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Yellow Rose~Part 2 (1940s Bucky Barnes x Female Reader)

Catch uo here: Prologue  Part 1

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Words: 1733 (HOLY CRAP)

Pairing(s): 1940s Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Kissing, I think that’s it??

Requested By: Anon

Request: Hey, do you think you could write a Bucky x reader based on Ed Sheeran’s song Nancy Mulligan please ?

Summary:  (AU where Bucky never falls off the train and gets to live a happy life) Working as a nurse in WWII, you never expected to fall in love. But then a certain blue-eyed soldier walks into your life, and you can’t ignore the sparks between you. Eventually, the war ends, and you return home. Bucky courts you for a while, before proposing. But your father refuses to give you his blessing. Will you give in, and let your father control your life? Or will you take a leap of faith and run away with the love of your life, James Buchanan Barnes?

A/N: Well I suck. I’m so sorry I took so long to post this. I loved writing this Part. The reader has siblings in this chapter, whom I named. However, the reader’s mother and father don’t. So as always, (Y/F/N) stands for “Your Father’s Name” and (Y/M/N) means “Your mother’s name”. 1940s Bucky is such a charmer! I love him so much! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

The war was over.

You returned home to Brooklyn, and to say you were overjoyed when Bucky told you he lived there too was an understatement.

And he was true to his word, tonight he was going to take you out on your first date.

You had told your family about him. Your mother was truly happy, knowing that you had found someone. However, your father was extremely protective of you. He didn’t want to let his little girl go, but he still agreed to meet Bucky since he meant so much to you.

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A warning to all who would continue down this road that leads to sandwich perfection…

Abandon hope. Kiss your friends and family goodbye. If you had a social life, give it a merciful death. This sandwich will devour your life, your soul, and everything that remotely resembles free time.  When all was said and done, this amazing, delicious, perfect sandwich took me four hours to make (not including grocery shopping time). It was not easy. It was not quick.

But by god it was delicious. 

In the end it was so enormous that I couldn’t close it and make it one sandwich and it ended up being two sandwich halves that everyone got a piece from each one, so that’s how I’ll be doing the recipe. Still brave enough to push on?

C'mon grab your friends, it’s Sandwich Time!

-MJ & K

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Joe Sugg imagine || White jealousy. ||

Anonymous said:

Can you do an imagine where James (Oli’s younger brother) has a crush on the reader and when hoe and the reader start dating he gets jealous and tries to break them up.

- - -

Sitting in Oli’s apartment with Joe, you were both watching BBC news, not by choice but just because you were both too lazy to move from the couch to grab the remote, you had one leg over Joe’s leg, who put his other leg over yours to which you put your other one over his as you both sat cuddled close together on the couch, his arm was around your shoulder, your hand on his upper chest.

You had been dating Joe for around two weeks, he finally asked you out after you both liking each other for the past two years.

A knock came at the door and you both looked in it’s direction. “Oli, door!” Joe called toward the bedroom where Oli had gone ten minutes ago. “Heard it!” He called back, before he appeared, opening the front door, he smiled. “Hi.” He said brightly. “Hi Oli.” His moms voice filled the apartment. “Hi Misses White!” You called from the couch, looking in the doors direction and she poked her head in through the frame, “Hi (Y/N).” She giving you a smile, “Joe.” She added with the same smile still on his face, “hello.” He waved at her.

“Now, Oli – you’re sure you don’t mind James being here for the weekend?” She turned her attention back to her oldest child and son.

Shaking his head, Oli laughed; “of course not, mom – go enjoy your weekend holiday with dad.” He assured, taking a backpack from his moms hand. “Where is, James?” He wondered looking confused, “oh, he’s still in the car fixing his hair,” her voice turned low like she was letting out a secret, “I might have mentioned Joe and (Y/N) were over so he wanted to fix his hair up for (Y/N)” She giggled, which made Oli laugh.

It wasn’t a secret James had a crush on you, he made it pretty obvious – especially within the last several months gone by when you were helping Oli move his stuff to London because your car was bigger, you all thought it was kind of sweet.

“Oh, okay.” Oli was still laughing, but stopped clearing his throat as he heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

James entered the apartment after saying good-bye to his mother, he came through the doorframe looking down at his phone, “hi James.” You said with a smile which caused him to look up quickly, “Hi!” He exclaimed brightly, his cheeks going red, Joe started to snicker a little but you elbowed him lightly. “Shh.” You muttered.

James had done a double take seeing the position Joe and you were in on the couch and he stared between the both of you, before he looked away again picking up the Wii U controller. “We should probably get off, I still have a video to edit that goes up tomorrow morning.” You looked at the time, before looking at Joe who nodded. “You sure you wont stay for take out?” Oli wondered, looking up from his phone while standing in the kitchen.

“Love to, but you know the editing struggle is real enough sometimes.” You laughed and Oli nodded as you and Joe uncrossed your legs from each others and you stood up.

“I think you should stay,” James looked up, watching you and you smiled. “Not this time,” you said with an apologetic tone seeing the disappointment in his face. “But – maybe tomorrow you and Oli could come over for pizza or something?” You offered and James smiled. “Yeah! I mean – we can right?” He looked at Oli, but he wasn’t so much asking him.

“Yeah. Why not.” Oli nodded with a smile, seeing James light up even more in the face and eyes, “awesome! Can’t wait.” He had put the WiiU game pad down and stood up, coming over to you, he hugged you tightly and you looked up at Oli who looked amused, you hugged him back.

“See you guys tomorrow.” You waved as you finished putting your jacket on. “Bye (Y/N)!” James said waving back at you, “see you guys.” Oli said.

You left the flat, Joe taking your hand into his and you started the walk home…

… You were sitting in the desk chair in the bedroom you shared with Joe your feet were up on the edge of the bed as he was folding his laundry finally after leaving in it the dryer for two days.

You glanced over as your phone lit up and your eyebrows knitted together seeing the text from a number not in your contacts, you picked it up and laughed. “What?” Joe asked glancing at you.

“I think James stole my number from Oli’s phone.” You admitted, looking over the text message, “why?” Joe asked curiously botching the folding on a t-shirt he was holding and tossing it into the dresser anyway.

“Just gotta text from a number not in my contacts saying; Joe and you don’t look like a good couple, I’d break up.” You laughed a little bit.

“Awh, Oli must’ve told James we were dating.” Joe said, before laughing a little. “are you gonna reply?” He wondered and you shook your head. “No, I don’t think so.” You didn’t see the point.

“Poor kid,” Joe said taking his laundry basket that was empty back into the hallway.  “I mean, it’s cute in a way – but also a little creepy.” He said coming back into the room.

“Says the guy who had a massive crush on a sixth form girl when you were like ten.” You snickered as he gave you the middle finger.

“Older women are so… Sexy.” Joe said with a growl making a clawing motion with his fingers and you burst out laughing. “Oh please, you’re killing me.” You shook your head. “If he keeps texting my girlfriend though, I’ll have to have a serious talkng to him.” Joe nodded seriously.

“He’s twelve, he’s pretty harmless.” You rolled your eyes…

… The following evening had come and Joe had ordered a large pizza, chicken wings and a salad, the table was set up and you heard the buzz from the intercom.

You slide on your socks to the door and pressed a button on the touch screen. “Hey.” You said seeing Oli and James standing there. Before you buzzed them up.

“Hey.” Oli said smiling taking off his jacket, “we come with gifts.” James and pushing by Oli a little bit, he was holding a brown bag which he opened and pulled out a bottle of white wine. “For you, m'lady.” He said charmingly holding the bottle up to you.

“Oh why thank you.” You smiled taking the bottle. “Ouu my favourite.” You looked at the label.

“I know, I remembered.” James winked at you and you laughed as Oli scoffed. “Oh please, I was the one who thought we should bring wine – you just tagged along.” He rolled his eyes.

James flashed him a dark expression and Oli smirked. “Behave James or I’ll have to put you in time out,” he teased. “Shut up.” James said at him and Oli rolled his eyes again.

“Alright Oli?” Joe said coming upstairs, “alright. You?” He nodded. “Alright.” Joe said coming over to the counter. “Ouu wine!” He said brightly.

James had been following Joe as he walked across the kitchen, “I didn’t know you’d be here.” He admitted and Joe looked down at him. “I live here…” He pointed out.

“With (Y/N) who he’s dating…” Oli added which James looked more annoyed. “Shut up Oli.” He looked at his older brother.

“I’m just saying dude, they are dating – get over it, it’s too late.” He was laughing at him in a mocking way and James narrowed his eyes. “Shut up.” James said again in a darker tone of voice.

“You don’t need such negative people in your life.” James was looking at you now, “I don’t?” You asked looking up from the bottle of wine. “Short negative people.” He said looking at Joe who looked slightly offended. “But at least I’m tall enough to do this.” Joe winked at him, leaning in he kissed you quickly before you had reaction time and he started to laugh along with Oli.

“He’s got you there buddy.” Oli admitted with a nod.

“No one asked for you opinion.” James said nastily at Oli who cleared his throat. “And she’s too good for you.” He pointed at Joe. “You wont treat her right.” He added. “And you, you suck!” James snapped a little upset at Oli before he turned around and left the flat quickly.

“Oh jesus.” Oli sighed, heading for the door. “I’ll go … Honestly, what’s wrong with you two? Mocking him, you should be ashamed of yourselves.” You shook your head at them while slipping on a pair of flats you had by the door…

“Hey…” You said finding James sitting on the front steps outside of the flat, you sat down beside him. “Hi.” He said lowly and you looked out onto the empty street. “So, about inside.” You said trying to figure the right words to use. “I’m sorry about that.” James said quickly glancing at you, he had an apologetic and embarrassed look on his face.

“It’s alright.” You assured him. “I just, like you so much and Oli’s been teasing me about it all day, I just got angry.” He explained and you nodded understandingly. “Well, it’s not alright to be rude to anyone but especially not your brother, Oli is a pain in the ass – we all know that.” You nudged him a little which made him smile a small smile. “But he loves you and tormenting you is just a way of showing it.” You added, “but I understand how it feels to be tormented; so in a way I can’t blame you.”

James looked up at you, “you’re really pretty, (Y/N).” He was looking at over your face and you smiled. “Thanks James, but a lot of girls are pretty.” You pointed out, you didn’t want to hurt his feeling but you also didn’t want to give him any wrong impressions either. “Not as pretty as you.” He mused and you breathless laughed.

“Don’t you find girls in your class pretty?” You wondered and he made a horrid face, “no! They’re all gross.”

“But they’re girls! Just like me, how can I not be gross but they are?” You asked him and he paused, “that’s just weird they are like … I don’t know.” He shrugged. “They aren’t as pretty and as funny as you.” He nodded.

“I’m sure they are, you just have to talk to them, plus they are your own age.” You added.

“Think about it this way, I’m twenty-three,” you explained, “twenty-three is halfway to forty-six which is halfway to ninety-two – which is old as hell.” You weren’t sure where you were going with this, but you kept rolling with it, “girls in your class are twelve, that’s only halfway to twenty-two which is young! Really young… So do you wanna girl that’s going to be young and cool to date or something old like me who’ll be wrinkly and probably needing a walker?” You asked.

Remaining silent James was in thought about it before he looked up. “I didn’t realise you’d be getting old.” He admitted and you nodded your hands were in your hooded sweaters pockets. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’ll be dating anytime soon.” James had come to realisation and was rejecting you from something you weren’t even asking for.

“I understand.” You nodded trying to go along with him. “But, I’ll catch you around.” He added, he lent in and he kissed your cheek before he stood up going back inside of the building.

“I was just rejected by a twelve year old who liked me…” You whispered.

Don Pines Out and About

Feneris on Chapter 30 of ToaD, AO3 ver:
I can just see Hank and Vivi going to a fancy restaurant for a night out together, and being addressed as Don Pines, and getting the top notch service. Top shelf wine, a team of servers waiting on them hand and foot, a private booth, the works. Much to Hank’s exasperated embarrassment and Vivi’s amusement.

AKA look, once in awhile I do fill requests! XD

On AO3 // On

Normally, Hank was just as happy going down to the little diner on the corner for food when he and Vivi were too tired to cook as he was going someplace nicer. Happier, sometimes.

It reminded him a little of Greasy’s, back in Gravity Falls – mostly in the fact that it was small, and welcoming, and hosted everyone regardless of shape or species (so long as the space could handle it, though the owner had made noises about expansions if he could save up the cash so he could host a larger variety).

The fact remained that most of the time, Hank and Vivi both enjoyed and often preferred the quick and easy food they got there when they did go out to eat.

But tonight was special, and they both wanted to do something a little fancier than normal.

So they were off to The White Diamond, the fanciest new restaurant in Portland – and one of the few that was both fine dining and accepted clients of all shapes and sizes.

As if they’d visit an establishment that didn’t. Maybe Hank was spoiled from living in Gravity Falls, but he wasn’t willing to put up with pro-nat crap even indirectly.

And, well, after visiting Gravity Falls, and forming the Dinner Crew, any patience Vivi might have had was gone too.

Hank had been busy with a sudden influx of freelance work, so he’d asked Lucy Ann if she minded making the reservations. The way he was going, he was forgetting to eat if food wasn’t left within arm’s reach, so it wasn’t as if he was avoiding it, he just didn’t want to forget.

In retrospect, asking Lucy Ann was probably his first mistake.

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Picking Up The Pieces

Bonjour! Have a hartbig fic. Uh… hopefully the NSFW will make up for the NSFF. And there’s a teeny bit of swarto, too. Also, nearly 5000 words, so. Love me.

Enjoy x

Picking Up The Pieces

Now she’s gone,
And I’m picking up the pieces.
I watch you cry,
But you don’t see that I’m the one by your side.

It’s been days since Grace saw Hannah smile.

A real smile. Not a forced one, or a watery one, or a grateful one, but a real one. One that looks honest and, well, happy. Smiles like Hannah used to do. Her little grins and smirks and the way they kind of just beam out of her face. Those smiles.

But it’s been days. Maybe more than days. Weeks? Has it been over a week now?

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nicosdisangelic  asked:

Tywin promises Roose that he'll be Warden of the North, cemented by Ramsay's marriage to "Arya," in exchange for Bolton's role in the Red Wedding. If Tywin knew that a Lannister wouldn't end up as Warden of the North, why did he insist on Tyrion's marriage to Sansa?

Hiya! Nobody (except Ramsay) thinks the Boltons are going to be in charge long term. Roose knows the Harrenhal curse is coming for him: “I will not live long enough to see new sons to manhood…”

And as everybody from Roose to Barbrey to that Locke in White Harbor says, Ramsay’s authority will simply never be accepted by the bulk of the Northern political community. Which is why Barbrey is positioning herself to take over after the curse catches up with Roose: gathering together the various lords at Barrowton to await Roose’s return (a considerable political accomplishment, coupled with her pointed exclusion of Ramsay from Barrow Hall), constantly straddling the line between the Boltons and the Stark loyalists, and then there’s her dialogue: 

As Maester Medrick went to one knee to whisper in Bolton’s ear, Lady Dustin’s mouth twisted in distaste. “If I were queen, the first thing I would do would be to kill all those grey rats.”

“White Harbor might prove troublesome should Lord Wyman survive this coming battle … but I am quite sure that he will not. No more than Stannis. Roose will remove both of them, as he removed the Young Wolf. Who else is there?”

“You,” said Theon. “There is you. The Lady of Barrowton, a Dustin by marriage, a Ryswell by birth.”

That pleased her. She took a sip of wine, her dark eyes sparkling, and said, “The widow of Barrowton…and yes, if I so choose, I could be an inconvenience.”

Similarly, Tywin intends for Tyrion and Sansa to take over the North after the Boltons conveniently pave the way: 

“We shall allow the Dreadfort to fight the ironborn for a few years, and see if he can bring Stark’s other bannermen to heel. Come spring, all of them should be at the end of their strength and ready to bend the knee. The north will go to your son by Sansa Stark…if you ever find enough manhood in you to breed one.”

aha-shake  asked:

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks Owen loves having sex in public! NSFW HC: Imagine y/n and Owen are in a restaurant. He's all like "Well, I know what I'm having", his hand roaming underneath the hem of your dress. Before you know it, he's slipped under the table, sat in between your legs. Waiter comes over, Owen's eating you out and you're bringing the menu up to your face, trying not to moan... OH GAD


anonymous asked:

can you please write a bathing prompt for the three sentence fenhawke fic? :>

There are few things that Fenris likes about Orlais, and a great many things he dislikes.

From the ostentation to the arrogance; from the way the elves are treated, to the way they look at him, their eyes bright and hopeful, too close to awe for his liking. Fenris doesn’t want that kind of responsibility; he never has.

And yet here I am, he thinks, following Hawke and some simpering Orlesian fellow in a golden mask - Fenris wasn’t listening when he gave his name - into what will be their room for the next few days.

As they enter, Fenris’s eyebrows raise. It’s huge, multi-roomed, with a balcony overlooking a grand courtyard. The furniture is overstuffed and unnecessarily fine, too much gold leaf, too much of everything. But there are shelves full of books, and through an open door there Fenris glimpses a bath - something that will be most welcome after their long journey.

“We are so very glad to have you here, Champion,” the Orlesian says with an oily smile, preening at Hawke. “Anything you need is yours - just ring the bell and one of the servants will be with you in moments.”

“Thank you,” Hawke says as he sets his bag down on the floor. “But the invitation was addressed to Fenris; I’m just his plus one.”

The Orlesian purses his lips, gazing at Fenris before nodding sharply. “Of course,” he says, his voice artificially bright. “I’m certain we’re very happy to have both of you here.” He doesn’t sound glad that Fenris is here; they have that in common, then.

The man gives another bow complete with ridiculous flourishes, then with a sweep of his cloth-of-gold cape he is gone.

“Orlesians,” Hawke grumbles, pulling off his own cape and throwing it onto a velvet chair. “Just so you know, I’m dressing and acting in the most Fereldan way I can until we leave.”

“But you didn’t bring the dog,” Fenris says, and Hawke grins at him.

Fenris goes to the bathroom and is pleased to see that it’s as fancy as the rest of the room; turning the tap brings forth a stream of wonderfully hot water, and the bottles next to it are full of scented oils that he pours generously into the water.

“I like the way you think,” Hawke says as he comes over. He’s half-naked now, and Fenris’s eyes linger on his chest, his arms - he’s very distracting. Before he even realises he’s doing it, his finger is tracing down Hawke’s sternum.

Snatching his hand away, Fenris goes back into the living room to grab a bottle of wine from the table that’s been laid out for them, along with two glasses, before returning to the bathroom and stripping.

When his last piece of clothing is on the tiled floor, he looks up to see Hawke grinning at him.

“Wine and naked Fenris? It must be my lucky day.”

“It must indeed. I might even let you give me a massage later.”

“Gladly, love,” Hawke says, and steals a kiss before getting into the bath. Fenris smiles, feeling fond and warm. Maybe Orlais won’t be completely awful. Not with Hawke by his side.


(This is a sequel to this ficlet)

The other three(-ish) sentence Fenhawke fics. 

For The First Time

For Klaine Advent day six: fan + Cheesy Hallmark movie summary at the end this time, because it kinda spoils it. 

(This one is R, where Hallmark doesn’t dare go.)

“I’m a big fan of your work.” Blaine admits this before his date, Kurt, Kurt, perfect swoop of chestnut hair, leanly muscled, hard lines of jaw and cheekbones and legs and narrow hips. His smile is wry, his eyes speckled with the glow of the oil lamp between them on the table.

The restaurant noise fades to a meaningless din around them, just him and Kurt, and Blaine has to curl his twitching fingers into his palms so he won’t reach out and touch and hold and never let go. He wants. So much.

“Is that so?” Kurt says, his own fingers busy setting and resetting the flatware. “How long have you been following my work, Blaine?”

Blaine is unashamed to answer, “About fifteen years now. Or longer, if you count before.”

“Before,” Kurt says. Not a question, fork and spoon and knife lined just right.

Blaine’s mouth ticks up. “Before.”

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“Mason!” Levi burst through the home, and found himself dashing into the kitchen where Mason was pouring himself a glass of wine. It had been a couple of days since his brother arrived, and his mind was all over the place, more than usual. “My brother,” He breathed out. “He’s here, my brothers here. You have to let him come here once in awhile.” Levi could only do so much, like bring him blankets, or something to eat once in awhile, which he did already. Brought him food earlier.



Let Your Heart Be Light

To: @jaegerchips                                   From: @lyssala

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa, Shingeki no Kyojin

Setting: Modern AU; Holiday party at Jean’s apartment

Words: 2495

Rating: K+ (light language)

Notes: HAPPY SECRET SANTA! We weren’t gonna let you go without a gift so I got something nice and fluffy for you. Thank you so much for always putting such adorable art on the tag! I hope you had a wonderful holiday <3The title is from “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.

Eren admittedly thought it would be easy. His friends weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, how hard would it be to pull one over on them? Not so hard he thought; of course, “thought” being the key word there. Yet as he stood in the middle of Jean’s apartment surrounded by Eren’s closest friends and a handful of people he didn’t really know as well he has a feeling this was gonna be a lot harder than he anticipated.

Mainly that was because Mikasa, gorgeous Mikasa dressed in a red party dress and a soft, white shawl around her shoulders, was casually talking to at least the tenth guy who came up to her. Eren was pretty sure he was gonna break the glass that was in his hand and possibly start throwing glass shards at these assholes who thought they could flirt with her. Okay, maybe that was a little violent, but c’mon, Mikasa was gorgeous and she looked stunning tonight. Didn’t they think a girl like that was taken? Cause she was, incredibly taken, so taken Liam Neilson was gonna come give an intimidating speech for these guys.

Of course, no one in this room knew that. Thus Eren had to stand at a distance and watch Mikasa try and be polite to a bunch of guys who just wanted her number. Eren sincerely hoped they gave her their number because, oh, Eren would have fun with those later.

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justplainfrances  asked:

3,017 miles is heart wrenching/ Longing for the shadowy touch/ Your lips ghost over all bareness/ When will you return,/ To me, to us./Your words mend my drunken/Delirium indefinitely./Don't give me up.


I’m finding my way to you

One mile at a time


Stopping for dandelion wine

And a call to your parents for permission


Stopped for a ring

To fit the hollow of your finger


This mile post sings sadly

It’s reminding me I still have

3,012 more miles to go

The wind on my back

Brings me your scent


I’m coming love

Please don’t give up on me

•••IconBrown & justplainfrances