.

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Rapmon: Being the smart individual, he’ll take out his phone to record blackmail material. Of course the 94 liners are going to unite together to annoy you guys. Making  fun of how you staggered over words and what not.

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Jimin: Stands back and laughs quietly. Honestly he knew this was going to happen, so he just moves aside and let you guys take the stage. of course he’d be at the back laughing his ass off. Later joining the 94 liners in teasing the both of you.

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Taehyung: As if this boy has a care, he’s going to jam out to cypher whether it be in his washroom, having sex, or out to the media. He’s is jamming out to Cypher and you’re joining him.

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Jungkook: Stands beside Yoongi and judges the straight up crap out of you two as he tries to stifle a laughter. If Yoongi gives up on you both, he’s gonna take up the responsibility of saving Cypher’s pride. Almost-member of rapline a’int gonna let them die in shame.

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