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I mean… PLEASE LOOK AT HIM. This is the face Keith does whenever Lance flirts with Allura and you seriously want me to believe he’s not pining? He can give as many hugs as he wants but at the end of the day he just wants to come back to his señora (and his señora is very happy with him and with blue lion, thank you vm)

Jealousy thy name is Keith

By popular vote, I redrew my first ever Asagao fan art! I drew this back in the early summer, and I’m really pleased with how far I’ve come since. I remember being SO proud of the original work… and hell, I still am. If I hadn’t put myself out there then, I wouldn’t be where I am now.  ♥ Click full view!

• sister ursuala is a bitch and I hate everything she’s changed and how she’s ruined everything already
• some very cute pupcake scenes towards the beginning and then a bloody stressful situation with patsy’s dad (please don’t send patsy away!!)
• Also so cute that delia is training to be a midwife atm
• the whole domestic violence situation was horrible and I’m so glad it worked out for the best in the end
• the whole situation with sister mary cynthia has stressed me out and I hate how sister Ursula dealt with it
• Nurse crane was being an angel as always and my fave sarcastic bitch
• Delia talking about the countless times patsy has come into her room!!!!
• Sister Julienne needs her place back and sister Ursula needs to fuck off
• Trixie also needs to come back asap

 Exams = Doom ∙ 2201217 

Happy New Year! I just realised that I didn’t even post anything during the new years I apologize;;; Truth be told I’ve been busy with studying for exams and generally moving back to the UK sooo please just let me go for once (there’s also horrible lighting in my room and that’s where I spend most of my time) keke.. I have one more exam left and soon I’ll be travelling with my friends to Dublin for a few days before coming back for the second semester, I already miss Hong Kong (I had tons of food and got to meet all my friends again!!) so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon of travelling to take my mind off of being homesick and stressed;;

An entry of my bullet journal that I absolutely loved this month, can you guess my latest obsession? oops~

🎶 I Don’t Know - Seventeen

  • Keith: Let's get out of here. Open up. It's me, Keith. Your buddy. It's ME! KEEEITH! YOUR- I am your Paladin!
  • Red Lion: *ignores him*
  • 1 season later
  • Coran: *does a lengthy speech about how excited he is now that he gets to be the red paladin*
  • Red Lion: Ey yo, Keith. Where are you? Please come back...
Lucky Number Fourteen

“Will you come with me? Please?” Y/N asked, looking up at Joe.



“Because it’s terrifying.”

“But you won’t be the one getting it!”

“I’m still not going, Y/N.” Joe shook his head, arms crossed as he stood there.

“But I want you to help me pick the design….”

“Not a chance.”

“You suck.”

“Sorry, love.” He laughed, leaning over to kiss her on the forehead before walking out of the room.

Sighing, Y/N went back to her research. She had been trying to find a place to get a tattoo, something she had wanted to do for a while, but had never found the right artist or design. What she had been hoping was that Joe would come with her to choose the design, but he was adamant about never stepping foot into a tattoo shop.

Today was the third time she had asked him.

“Oh, let’s go in here!” Y/N tugged on Joe’s hand, gesturing towards the tattoo shop. It happened to be one of the top three she was willing to go too, and maybe since they were out, she could convince him to go in.

“Did you do this on purpose?” Joe narrowed his eyes at her, looking from the shop to her, his feet firmly planted on the ground.

“No, actually. Completely coincidental.” And Y/N was being honest, but it was slightly funny that they happened to walk past it.

“I have a meeting to get to. We don’t have time to go in.” He told her, turning away from the shop and beginning to walk again, tugging her with him since their hands were still linked together.

“One day, Joe Sugg. One day I will get you to go in. I’m determined to get this tattoo.”

“Good luck, love.”

The fifth time had failed.

“I really want to get one. Does it hurt?” Y/N asked, her finger tracing Jack’s roman numerals on his arm.

“I mean, kind of, yeah. But it’s really not that bad.” He shrugged, glancing up at her. “What were you thinking of getting?”

“Not sure. I wanted Joe to help me choose the design, but he refuses to step foot into the shop.”

“I’m not going!” Joe called out from the kitchen, where he and Conor were gathering drinks.

“I didn’t ask you too!”

“Not today, no.” He scoffed, walking into the room, handing her and Jack both a drink. “Stop influencing my girlfriend to get a tattoo.”

“I’ve done no such thing!” Jack exclaimed, “She was the one who asked me to see my tattoos!”

“Therefore, you were influencing her.” Joe continued, an arm moving around Y/N as she leaned against him.

“Yeah, Jack, stop influencing Y/N.” Conor snickered as his brother pouted.

“You sure you won’t come with me?” Y/N asked, tilting her head back to look at Joe.

“Pretty sure.”

The eighth time asking failed as well.

“What if you just choose the design? But don’t come in?” Y/N stood in the doorway of Joe’s office, watching his shoulders rise and fall with a sigh before he turned his chair to look at her.

“You aren’t going to let this go, are you?”

“I really want a tattoo.” She admitted sheepishly.



“I’ll go.” Joe told her, sitting back in his chair. “If you really want to get one, I’ll go with you.”

Y/N felt a smile grow on her lips as she took a step into the room. “And you’ll help me choose a design?”

“If that’s what you really want.” He shrugged.

“Yes! Thank you!” She laughed, half throwing herself into his lap, kissing him. “Thank you so much.”

“I haven’t done anything.” He chuckled, his arms around her to keep her from falling backwards. “But you’re welcome.”

Apparently it was lucky number fourteen that got him into the tattoo shop.

And Y/N was pretty sure that Joe flinched more than she did while the artist permanently marked her skin with the design that Joe helped to design.

Once it was done though, he had looked down at it, studying the new mark before meeting Y/N’s questioning gaze.

“It looks perfect.”

“Does that mean you’ll get one?” She asked, their fingers slipping together.

“Not a chance.”

Well, this was only the first time she had asked…

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Ok you guys win. I'm out of this fandom. Louis is a dad I got it, yes the baby is his son. It was already very clear in that fucking video. My heart is broken and I'm not sure if I want to see another larry blog because there are so many angry and doubting people and right now I think so strongly that Louis and Harry are not together anymore than if I see another blog again I'm going to cry again and come back to believe in them. LOUIS IS A DAD. FINE.

Anon, if you come back to see a reply just listen to this, please: if you need to take a break, take a break. You might not feel this way with a little distance - a few days, or a week, or a few weeks, and so on - you might need some time to heal your heart, THAT’S FINE – but PLEASE let me know if you’re open to talking with someone who KNOWS what you’re going through.

You don’t have to look at their blog to just DM them – hell, clear all your follows out so your dash is BLANK if it hurts too much (I’ve done it, it really really does give you a cleansing feeling). If it will make you feel ANY better to vent to someone who knows how you feel, come back. Or - don’t message me if you’re not comfortable, I’ll name a few: @tumkirk, @thatspartofyou, @dunquirky, @ifheartscouldfly, @seriousactorharry, @harrysfashionworld

I’m not saying you have to do this, if you need space, FINE! Maybe just keep their names in mind. When you’re ready. If you ever want to.

I’m sorry you’re hurting, anon, I really am. I hope that anything I’ve said here is helpful to you.

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#2 for Ren!!!

“Please wake up.” I begged, stroking down his cheek, tears filling my eyes. “I need you to wake up, Harry please.”

I kissed at the tip of his nose, pleading for him to come back to me, pressing my forehead against his. I knew I’d never get used to his night terrors, and what they did to him, but it seemed to get worse every single night. The way I dealt with him was just progressively getting weaker. I wanted so badly to save him, to pull him from that pain, but it just wounded me more and more every single night. Maybe it was because I could feel myself getting closer to him every single day. I knew him so well, and I cared for him so deeply. It made the pain ten times worse.
I took a few more steady breaths, clasping my other hand around his neck and then screaming down to him.


Air pushed into his chest as his eyes opened and he left the blue room, sweat trickling down his neck and his skin crawling, still stuck somewhere between his waking and the blue room. He automatically reached out for me, clasping his large hand around my neck, and he was really struggling to return to me that night. He was shaking, his eyes proving how lost he felt as they glanced over every feature of my face.

“Get me out.” He gasped. “Get me out of there, please, fuck.”

“You’re out!” I told him, quickly wiping away my tears before I laced my fingers through his long curls. “You’re not there anymore. You’re here with me.”

“I can feel it.” He sobbed, tears spilling and bottom lip wobbling. “I can still feel the room, Ren.”

“Just breathe.” I instructed, kissing the tip of his nose again. “Just breathe for me.”

“But I’m so scared.” He wept.

Usually, he just let a few tears fall, but that night he was weeping, his pain and suffering clear within his sobs, his skin reddening and his heart aching.

Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.” I whispered, closing my eyes and rubbing my nose sweetly against his. “I’m here.”

“Let me see your eyes.” He quietly asked, his words stammered thanks to his tears. “Let me see them, please.”

So I opened them for him. I once more welcomed the brown of them to his green, which again took over blue, and the colours created a slow and steady calm to trance him, and drag him back to the reality he craved every evening.
I placed my hand on his chest, watching as gradually his tears stopped falling, and his heart slowed down.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“You’re perfect.” He said from nowhere. “You’re so perfect.”


“You are!” He stopped me before I could argue. “You’re golden. My sunflower.”

I wiped away his final tear, and then we moved so we could sleep. I turned my back to him and he grabbed at my waist, pulling me back so my body crashed against his, and we moulded together.
Sleep was blissful after that.

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Omg omg omg a threeway with Minhyuk and Hyungwon ascfgcdsfcfd please?

(NSFW!) Three way with Minhyuk & Hyungwon

  • first off, there would so much kink
  • and there wouldn’t be a set dominate person
  • one minute Minhyuk was telling you to get on your knees
  • the next he was on his knees next to you
  • “Why do you think you can tell her what to do?“
  • it would be all about you and how they can pleasure you
  • “where do you need me baby?“
  • also….. the height these two have will come into play
  • Hyungwon would be holding you 
  • your back to his chest 
  • while Minhyuk eats you out
  • your moans would be so loud Hyungwon would have to put his finger in your mouth
  • making you suck on it but that would make him harder beneath you
  • “Hyung. Please…. it hurts” Hyungwon would whine
  • once he was inside you there is no stopping him
  • quick thrusts to make sure you get to your climax before him
  • when you were cumming he would cum with you because the feeling of you tighten around him would make him wild
  • Minhyuk on the other hand would take it slow
  • not letting you cum
  • “nope. You can ask all you want, I’m not going faster”
  • but once he saw Hyungwon touching your clit he would start to go faster
  • once he cam he would lay beside you and Hyungwon
  • They are the best at aftercare so you would be treated like the queen you are

Originally posted by mon-egg

-A (I’m queen of the hoes. Sorry L & K  Lmao)

"Dom Lexa", really Jeane?

Clarke had been excited to surprise Lexa at work. She had even picked up some of her favorite muffins from the local bakery. The assistant had warned her that Lexa was in a foul mood because of some businessmen who had come over this morning. But never did Clarke imagine that the result of that foul mood would be this. Clarke bent over the desk, her ass red and raw from being smacked, her pussy being fucked just as raw by a strap on Lexa had pulled out of a desk drawer (much to Clarke’s amazement, because who in the hell keeps a strap on in their work desk).

“Lexaaaaa,” Clarke moaned, but all of earned her was another loud smack to her ass.

“What did you call me?”

“Commander, please let me come!” Clarke begged, shoving her hips back onto Lexa’s cock, biting her lip to help her concentrate on holding off her orgasm until she had permission.

“Not yet.” Lexa told her, pulling out, “I want to see you. Turn around.” Clarke whined at the loss, but did as she was told, quickly turning to face Lexa and fuck was she hot like this. Her face was flushed and her white button up shirt torn open to reveal her dark bra and toned abs. And if Clarke looked down, all Lexa had on beneath was the red strap on that had just been fucking the shit out of her. She moaned out the sight of it, feeling weak in the knees.

“Eyes up here, Clarke.” Lexa was smirking when Clarke looked up and fuck she was fucked she was so fucked. Her lover’s green eyes stood out brightly in contrast to her flushed skin and yet seemed darkened with lust and all the dirty things Lexa imagined doing to her. Now that she knew Clarke was watching, Lexa licked her lips, capturing the girl’s attention and drawing it to her mouth.

“Commander, please.” Clarke begged again. This time, it worked. Lexa stiffened before picking up Clarke by the hips and slamming her against the door, thrusting into her so hard that Clarke squealed.

“Be a good girl and be quiet for me, wouldn’t you?” Lexa smirked again, thrusting hard into Clarke at a quick pace, making it impossible for Clarke to obey. “You wouldn’t want the whole floor to know I’m fucking. You. Senseless. Now, would you?”

Clarke moaned her head falling back against the door. It all just felt so good and the thought of people knowing what was happening in this office right now made her cunt clench harder around the dildo. Lexa grunted as she had to work harder for each thrust.

“Hm? You like that huh? What do you think of the receptionist out there knowing what I’m doing to you? Walking out of here with your clothes tousled and your pussy fucked and everyone knowing it?”

Clarke came, hard.

“Fffffu-uckkkk.” She groaned into Lexa’s shoulder as Lexa followed her into her high.

Clarke was sitting on Lexa’s lap in her office chair, still trying to catch her breath, when Lexa finally spoke.

“You got off on wanting everyone to know, huh?” Clarke flushed, turning bright red and rushing to defend herself, “It just sounded hot, in the moment! Right now I’m terrified to go out there!” She laughed nervously, burying her head in Lexa’s neck.

“No, no you’re okay. I just wish I’d known you were into that before I gave everyone on the floor the rest of the day off.”

Clarke blinked. “You did what?”

“This might’ve been one of the most expensive hours of sex ever,” Lexa laughed, “There’s 14 employees on this floor and still 6 hours left in the work day and everyone makes-” Clarke put a finger to Lexa’s lips.

“You just made everyone leave because I came in?”

“Yeah, why?”

Clarke bit her lip. She wanted more, and after all “There’s still six hours left in the work day.”

Lexa smirked. “I’m going to make you scream so loud you’re going to wish I sent the entire building home.” 🦋

(PS it is past midnight and I don’t think anon submissions are on but luckily when I’m tired I do brave stupid things like come off anon *gasp* I know wild right anyhoo I hope you liked it haha)

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H K & O for Barba😍


FOR SURE when hes drunk since hes horny when hes drunk and wont leave his s/o alone and they are like RAFI STOP IT (but like actually dont stop, please keep touching me), when hes horny in general but thats a given, if he feels  a little jealous (someone is checking out his s/o and in his head hes like BACK OFF BUDDY)  he will hold your hand or wrap his arm around your waist and when hes bored especially at big events or galas. He will rub his hand on your thigh and move his way up (if ya know what i mean) under the table he dont give a FUCK 


Honestly the man will have sex anywhere but he lives for coming up behind you while you’re cooking or washing dishes etc to grind up against you, trail his hands from your waist to your thighs, kiss your neck and either bend you over the table/counter or lift you up onto the counter. If he lifts you onto the counter you KNOW you’re in for some oral because he loves that you can so easily wrap your legs around his head and hes like FUCK YESSSSS and youre also like FUCK YESSSS

I did O a couple asks ago so refer there! :) :) 

The Great Meta Scavenger Hunt - Round 5

First of an apology that I completely crashed this week and am not caught up on my dash at all, and have discovered 2 metas at random but not in the GMSH tag, which means there’s probably loads I’ve missed and will eventually find - please send them to me via the airplane thingy if you can’t wait because I’d rather find them :P (I’m also behind on WRITING my own challenge now >.>)

I was leaning 50:50 between a season 12 thing and something else fun, but the chaos on my dash convinced me… Coming from a sister fandom, I’ve seen it argued that literally anything as far back as 5 episodes of Sherlock (aka half the entire show) were a coma dream/drug-induced hallucination/extended metaphor/carefully crafted alibi or story told to us by one of the characters but only reflective vaguely of actual events/more coma dreams…

Now no one bends reality like Supernatural, so as a point of professional pride, I think we should re-examine our own canon to find out where and when it is only a dream/extended metaphor/biased narrative told to us in secret first person from a particular character. Did Dean never come back from the season 2 djinn dream? Is Sam still in Mystery Spot? Or Hell? Is everything before 6x20 Cas’s take on events and he literally told us the whole story when he threatened to tell us a story? Find yourself a break from the normal narrative and tell me how an episode/story arc/season/entire chunk of the show was in fact a story within a story or a dream within a dream or an unreliable narrator unreliably narrating.

60 points starting line, bonus extra points for how much my feverish brain trips out on your offering :P

No scoreboard because I have no idea how many entries I missed so far this week. 

to everyone who has participated in the Women's March, thank you. to people like me who can't, but so desperately want to, thank you as well. to everyone, whatever your race, whatever your gender, whatever your religion, whatever your sexuality, whoever you are, as long as you support this, even a little, thank you.

space mummy i beg you please come back and kill the nasty scary orange thing


I can’t stop fucking crying and I hate crying more than I hate anything. I don’t know what to do. All I want is to talk. Please message me. Please ask how I’m doing and when I say I’m okay, please see through that lie.

If anyone can coax the sadness from me it is you. I love you. I miss you. Come back to my state. Come back to my city. Please.

- Your best friend.

"I Don't Care"

I’m back baby! I haven’t written a fanfiction in a long time… I just haven’t had the time nor the inspiration but I just wrote a new one today! I’m actually quite proud of it, so enjoy my fellow steroline shippers! And please don’t hate me after this…. 🙈

‘I don’t care’
A Steroline Fanfiction

Caroline POV:
A year has passed since Stefan gave himself over to Cade and let the Ripper come out and play. He still hasn’t come back to me, he promised a year and then he would come back to me and we would spend the rest of our lives together but that hasn’t happened. I have tried to get him back many different ways but it’s just not working but I refuse to believe that he’s gone, that the love we shared isn’t strong enough to break through. I refuse to believe it. I have been tracking Stefan and I finally found him, sucking the life out of a girl, bodies surrounding him, I assumed it use to be a party in the woods before he killed them all. It hurt me that when he came back, he would never forgive himself for all the lives he has taken. He would be drowning in guilt and pain but I would be there for him, every step of the way. I vamp sped towards him and threw him against a tree away from the girl. I fed her my blood and compelled her to run.
“What are you doing Caroline?” Stefan laughed, standing up.
“I’m saving you from having to feel guilty about yet another person you killed” I told him crossing my arms.
“You just won’t give up will you? Persistent women, pathetic” Stefan laughed and I clenched my teeth.
“I’m not coming back to you Caroline” Stefan told me, standing right In front of me and looking deep into my eyes.
“The life I have here, is fun, it’s great and I’m not coming back. How many damn times do I have to tell you that before you get it through your thick head?” Stefan asked. I gulped
“I’m not giving up on you Stefan because this isn’t you, you’re not this person! You know who you’re? You’re kind and passionate and selfless and that man, who I know is still in there somewhere, I love that man.” I told him, standing even closer to him and jabbing my finger in his chest. Stefan just looked at me for a moment. I flattened my palm against his chest over his heart. I missed falling asleep, my head resting against his chest and falling asleep to the sound of his heart beating. Stefan looked down at my hand and pulled back so my hand fell.
“Well he’s not coming back. That man is long gone and I’m here. I don’t love you anymore Caroline, I don’t care about you anymore. I don’t want to see you, I don’t want to hear you, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with you, I just want you to let me go, leave me alone and let me do my job.” Stefan told me, his eyes cold. I was silent for a moment.
“I don’t believe that you don’t care about me anymore, I know that there is a part of you that loves me as much as I love you.” I told him, walking slowly closer to him again. Stefan just laughed.
“Do you have any idea how incredibly desperate and idiotic you sound right now?” Stefan laughed.
“If you really don’t care then….” I started, grabbing the string wrapped around his neck and pulling it out from under his shirt. Revealing the engagement ring he bought me hanging from the string.
“If you don’t care, then why did you keep this?” I asked softly.
“That means nothing, I kept it because it was expensive, what a shame it would be to just throw it away” Stefan said.
“No, Stefan, you kept this because it’s a symbol of our love and somewhere deep don’t you still feel something for me” I told him.
“Ridiculous, trying to make something out of nothing” Stefan laughed, yanking the ring off from around his neck and he tossed it somewhere deep into the forest. My heart dropped hearing the ring fall somewhere in the distance, I still wouldn’t give up. I couldn’t. I love him.
“I still don’t believe you! I can’t! I know that some part of you, no matter how deeply buried still loves me..” I said, a single tear falling from my eye.
“A love like that can’t just disappear..” I whispered, taking his hand in mine and looking deep into his eyes.
Stefan just smirked
“Did you ever think Caroline….. that I never really loved you?” He asked, dropping my hand.
“I never loved you Caroline, you were just there, pathetic and desperate. I didn’t want to be alone. You were there, little miss never the one, all it took was making you feel a bit special and I had you.” Stefan told me and I slapped him across the face, tears streaming down my face and Stefan just laughed.
“Fine! You know what?! If you really don’t care about me, if you really couldn’t care less then kill me!” I said pushing him back by his chest.
“What?” Stefan said
“You fucking heard me! If you really don’t care then kill me! Rip my heart out from my chest” I said, staring at him, challenging him.
“Do it you coward! If you don’t care, then prove it” I said, clenching my teeth.
“Okay” was all Stefan said then his hand went in my chest and he yanked out my heart. I gasped, as my flesh turned gray and I swear I saw a tear in Stefan’s eyes but it was clear, he didn’t care anymore. I dropped to the floor and everything went black.

Stefan POV:
The moment I saw the light leave Caroline’s blue eyes, memories started flooding back. Every emotion that I have ever felt when I was with her hit me and I couldn’t breathe. All the innocents I killed for Cade didn’t matter in this moment because all I saw was Caroline’s dead body on the floor and the only thing I could think about was… I did this. I dropped to my knees on the floor.
“C…Cc..Caroline” I whispered, I crawled over to Caroline’s body and grabbed her face gently.
“C..Caroline.. come on Caroline…wake up” I whispered, brushing her hair away from her face.
“Please….” I whispered, my voice breaking, tears ran down my cheeks.
“Come on! Caroline wake up!” I said shaking her, my vision blurring from tears.
“You’re not dead…. I didn’t kill you…just….just open your eyes” I cried.
“Please open your eyes….” I said, my eyes were so filled with tears, I couldn’t see her anymore, I felt like my lungs were filled with water and I couldn’t breathe. I lifted my hand to wipe away some of my tears but once I was able to see a little clearer. I could see my hands, coated in blood… her blood..
“No….no…no!” I screamed
“This isn’t happening, you’re not dead!” I yelled completely overwhelmed, I pulled her body close to mine, I hugged her body to my chest and I cried.
“I love you….. God I love you so much, I’m sorry, wake up, please wake up” I whispered, resting my forehead against hers, squeezing my eyes shut.
“I love you…. please… please” I said but my voice was leaving me, all I could do was cry and fight for air but I didn’t deserve to breathe.
“We were supposed to spend our lives together…. we were supposed to get married in June…. I was….I was supposed to watch you walk up in your big white wedding dress and hold your hands….. say I do……oh God” I cried, I shoved my face in her blonde curls, her sweet scent filling my nose. I did this….. I killed her….. I did this.

Open again! And hopefully this will be the last time I’ll use my current Ditto. Should be the last time before Pokebank comes out for Sun and Moon.

Deposit either a Growlithe or a Drifloon into the GTS with the nickname “Sinnoh”!

Message or ask me when you have deposited and let me know your IGN!

There’s a lot, so come and get one! I have an abundance of them that have collected, so anyone can come back and get one for this week. If they start to go fast, then I’ll change the rule.



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My bio updates when Ditto are available, so please pay attention to that if you’re unsure.