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If you’re gray-a or demisexual and like sex, then consider carefully if for you, sexual attraction is part of you liking sex. If it’s not, cool. But explain that to us, that you are gray-a and that for you even if you’re not attracted, you can still like sex.

If you are the type of ace who experiences no sexual attraction to people, you are most likely to actually not like sex. Just like most gay men don’t like sex with women, most lesbians don’t like sex with men, most straight women don’t like sex with women, and most straight men don’t like sex with men.

Yes it is possible to like sex while being not sexually attracted to someone. Yes. True. Arousal and enjoying physical sensations and stuff can be there even without attraction, there can be sensual attraction without sexual attraction, etc.

But if you are spreading this information despite not being that type of person yourself, tread carefully. Let the people who like sex but who consider themselves ace speak for themselves on these issues.

I just feel like yelling “aces can enjoy sex too” angrily into the void isn’t really the best method, especially if you, yourself, are not an ace who likes sex. Because there are a lot of repulsed aces doing 101 that actually happens to not even mention repulsion, and to phrase things the wrong way, like implying that the only reason someone would have sex while ace is to please a partner (not true). There are so many ways to just do Asexuality 101 wrong and kind of commit some microaggressions or faux pas and I just want to help point out to everyone that they even need to consider being careful to avoid that.

How Not to Do 101 on Asexuality, Sex Repulsion, and Sexual Activity

It’s just important to keep in mind that a lot of us don’t even have a sex drive.

And that the majority of aces are sex-repulsed or sex-indifferent, and don’t actually enjoy sex. And so you have to tread carefully.

Yes it’s important to note that one can be asexual and still have and/or like sex. Asexuality is not a synonym with abstinence, celibacy, or a choice not to have sex - asexuality is rather a sexual orientation describing an innate part of a person. And it’s a spectrum as well, and it is important to keep that in mind.

I just think it’s important to keep all of this in mind and be careful about how you word things.

Just like it’s important not to throw the aromantic aces under the bus when you do your 101 and to be careful with how you present the concepts of romantic orientation.
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