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I’m so sick of BP fans trashing on other girl groups. Like okay if you think BP is amazing and that they are your favorites and the best to you. You have no right to trash on other girl groups though. Always saying shit like “Black pink is the best because they’re so different from other girl groups their concepts are badass and have hard choreographies, unlike [other girl groups/idols]!”

Okay first of all. Hard choreographies? I’m sorry, but that’s not hard. I could name 20 other girl groups that had harder and more complicated choreographies than them. Sure they are good and super fun to dance, but hard and complicated? Nah son.

Second. Badass? I’m sorry how is wearing black and having some cool shots badass. And that they are the only girl group with badass concepts? No. Please also check out Khiphop, there you’ll find some actual badass ladies. Also news flash, BP is singing about boys like most groups. (Which is fine I mean why is everyone so upset when people sing about love literally it’s what moves the world get over yourself.) 

Third, literally they aren’t any different from other girl groups. They all work hard and don’t want to be compared. Each group in general is different, but vocal wise and dance wise they aren’t any more special than other girl groups. So please sit down and if you wanna support your favorites do it nicely without having to put down someone else. How about instead of saying “____ is the best because they aren’t like other gg/bg” you say “Wow ____ is really amazing. They are my favorite.” and then list things you like about them. Don’t say their choreography is better than ____ , say that their choreographies are really good and that you enjoy them or something like that. 

I’m not hating on BP here okay I think they have great vocals and dance skills (I really dislike their music, but that’s not the point). So please just stop trashing on other girl groups and compare everyone. Same goes for boy group fans. You’re not any better. I see you being assholes. Stop.

Every group has unique members and is unique in their own way. 

What did I do last night?

Binge Santa Clarita Diet and YES, I HIGHLY recommend it!

I was a tiny bit disappointed that only the first episode had some gore in it. The rest I would categorise as light body horror. And the season’s last episode didn’t give me as many answers as I had hoped so when the credits rolled, I was like “what?! that’s it?!”

But apart from that, it’s a real delight! It’s so insane and freaky and funny! It is SO funny! And I love the characters, they’re quirky and charming and unique. (I JUST LOVE JOEL HE’S SO AWKWARD)

Please check it out!

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I just followed u on Instagram and I just wanna say omg!!! Your feed is soooOOOooo pretty 😍

Oh my, thank you! And thank you for following! 

Btw if you have time, please do check out my instagram  (username: nag_aaral). The feed features a lot of black and white / neutral tones at the moment. Here’s a photo for your reference:

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When should we expect chapter 8? No need to rush though :)


Sorry for the snappy answer but I’ve answered this same ask several times and I get it every day haha. Please check out my FAQ. I don’t have an update schedule. It appears to be every few weeks but the chapters are quite long. Thanks for waiting. 


I did a collab video with my friend Jordan!

Jordans tumblr is @thatbluesatanist please check her out her art is pretty amazing! [it is however a bit NFSW so if you’re not into that dont look]
Lucid Dream - Somebody_Someone - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Hey y’all, I wrote a thing.

It’s a McHanzo AU with a dream theme. I was basically inspired by this wonderful artwork and their author’s brilliant AU idea.

Please check it out and lemme know if you liked it :3

(Special thanks to @bazel-tots​, who encouraged me to write my idea down. I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy reading this ;v; )

Here’s a little thing I made for chapter 1. Hopefully I’ll be able to do the same for the next chapters as well :