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Please please please PLEASE do a fic where betty runs after jughead. It would mean everything to me

I’m definitely gonna do some more fluffy requests after this, but of course I had to get all the feels from the episode out of the way first! 

“Jughead, wait!” Betty’s voice cracked as she called after his retreating figure. He paused at the top of the steps leading from the school, eyes glancing frantically in every direction as he decided how to get away, where to go. She reached for him, fingers swiping empty air as he slipped further from her grasp.

“Leave me alone.” His voice wasn’t hard, he didn’t shout. It was broken, coated in the betrayal of a young boy who’d been hurt too many times before, icy coldness seeping in around the edges. The look he thew over his shoulder as he began to descend the steps sucked all the air from her body, chest aching with rejection. He looked disappointed, resigned… unsurprised. A fresh wave of tears fell from her eyes as she realised that, however deep down he tried to suppress it, he expected something like this to happen. Even from her, she thought as an uncomfortable prickle of shame crept down her spine.

Her legs were frozen, feet planted firmly on the concrete as she watched his outline get further and further away from her, disappearing into the darkness as he sprinted from the people he used to consider friends. Betty’s fingers curled in on themselves as her eyes remained, unfocused, on the last place she saw him, nails poised to break the skin. A warm hand on her frost-nipped shoulder pulled her out of her reverie.

“Betty,” Veronica’s soft, pleading voice reached her, muffled by the sound of her heart, pounding in her ears. Betty wrenched herself from Veronica’s grasp, turning to her with a look of disgust etched on her features.

“No! How dare you?” she accused, voice quiet, barely piercing the still night air, but with a deadly venom dripping from every word. Veronica visibly flinched, Archie’s hand coming up to rest at the base of her spine. “I have to find him. I need to-” she choked, no longer addressing the couple before her, commanding herself to move. She narrowly avoided tripping over her own feet as she began to walk on numb legs, pace picking up until she was running after Jughead, full force.

Where would he go? Where would he need to be right now? Her mind flew through every possibility as her feet pounded the pavement, breath billowing in white clouds before her as her lungs burned with every inhale of frigid air. She thought about Pop’s, but with a stab to her gut she realised that it would no longer seem like a safe place to him. She had taken that from him too, corrupted it with soft declarations of warm feelings, promises of forever, and whispered confessions about every hidden corner of themselves, for their ears only. The red vinyl of their booth was seeped in the blood of his open, wounded heart, pulled out with her own hands and left, barely beating, on the sticky tabletop.

The drive in was a mess of crushed rubble and memories lost, something new being built atop the old before the dust even had time to settle, scabs unable to form over the cuts. It was merely one more strike in the column, one further pair of hands shoving Jughead towards the ‘you are now leaving Riverdale, please come again soon’ sign. Betty could feel each passing second tap against her skin, gnawing at her like an irritating insect that kept coming back for more, no matter how many times you swatted it away.

By the time she’d reached FP’s trailer her legs were cramping, feet aching and bleeding inside her heels, dark lips outlined with blue. Her chest swelled with hope as she saw the torn down police tape, the thrown open door. As quickly as it had risen her heart plummeted. If he was inside what would she say? She wasn’t sure she could handle further accusations from him, already cracked and broken too much from everything passed. She couldn’t feel the wind around her, the floor beneath her, her vision tunnelled as she crept into the darkened doorway.

Her eyes widened at the state of the trailer, upturned furniture and belongings thrown haphazardly about the place. He’d told her, the morning after he went to visit his dad with coffee and doughnuts, walking into the Blue and Gold office with a comically misplaced smile, about how FP had cleaned up, not only himself but the trailer too. It resembled the fading memories Jughead had of his childhood home more than ever, cushions plumped, flowers in the vase by the front window. He could almost feel his mom’s presence slipping back into the trailer, unwilling to push down the hope of a reunited family any longer. Now it looked as if a hurricane had swept through, upending everything once more. She almost missed his hunched figure as her eyes flew furtively across the room, tucked against the counter, fading into the furnishings.

“Jug?” He stiffened as her whisper broke through his shuddering sobs, straightening up in an instant. He didn’t turn to look at her. She could see his uneven breaths unfurling before him. Her face crumpled as she dropped to her knees beside him, fingers desperate to touch.

“I’m so sorry,” she whimpered, hurrying to continue at his disbelieving huff. “I know that will never be enough, but you have to believe me. I didn’t want to hurt you, I never meant to cause you any pain…”

“Intention and execution are two different things,” he murmured, voice hoarse in the aftermath of his tears. Betty nodded, eyes cast downwards on her clenched fists, resting on top of the wrinkled satin of her dress. She pulled her lower lip between her teeth, chewing on it anxiously as she awaited his goodbye, hoping to let the tears slip silently down her cheeks without the accompanying wail that threatened to burst from her lips. A heavy silence settled over them, and every moment he didn’t break it, didn’t make to move away from her, she prayed it would last just a minute more. She had a thousand things to say, rolling about it her head, pounding against her skull until it ached. But she was terrified that even one word would be the final trigger in sending him away for good. Her fists tightened as she began the first story that came to mind, just to speak.

“When I was seven Mom told me we could get a pet. I was so excited, I’d been pleading with her for months and months. I spent ages pouring through magazines and looking at all the posters in the window of the shelter looking for just the right addition to our family. Then an advert for a tiny ginger kitten appeared and I knew that was the one. I cleared out a little space in my room, filled it with cushions and blankets because I was so sure that this would be where it was going to sleep. When I went to tell Mom that I had chosen and we should go and shop for things before we picked the cat up, I told her I was going to call it Caramel, she had just had a huge fight with Dad. I didn’t know what about, but all I remember is her looking down at me and saying she’d changed her mind. Just like that. I cried and cried but she just told me to stop being such a baby, to grow up. I was so inconsolable that Dad went and bought me a stuffed toy, a ginger cat with the name tag Caramel. I was so furious with this replacement that I screamed until I made myself sick.” Betty let out a humourless laugh as she remembered her behaviour. Neither one of her parents had shown her any sympathy after that. She took a breath.

“I know it’s not even close to what is happening now, but I know what it’s like to have the rug pulled from under you. I remember what it felt like, at seven years old, to feel betrayed by the people you thought loved you the most. And I promised myself that I would never make anyone I… I would never make anyone I love feel that way if I could help it.” She didn’t notice the way his breath stopped at her confession, liquid blue eyes glancing over to her from his peripheries. The scarlet drops of blood pouring from her clenched fists, staining her dress, seemed to escape her notice, but not his.

“The thought that I made you feel like that breaks my heart,” she continued, her voice nothing more than a high-pitched, shaky whimper as the dam broke. “And I’d do anything to take it back, to just tell you what was-” Her breathing was too fast to continue the sentence, heart pounding against her rib cage as all the oxygen left the room.

His warm hands covered her fists. She pulled in a deep inhale, air rushing to aid her lungs as his fingers unfurled her own, revealing the fresh, deep wounds in her palms. Her face flamed crimson as they both stared down at the damage she’d done once again. His sigh washed over her skin, lighting it up with tiny flames, as he lifted her hands to his lips, cradling them in his own as he placed a delicate kiss against the back of her fingers. He wiped away the blood with his thumbs, smearing it over her pale skin. When she tucked her head into the crook of his neck he didn’t pull away, didn’t stiffen. Instead he raised his hand to the back of her head, fingers tangling in the golden, silky strands, anchoring her against him.

It wasn’t a sign of acceptance, it wasn’t a sign that all was forgiven. But it was still a sign. It was a sign of hope.

We Have Rules For a Reason [Chapter 1]

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Genre: Smut/AU

Summary: You are the manager of a hot new club. You meet Mark Tuan, a handsome, rich playboy who rents out the VIP lounge with his friends.

The club was packed, the guests were loving the DJ you hired and your VIP lounge was booked for the evening. You smiled, feeling a deep sense of pride as you looked out over the crowd.

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Now you’re gone
We’re left to carry on
Though the night seems twice as long
And here within my heart
I don’t feel very strong
But we will meet again

Now you’re gone
We’re left to carry on
In the wind I hear your song
With every passing hour
I’m feeling more alone
But we will meet again

I made it home Power lines are down on the road so no power the roof on the coop is off some trees are gone and a lot of something is missing plus my bunny hatch is smashed thank good no bunny it’s still raining pretty hard but I think the tornado part had passed
I’m really shook up but everyone is okie I think I’m so sorry for being dumb

I’m alive I’m sorry I’m dumb and I love you all very very very much thanks for putting up with me and my stupid brain

I participated in the Poke only event in Japan.
I made three new books.
From December to February, I drew cartoons.

I will participate in the Korean Poke only event soon.
It also participates there.

I did not upload long time in a tumblr…..
I’m sorry…8▽8);;;;

I will come again soon…!
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Yoshi-P got his birthday gift from all of us. :)

Message from Foxclon:

Greetings, Good to see your project went well, I’m really impressed and I’m here today to show you something…

It was really professionally-made quality with full of messages, pictures, screenshots, illustrations, and more!

I’m pretty sure this will help him get relaxed and healed when he’s exhausted by massive contents checkings for Stormblood

In a few days, we’ll start round-a-globe tour to promote Stormblood and next Letter from the Producer Live coming very soon, please look forward to lots of new information!

Again, thank you very much for your great work.

Link here:

Jealous (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hi, guys!! Another Bucky fic here haha, anyways happy birthday anon!! I hope you have a great day ahead😊 I hope this is what you wanted, I’m sorry, I would have posted earlier but I had to go the hospital so yeah…Anywaysss, enjoy!!

Request: Helllooooo :) Aw I love your Imagines so much ! Would you do an imagine for my bday where you and Buck share an Apartment and one day when you come home from work at a diner you hear noise outside the door and get worried but inside you see the most cutest sight of the winter soldier struggling with a puppy Labrador who fell in love with bucks metal arm. Bucky wanted to surprise you with that, so you spend the whole day with the puppy and later cuddle with the puppy sleeping on Buck’s arm? <3

“Thank you, please come again soon!” You waved and smiled as the customer left the diner. Sighing, you let your smile drop, you had no idea why you decided to work on your birthday. Well, at least you decided to take half day off, so you had the rest of the day to spend with the special man that’s waiting for you at home.

Bucky had woken you up early in the morning for work, but he never really said anything else, he just rushed you out, which made you very suspicious, however you decided to put that thought aside and go to work.

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I miss you.

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Can you please continue the Daddy series with Jimin next please?? I love how cute you make them 😄

THIS ONE SEEMS A LITTLE CHOPPY idk im stressed my writing is suffering but i wanted to get something out for you all!

Dad Chim

Originally posted by babiescars

  • okay time for chim chim aka probably best dad material in the group
  • okay jk they’d all be amazing dad material
  • but you get what i’m saying yah?
  • chim is someone i don’t see caring if he was married or not when he had a kid? he would want to marry eventually but if he had a kid before marriage it wouldn’t be that big of a deal
  • like he would only care about the fact he’s about to have a beautiful cute baby!! that’s all that would matter to him!!
  • but obviously he wouldn’t just have a kid with anyone?? that’s obvious right
  • i think he would want kids pretty bad, but he wouldn’t want to burden his love and so he would keep his mouth shut
  • but then after all the other boys start to have families he’s like yup it’s time
  • so he comes up to you one night, and by comes up to you i mean he legit flops on top of you as you’re watching a psych marathon,,,
  • and you’re like oh hello there i thought you were idk, supposed to be showering??
  • and he shakes his head “no no i had an idea!!”
  • and your eyebrows furrow at this “last time you had an idea it ended with yoongi nearly beating you half to death for trying to put his baby in a sheep costume”
  • “but she looked so cute!!”
  • anyway
  • “well what’s that got to do with anything?”
  • and jimins eyes get all wide and he smiles all shyly and he’s chilling on top of you like it’s the most casual thing in the world “i wanna have a baby too!! but our own baby, and we can name them after jeongguk or something!”
  • you smile softly and stroke the hair from his eyes
  • you love jimin but you’re not ready and you don’t want to break it to him and ruin things and ruin the moment but you’re just not ready for a baby
  • you try to think of a lie before he catches onto you oh he catches onto you
  • his smile falls and he kinda rolls off you and he “oh. i shouldn’t have forced that on you like that, i’m sorry…”
  • his voice is so soft and quiet and you regret not having an actual talk about this sooner
  • because you knew it would happen sooner or later and you knew that he would want to start a family but you’re scared and you’re worried that you two are too young and that you guys don’t have enough life experience for this
  • you want to tell jimin and explain yourself but he’s up already, and he says he’s gonna take a shower and that you should sleep because it’s late but you know he doesn’t want you to see him get upset
  • “jimin wait a minute!”
  • but he’s already in the bathroom and he has his music on and the door is locked
  • after that night he doesn’t bring it up again but nobody can deny the way his entire face lights up when he’s holding taetae junior
  • he’s good with kids, great even like even hoseok’s sonny boy, who shrieks when hoseok isn’t holding him, is pretty okay with jimin
  • he gets so smiley and his eyes twinkle and he giggles when he gets the babies to laugh
  • he’ll legit have mini min on his lap and baby jung snuggled up to his side and princess kim trying to climb up his shoulders and it’s so endearing
  • and you’re like oh hell nah im not gonna take that happiness from jimin like he’s so happy and bright and you can tell he’s in heaven
  • so you’re like hell yah man i’m gonna talk to jimin okay i’m gonna tell him i’m ready for a kiddo we can do this as a family
  • you wanna make it something special so that night you’re like imma make a delicious dinner and i’m gonna make this so memorable cause this our baby!!
  • but then it gets to dinner time and jimin is gonna be home from practice in like thirty minutes and you’re so ready for this
  • but apparently your stomach is not because out of nowhere you’re stricken with the sudden need to hurl
  • you race upstairs to the bathroom and you lean over the toilet and that’s how jimin finds you when he gets home
  • he goes into panic mode right away like does he get you a drink, does he pull your hair back, does he call an ambulance?
  • you’re moaning on the floor
  • jimin does what any normal person would do and he calls mom seokjin instead “help the love of my life is on the floor idk what’s going on right now i’m scared jin please come over.”
  • and then he kneels beside you and he cradles you in his lap and strokes your hair and he sings to you so soft and sweet in an attempt to calm you down
  • you bury his face in his tummy “oh jimin that came out of nowhere i hurt jimin, i hate throwing up you know.”
  • he kinda laughs at this “baby doll, why are you throwing up? i heard there’s a lot going around, i guess that happens a lot in winter ya know? we can see the doctor tomorrow if it gets worse.”
  • jin does come over and he’s holding his baby in one of those little holders that you wear on your front you know what i’m talking about he has his baby in that and she’s wearing a tiara and sunglasses
  • and he kinda oh !! alright !!
  • “jimin, it’s probably just the common cold,,, or maybe the flu yah that’s what that’s called…”
  • and jimin is like wth i leave the love of my life for one second and they contract the plague that’s it i’m calling out tomorrow this is serious
  • and he does call out okay the next day he makes you stay in bed even though you’re like plz i’m fine
  • he makes you soup and he braids your hair for you or puts it into pigtails if your hair is short and you two watch your favorite movies and you’re still feeling kinda weak so you kinda forget about what you were gonna tell jimin
  • and then you don’t bring it up because as the weeks go on he gets slammed with new album work and your personal job that neither of you have much time to think about babies
  • until wait, surprise, you guessed it, you find out that you’re pregnant!!
  • since you continued to feel pretty shotty you were like ehh i should go to patient first!! and patient first was like!! you’re looking kinda pregnant there kiddo!!
  • and so obviously you got the little test (well they gave it to you) and they were correct believe it or not
  • you guess you’re gonna need to be having an entirely different talk with jimin
  • except christmas (for non celebrators just think new years time!!) is almost here and you’re like hell yah man that’s a good time to do it
  • except that you’re not really about planning stuff and you get absorbed in other things aka jimin trying to lift that tree by himself,,,
  • jin is throwing a pretty rad holiday party by the way and you and jimin are obv invited to come celebrate and by celebrate i literally mean there’s going to be a wii bowling tournament where half of those involved are tipsy off eggnog
  • but that’s okay because you’re with friends and that’s what matters!!
  • in the back of your head you’re like yah i better tell jimin that i’m pregnant,,, but you’re distracted again, this time by the pictures of sugar cookies jin has put in the “santa squad” group chat
  • you know better to keep secrets especially something so big but jimin was so excited to have a lil kiddo you wanna make it special and stuff
  • you decide you’ll ask some of the other boys for help tonight if they don’t end up drunk singing christmas carols instead
  • you’re excited for the party though, you wanna try your hand at parenting by seeing if you can manage some of the babies
  • tbh if it comes down to it, you wanna hold mini min, she’s still so soft and chubby
  • you wonder if your baby is gonna be soft and chubby and you rest your hands on your tummy and jimin kinda catches you from your reflection in the mirror
  • “are you feeling sick again? we should really take you to the doctors…” and jimin kinda starts to worry
  • you laugh and pat his head because he’s so caring?? and so cute??
  • “i’m okay just thinking about those sugar cookies.”
  • and he smiles and his nose crinkles up and his eyes get those lil wrinkles at the sides you know what i’m speaking of??
  • you hope to god that your baby has his smile
  • better yet you hope the baby looks like him in every single way possible
  • like you’re dating an angel and you hope your baby is an angel too
  • you know they will be cause jimin is the dad!!
  • anywaaaaay
  • y'all are at the party now okay and immediately there’s a child on jimin’s leg and you like down and it’s taetae junior!! and he’s babbling excitedly and jimin just beams and scoops him up in his arms and kisses his lil baby face and your heart just floods with this warmth that you can’t really explain
  • you kinda rest your hands on your stomach again and you’re like baby please come soon so i can see jimin this happy every single day
  • before long there is another baby trying to climb jimin and it’s princess kim so jimin hands you over taetae junior so he can hold jin’s baby
  • taetae junior is not happy and he starts to wail
  • “oh my god jimin i broke it”
  • jimin laughs “just bounce him on your hip!!”
  • and so you do, and you make funny faces and start to sing a little bit and soon the kid is calm, cool, and collected and actually snuggled up to you and trying to play with your hair and you’re actually really like this feeling?? and it feels so right??
  • jimin looks over at you and he gives you a soft smile “you’re gonna be an amazing parent one day…”
  • you just want to scream out that he’s gonna be an amazing parent too, and he’s gonna be one soon and that you’re expecting but you keep your mouth closed and silently thank him
  • okay time for the party to start but taekook have already turned up they’re dancing to some freaking weeb nonsense and you’re like god help us how are they parents and the babies just watch on in awe and hoseok is trying to get his kid to dance even tho that kid won’t let hoseok put him down and-
  • you can’t believe you didn’t want this for yourself and jimin and you’re feeling kinda guilty and you wanna apologize but you know you should focus on the good instead
  • okay so the kids are playing on the floor, tangled up in christmas lights and wrapping paper and jin is like shoot i made eggnog it’s hella good guys i’ll go get some cups
  • he comes back with glasses you know, hands them all out
  • you politely decline
  • everyone freezes and stares at you with wide eyes and you don’t really understand why but within five seconds jimin is shrieking and he’s tackled you to the couch and the others are cheering and clapping and the babies look mildly horrified save baby jeon who’s trying to get a foot in her mouth
  • and you’re laughing and trying to get him to stop kissing your face all over because it tickles too much “well i wanted to make it special but i guess i ruined that huh?”
  • jimin won’t let go of you the rest of the party he has you on his lap and he keeps his hands folded on your tummy and he’s smirking like guess what guys who’s gonna be a dad that’s right it’s me it’s me
  • and the others would definitely tease him “too bad you’re the dad, they’re never gonna grow over five feet tall!!”
  • jimin gets all pouty at this
  • he gets so into the baby thing like he’s trying to take pictures every month to compare belly bump sizes cause he’s like hello my child!!
  • he talks to the baby casually as if they can actually respond “hey there lil park pumpkin, don’t you love this movie? it’s like my favorite ever especially the romance subplot ehehe.”
  • “do you want spaghetti or carry out for dinner, yah i agree, i like carry out too!!”
  • he spoils you rotten like he’s like hey guess who has a massage appointment with me that’s right, you do!!
  • like if you continue to work expect to come home to a bubble bath every single night
  • he low key seems more excited than you for the baby,,,
  • stockpiles baby food in the house even though you explain babies don’t eat baby food right away and you still have like seven months to go before they’re even born?
  • buys a bunch of toys too!!
  • he wants to teach the baby korean first like he begs you every single night that you teach them korean first it’s very important that your baby is raised in korean culture
  • so you two would have a korean name for the baby for sure
  • he definitely insists in raising the child in his culture whether that means through food, language, traditions, or whatever
  • but at the same time he doesn’t want the kid to be made fun of for being different so he wants an english name for them as well and so he asks namjoon for help a lot and namjoon is bitter because he’s riding the no dad train alone
  • the first time you guys go to see the baby he starts to laugh rather than cry because “oh my god is that a dinosaur in the- HOLY HECK I SEE A LITTLE BABY HAND DO YOU SEE THAT BABY HAND?!”
  • he just giggles and waves to the screen as if your baby is able to see that do they even have eyes at this point??
  • jimin would definitely want to find out the gender of the baby he would tell himself he wouldn’t care but he wouldn’t be able to contain his curiosity and the other boys are like pestering him to find out??
  • okay and you guys follow in the footsteps of all the boys before you and you’re like gender reveal party except sneaky little jimin checked the envelope when you two said you were NOT going to check the envelope i’m actually crying,,,
  • so jimin knows
  • nobody else knows and they make it a family ordeal to try and guess
  • namjoon shows up alone, in blue, tugging along a bunch of presents cause he has a soft spot for chim
  • jeongguk and baby jeon are in pink and have lil pony tails on the tops of their heads, princess kim and jin are in pink as well, along with hoseok and baby hobi
  • tae and taetae junior are in blue!! along with yoongi and mini min who are late because they were taking a father daughter nap
  • jimin is in white,,, to signify purity,,, which the little scoundrel lost when he checked the envelope
  • you yourself are in blue cause why not??
  • the party goes well except jimin nearly crying because he loves all the babies so much and he can’t wait to have his own,,,
  • okay but y’all reveal time
  • it’s like at the most random moment like you’re stuffing your face with a cupcake and trying to open yet another present from namjoon and jimin is like “ATTENTION EVERYBODY I WOULD LIKE TO TALK ABOUT MY BABY, MY BUN, MY MINI ME… OR IS IT A MINI ME”
  • s/o to nancy and will this one goes to you
  • okay so once he has everyone’s attention he gets all shy and flustered and he buries his face behind his hands “well it should be a girl…”
  • and he’s smiling and you’re gasping and you run to hug him and you have cupcake all over your face but that’s okay
  • anyway you always have cravings speaking of which,,, the convenience store owner down the street knows jimin by name because he makes so many trips to pick you up pickles and strawberry ice cream
  • okay also !! he wants the baby to have her crib in your guy’s room so she has a bassinet right next to your bed
  • jimin’s parents send you two a bunch of gifts and his mom sends over some of jimin’s old play toys and old clothes (even though they were boyish- for baby two she says), and some traditional family recipes so you two can raise the baby as surrounded by korean influence as possible
  • jimin always cooks for you even though he’s not amazing and he cooks all the time sometimes he does too much,,,
  • first kick is actually amusing because before i saw someone’s baby kick i thought it would be cute then i was like exposed to the reality and that shit is scary so like when it happens you’re chilling and then the baby kicks as you’re sitting there getting rid for your bubble bath and you shriek because that’s scary?? have you ever seen that??
  • jimin comes running in and you’re like “baBE my stomach moVED”
  • and he gasps and he puts his ear to his stomach even though you said kick?? and he’s screaming with you because what the hell your baby is kicking and it’s weird as hell and you two break down into laughing because it’s so overwhelming
  • anyway the baby comes on the exact due date
  • like the exact date
  • chim is nervous so he laughs tbh,,, like you’re driving there because you dropped a plate while cooking eggs for breakfast and you were like wth is this oh wait my water bROKE
  • anyway he’s pretty calm but he’s so excited that he just giggles and laughs and smiles and you’re like jimin plz you’re driving like a graNDMOTHER
  • anyway you get there and everything is pretty calm, you get into the delivery room but then you see the needle they’re trying to stick in you and you lose it
  • jimin holds your hand super tight and he smiles and starts to sing save me to you to be ironic and as you’re distracted they stick the needle in you yikes
  • he’s actually really good at calming you down!! like he got lessons from the other boys and he talks you through it and he gives you deep breathing exercises to use and everything and squeezes your hand and helps you focus
  • pregnancy through meditation
  • anyway she’s born and he’s laughing and crying at the same time like tears are streaming down his face but he’s in hysterics and he holds her and she’s so small and he immediately goes to kiss her face all over
  • she looks more like you but she has his eyes and his lips but other than that she looks more like you (she ends up super short too btw thx)
  • you guys bring her home and she’s immediately the most spoiled baby
  • she has at least a million stuffed animals
  • when she’s older jimin always plays dress up tea party with her and they have jin and his baby over sometimes
  • she’s a pretty fussy baby at first like she’s always crying and you’re about to lose it because you’re exhausted from having that bean so jimin always gets up at night and takes her downstairs to watch some baby einstein with her to make sure she calms down
  • he LOVES holding her and giving her the bottle he feels truly like a dad in that moment
  • he sings to her obv like he always has and it’s super calming she’ll just stare up at him with the widest eyes in the world and babble and try to sing along when she’s old enough
  • she’s always eating too i swear, always needs to be fed or else she’ll cry
  • also cries when she’s not being held but jimin is okay with that because that means he gets to hold her 25/8
  • he likes to sprawl out on the floor and have her sleep on his chest because she’s so tiny
  • always has her in stripes and then matches her always
  • he always takes pics of her too and sends them to his mom i cry
  • doesn’t like when the other babies get near here for the most part because he’s scared they’ll scare her…
  • loves buying her cute clothes too, like his fave hobby
  • always thanks you for making his dream come true too
  • also would probably suggest you two have another baby like a year and a half after this angel is born ;)))
  • you slap him
  • but it’s definitely up for consideration,,,
  • part two to comE!

I’m sure a lot of people can relate to Healing, and personally, having Seventeen make an MV for it was actually a dream come true. I feel like the song deserves a lot more recognition that what it has. The lyrics are so deep and so meaningful, and the fact that they made it a “happy” song rather than a “sad” one just brings a lot more meaning to it. The way they showed their happiness made me feel so warm inside, and I actually held on to my chest while watching; eyes filled with tears. It’s okay to take your time to heal, and it’s okay to feel any way that you feel. It’s okay to be hurt, it’s okay to be afraid, but know that your healing will come soon, and with it will come happiness. That’s what I believe in. 💓

As the Radio Plays - Part Two

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader


Summary: Fast-forward six years. What even happened to you?

Warnings: Cursing, as always. Also very mild blood.

Word Count: 3,942 (MAKE ME STOP RAMBLING.)

A/N: HA, LOOK, THERE’S A SECOND PART. I couldn’t leave it just like that, dudes. I’m not that mean. Also, MY FAVORITE HUMAN BEING BECCA is a fantastic human and I honestly have her to thank for getting me back into this and tbh, I don’t know why I have all of you followers out there (like I’m shook???? where did you all come from????? I’m literally trash what the heck) but i am so grateful for every single one of you and you are all such beautiful wonderful lovely people and my love for all of you is eternal.


“Are you coming home yet?”

“Soon, buddy,” you cooed to your nephew over the phone. “I’ll be home soon. Could you put Grandpa back on the phone, please?”

“You promise you’re coming home soon?” He asked you once again, still unsure of your response.

Of course, you couldn’t blame him for his uncertainty. You were in the process of “going back home” for the past six years, and each time you intended to follow through with it, you just couldn’t find the courage and simply chose to stay put, much to your family’s dismay.

With a sigh, you paused for a moment before replying. “I promise I’m coming home soon, Eli. Ten more days, kiddo.”

You’d made this promise to several other family members, but every time you did, it turned out to be just as empty as the last one.

“Good,” he said, the tone of his voice seemingly pleased with your answer. “I’m gonna give the phone back to Grandpa, okay? I love you! See you soon!”

A laugh fell from your lips and for a beat, you froze in fear. This time, you really meant it. You were really coming home this time around.

“Should I believe you this time?” Your father’s voice on the other line snapped you out of it, and you sat there nodding despite the fact he couldn’t see you.

“Yeah, Dad,” you answered softly. “I’m really coming home.”

After exchanging words with your father for a few minutes, you ended the call, your hands visibly trembling and your eyes welling up.

It was a long time coming, your journey back home. Your intention was to stay in London for two years, allowing yourself time to figure out what to do, to find yourself, to put yourself back together. But lo and behold, six years later, you were still all the way across the pond.

No, this time, it was the truth. This time, you were really going home. You needed to be back in loving arms. It wasn’t like London’s West End hasn’t treated you well, but London wasn’t home, and well, to be honest, you were homesick. Sure, you’ve made family out of the friends you’ve made, but it wasn’t the same. God, you’ve made up so many excuses not to return.

This time though, you were going home.

Your final curtain call for the show was quickly approaching, giving you a week and a half to mentally prepare yourself for your homecoming. Despite agony gnawing at you, the thought of going home granted you some piece of mind, knowing that regardless of how many years have gone by, you still had a loving family to return to. They haven’t physically seen you since Christmas of ‘05, and it’s been four years since they’ve held you in their arms.

It was six years ago that he’d left you.

Four shows and two Olivier awards later, you were still hurting.

Of course you were. How could you forget about the high school sweetheart that promised you forever only to leave you at the altar? How could you forget the letter he hastily wrote to you before he walked out? How could you forget the coldness in your bones the first time you slept in bed without him?

There was no such thing as forgetting.

Last you heard, Lin had found success in his art. Some show about something with other people, winning him a Tony. Maybe a few. You didn’t really care.

No, that’s a lie. You did care, but denying yourself any opportunity to dwell on him for longer than a millisecond was the only way to keep you away from the vices you had lurking in the shadows. Especially now that you’ve reached a plateau, no longer completely drowning in the depths of your sorrows. You’ve managed to stay afloat for the most part. It got easier to tune out conversations that praised him, to let their words fall on your deaf ears, but the effort you put into doing so never faltered. (Have you heard of Lin-Manuel Miranda? He’s a genius! – Yeah, yeah, sure he was, yep, whoop-dee-fucking-doo.)

But Christ, you were the biggest mess in the universe for the longest time. Well, you had every reason to be, especially after losing not just one, but two things that meant the world to you. And because all logic and reason had escaped you, for several months, you spent the entirety of your days in your dark childhood bedroom with nothing but a bottle by your side, clutching it as you slept. It didn’t matter the poison because nothing intoxicated you more than the thought that you were not enough for the love of your life. You slammed back anything that would keep you distracted from your very own personal hell.

The mere thought of him, even in fragments, elicited such excruciating pain, wracking your body with violent sobs, causing your head to throb, making your insides twist and churn. Memories of him surprising you with flowers, memories of him teasing you, memories of him chasing you around the apartment, they were strangling you. The sound of his name, the memory of his face, everything about him made you want nothing to do with home anymore.

Because he was your home.

But you were evicted at the very last moment, left abandoned and without shelter for no valid reason at all. At least, the reason wasn’t valid for you.

So you left.

You picked yourself up, gathered your things, journeyed across the pond, and somehow found new footing, making ripples in the stagnant waters of your life, recreating movement, reintroducing life. You skipped a stitch and left a tiny hole, praying for something to come fill it.

And now here you were, success knocked at your door, roses fell at your feet, admiration beamed at you from every possible angle.

Life had made a complete one-eighty, spinning you in the opposite direction, sending you down the right path because now, you were a sellout, and a damn good one at that.

This path, though, was bringing you right back home.

Back to the sidewalks you used to travel, back to the sounds you used to hear, back to the place where your story began… and ended.

It was time to start anew.

On Tuesday morning following a drunk night out with your closest friends to say your last goodbyes, you shipped yourself across the pond to be reunited with the city you’d loved since day one, reunited with the people who’ve supported you your entire life, reunited with the people that never dared to abandon you.

Your brother greeted you with open arms, scooping you up into his arms and holding onto you like he’d never let you go.

“Sam, I’m not going anywhere anymore,” you told him, trying to break free of his asphyxiating grip. “I’m home.”

The last two words almost felt foreign to you, considering you’d been displaced and didn’t exactly know what home felt like anymore. It shook you to your core as it dawned on you that you were existing in the very same space of the person who’d left you behind. Sure, Lin was most likely miles away from you at the time, but still, the thought of potentially encountering him somewhere in the city increased your level of anxiety.

“Yeah, dude,” your sister quipped, giving your brother a hard smack on the back in order to get him to release you. “Let the girl breathe.”

Finally back on the ground, your family crowded around you, each of them taking turns to hug you (each of them also refusing to let you go).

The excitement of your homecoming had finally died down once you’d gotten settled back at your childhood home, and you were given a moment of peace, allowing you the time to remember how it felt like to be… okay. Your bedroom had been left untouched, everything from figurines to stuffed animals to your old keyboard and posters were all in the same place. Nostalgia washed over you, submerging you in memories that your mind had tucked away.

In your closet, there was a treasure box sitting on the top shelf, nearly completely hidden behind a stack of old sweaters. Curious, you tiptoed up to grab it and brought it back to your bed, making yourself comfortable before examining its contents.

No, you thought as the tempo of your heart began to pick up.

Old pictures and crumpled notes and movie stubs and wrinkled amusement park wristbands filled the box to its brim.

The treasure box was one long running gag, something the two of you did whenever something happened. If it elicited any type of positive reaction, the two of you would throw a part of the memory into each other’s boxes. Why you did, you never knew, but now you were regretting it.

Regret suffocated you as you picked up a colorful greeting card, toying around with it in your fingers while you weighed the options of hurting yourself even more or being the adult you were and putting it away.

You were weak.

‘Happy one year, mi amor! I love you. Irrevocably so. Here’s to us and here’s to many more years!


“Goddamn it,” you whispered, willing yourself not to cry but failing in the process.

As much as you wanted to stop torturing yourself, your heart had the complete opposite desire, urging you to continue breaking yourself apart.

There was a picture of both of you from high school graduation, clad in royal blue cap and gowns, your arms around each other, his lips pressed tenderly against your cheek as you grinned cheesily at the camera. You were so young, so innocent, so full of zeal.

‘WE DID IT!!! I’m so proud of you. And me too, but mostly you. Here’s to us and here’s to being college kids!’

Behind that picture was another one of the two of you in your first apartment. Eighteen years old with no fears of the future, no anxieties about what was to come, no clue as to where life would take you, both of you happily cheesing at the camera as he held out the key to your brand new home to present to all the world. On the back of the picture was an inscription from none other than the bastard himself.

‘It’s not a house, but we’ll get there someday… Here’s to us and our first home, and here’s to what the future holds, babe!’

Tears were distorting your vision, but you didn’t need to look at the picture anymore. The image of you and him in that very moment was already burned in your mind.

There was little gift tag in the midst of it all, the little note scribbled on it told you it was from your 21st birthday.

‘Happy Birthday, cariña! I have never seen a cuter drunk than you. Here’s to you and many more drunk nights with you dancing like no one’s watching!

P.S. I was watching you all night. It was the best.


Tucked underneath a movie stub (Fantasia 2000, of all movies) was the corner of a… wrapper? It was secured on a notecard with packaging tape.

“Jesus Christ,” you whispered to yourself, snickering softly through your tears as you held it in your hands.

‘I don’t care how tacky and embarrassing this is. It’s a MILESTONE, baby!! Here’s to us and here’s to doing waaaay more of this. ;)’

Yep, it was just as sloppy as anyone else’s first time. He was just so focused, so intent on doing it right, finding the right position, making you comfortable. Looking back, he was so serious, so focused on you enjoying it. It wasn’t until you told him he was perfect that he finally relaxed.

Funny how he could still bring a smile to your face despite him walking out on you.

An hour had gone by and you’d sifted through almost everything in the treasure box. You took one last peek into it and saw the damn thing glaring right back at you.

That fucking letter.

You knew you’d regret keeping it, but it was the last thing he’d given you, the last words he’d written you, the last memory you had of him. Of course, you decided that you hadn’t endured enough hell, so you opened it up, just as gingerly as you did on that fateful morning. The tears on your face joined the stains you’d left on the note from the first time around, and no matter how hard you tried to stop reading, you couldn’t help but continue down to the very last letter of his name.


Right. Lin had no idea what ‘always’ meant. If he knew the definition of the word, you wouldn’t have been crying yourself to oblivion this entire time. But there you sat, wallowing in the pain you tried to forget for the past six years.

Without a word, you stuffed everything back in the box and shoved it back in your closet, debating between burning everything or keeping it just in case you wanted to remember how heartbroken you still were after all this time. You padded softly down the hallway with your purse on your shoulder and walked down the stairs, grabbing your coat from the closet before heading out.

“Where are you going?” your mother asked you, the look on her face expressing the worry she’s seemed a pick up since that day.

“I just need to breathe,” you replied shakily, bleary-eyed and broken. “I’ll be back later.”

You followed the sidewalk down Sixth Avenue, unsure of where you were headed. All you knew was that you needed air, you needed a distraction, you needed to be alone. After walking aimlessly, you found yourself getting on the A-train heading somewhere, probably north– it didn’t matter. You found a seat near the back of the car and you leaned against the window, trying to collect yourself, desperately telling yourself not to cry because for God’s sake, you were in a public place and it wasn’t the right time to have another one of your breakdowns.

Every time your journey came to a halt, you made an effort not to look at the people getting off and on, fearing that someone would see the state you were in and mock you about it. But just one time, the doors slid open and caught your attention, causing you to look up out of sheer curiosity.

God fucking damn it.

There he stood, his hair, a little longer than you remembered, was covered with a dark blue beanie and he was wearing that dumb gray pullover that he loved so much.

You tried to turn away to face the other direction when he started approaching your immediate vicinity, but the sudden movement of the subway cars made your head jerk backwards, slamming it on the window behind you, and loud thud echoed throughout the space.

“Whoa, are you okay?”

You were stuck between a rock and a hard place, unable to speak and unable to run (sprint, actually, because you wanted to sprint out of there).

In your periphery, you saw him reach for your arm and you instinctively jerked it away.

“Don’t touch me,” you spat in reply, your body turned completely away from him, eyes focused on nothing in particular.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I just wanna know if you’re okay,” he said quickly, lifting his hands up as if in surrender as he shuffled over to face you.. “Holy shit…”

“Lin, don’t–”

“Y/N, fuck, oh my God.” He was fumbling for words, his eyes doubling in size as he placed his hands on top of yours. “I thought you were in London…”

All you could do was glare at him, your emotions already getting to the best of you as you felt one single tear roll down your cheek.

Lin brought a hand up to your face and he wiped away the tear with his thumb. “Look, I’m– I’m so sorry, you don’t even know–”

“Please, just stop,” you cut him off, your quivering whisper barely audible over the sounds of the subway. “I don’t wanna–”

“No, please, can I just…” He gazed deeply into your eyes, and you saw the redness in his face, familiar with the look only after having worn the same expression for the longest time. “Can we just talk? Please? Y/N, can you just give me the chance to apologize?”

Absolutely fucking not, you thought to yourself.

With a shake of your head, you bit your lip and let out a long, trembling sigh. “You just apologized right now.”

“But you deserve an explanation,” he added, his voice pleading and helpless.

“I got the explanation loud and clear in the letter, Lin. I don’t need the live version of it because trust me, your words were clear and concise.”

“You don’t understand–”

“No, Lin! You don’t get a chance to make up more excuses for that day, alright? You don’t get the opportunity to elaborate on why you did it. I already know why you did it, you don’t have to remind me because I have lived every day for the past six years just playing that Goddamn memory in my head over and over again. You–”

“I did it for you, Y/N!”

Everyone in the car all looked up at both of you, but at this point, you didn’t care. You wanted the entire world to know that this successful ‘Broadway star’ was, in all actuality, the most selfish bastard to exist.

“I-I did it for you,” Lin repeated, this time softer than before. “Because you deserved better. And now look at you… I’ve heard so many good things about you and how incredibly you’re doing, well, how incredibly you did in West End, and I’m sure your success is gonna follow you out here–”

You couldn’t it bear it any longer. He was talking to you like what he did was merely a favor, trying to prove to you that he was the catalyst to your success, convincing you that it was his nudge that sent the dominos toppling down.

The only thing he caused was a spiral into chaos, misery, and heartache.

Like clockwork, the subway car announced it was coming to a stop and you decided it was your chance to leave.

As you wiped your tears away, you got up from your seat and grabbed ahold of a pole to steady yourself as the subway screeched to a halt. You wrapped your arms around yourself, walking past the crowd of people and stepped down onto the concrete.

“Baby, wait!” He grabbed you by the arm, suddenly spinning you around. “Please, I just wanna talk…” His eyes were round and pleading, the expression on his face seemingly distraught and torn.

You managed to break free of his grasp as you turned on your heel, dodging through several people. Hot streams of tears falling down your cheeks, you could hardly see anything. It didn’t matter though. You just wanted to get out of there.

But he was persistent. He followed you up the stairs and out of the station, still calling after you, his unrelenting pleas for you to just stop and talk to him penetrating your ears despite the loud traffic of Manhattan.

With an outstretched arm, you stood there, waiting for a cab, wanting nothing more than to just go home.

“Please,” he begged you as he reached for your hand, taking it in his. “Can we just talk?”

You pulled away without a word and got into the backseat of the taxi, giving your home address to the driver.

The car door suddenly swung open and Lin got into the backseat with you, slamming the door shut.

“I’m not letting you leave without giving you a proper explanation, Y/N.”

“Why not, Lin?” You cried in response. “You had no problem leaving me the first time around, so the fucking least you could do is let me do the same thing to you!”

Lin slid the window divider and closed it, giving both of you some privacy. (Except, because of your raised voice, the driver still heard every word.)

“I left because I loved you so much, I knew you deserved time for yourself to… to grow and explore and-and then you left for London and–”

You’d had enough of his patronizing words, tired of him trying to justify his actions by showing you everything you’d accomplished since that day.

“I left because I had nothing else keeping me here in New York! I left because I lost you and I lost my sanity and I lost my strength and I lost the baby and I couldn’t live in a place that reminded me of the fact that I lost everything I had.”

Lin didn’t say a word. He sat next to you, wide-eyed and speechless.

“What baby?”

Right, that.

Six weeks after the day he left you at the altar, you woke up one morning with a hangover to go puke your guts out in the bathroom, only to find blood dripping down your leg. The sight of your own blood was enough to sober you up to the point where you could comprehend the gravity of what was happening, and you immediately called out to your mother. She immediately rushed you to the Emergency Room and the bomb was dropped upon your arrival.

You were nine weeks along.

For those past six weeks, you chalked up your nausea and fatigue to your newly acquired drinking habit, assuming your ability to only keep down saltine crackers and soup was because of your lack of an appetite, crediting your late period to the fact that you were just so stressed and your body couldn’t cope.

It didn’t occur to you that you were pregnant.

But the verb was the operative word. It was all in the past tense. Just like your sanity, just like your love life, just like Lin.

“Y-you were pregnant?” His breathing got shallow and his mouth was agape, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. He took your hand and squeezed it. “I didn't… I didn’t know–”

“How could you have known, Lin?” You spat out angrily, yanking your hand away. “You left, remember? How could you have possibly known if you weren’t there?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Jesus Christ, how dense was he?

“I didn’t know! I was too focused on the fact that you left me and I…” Your voice grew small as you wept quietly to yourself, longing for simpler times, yearning for a chance to go back, mourning for the life you’d lost due to your own irresponsibility and lack of judgment.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured in reply, his voice quivering. “Baby, I’m so sorry…”

The taxi approached your place and you opened up the divider, handing him money to cover the fare, tipping him graciously as an apology for the chaos he had to endure.

Lin got out first, standing by the car door as he waited for you to follow suit, and you caught a glimpse of a stray tear slowly trickling down his face. He shut the door when you joined him on the sidewalk and you both stood there as the cab sped off into the night.

“So what now?” He asked softly.

“Goodbye, Lin,” you replied, unable to make eye contact.

And with that, you went inside your building, leaving him all alone out there, just like he did to you all those years ago.

The Registry (Part 2)

Author: @joshs-left-earlobe

Prompt: The Eavesdropper (Prompt 12)

Rating: T

A/N: Thanks for the positive feedback from Part 1! I loved the reblogged notes. tags, and especially that great wedding registry story from @katamount! Many hugs to @papofglencoe for editing and reminding me that details do matter, damn it!

A week passes and Katniss has become creative in finding ways to avoid her handsome, blue-eyed neighbor. As much as she would like to get to know him, the awkwardness of the situation is too much for her to bear. So she’s hidden in the elevator, popped in on Madge unannounced, tied her shoes behind the bushes outside, and even shadowed a dog walker. She realizes her avoidance of Peeta Mellark is becoming a challenge, and in an effort to rectify the matter, Katniss takes another bus trip to the Capitol department store.

She spots Effie Trinket in the same place she met her before. Katniss approaches cautiously, clearing her throat when she steps in front of the large mahogany desk. Effie looks up to her and beams. She glances at her computer, punching a few buttons.

Keep reading

Socially Inept INTJ and Over the top ESFP

ESFP co-worker came over to my desk to use my pencil sharpener.

INTJ- Thank you.

ESFP- *laughs and looks at me weird*

INTJ- Wait, why did I just thank you?

ESFP- I have no idea, you are welcome for the visit I guess?

INTJ- Yes, thank you for choosing my sharpener. I know there are many sharpeners to choose from in this office and I feel honored that you chose mine. Please come again soon…. I think I just showed you my amazing social skills!

ESFP- Hey at least you were awkwardly polite.

INTJ- That’s a change, normally I come off distant or condescending when I don’t mean to. Or I am overly polite sarcastically. This is the first time that I accidentally was overly polite for no reason to someone I don’t hate.

ESFP- Aww, You don’t hate me! Good because you are one of my favorite people here! I am so glad are desks are next to each other.

INTJ- Hey, slow down, this is not an emotional moment! This is you using my pencil sharpener without asking, not that I care.

ESFP- Well, I made it an emotional situation and your going to have to deal with it.