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Please explain to me why Sakura’s feelings are romantic and Naruto’s are not.


- Wanted Sasuke to come back to the village

- Cried over Sasuke

- Talked about how much they cared for Sasuke

- Missed Sasuke


- GAVE UP trying to save him because she didn’t get his point of view

- Tried to kill him

- Acted more like a fangirl than a love interest

- Wasn’t really willing to sacrifice much for him. Although, to be fair, she did help him in the Forest of Death and maybe attempted to help a couple times. 


- Literally never gave up on Sasuke, even after he had made his intentions clear. 

- Never tried to kill Sasuke, fought to protect himself when necessary. 

- Saw Sasuke as a real human being, versus a trophy, and actually cared about him feeling lonely. 

- Was willing to die with Sasuke, let himself get beaten up over Sasuke, fight dangerous enemies like Orochimaru, go against the wishes of his beloved village, etc. 

- Spent FIVE hours straight thinking about Sasuke.

- Left his home for three years to become stronger, for the purpose of rescuing Sasuke. When he got home he brushed off their team photo and said, “Sasuke, I’m home.” 

- Clutched his heart and whispered Sasuke’s name when he saw a shooting star…nothing more needs to be said about that.

- Released Karuma’s power for the first time because of Sasuke.

- Had a panic attack at the thought of Sasuke dying.

- Was the one whose feelings had the most impact on Sasuke.

Please, tell me what I’m missing here. The only advantage Sakura seems to have is a vagina, which Sasuke has shown no interest in. 

Unspoken Goodbye

Summary: Sam visits the reader the night before he leaves to face Lucifer. Set right before Swan Song. Told from Sam’s POV.

Warning: smut, angst

Word Count: 1800ish

A/N: Thanks to @unadulteratedstorycollector for the idea, even though it went a different direction than we thought.. Hope you all enjoy it! Feedback appreciated! XOXO

Sam falls into her bed harder than he should. Her gasp is more surprised than pleased, and he can’t really blame her. He’s acting like an animal right now, shaky and wild, not saying a word. He opens his mouth to try, but nothing comes out, and she has every right to push him out of bed.

But she won’t turn him away.

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A lil note for “EXO-Ls”

I am an EXO-L and I love both current members and ex-members.

I am an EXO-L and I don’t pretend the ex-members never existed.

I am an EXO-L and I respect the ex-members’ choices to leave.

I am an EXO-L and I don’t spam ex-members’ Instagram and Weibo accounts with “Miss you oppa, please come back to EXO!”.

I am an EXO-L and I know that without the ex-members, EXO would not be who and what they are today.

I am an EXO-L and I respect and support ex-members’ work.

I am an EXO-L and I support every member’s activities outside of EXO.

I am an EXO-L and I admire the talents of each and every member.

I am an EXO-L and I never bash another member for seeming more popular than my bias or any other member.

I am an EXO-L and I don’t act aggressively towards other fandoms.

I am an EXO-L and I don’t tolerate the fake fans.

I am an EXO-L and I will truly love, respect and support EXO forever. 

         EXO 사랑해!


I know it’s been a long time since I’ve been on but I decided to come back and just remind everyone on how important it is to stay united as a fandom. As everyone probably knows, MBC took the choreography MX made for “Sorry Sorry” and gave it to other groups without credit, even cutting short their performance. This is a blatant act of disrespect and I hope that we can reciprocate the love MX has shown us and focus on sending them encouraging words while voting and streaming as much as we can. 

Please remember that we are a fandom supporting a bunch of hard working boys and we should not be torn apart by silly things like calling each other lazy and turning on one another. Let’s work hard for the boys to get them the recognition and respect they deserve. 

*Also, please do not blame the other groups who performed and start wars since MBC is 100% at fault and they probably had no choice in the matter or were unaware.* 

This is a translation of what they said about the situation that I found on Twitter. 

Good luck fellow Monbebes, much love. 

Fred Weasley Imagine Faking It

“You want me to pretend to date you, so you’ll get someone off your back?” You asked Fred incredulously  and he nodded, biting his lip anxiously. You were close friends with both of the twins and would do anything for them.

“Come on (Y/N), you’re the only person I thought of.” Your heart fluttered at his words and sighed, thinking about how complicated the situation could get.

“What happens when they’ve lost interest?”

“We break up and go back to being friends. It’s just acting more affectionate in public, that’s all. Please?” Fred pleaded, looking intently at you. Reluctantly, you nodded and Fred grinned, throwing his arms around you. 

“Are you ready honey?” You rolled your eyes at Fred’s comment, but held his hand, as the two of you made your way down to the entrance. You were going to Hogsmeade together. 

“You don’t pretend when there’s nobody around.” You mumbled, but part of you enjoyed having Fred as your boyfriend. He’d been more caring towards you and you’d never expected to see him in a romantic light. 

“Would you two get a room?” George joked, as you walked down the streets of Hogsmeade. You shook your head, a small grin gracing your features. Fred led you into the Three Broomsticks and you ordered drinks, grabbing your money as you did so. Fred placed his hand over yours.

“(Y/N), I’ll get it.” You frowned at him, but couldn’t deny the blush spreading across your face.

“Fred, we’re not actually together. You don’t need to-”

“(Y/N), I’ve got it.” Fred assured you and you put your money back, smiling at Fred,. You grabbed your drinks and walked over to an empty table. You sat close to him, his arm slung over your shoulder. 

“That’s her.” You looked in direction Fred was looking, following his eyes to a girl ordering something. She was beautiful and you shrunk in your seat. She looked over at you and walked over. Fred kissed your cheek and smiled brightly at her.

“Fred, who’s this?” She asked, tossing her hair. You smiled at her, but she sneered at you.

“This is (Y/N). We’re together.” Fred explained to her and you nodded, but she stared at you. 

“Really?” Anger bubbled in your veins at her shock that the two of you would be together. Fred seemed equally as angry.

“Well, (Y/N) is an amazing person and I’m lucky to be with (Y/N). I’m happier than I’ve ever been and it’s all down to (Y/N). So, don’t you dare judge our relationship.” Fred defended and you stared at him in admiration. She walked away quickly, looking down in embarrassment. 

“That was really sweet of you to say.” You complimented him and Fred looked at you with a smile.

“I had to defend you (Y/N).” You didn’t say anything else, simply basking in the warm feeling in your stomach.

“I think we should break up.” Fred mentioned and you nodded, biting your lip to hide your feelings from him.

“I mean, it’s over now and she’s not interested anymore, so it doesn’t make sense of for us to keep pretending.” Fred explained and you smiled.

“Yeah, I understand. Go enjoy your freedom.” You joked and Fred gave you an odd look, before leaving the room. As soon as the door shut, you sat on the floor and let the tears you’d been holding flow down your face.

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My Witching Starter Kit

Alright so I’ve been doing a lot of research and slowly starting to gather materials and a lot of them obviously depend on what each specific spell calls for, but there are also definitely some basics that I’m going to need.  Time for this little witch to move on from simple incantations and drawing runes on things to some more involved witchery! Pretty please help me out and add suggestions?  What are the items and ingredients you come back to again and again that you’d recommend to a beginner? 

- white candles of various sizes

- blank book to be my grimoire

- set of rune stones

- small table of some kind to act as an altar and storage for witch things

- big ol’ hunk of clear quartz

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everytime that call acts out master rufus says "your dad did the same thing when he was young" and call just instantly stops. rufus thinks of this at 4 in the morning and laughs. also please imagine tamara just deciding to make a complete map of the magisterium and after her first day cartographing and spelunking she comes back with a wild look in her eyes and scratches and the like, but her hair is still impeccable. (aaron is amazed, since he gets lost in the library, let alone the caves)

I mean, it’s canon that Tamara never gets her hair messed up, even at the age of twelve (like the worst it’s ever gotten was when they got chased by a bunch of chaos-ridden wolves out in the snow and Aaron became a Makar), NOT EVEN FRIZZY, (HOW?!?). Also, it only takes about a month before she finishes, because she’s a fearless genius badass, but the eventual result is like the Marauder’s Map (you need a password to open it), and the password is “I’ll be your counterweight” (Tamara was the first Calron shipper. No shame. Also, she had placed a shitload of stupid bets with HER PARENTS MONEY with Jasper in iron year about how fast the two of them would get together, so.. unless she wants to have to admit defeat to JASPER, shipping Call and Aaron together is def in her best interests).
Also, on that Rufus & Call headcanon: BWAHAHA/*sobs*

Just a little something for @calgasms and @felicityash’s pregnancy/daddy!5sos blurb night!! :)

“Caleb! Come here please and eat your cereal!” You called out to your 3 year old son as he scampered off, giggling at God knows what. You’d been trying to get him to eat his breakfast for the past hour but he was acting up more than usual today.

He’d been excited since last night after you told him Calum was coming back home, pure happiness taking his soft little features when you told him the news. His eyes, identical to Calum’s, shone when you mentioned he would finally be back home after months of touring.

“Daddy comin home?” He yelled out, jumping up and down as you recalled the story to Calum later that night in bed, his laugh resonating on the phone.

He was finally going to be home after 6 months of touring. 6 months of not having him wrap his arms around you at night, whispering sweet nothings into your ear, always etching a smile onto your face.

But Caleb missed him the most. He was still getting used to daddy’s job and both of you tried to explain it the best you could to him, but a toddler can only take in so much.

You heard the door open and instantly knew who it was. Caleb’s eyes lighted up as he ran from your arms and to the front entrance, his mini hood shirt making you smile as you remembered the first day he got it, wanting to be ‘just like daddy’

“Hey buddy!” Calum dropped his stuff on the ground as he took in the little boy, spinning him in the air as you watched from the stairs, your heart swelling at the sight in front of you.

You wrapped your sweater, Calum’s sweater, tighter around you, not wanting to ruin the father son moment in front of you. Calum finally looked up at you, holding Caleb in one arm as he made his way over, smirking as he saw you in nothing but his sweater.

“Hey doll.” He whispered, pressing a kiss to your soft lips as he quickly nuzzled his face in your neck, making you let out a slight squeal, running your hands through his tangled locks.

“Hi.” You smiled back, cupping his cheeks as you pulled back and kissed him properly, making Caleb let out a ‘eww’ as you both laughed into the kiss.

“Sorry bud. I just missed you and mummy a lot.” He led the both of you to the family room, sitting down on the couch as your son ran off, muttering something about a picture he drew for his dad.

Calum looked exhausted, bags adorned his eyes as he flashed you a tired smile. You could tell he was tired, trying to get some shut eye on a plane wasn’t anyone’s definition of a good night’s sleep.

“Hey.” You murmured, pulling him closer to you as he pushed you back onto the couch making you giggle at his clinginess until he basically positioned himself on top of you, sighing in content while his breath fanned over your neck.

“Get some sleep.” You muttered, running your hands up and down his back, making him mutter something unintelligible into your neck.

“What?” You laughed, prompting him to repeat what he said.

“Sleep with me.” He leaned up on his elbows, looking into your eyes as you brushed your lips to his, feeling him grin.

“Caleb’s awake.” You mumbled, pulling away as your son came scurrying back with a picture in his hand, making Calum groan in response.

Chuckling you pushed him off you, promising that you would do whatever he wanted tonight, a glimmer of lust crossing his eyes as he sat up, pulling you into his side.

“Look daddy!” Caleb shouted, shoving the paper into Calum’s face.

“It’s us!” He looked so proud you couldn’t help but pull him onto your lap, looking at Calum’s face.

It was a drawing your son did, attempting to draw the three of you. You in purple, Calum in blue, him in red, your dog Rizzo who looked more like a bag of potatoes in yellow.

Calum’s smile grew wider as he lovingly stared at the picture, kissing his son’s head as he muttered a quick 'this is perfect’ to him.

“On the fridge it goes!” Calum saluted his son, who imitated his exact actions while giggling and making grabby hands towards his father again as he lifted him back up while zooming off to the kitchen.

You couldn’t help but thank the stars for providing you with such a perfect family, your beautiful son was a gift to both you and Calum and you couldn’t have asked for a better husband either. You happily let out a content sigh, lying back down onto the couch and closing your eyes.

“Uh babe? We may or may not have a cereal situation all over the floor…”

Your eyes shot open as you let out a groan. Yup this was your family alright.

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I really don't understand why Brian gives Ethan the “nothing noble about being poor” talk. It has nothing to do with him whether Ethan takes the offer or not. What is your opinion about this?

Yeah, it obviously wasn’t any of Brian’s business and I think it was a shitty thing to do, putting that stuff in his head when like you said, it had nothing to do with him. I agreed with Ethan saying he was doing it to get Justin back in a way (more like Ethan taking his “advice” which would eventually lead to a breakup which would then lead to the possibility of Justin coming back to him) but of course Brian would never admit that… 

“I don’t want him”. Hun, please. Who you tryna fool?

He does tend to act implulsively on his jealousy which we see constantly but especially in the end of season 2. I guess one of Brian’s flaws is also giving his (sometimes brutally honest) opinion even though it’s unwanted and unecessary. He definitely wasn’t talking to Ethan because he wanted to genuinely help him out. There was some motive there and I think we all know what that was……..

ok but an EE alternate ending right. Screen fades to black, you think the credits are going to roll but instead it cuts back to Bilbo in Bag End doing the dishes. You hear him humming “blunt the knives”. A plate goes flying through the air and towards Bilbo, he grabs it without looking and happily goes back to doing the dishes.

“I regret that you were taught that song.” Thorin says as he walks up behind Bilbo and wraps his arms around his waist.

“More like regret that you missed my reaction when I saw my dishes go flying.”

“That too.”

“Don’t forget your nephews are coming next week to come with us.”

Thorin grunts as he rests his chin on Bilbo’s shoulder. 

“Oh don’t act like you aren’t pleased about it.”

“I’d be more pleased if we weren’t being summoned to Rivendell for a council, and even more pleased if I knew my nephews would not be telling Frodo tall tales about the quest.” Thorin lets go of Bilbo and walks out of the room.

“They’re not tall tales! I recall a king who can’t even read a map!” Bilbo shouts into the other room.


Kimmett transcript 26/4/16
  • K: I'm not doing it any more. Right, get Brendan back, or I'm not going on set. [Paces dressing room] I just can't do it any more, I can't do it, I can't do it, I can't be Ste, I can't be Ste without him. Please [Strokes picture of Brendan] please. Please come back. [Calls Emmett on phone]
  • E: Kieron –
  • K: Emmett –
  • E: – what's the story, mate?
  • K: Emmett, just listen to me for one second. I can't act without you any more, please...
  • E: Listen, dude, you gotta stop calling me, you gotta stop ringing me at three o'clock in the morning. There's an –
  • K: I know.
  • E: – eight hour time difference from where you are –
  • K: I know.
  • E: – in the UK and where I am in LA, you know, I need my beauty sleep. Look at my face. You have what I don't have, and that, my friend, is called good looks.
  • K: Thank you.
  • E: You've got this lark down, you've got the whole thing down, don't worry. Yes, you haven't won an award since I left. That's beside the point. Yes –
  • K: Pardon?
  • E: – in two and a half years I was there I won eight or nine awards, I've lost count, again that's not important...
  • K: Seven awards.
  • E: And what's this 'Starry' stuff I keep hearing about? What's this 'Starry' stuff you keep telling me about? That's a ridiculous name. We invented that stuff, STENDAN –
EXO Reaction to you Wanting Them to go Get Lady Items

Thank you for the support so far i think this one is going to be a more funny one

If you have any more request you can ask here

( none of these gifs are mine )


SEHUN: *pouts like a little boy*

But i don't wanna!

KAI: Anything for you jagi :)

TAO: Alright *puts sunglasses on so noone will know it’s him*

D.O: Why do i have to do it?

You: cus you love me

d.o: are you really gonna do this to me?

CHANYEOL: Wait, Who ,ME?

CHEN: Na-ah

You: Please?

chen: are you trying to ruin my image

BAEKHYUN: *comes back home acting like he didn't ask anyone for help*

SUHO: I'll pay someone to do it ( rich guy )

LAY: *is at the store for hours*

KRIS: Sure jagi *dying on the inside*

LUHAN: *Tries to get out of it with his manliness*

You: thats not going to work

Luhan: * stomps out of the house angry*

XIUMIN: Of course!!! *when he gets to the store he realizes the life decision he has made*

Captain Canary Prompt #3

Legends Prompts
Prompt #3

This is for 4skyeward who requested Sara doesn’t give Snart’s jacket back to him and he doesn’t ask for it. She usually uses it on Ship, like it was always hers and everyone notices.

Thanks for the prompt and follows! Keep ‘em coming!

I hope you enjoy
Sorry for any mistakes.

Please Leave Comments and Send More Prompts!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Legends of Tomorrow or the characters. Wish I did…

She was freezing! Her little form could barely stand the cold, but she was a warrior, so she acted like it didn’t affect her. Snart was sitting close beside her shivering as well, except he was much larger than her an had his warm jacket on.

She rubbed her arms together to try to get warmer and closed her eyes. Suddenly she felt a surge warmth envelope her. She opened her eyes to see Leonard placing his jacket on her shoulders.

She slipped in it quickly unable to say no to his gesture. Her eyes stared at his thanking him, but had a lingering uncertainty to why he would care.

“You don’t have to be a warrior,” he whispered through his shivers to the assassin.

Sara was 10 times warmer despite still being freezing to death.

“Yo- You’re swe- sweet,” she managed to chuckle through her shivers.

Leonard held in a smirk and rolled his eyes. His large arms were covered by his sweater, but he was rubbing them together as well. He knew she wouldn’t last as long as him and was running out of time. The crook did what he felt he had to.

“I just want her safe he thought,” he thought to himself, “I mean… because she is part of the team? God, now I am sounding like a sap in my own head.”
He snorted lightly at the thought.

“Don’t worry. I- I w-won’t tell anyone y-you’re secret,” she continued to laugh.

He made a grunt, but grinned lightly.

They talked continued to talk for a while until Sara could no longer bare the cold. She pulled his arm and leaned into him. Even though he tensed he leaned back into her and slowly relaxed into he embrace.

When the doors of the room finally opened, Leonard helped her stand up and they both walked as fast as their frozen bodies could to the door.

“We should go,” Snart said after a minute they warmed up, gesturing to were the rest of the team was held up.

“Yeah,” she answered turning to him and he began to leave.

“I’m gonna grab my cold gun first,” he quickly stated as he rushed out of the room.

“Wait, don’t you want-”

Snart had already gone ahead of her, but she was still wearing his jacket. She shrugged her shoulders and ran to catch up with the team.

“Later,” she thought to herself, “He will probably ask for it.”


3 Days Later

He hadn’t asked for it back. Sara was unsure how to feel, but there was a warm tingling in her chest at the thought. Actually cone to think of it she had barely even seen him since that day.

“Is he ignoring me?”

The Wave Rider was freezing, seriously, Rip has a temperature problem she thought as she woke up that morning. All she had in her closet were black jeans, a couple of short sleeved tops, an a pair of black boots. The assassin was hungry and didn’t feel like traveling to the fabricator to get clothes.

“Screw it,” she mumbled as she threw Snart’s jacket on top of her short sleeved top. He wanted to ignore her then she will give him something to want. This way he would be forced to talk to her.

She the began to walk through the hall towards the kitchen to eat with the test of the team.

“Good morning! Miss Lan-,” Rip began to greet, but paused midway as his eyes gave her a once over immediately noticing Snart’s jacket. His eyes widened a little and then gave her a small questioning glare. His facial expression clearly showed his anger.

“Morning, Rip!” she singsonged as she mischievously grinned and flaunted the jacket as she walked past him towards the kitchen.

Rip full out glared at her response to his reaction. “You have got to be kidding me,” he thought, “Snart?”

“Ms. Lance-,” he began again giving her a hard glare.

“Bye Rip!” Sara cut him off as she grinned.

The Captain slowly turned around watching her saunter through the hall. As he heard her light giggles he began to murmur things, “Immature children on my ship… Sara and…. what? I mean have some decency we are trying to save the world…”

As the blonde entered the kitchen she noticed Jax and Stein, but no Snart.

Jax was toasting some bread and Stein was cooking some eggs.

“Hi guys,” she greeted as she headed to take out some cereal and milk.

“Good morning,” Stein replied without looking away from his eggs.

“Hey, Sara,” Jax began to turn towards her as he drunk a glass of orange juice. His mouth was full when he noticed the jacket and took a spit-take.

He the stood still wide-eyed at Sara.

“Jefferson! Are you alright?!” Stein exclaimed as he turned his attention to his other superhero half.

He followed his eyeing of direction until both Jax and Stein were standing still, staring at Sara’s jacket. Well, Snart’s jacket? Jax felt as though his head was about to explode.

“What?” Sara casually asked a little surprised by their reaction.

“Is that Snart’s jacket?” Jax slowly asked her.

“I was cold,” the small blonde calmly answered. She then turned to a counter to continue setting up her breakfast on a tray.

“So you wore Mr. Snart’s jacket?” Martin questioned in utter shock and curiosity.

“I think Rip has a temperature problem. Either that or I am just naturally cold,” she stated as she finished up making her tray. She was about to walk back to her room to eat.

“Sar-” Jax tried to call her attention, but she just walked out.

Jax and Stein turned to each other slowly and continued to make their food.

“Jefferson! Stop feeling so awkward it is making me feel uncomfortable. It is obvious that those two trouble makers have an attraction for each other. We should just eat and support them.”

“Whatever,” Jax mumbled. Those two have been acting weird ever since they met.

“Is that how I act around Kendra?” he thought to himself, or at least he though he did.

“Yes,” Martin stated as Jax’s eyes widened once again.

Sara’s next stop in goal of “accidentally” bumping into Snart was the training room. She headed to the room pulling the jacket closer to her and wrapping it tightly because she really was cold. The small canary opened the doors and walked in.

No Snart. Dangit.

Sara entered to only see Ray and Kendra there. Kendra was trying some new moves that the assassin had taught her while Ray kept her company and worked on his suit.

Kendra grunted as she punched the dummy and turned to give Sara a wide smile as
Ray was hard at work and seemed to be in an intense moment of science nerdiness, so he looked up quickly and gave a flash of acknowledgment of her presence and a hello.

“Hi Sara! Sorry, almost got this new thing working!” He exclaimed.

“It’s fine,” she chuckled, “Hey Kendra.”

The assassin walked over to take out some of her knives from her case to sharpen.

“Hello, Sara!” Kendra responded over her shoulder. She took one last punch and turned around.

“Do you want to- uh… Spar with me?” Kendra managed to ask as she noticed Snart’s jacket.

“Maybe later,” Sara gave a small smile.

Kendra walked over to where Sara was sitting and sharpening her knives. She could no longer hold it in, even if the assassin was holding knives and could kill her any second.

“Sooo…” Kendra began.

“So?” Sara slowly began to stop working on her knives.

“You and Snart,” a wide grin stretched out on her face. Kendra was rooting for them to get together. Her love life was to complicated so she liked to insert herself in Sara’s.

“Me and Snart…What?” Sara seriously said slowly.

Kendra lightly punched her arm playfully.

“You are wearing his jacket!”

Sara snorted, “So?”

“Oh come on! You two are so cute! He clearly likes you a lot. And I think you like him too. You can tell me if you guys are together,” she whispered even though Ray wasn’t paying attention to them at all.

“Kendra,” Sara drawled, “I was cold. He was a gentlemen. He never asked for it back and I am freezing.”

“So… You are not together?” the brunette replied.

“Uhh? No,” Sara replied, unsure as to why her hawk friend sounded so disappointed.

“Oh… Well you should be,” Kendra calmly stated as she wiggled her eyebrows and walked back to the punching bag to work out.

As Kendra walked away, Sara couldn’t help but remember what she has said. Was it possible that Snart cared about her? Liked her? That is ridiculous she scoffed as she put away her knives.

“Yes!” Ray exclaimed loudly. He finally got his suit upgrade working.

“See you later, guys,” Sara waved as she walked out the door.

“Bye!” Ray responded as he looked up and saw get leave.

The last thing Sara heard before leaving the room was Ray exclaim, “Was that Snart’s jacket?!” A loud crash followed his exclamation.

Klutz. Sara thought to herself.

Sara kept replaying Kendra’s words in her head over and over again.

“He clearly likes you a lot. And I think you like him too.”

Sara groaned. She needed to see Leonard and gave up on looking for him.

“Where is he Gideon?” the assassin looked up at the ceiling.

“If you are referring to Mr. Snart, he is currently in his quarters,” Gideon’s automated voice replied.

“Thanks,” she mumbled as she took a sharp and deep breath and headed towards his room.

When she reached his door she hesitated for a second, but knocked three times on the door.

“Leonard, it’s me. Let me in,” she spoke.

The doors open and she took that as an invitation in the room.

He was sitting in his bed finishing putting his gun together. He looked up and smirked when he saw the jacket.

Sara tried to hold it in, but blushed a little at the intrusion of his striking gaze.

He held up a pack of cards, “Gin?” He asked.

She sat on the bed across from him, making sure to keep a distance, as they silently played together. Even as she looked at her cards she felt his gaze staring into her. He wasn’t saying anything and he hadn’t asked for the jacket back. Sara realized she didn’t want to give it back.

She took a quick breath and mumbled, “Do you want it back?”

Her eyes met his as he remained quiet and his smirk widened and he placed a card down never leaving eye contact.

He was making the assassin nervous. He was not saying anything and his killer smirk was made a tightness form in her chest. It was her turn, but she couldn’t move. The game completely stopped.

She gulped a little and nervously chuckled.

“I just was cold and you never asked for it back. I think Rip has a temperature problem and authority issues. Jax doesn’t know how to drink orange juice normally and keep his emotions inside. Kendra is very pushy. Did you know that Ray is a total klutz?” she chuckled.

She was rambling. She never rambles. Leonard continued to stare at her, and she didn’t even know how it was possible, but his smirk widened even larger into a full out grin. He remained silent and Sara was starting to get annoyed.

Sara was surprising herself as she began to throw her cards at him.

“Leonard are you just going to stare at me all day! Say something! Why don’t yo-”

His lips cut her off. She wasn’t aware of how he inched closer until he was practically on top of her. Now his lips were on hers and she was shocked.

He was pulling away a little embarrassed because she wasn’t kissing him back until she pulled him back and returned it. It was a chaste soft kiss, but then hard and passionate.

They stopped because they both couldn’t help but smile. He slowly pulled back an inch and whispered in her ear.

“Keep it,” his voice softly smiled.

Leonard was happy and there was something about her wearing something that was his that made him feel happy. His feelings had been growing and he was surprised by his surge of courage, but it payed off.

“Looks better on you,” he whispered as he slowly pulled a strand of her soft blonde hair out of her face.

Sara couldn’t help but smile at how happy she was as their lips met again.

The next morning

Sara was still wearing Snart’s jacket. She was so happy that her and Leonard were together? She wasn’t sure, but at least now she knew she wasn’t alone. She was headed towards her room when she bumped into Mick.

“Hey, Mick,” she greeted casually.

“Blondie,” he acknowledged.

“Is that Snart’s jacket,” he grunted.

“Not anymore,” she drawled as she grinned and sauntered away.

“Crazy kids,” he mumbled as he shook his head.

Confide In Me

Member: Taehyung

Type: Angst, Fluff at the end, Request

Word Count: 1k

A/N: Tired TaeTae

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“Uh, can I get some more water please?” You asked your waitress. The embarrassment you felt was apparent but it didn’t stop her look. The look she had been giving you for the past hour. At first it was accompanied by “Ma’am are you sure your date is coming?” but she had given up for the moment. As she walked away you made a face at her back before checking your phone.

Your boyfriend, Taehyung, was over an hour late at this point.

Unfortunately this wasn’t new anymore. Over the past month or so Taehyung has been acting different. It had been a while since you saw his unique smile. He barely bothered to respond to your messages and phone conversations were so short they were almost non existent.

Being the worry wart you are you began to fear for your relationship. The fact that this behavior began after no contact with him for a week due to both of your schedules made you think he was rethinking being together.

The sound of someone sliding into the seat in front of you made your head snap up. Your mouth opened to comment on his tardiness but he looked at you with a drained and slightly irritated look. “I’m late.” he picked up the menu. “I know.”

“Then are you going to tell me why?”

He stays quiet, looking over the menu. The rude waitress comes back, not even bothering to look at you this time as she smiles at your boyfriend. “Omo! V!”

He looks up and smiles at her excitement. You cock an eyebrow. This is the first time you have seen him smile in your presence in a month. You watch almost jealously as she licks her lip, listening to his drink order before walking back to the kitchen, face completely red.

Still smiling, his eyes land on you and it drops. “What?”

You simply shake your head before picking up the drink menu.

Damn you need alcohol for this shit.


After the awkward dinner, you are quietly walking along the crowded street. You step one to the left “accidentally” separating yourself from the strangely quiet man. It only takes him a second to realize you are getting lost in the crowd before he reaches in front of someone to pull you back near him. A protective arm wraps around your waist. You glance at him but he is looking ahead.

The walk continues in silence,  until you have reached a quiet street. You pull yourself away from his grasp without a word. Eyes focused on the ground as Tae eyes you curiously.


A spark runs through you hearing him say that and you hope he doesn’t notice as you try to keep your aloofness. He stops holding your arm to make you do the same. “Is something wrong?”

You look up to the darkening sky in avoidance of his stare. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

You shrug and he frowns. “Y/N, I am tired. I should go back to the dorm soon but this is one of the only times I’ll see you like this. Why are you mad at me?”

Breaking away from the plane you were watching, you sneer at him. “I’m mad because you won’t just come out and say it?”

He backs up in confusion. “Say what.”

“That you want to break up with me!” You say as if it were obvious to the world.

His eyes eyes squint in utter confusion. “No, Jagiya, I don’t want that. That’s the last thing I want! What made you think that??”

Of course you don’t believe him and sneer again. “Kim Taehyung, are you joking?!” He stands there still not understanding. “For a month now you have been acting as if you don’t want to be around me. I call you and you barely stay on the phone. My messages get ignored. You come late to things and act like it isn’t a big deal that you didn’t give me a reason why.” His shoulders sink as he begins to understand. “The way you smiled at the waitress back there was the first time I’ve seen you smile up close in a month! And if that sounds like jealousy, it is! But that’s not the point!”

He can see your red face even in the light of the street lamps. “I’m sorry.” he scratches the back of his neck nervously. “I was too ashamed to show you how tired I am. I swear to you, making you feel so terrible wasn’t my intention. I have been having a hard time lately with work. We practice all day and eat healthy foods in small portions that are barely enough to satisfy a small child.” You uncross your arms as you listen. “I don’t even sleep well in the dorm right now because of my crappy mattress. We are so busy we don’t have time to get it replaced.”

You sigh and study his tired frame. He isn’t standing straight and his face looks more sickly pale in this light. You even notice the bags not well hidden under the layer of makeup he threw on. And now that he mentioned it, you could tell he was on a diet. He looked skinnier. Unhealthy. You poke his shoulder. ”You idiot. One of the things about being in a relationship is confiding in me. I want to help you through anything.”

“I didn’t want to bother you with this.”

“And you thought icing me out and making me think you wanted to break up with me was the better option?” He opened his mouth but closed it almost as quickly. “Exactly.”

You shook your head, still trying to understand his logic.

“Can I spend the night at your place tonight?” he asks quietly.

Unable to hang on to the coldness you projected, you softly stroked his cheek. “My tired idiot, of course.” He gave you a smile, leaning into your touch. “But do that again and you’re going right back to the sucky mattress.”

You both laugh and he grabs your other hand, walking to the comfort of your apartment.

On her knees

Masterlist: x

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x reader

Request: Hiii!! I was wondering if you could do number 31 with Pietro Maximoff (quicksilver)? thank you!

31 - I´m flirting with you

Working as an in field medic for SHIELD was a nightmare on the best of days. On crappy days, like this one, it was like being sucker punched by the hulk. As if dealing with the massive number of civilians that had gotten injured in the crossfire, you had to stitch up one of the twins who had been the cause of the mighty avengers coming back in virtual pieces a few days earlier. Not to mention, Tony and Clint were acting like four year olds, calling your name every two seconds. 

You were almost finished sticking up the last wound on Pietro`s body, when you started noticing his eyes practically drilling holes in your skull. If he stared more intensely, lasers might erupt form his eyes. “Could you please stop staring?” you mumbled as you finished tying up the last stitch. “It`s distracting.”

“I´m sorry but you see, when a beautiful woman like yourself is on her knees in front of me, I can`t help myself.” He answered, smirking as he pulled you up so you were staring directly into each other`s eyes. It was… well. Intense. 

“What exactly do you think you`re doing?” you inquired as he tilted your head upwards with two fingers, leaning in closer. You couldn`t help but notice how close his lips were to yours. And how they were slowly moving closer. 

“I`m flirting with you.” he said, and you could feel his hot breath tickling your lips. But just before they could touch, a voice interrupted. 

“Y/N!” Clint yelled impatiently as he burst in the door, causing you to quickly jump back from were you were practically glues to Pietro`s body. “Y/N.” repeated in a lower voice, pulling you close to his side, watching Pietro suspiciously. As he pulled you out of the room, you noticed the faint smile on his face. Oh you would not hear the end of this for a while.
Chris Hadfield's Generator
Coming to Massey Hall October 28th

A little over a year ago, I attended an event in London at the request of Professor Brian Cox. I imagined that it would be a charity science event similar to those I’d done in the past: educational, if a little dry. Fun, if a little muted. In short, it would be a nice evening and little else.

But sometimes the greatest pleasures come unexpectedly. It was exuberant and haphazard and celebratory, with a laid back atmosphere of no-strings-attached entertainment. An effortless blend of music, science, comedy and everything in-between. It turned out to be one of the better evenings of my life.

Since that day, I’ve been determined to recreate the act in Canada. A night like that is meant to be repeated. And this Fall, I’m incredibly pleased to be able to make it a reality.

Generator is coming to Toronto on October 28th, and I couldn’t be more excited. Save the date. We’re going to have a great evening together.

A client of mine works so hard hard to come up with very useful projects for the ummah (nation) yet is neglectful of his parents. He gets very frustrated with them and sometimes even talks back. I was explaining to him that he is running after the ummah to be rewarded while Allah has given him a treasure chest of rewards in taking care of his parents.
I explained that by being loving, attentive and obedient to his parents he could get more reward since after tauhid (one true God) Allah mentions being dutiful to parents as the second most valuable act.
He asked how could pleasing 1 or 2 people compare to pleasing millions of people? It seemed like a no brainer that a million is more than 2.
I told him being dutiful to your parents is an obligation like doing assigned homework while doing a project for millions of Muslims is nawafel (extra credit). Can anyone ignore doing their homework and only rely on extra credit work? The extra credit is only valuable when the assigned work is done or else the person will fail regardless of how many extra credit work they have done.
Moral of the story is to focus your attention on the obligatory acts like being respectful and loving to your parents rather than ignoring their rights and focusing on providing others an optional act.
—  Halel Banani
“Dance Moms” cast: three weakest and three strongest technical/performance points of each girl

Because everyone has something they’re great at, but everyone has something they need to work on. I have only included current ALDC students (i.e. not Kalani because her training comes from elsewhere).

These are from my point of view as a longtime dance instructor. Feel free to add your own thoughts or disputes, but please try to keep all criticisms professional and kind toward the girls.

Maddie Ziegler
Weak points: Sway back (esp. on turns), slight sickle to the feet, 
Strong points: Beautiful legs/knees, strong supporting leg on pirouettes, excellent facials/acting.

Mackenzie Ziegler
Weak points: Jumps should be more sustained, jumps need more flexibility (especially in the front leg), arms a little stiff.
Strong points: Excellent balance, great legs and knees, great posture.

Kendall Vertes
Weak points: Poor turnout, poor posture, slight bend to the knees.
Strong points: Lovely arms (when the shoulders aren’t going crazy), strong ankles, lovely suspension in jumps.

Nia Frazier
Weak points: Bounces on turns, should push her releve higher (especially on turns), heavy landings on jumps
Strong points: Strong legs, great musicality, good physical strength