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Just Real Quick (NSFW)

Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: This is just straight smut. Finally posting those imagines I promised for you guys yesterday.

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This is why I love button-ups. Easy access. :P

(I have an unhealthy obsession with Magnus’/Harry’s neck/chest. It looks positively lickable — Alec, please sample the aforementioned area and get back to us on the experience, yeah? I want details!)

We’re the ones who live

As requested by @cocoamoonstone​, here’s a one-shot based on a remix of the Andrea tower scene.

“Michonne!” Rick howled.

He had been firing at one of Negan’s men who was trying to make a quick getaway in one of Negan’s cars, when out of the corner of his eye he saw a body plunge from the fifth floor window of the building that he knew Michonne had been sniping from. His blood ran cold.

She had been practicing her shooting skills, and with Sasha’s guidance her accuracy had grown. She had volunteered to be one of the snipers who would be holding off Negan’s men from afar, and protecting Alexandria’s troops from above. Rick had been relieved when she volunteered to do it. It meant she was helping from the safest place possible. But he was wrong. Something had gone horribly wrong. And now, a body lay on the concrete in front of the building.

He was a block away and couldn’t make out who it was, but he promptly turned and sprinted towards the building, forgetting the Savior he was firing at, and forgetting the battle around him. Bullets whizzed past his head as he ran, yells and screams sounded miles away. He couldn’t feel his legs moving, it felt like he was floating as he got closer and closer to the crumpled heap of a person laying on the concrete.

“M…Michonne…” he uttered in a virtual whisper as he approached the body crushed on the sidewalk, blood running from its head into the gutter. The clothing was wrong, the hair was wrong. As he got closer relief flooded his soul.

It’s not her.

“Michonne!” Rick screamed at the 5th story window. “Michonne! Come to the window!”

There was no response. No movement from the window, and her sniper rifle lay on the ground next to the dead body. Rick sprinted towards the door to the building which had been kicked in. He flew up the flights of stairs screaming Michonne’s name, not caring who he was alerting to his presence. He couldn’t get over the fact that there was no noise in the building. Everything was deathly silent.

She’s not dead. She’s ok. Maybe she’s hiding. Maybe she… she has to be ok.

As Rick reached the top floor he raised his weapon. He entered the hallway that led from the staircase cautiously.

“Michonne?” he called again. Silence.

He moved down the hallway, nudging a half open door with his foot. The door swung open and bounced back when it hit something. Rick cautiously peeked around the door and saw one of Michonne’s shoes. His heart dropped. He swung around and spotted her lying motionless, propped up against the wall behind the door. There were bloody drag marks on the floor, showing she had crawled there from the open window. She was bleeding heavily, Rick spotted an obvious stab wound in her arm, but there had to be others from the amount of blood she was losing. And even amidst her injuries, she had managed to hold on to her katana. It was gripped in her right hand.

“Oh my God. Michonne! Michonne!” Rick screamed, dropping to his knees in front of her. “Baby, can you hear me? Wake up!”. When she didn’t respond, Rick gently placed both hands on her face, cradling it.

“Come on sweetheart, open your eyes for me. Please baby.”

When she didn’t respond, Rick inched closer, wrapping his arms around her and holding her against his chest, her head cradled against his neck.

“Please, please, please” Rick begged, crying hysterically. He leaned over until his lips were close to her ear. “This isn’t it for us” he whispered, “we’re the ones who live.”

He slid his arms under Michonne and lifted her gently from the floor, her head slumped against his chest. He was sure to hold on to her katana as well, as he carried her down the steps.

When he got to the bottom of the steps, he felt her head moving slowly against his chest as she regained consciousness.

“Michonne?” he whispered, relieved to see any movement from her.

“We’re… the ones… who live” she repeated.


Auld Lang Syne


One night of uninterrupted slumber had somehow managed to cleanse my mind of the horror that greeted both of us when Harry’s dreams took control.
The night we’d been drinking, of course our sleep had been peaceful, and lovely, but one more day had passed, a day without even a drop of alcohol passing his lips, and his nightmare had returned with vengeance.

“YOU WAKE THE FUCK UP!” I screamed, tears streaming down my face as pounded my weak fist against his chest, straddling his hips. “HARRY PLEASE WAKE UP! PLEASE!”

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He saves you ♡ Ethan

Request: ‘‘Could you write an imagine about overprotective/jealous Ethan? Thank you! xx‘’

Response: Thank you for the request, I love these kind of imagines! It got a bit longer than I expected, but I really like how it turned out :) Let me know what you think x

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

‘Hey Y/N! How are you? Do you want to come to my party this Friday night?’ Brenda, a girl you had history class with, someone you never ever talked to, came up to you. ’Eh, I actually have to study Friday night. Got a very important test on Monday, so…’ You say without much conviction, trying to look innocent. The last thing you wanted to do was to go to a party from someone you barely even knew. You hated parties because you didn’t drink/smoke and were a little awkward around people you didn’t know. ‘Oh come on!’ Brenda laughed, a little too hard. ‘You can study in the weekend, right? Plenty of time to study for a test.’ You shrug nervously. ‘I guess…’ Brenda puts her hand on your arm. ‘Well, I see you on Friday night then! Can’t wait!’ She gives you a big smile before she walks away. When Brenda is out of your view, you can’t help but sigh deeply. Why did you always had to be so kind to everyone, and not say what you actually thought?

You put your school books in your locker and then turn around to see Ethan, your boyfriend, walking towards you. Butterflies flit through your stomach and you feel your knees getting a bit weak. He looked so handsome, especially today, wearing a white shirt and some blue jeans (LANA DEL REY, okay sorry), which perfectly showed off his toned body. He gives you a quick kiss on the lips. ‘What’s bothering you, babe?’ You grin a little. ‘How do you know that something is bothering me?’ He rolls his eyes. ‘I know you, Y/N. When something’s on your mind, I can tell it in two seconds.’ He gently strokes your arm. ‘So, what is it?’ You sigh. ‘Well, I agreed to go to a party of Brenda, and I kind of really regret it. I don’t like parties at all.’ ‘Aw princess, don’t worry about it. I’ll come with you, if you want,’ Ethan says. Your face immediately lights up. ‘Really? Of course I would want that!’ Ethan smiles and puts his arm around you. ‘Well, problem solved, right? And please Y/N, don’t look so sad! I hate seeing you sad, you know that.’ You giggle and entwine your fingers with his. ‘You’re the sweetest, E. Let’s get to class, now.’ And together you walk to your next class.

‘Beep!’ You were just getting ready when you got a message from Ethan. You take your phone and look what he had sent you. ’‘I’ll be there in half an hour. See you in a bit 😘.’’ You can’t help but smile at your phone, feeling so happy that you didn’t have to go alone to the party. After getting ready you waited for Ethan. Suddenly the doorbell rang. You grab your handbag and leave your bedroom, walking downstairs. With a nervous feeling you open the door, seeing Ethan standing with his hands in his pockets. His mouth drops open when he sees you, and you feel your cheeks turning red. ‘What?’ ‘Nothing, Y/N…’ He pauses before he continues. ‘God, you look amazing.’ ‘Oh my god,’ you laugh and look away. ‘Don’t be so ridiculous.’ Ethan grabs your hand and pulls you close. ‘I’m not being ridiculous, at all. Any guy would be lucky as hell to go to a party with you,’ he whispers in your ear. You look him in the eyes and smile. ‘Thank you.’ He kisses you and you kiss him back, becoming a little lightheaded. ‘Okay, we’ll have to go now,’ you say before you lose your balance. Ethan smirks and together you walk to his car.

‘Babe, I’m going to get us some drinks. You stay here? I’ll be right back,’ Ethan says and before you know it, he let’s go of your hand and you’re standing there, all alone. While you wait for Ethan, you look around. The place was so crowded, and everywhere you saw people drinking, smoking, kissing or doing something else that you saw at a typical teenage party. In the corner you notice a guy, staring at you in a creepy way. You try to look away, but he already had seen you looking at him and he starts walking towards you. Oh god, no, you think. In panic you start walking away, ending up in the hallway, where nobody was. You turn around to go and find Ethan, but the creepy guy had blocked your way. ‘Hi beautiful,’ he says. His breath smelled like alcohol. Walking backwards, you feel your back hitting the wall. You knew you couldn’t get away. ‘Eh, hello…’ you say, trying to get past him, but he puts his hands on the wall, refusing to let you go. ‘You look like you want to kiss me… or do something else… dirty,’ the guy said. He was obviously drunk. You feel like you’re about to cry and you try to call for Ethan, but no sound is coming out of your mouth. The guy puts his fingers on your cheek and you try to slap his hand away, but he is faster and grabs your hand really tight. It hurts. He slowly traces his fingers down your cheek, over your neck, in the direction of your chest. ‘Please, stop,’ you cry out. Suddenly the guy gets pushed aside by a pair of very strong arms. It was Ethan. He hits the guy in the face, who is looking very scared. He totters towards the exit of the hallway. You had never seen Ethan as angry as he was now. His face was red and you could see the veins on his arms. ‘Get the fuck away from her! How dare you touching her, you jerk!’ You see the guy hesitating with his hand on his red cheek, processing what just happened to him. ‘Go!’ Ethan yelled, taking a step towards the guy, his fists clenched. The guy quickly walked away.

Ethan turns around with a worried look on his face. ‘Oh my god, oh my god, Y/N. Are you okay? What did he do? I’m so so sorry.’ His hands were shaking. You grab his hands and pull him closer to you. ‘Don’t worry, E. I’m fine. You were just in time.’ You try to crack a smile. He wipes away the tear that had fallen on your cheek. ‘God, I’m so sorry. I will never let anyone touch you ever again. Ever. I’m so stupid for letting you wait all alone.’ Your heart breaks by hearing how worried he was. You stroke his cheek. ‘It’s okay. Really. We’ll just never have to go to a party ever again,’ you smile. Ethan can’t help but grin a little. ‘I don’t think that’s bad thing at all.’ He kisses you on the cheek and puts his arm around your waist. ‘Let’s get out of here. You in for ice cream?’ You smile and lean with your head against his arm. ‘Sounds good’.

Please Don’t Run Away... (John Laurens x Reader)

    So Imma be posting more frequently since valentines day is around the corner so expect more fanfictions to pop up. Also a lot of them are going to be fluffy because again, valentines day, I want you guys to have some noice af material. I’m also going to be making a masterlist soon so you can look through all the fanfics easily! Anyway enough with the stuupid announcements lets get this shit started.

   Era/Time: Modern

   Angst/Fluff/Smut: A littel bit of angst with some fluff sprinkled in.

   Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

    Warnings: Self doubt? Anxiety but nothing too bad I promise.


    John knew something was wrong… You hadn’t been yourself in a while. You were usually a generally happy person. Of course, just like everyone else, you have pitfalls but… This one was different. You just didn’t seem to bounce back like you usually do.

   You’ve been like this for three months. John still doesn’t know whats bothering you. You used to tell him everything. Now you avoid talk to him, no, you just try to avoid him generally as much as you can. It’s been starting to get to him too, he has know been wondering if you hate him.

   One night you saw him sitting by himself in the living room. He didn’t notice you. He was mumbling to himself and he had visible tear stains on his cheeks. You got closer to him… Not close enough for him to notice you, but close enough for you to hear what he was mumbling.

   “Why won’t they talk to me…?” John whimpered to himself. “Did I do something for them to hate me?” Your heart broke hearing him say these things. “(y/n) why won’t you talk to me…?” He whispered, barely audible to you. Tears stung you eyes.

   You backed away as he continued to mumble to himself. You caused this. Due to the fact that you were to insecure to bother him about your feelings, caused you to drag him down with you.

   After about an hour of thinking you finally made up your mind. You were going to run away. Out of his life, out of everyone’s life. You wrote him a note then started to pack a bag, consisting of only the bare minimum. You walked into the living room, seeing that John had cried himself to sleep.

   The sight of him, laying on the couch with tear stains on his cheeks, by which you caused, made your heart break even more.You set the note down next to him on the table, as well as your keys to the apartment you two used to share.

   Tears streamed down your face as you placed a very soft kiss onto his forehead before fishing your phone out of your pocket and turning it off. You then headed out the front door, closing it as softly as your could, careful not to wake John. You got in your car and drove away after sitting in the driveway for a minute or two.

    —-The next morning in John’s POV—-

    I woke up to a note from (y/n). Maybe they went out to grab some stuff from a store or something. Boy was I wrong.

   The note read- “Dear John, I have left for good. I’ve cuased you too much pain and for that I can never forgive myself. The best thing I can do for you and our friends is to leave. Go away… Far away. Never to bother you or our friends again. No I’m not going to kill myself if that is what you are thinking. Just think of it as though I had to move away. I love you, and I will always love you… Never forget that. XOXOXO honey. Sincerely your beloved, (y/f/n) (y/l/n).”

   My heart dropped to my stomach as I finished reading the letter. I immediately tried to call them, but it went straight to voicemail. Their phone must be off. “Shit, shit, shit, shit!!” I yell running a hand through my hair. I ended up calling the hamilsquad, hoping that they could help me find (y/n)

   “What do you mean they ran away?!” Alex asked, obviously surprised and concerned by the news. Laf and Herc also looked surprised and sad. “Guys I’m scared… What if they hurt themselves?” I whimper out. “I guess we’ll just have to find them before that happens now won’t me mon amie?” I hear Laf whisper as he puts a hand on my shoulder. I looked up at Alex and Herc and they both nodded, giving me a small smile.

   We ended up contacting a lot more people. We contacted the Schylur sisters, George Washington, my adoptive father ho had taken a particular liking to (y/n), and even Jefferson and Madison were concerned. Burr also tagged along… We needed as much help as we can get.

     —-Time skip forward a couple days of you and them driving. Back in second POV—-

   You stopped at a motel in Ohio, needing another break from driving. You sat in your room, on your bed, ordered some pizza and decided to turn on your phone to delete all your contacts and reminisce on the pictures in your phone. Right after your phone fully booted up, thousands of texts flooded your phone. They were all from the people looking for you. You slightly regretted running away but at this point in time it was probably the best for everyone.

   They would find someone to take your spot, and then everyone would be happy again. Well everyone besides you.

    You made a mistake by turning your phone on. For the amount of time your phone was one, everyone was able to get your location using the GPS on your phone. Turns out that they were only a few hours from you.

     —-Time skip—-

    You sat in your room, when you suddenly heard a knock on your door. Not thinking much of it, imaging it was only like maintenance or something you opened the door without looking out the peep hole. You immediately came face to face with a large group of concerned friends who you though you ran away from.

    “(y-y/n)….” You heard John whisper as tears welled up in your eyes. You went to close the door when Jefferson stopped you from doing so.

   “I-I… G-guys… “ Was all you managed to choke out before Peggy, Angelica, and Eliza all tackle hugged you. “Please don’t ever think you are a bother to us (y/n)…” Peggy whispered to you hugging you tighter.

   You tried to say something but all you managed out was a strangled sob. You ended up just crying into the Schylur sisters shoulders hugging them as tightly as you could, without squeezing them too hard. Soon after, everyone joined in as John placed kisses all over your face neck and chest.

   “Please don’t run away, oh please don’t run away…”

snowfjord  asked:

Kristanna # 18

#18.  Trying to Get Pregnant

Rating: T and TW: talk of pregnancy

“Could you please stop laughing?”


Anna bit down on her lower lip, desperate to hold in the giggle that was building in her stomach. But it was too late.  The second Kristoff’s hand grazed the side of her breast she laughed so hard, she snorted.

Kristoff lifted his head up, pulling a face at Anna.

“I’m sorry!”  She said again, wiping the tears from her eyes as a fit was about to overtake her again.  This always happened to her; bursts of laughter coming at the most inappropriate times.  Kristoff usually found it endearing, laughing right along with her.  But right now…  Right now was probably the worst time this could be happening and she desperately wished she could stop.

Anna took several deep breaths.  “I’m okay. I promise.”

Kristoff just looked at her, unconvinced.  “Are you sure?”

Anna nodded at him, running her hand over his chest.  “Please, keep going.”

When Kristoff dipped his head to kiss her neck, the nervousness bubbled right back up and she couldn’t stop the giggle escaping her lips.

“That’s it,” Kristoff said, rolling over until he was lying on his back next to Anna.

“Did I mention I was sorry?” She said again apologetically.

Kristoff gave Anna a side glance before he returned to staring at the ceiling and letting out a sigh just a little louder than necessary.  

“Alright, let me just get my mind off of this.  Maybe if I count down from 10 or-”

“Or you could just stop laughing at me.”

“I’m not laughing at you. Shush,” Anna said swatting at Kristoff’s shoulder. “This is just a lot weirder than I thought it would be.”

“It is a little bit odd, isn’t it?” Kristoff chuckled.

“I mean,” Anna said, rolling onto her side and holding her head up with her arm to get a good look at Kristoff.  “The entire time we’ve been together we’ve taken measures so I wouldn’t get pregnant as if it would have been the worst thing to happen.  And now, few decisions later and- bam!- everything’s different.  It feels a little like we’re doing something we shouldn’t be.”

Anna dropped her head to her pillow, placing her arm around Kristoff’s chest.  He was quiet and Anna felt the need to fill the silence.  “I don’t know.  Maybe we aren’t ready.  Maybe we should wait-“

“It wouldn’t have been the worst thing to happen.”

Anna tilted her head back, giving Kristoff a quizzical look.    

“Definitely not easy,” he continued.  “And we would have struggled at some points.  But if you had gotten pregnant before, it wouldn’t have been a bad thing… It would have been wonderful.”

Anna hugged Kristoff and felt him slide his arm under her to pull her closer.  “I’m scared,” she whispered.

“So am I.”  Then he added, “And nervous.”

“About what?”

“Because now it counts. The pressures on to… you know… to perform,” he answered, not able to hide his blush.

Anna laughed.  Only this time, it was genuine, not a reaction to her nervousness.  “I don’t think you have to worry about that.”

“But I do.  If I can’t give you… give us…” he trailed off.

“Then we will still have each other.  And there are other options too.”

Kristoff pulled Anna on top of him and kissed her.  “How did I get so lucky to find you?”

“You’re very easy on the eyes.  It helped your case.”

Kristoff cupped a hand on Anna’s cheek with one hand.  He gazed up at her, his eyes full of love.

“What?” She asked, shyly tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

“I want this Anna.  I want to have a baby with you.  If you really think you’re ready.  I still want to try.  But I’ll wait.  I’ll wait as long as you need.”

She met Kristoff’s eyes, trying to keep hers from welling over.  “I love you,” she said.  Before he could respond, Anna lips were on his.    

When they finally broke apart from the kiss, Anna was flushed, breathing hard.  She gave Kristoff a sly smile. 

“No better time than the present,” she said as her hand snaked down to slip under Kristoff’s boxers.

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15 and patater please

Ohhhh, Patater! My boys! Yasss! Thanks for sending this one in, it’s totally my jam *_____*

#15 (A Hope We Don’t Get Caught Kiss) + Patater (NSFW! This got way out of hand and way more dirty than I ever planned.)

Kent can’t believe he’s here. He can’t believe he’s in this situation, again. 

He’d always thought he’s way too old to make out in a broom closet after a game, high on adrenalin but well, here he is, humping Tater’s thigh like his life depends on it, chasing his high. 

“Fuck, Alexei, you have to be quiet. If they find us we’ll never live it down,” he whispers in his ear as Tater lets out a loud moan that echos against the walls of the closet.

“Can’t. Is too hot. You too sexy, can’t keep voice in,” Tater mumbles against his skin before he bites down hard and Kent hisses.

He rakes his fingers through Tater’s hair, forces the taller man’s lips away from the skin of his neck and right against his own lips. The kiss is sloppy and wet and normally Kent doesn’t like those kind of kisses but today is different. This is different. 

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KBTBB: Drunken Times

Enjoy @anime-trash-goddess​ thanks for being an amazing follower!

It was just like any other night in the penthouse lounge getting ready for another auction, or so Soryu thought. It started out with just the guys, but you have just gotten off work and just wanted to spend time with your boyfriend. Well, Soryu told you just to come back to the lounge to hang out until they were done discussing things but things were taking longer than expected. Ota and Baba just wanted to drink and soon Mamoru joined in, as Eisuke and Soryu were finishing up everyone’s slack they also joined in drinking after finishing everything and that’s when you walked in. You see all the empty beer bottles and shot glasses on the table as the men playing cards. Noticing you walking in shocked Baba looks up and grins widely “ Hello Pretty Lady!” you walk over as the smell of alcohol gets stronger and Soryu looks up at you smiling “Rina come over here”, “What are you guys doing?” you asked confused walking over to Soryu and Ota speaks up “You are just in time! We are playing cards!” you look around nodding and feel someone grab your hand pulling you, as you look down you were surprised to see it was Soryu leading you to him, soon as you got closer he sat you in his lap and you could just smell the liquor off of him. “Come on lets finish this game” Eisuke states and you look at Soryus cards with him as you were on his lap trying to get off your mind how embarrassing it was to be on his lap in the first place. But as you were focused on his cards you didn’t realize the hand creeping up on your leg, as you felt his hand trail up and down your bare skin you cant help but shiver. Underneath the table thanking that the rest of the bidders cant see what he was doing, you tried pushing his hand away. He pushes your hand away first traveling up on your skin pulling your skirt up a bit grabbing your thigh, making sure the other bidders weren’t looking he kisses the back of your neck and you shiver. As you tried moving off his lap he chuckles quietly making sure you sit still. You were trying to hard not to blush and knew he was doing this because he was drunk.
A little while later Soryu finally got out, and you thought it was on purpose because of what he has been doing to you secretly, “Ah well I guess its time for bed” you quickly shot off his lap thanking it was over and so he could go home and rest. As you part ways with the other bidders, as soon as you both head to your shared room. You take off your jacket and he closes the door, but soon as the door is closed he turns around pushing you up against the wall covering your lips with his. “Soryu!” you tried pulling back but he pushes into you deeper “Rina I need you” he says breathlessly, like a impatient child as he runs his hands down, tugging at the hem of your skirt. “Your drunk” you say quietly resting a hand on his chest. “Please let me have you, I missed you” he kisses your neck and you were so surprised with his actions and the way he was acting, but as his kisses began to travel lower you couldn’t help but become putty in his hands. He smirks picking you up in a bridal style carrying you into the bedroom. You knew you shouldn’t do this because he was drunk, but god he was hot and the way he was kissing all over you turned you on so much.
As he lays you down gently on the bed he peers into your face, putting a hand on your cheek “It wouldn’t matter if I had this much to drink or not, I will always want you like this I love you” he bends down kissing your neck lightly causing you to shiver and you were only able to speak one last time “I love you much” and the rest of the night, you spent in your lovers arms who kept you warm and safe giving the love you deserved. In the morning he might not remember his words and even though they were a little embarrassing, they made you amazingly happy.

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You’ve said you’re going to leave, but I don’t want you to go and if I don’t say something now… - OQ

“Because I love you!” she all but screamed, uncaring of the diner full of people behind her as she pushed through the door, desperate sobs escaping her as she watched him storm down the pathway and away from her, his car packed and ready.

“Give me one good reason to stay.” He’d asked of her, right there in front of everyone they knew, in front of all the people they’d been hiding their relationship - it was a relationship, despite all of her stubbornness, it was a relationship - from because of Regina’s idiotic hesitance when it came to love. She’d lost everyone she loved - her mother, her father, her first love - and it wasn’t with her own hand that they’d been taken from her but by fate’s.

She’d said nothing, merely stared at him with wide eyes and parted lips, not a sound escaping her as blood had thundered in her ears, muffling her awareness of anything but him.

“I won’t live my life in the shadows with you, Regina.”

He’d threatened to leave only that morning and she’d told him coldly to go - he couldn’t be hurt if he was no longer near her - but she was weak and the moment he’d stepped past her, she’d caught sight of his truck outside and all that filled it. His things.

Her chest was heaving, eyes blurred with her tears as she fell helplessly to the ground with bare knees scraping against the gravel of the path. She didn’t feel it though for nothing could compare to the pain of her breaking heart. He was leaving. Leaving and never coming back it seemed and once again she’d be left all alone.

Her sobs were silent as her eyes pressed closed and her hand lifted to cover her mouth, her free arm wrapped around her stomach as she rocked back and forth, body trembling even under the bright sun beaming down on her.

“Did you mean that?”

Her head shot up, breath catching and sticking in her threat when she found him stood just before her with eyes steady on her own, his breathing just as ragged. “I-”

“Did you mean it, Regina?” He asked again, shaking his head as he walked closer to her, “because if this is some kind of trick, some fake declaration that you’ll deny making later then-”

“It’s not a trick,” she replied, tone edging on pleading, “it’s nothing but the truth and I will climb up onto that damn rooftop and scream it for the entire town to hear if you’ll just say that you won’t go. You can’t leave me, I won’t let you,” she cried, shaking her head as she lifted up onto her knees, sobs audible even as she spoke through them, “I’ve been stupid and I’ve been scared and I’ve let my past hold me back. I was going to let you walk out of this town and not give you a second thought but I can’t Robin,” she spluttered, “I can’t because I love you more than anything I have ever loved in this world and the thought of not seeing you every day, of not fighting with you or kissing you or making love to you-” she ignored those behind her, most definitely pressed up against the window and watching the spectacle outside, “I can’t bear it, Robin, I just can’t-”

She was cut off by the desperate press of lips against her own, by hands grasping at her cheeks with fingers buried in her hair and knees pressed against her own on the ground.

Her hands took great fistfuls of his shirt as she pulled herself closer, their heaving chests brushing with every sharp breath they took as they kissed and kissed and kissed.

“Say it again,” he whispered against her lips before capturing them once more, “please say it again.”

Her hands moved up from his chest to his neck, fingers scratching at his scalp as she replied, “I love you,” tilting her head for better access to his lips, “I love you so, so much.”

And when he kissed her again, she could practically taste his decision. He was staying here with her.

From the “Right to the good bits” prompt list

Study Break

Request: “I am revising for exams at the moment so was wondering if you could write one where the reader is doing so much work that the boys are getting worried. Like she won’t eat and stays up all night. Then one night sam finds her asleep at her desk so takes her to his room and then it’s all fluffy. But same really likes the reader so her sleeping with him makes him start to think about what he wants to do to her and in the morning the reader pays him back for looking after her. (With Smut)”

A/N: So this is my first Sam smut! Hope I did the request justice. Feel free to like/reblog/send me some love for it, because it’d be extremely appreciated! Ok, on with the story:

Word Count: 1719

Warning: smutsmutsmut, Sam being adorably helpful

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Finals week, or as most college students refer to it as, the week from Hell. If you hadn’t personally helped prevent the Apocalypse and didn’t fight monsters on an almost daily basis, finals week would probably be the worst thing you’ve ever experienced. And the cruelest part? It rolls around twice a year. Lucky you.

Your first final was in three days, and you can barely remember what it’s like to feel normal. Sleep deprivation made it almost impossible to keep your eyes open most of the time without caffeine. The most sleep you were getting was random naps around the bunker and maybe a few hours each night, if you were lucky. Eating was just as difficult. You could hardly find the time to sit down and eat, let alone find your appetite. The physical toll studying took on you was obvious; you had lost a few pounds and had almost blue bags under your eyes.

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Another scenario that I got a while ago, but it wasn’t accepted XD. I told you guys I really do save your old request and keep them around until inspiration strikes <3

Rated: Mature

You took a deep breath and stretched your arms toward your toes. You just wrapped up a very long and tiring night of taekwondo practice. You were getting your students prepared for an upcoming competition, as well as preparing for your own showcase.

It wasn’t too often that the teachers got to do their own showcase so you were excited, as well as nervous.

“I’m heading out, do you need a ride?” One of your students grabbed her bag and closed up the blinds in the front window.

“No, I’m ok. I’ll practice some more and San can pick me up afterwards.”

“Alright, give him my best” she smiled giving you a wave before heading out.

You took the free time to finish your stretches and run through your forms one more time; Making sure each move was precise, clean, and perfect.

While going through your forms you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist causing you to scream. Your first reaction was to grab the culprit by their forearm and flip them over your shoulder.

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[Mark] Teacher's Pet (Chapter Thirty One)

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It’s ten in the morning. I just couldn’t wait to see Mark, finally be left alone with him. You would think I only love him for the sex, but what the sex he gives me does to me goes beyond physical pleasure. I need my recharge. I knock on the door of his apartment. He awake, he said he’s waiting foe me. After a beat he opens the door.

“Hi.” Mark grins like a fool. He’s wearing sweats, his feet are bare like his toned chest and he has lather on his face. Oh, shaving Mark!

“Am I bothering?” I giggle, making my way in.

“Oh, Abby, never.” He says eagerly as I drop my bag to the floor while he closes the door. I wrap my arms around his neck and he enfolds me in his strong arms. His arms…my heaven.

“Why do you have to shave now?” I pout. I want to kiss him hello. I kiss his nose instead.

“I haven’t been with my girl in five days, I want to look good for her. You didn’t say you’d show up that soon.” He grins, and I pout. I kiss his nose again.

“Hurry up, I can’t kiss you with this.” I whine sulkily.

“I have an idea. Come.” He says, and I can sense a point of excitement in his voice. I follow him across the living room and watch as he grabs a chair from the dining table. He leads me to the bathroom in his bedroom and drops the chair in the middle of the room. He grabs his razor and a towel and turns to me.

“Here.” He says, handing me his razor. I eye it, surprised. What?

“You want me to do it for you?” I ask, taking the objects from his hand. The towel is damp and warm.

“Yes.” He takes my other hand and pulls me closer while he sits on the chair. Woah.

“You’re not scared I’ll scalp you?” I raise an eyebrow at him.

“You want to scalp me?”

“If you don’t behave.” I tease, and he laughs. It’s a lovely sound.

“Oh, Abby, I’m almost squirming.” He says, pulling be down onto his lap. I’m all smile as I start my work.

“You tricked your mom very well.” He says as I shave his left cheek. I smile, all proud of myself.

“She knows she can’t hold me against my will anyway.” I reply. He starts enjoying a private joke.

“What?” I ask him. He grins, making it hard for me to slide the razor. I lock eyes with him.

“She doesn’t like me very much.” He says. I laugh at him. No, she doesn’t.

“It’s a first for you, right?” I tease, and he smiles. He must be used to see all the ladies swoon. I can understand, they all do. I did.

“Quite, yeah.” He says. I pull my upper lip down, and he mirrors me, letting me shave his philtrum. Gently…

“She knows you love me. She said you were… distressed. While I was unconscious.” I explain. I feel his grip around me tighten.

“I was. I died a million times that day.” He says.

“She knows we’re serious, but she’s on her guard. She’s scared I’ll get hurt. I understand her.”

“You could break my heart so easily.” My voice disappears in a whispers.

“Ditto.” He says.

“That’s very hard to believe.”

“I know. I wish it would sink into your thick skull that I love you more tan you can every imagine.” He mutters.

“Thick skull?” I bristle.

“I have a blade in my hand.” I warn. Mark giggles and makes himself more comfortable in his seat.

“Your old man is deaf, Abby.” He says, his voice filled with amusement. My old mad. I laugh at his words. He can be so funny. I shake my head in dear adoration, wiping his silly mouth with the towel.

“My old man.” I say, my voice filled with affection. Now that the skin around his mouth is clear, I lean and kiss him. Mark’s lips respond, and he kisses me back.

“Your man.” He murmurs against my lips. Yes…

“My man.” I repeat. My man, my world, my universe.

“Yours.” He whispers, his teeth tugging at my lower lip. His words travel deep, deep down in me.

“Mine.” I breathe. My body roars against his. He kisses my jawline, nips at my earlobe, trails his tongue down my neck, and I throw my head back, relishing the sensation. Suddenly he pulls away.

“You have a work to finish.” He says before kissing my scars through my choker. I look down at him, his eyes are burning. I exhale deeply, composing myself. He wants me, but he’s toying with me, like always. I resume my task without a word.

“That’s more like it.” I say, wiping his now clean chin. Mark turns his head, and checks himself in the mirror.

“You’re good at this.” He says appreciatively. Yes, yes, enough with the chit chat. I drop the razor and the towel next to the sink and grab his head to make him look at me.

“I’ve missed you.” I breathe, leaning closer to his lips. He smiles to me, wrapping his arms around me.

“I’ve missed you too.” He says. And with that I kiss him, my body waking up in a loud roar. I kiss him everywhere. His mouth, his cheeks, his jaw, his neck. I want to feel each ounce of his skin against my lips. I feel him tense against me.

“Baby, no, stop.” He breathes, grabbing my hips. What? No. No, No, No! I double my efforts, nibbling at his lower lip. A wave heat washes over me and my blood starts to boil.

“I want you.” I growl. Mark groans, taking my head in his hand. He forces us apart.

“Don’t do this to me. I’m desperate to make love to you, but you’re in pain.” He murmurs, brushing his nose against mine. His thumbs stroke my cheeks, and one skims over my bottom lip. For a moment I’m lost in his touch, closing my eyes and nuzzling his hand. Then his finger is gone, and my eyes flutter open. I see in his apologetic eyes that he hasn’t changed his mind, but my hunger is multiplied by ten.

“Touch me.” I beg, my voice hoarse. I take his hand and place it on my chest, above my heart, above my swollen heart that beats only for him, that’s carving for his love just like the rest of my body.

“I’ll tell you if it hurts. Please, love me, now.” I plead, sincerely. After a beat, Mark grabs my face and crashes his lips on mine. Yes!

I welcome his skilled tongue in my mouth and he explores, possessing me, his hands fisted in my hair, holding me close.

“I want you naked. I want to feel all of you.” He pants against my mouth. And I want to feel all of him, his skin against mine, his warmth, I want it all at once. I throw my shirt over my head and he unclasps my bra before letting it fall on the floor. I get up from his lap and take the rest of my clothes off, my jeans, my panties and my socks joining the rest of my clothes on the floor. As I stand, naked before him, Mark watches me intently, and I realize he’s eyeing the bandage above my hip that hides my wound. He balls his fists on his thighs. No, no, no!

I sit back onto his lap and tilt his chin up with my hand so he looks up at me. Dipping my head, I kiss him passionately, trying to chase his worry away with each stroke of my tongue. He replies to my kiss, his hands caressing my back, and I tangle my fingers in his hair, pulling gently. He groans and takes my hands before pinning them behind my back against my backside. He holds me close and his lips travel down my neck, his tongue running over my scars, loving them, worshipping them. His teeth sink into my skin as he bites me softly.

“Ah!” I moan, the feeling traveling strait to my core. I throw my head back as he kisses the dip base of my neck, my collar bones. He pulls on my hand, tearing my chest off his, and his lips are on my breasts, trailing butterfly kisses. He traces the outline of my nipple with his tongue, never touching it, teasing me, making me writhe with anticipation. He kisses my nipple, then his tongue flicks against it, and it elongates under his magic. As he sucks on my nipples, it all radiates in my center, making me whimper. Stimulated, my whole body tingling, I grind myself onto his growing erection. I can feel him through his sweatpants, and he’s rubbing against me, in all the right places. I can feel it, my arousal, his, the tension is intoxicating.

“I can feel you, baby.” Mark murmurs against my skin. He trails his tongue between my breasts, up my chest, my neck, and he stops under my chin.

“Please.” I beg, circling my hips and relishing the delicious friction. Mark lets my hands go and I immediately reach for his face and kiss him. He groans into my mouth, his hands fondling my behind, giving my butt cheeks a strong squeeze. He guides my movements as I push against his groin.

“So wet. I can feel it.” He growls appreciatively against my lips, savouring the feeling of my arousal against his.

“Mark, please.” I beg. I want more. More, more, I want it all, I want everything, I want him. I need him. Marks hands travel up my back, then up my stomach, he caresses my breasts, my chest.

“Ah…” I sigh in dear pleasure of feeling his hands all over me again. Yes, touch me… He grabs the back of my head and kisses me vigorously.

“Take me.” I plead in his mouth.

“Free me, baby.” He whispers against my lips. Yes! I refrain myself from screaming in delight and reach in between our bodies. I palm his bulge through his sweats, he’s hard and throbbing. I caress him gently, up and down, and Mark traps my lips with his, a low throaty moan escaping his mouth. I can’t wait anymore. I slide my hand in his boxers and free him. Mark places his hands on my backside and lifts me up, lining me up with his erection, and in a swift movement, I sink onto him.

“Ah…” I moan, releasing his mouth. He closes his eyes and groans as I savor the sensation of fullness. Oh, Mark. I try to start to move, but Mark pins me down.

“No, baby. Feel me.” He says, stilling inside of me. There he is, my man. This is the closest we can be. After so many emotions shared during the past days, were physically and emotionally the same page. It all comes down to this, this is the apex of our love.

“There.” He flexes his hips once, and the motion radiates everywhere. My jaw drops open in a silent moan as the pleasure radiates like a shockwaves. It reaches my toes, and I shift on him.

“Please.” I mewl, bucking my hips. Mark groans as I do.

“Oh, Abby.” He groans, his hands traveling up to my breasts. The air hisses between my teeth. I start to circle my hips onto his.

“Slow, baby. Feel me. All of me.” Mark’s hands come down to slow me down. He lifts me up agonizingly slowly, make me feel every single inch of him rubbing against my walls. I let out a begging mewl. He lets me down at the same speed, slowly filling me back up. The feeling is exquisite. He kisses me, slowly, as I slowly bounce up and down on him. My body savors the sweet torture, but soon starts to carve for more. I whimper against Mark’s lips.

“Yesss.” Mark breathes, his hands on my backside urging me. I pick up pace, relishing my tortuous rhythm. Oh, my man, my love, he makes me feel so good. His hands run up my stomach, and he cups my breasts. He fondles them, squeezes them, loves them, worships them, and the feeling mixes with the fire inside of me. His thumbs skim over my nipples, and he pinches them.

“Ah!” I cry out. I can feel him. He’s everywhere, on my skin, under my skin, in my heart, in my soul. Feeling his lips on me, his scattered breathe, his sweat, his love, I am complete now, and this familiar crescendo starts inside of me. I connect our foreheads, my hair falling around us like an auburn cocoon as I grab his biceps for support.

“Yes, baby.” My moans, his lips brushing against mine. I double my efforts, racing to my release. I grind on him harder, increasing the friction inside of me, creating sparkles between us.

“Oh, yes!” I moan in pleasure. My nails dig in his skin as all my muscles tense and threaten to spasm.

“Oh, Abby, my goddess; give it to me, baby. Come for me.” Mark murmurs against my parted lips, hand his words are my undoing. Mark sets my soul on fire and I detonate in a firework. My speed erratic, my breath scattered, my inner crescendo reaches the top, and I throw my head back in ecstasy, his name rolling off my tongue over and over as I hold him close to me. At this very moment I know he’ll never turn away from me, and I know we’re meant to be. My orgasm washes over me like a wave, consuming me.

“Oh, baby!” My cries out, wrapping his arms around me as he thrusts sharply inside of me over and over again, finding his release. My crescendo fades away and is replaced my the sound of our scattered breaths and the silence of the room as I rest my head on his shoulder, exhausted.

“That was…” I whisper. Words fail me. That was… more. That was everything.

“Yeah.” Mark agrees. That was really intense, maybe because I’ve missed him like crazy. That was beyond love and intimacy. It was like our souls were connected. It made me feel so loved the whole way through. I could loose that if I mess up; he showed me that with Henry. Suddenly, I’m submerged by emotion. I don’t want to lose him. After all the emotions of the past days, I feel as vulnerable as ever; and this horrifying thought is just too much. Mark is alerted when I start to sniffle.

“Abby, baby, why are you crying?” He asks, making me look at him in the eyes, his are filled with concern.

“I’m sorry.” I sob, dashing my tears away. They come back ten times stronger.

“What?” Mark asks.

“I know you worry about me, but I keep… I don’t want you to hate me.” I sob, the idea of him hating me making me even more anxious.

“Baby, I’d never hate you. What makes you think that?” Mark frowns, his voice soft. I really have to stop crying like a kid. I hiccup and sniffle, unable to get a grip of myself. I’m completely unable to articulate an understandable answer.

“Is it because of what I said about Henry?” He asks me. I nod, covering my eyes with my arm. I’m so ridiculous like this, but I can’t stop crying.

“But I came to his funerals. I understood what you meant, and I forgave him.” He says. He forgave him? I lower my arm to look at him.

“And I’ll always forgive you, okay?” He says. Oh, Mark! I nod. He kisses my forehead, my lips, my cheek, my eye, and my runny nose.

“You worry too much.” He says.

“Ditto.” I reply, and he smiles. Stretching across me, he grabs the tissue box next to the sink and take one out. He places it on my nose, and suddenly I feel like a kid. I blow my nose, and he wipes my snot. He looks happy with himself. He throws the tissue in the bin.

“Can I pull my pants up or you want to attack me again?” He asks playfully. I laugh at his words. I let him pull his pants up before sitting back on his lap and he wraps his arms around me. We stay like this fire a long moment, and I’m tired, my eyelids getting heavier with each passing minute.

“Better?” Mark kisses my hair and runs his fingertips up and down my spine. I was just about to fall asleep.


“Let’s be clear, that was only because you’ve just got off your period. You need to figure out some kind of contraception. One you can stick to, by preference.” He sighs. Is he really talking about periods and contraception right now? That man… I wouldn’t have him any other way.


“Do I bore you, Miss Kraige?” He asks me.

“Hmmm.” He smells so good.

“You want to take a nap?”


“That’s the best you can do?” I can sense his smirk.

“Hmmm.” I reply. He chuckles, his chest vibrating against mine.

“Come. Let’s get you in bed.” He says. I reluctantly get up. Mark takes my hand and I stagger in his bedroom, my eyes half open. He leaves me standing in the middle of the room while he ruffles in his drawers. My eyes close themselves.

“Abby.” Mark says softly. I feel him wrap an arm around me and he pulls me to him, dropping a kiss on my forehead. I open my eyes as he pulls away. He has a T shirt in his hand.

“Hands up.” I obey and he slides his shirt down my body. My vision is temporally blocked as my head gets in the hole of the shirt, hut I’m so tired that I use this brief moment of darkness to close my eyes.

“Ready for bed.” He says before kissing me. I open my eyes but they close themselves on their own. Dozing off, I fall forward. Mark catches me in time, wrapping an arm around me and pressing my head against his chest. I’m vaguely aware he’s chuckling, making fun of me. I’m aware he picks me up in his arms, and I drift away instantly in his embrace.

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can you write a blurb about protective harry..either from paps or fans or both?

You sigh heavily as you check the time for what had to be the fortieth time in the last hour, your foot tapping anxiously. It’s been almost an hour and you’re still waiting for Harry to finish up with his telephone interview so the two of you can head out. He had promised it would ‘only take about twenty minutes, thirty at the most’, and yet there you were, dressed and ready to go but with no escort.

You leaned your head back against the plush backing of the chair you sat in. This was starting to get ridiculous. All you needed was to head a few blocks down the street of the hotel you and Harry were staying in so that you could buy that souvenir for your mother, and yet Harry was always so adamant about you not going anywhere without at least one bodyguard, if not him and two others accompanying. Although his overprotectiveness was sweet and reassuring, it was also overbearing at times like these when you could have literally been there and back by now. 

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My Girl - Part One

Niall Horan- 1 / 2

Word Count : 1359

Rating: Mature-Ish

A/N: This didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, so there’s gonna be a part two coming soon!

Netflix, wine and Chinese takeout, the three things you needed on this long awaited Saturday night off. You had done a lot of partying while still in high school so even though you’re only in your early twenties your boozing days are way behind you.

Just as you were settling down on your old lumpy couch for a night of binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, your cell beeps signaling a new text message. Sighing, you lean over towards the coffee table, already knowing who it probably was. You’re suspicion was right of course, it was a text from Niall aka your best friend.

Hey Princess, you awake? Can I come over? xx

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