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What’s in my bag - Larissa “Lardo” Duan (in her senior year)

(Jack) (Bitty) (Chowder)


Some sketches of Georgia that I REJECTED in favor of a more interesting one. ;D

The actual sketch/final piece is a SECRET for now since it’ll be going in the zine that @omgcpwomen is putting together!

But I figured these would be ok to share since these aren’t it??? and since the final’s gonna be pretty different XD But yeah this is one of the things that I’m currently working on that there’s little evidence of because hush hush. <3

My Check, Please! FanArt

𑁋 Baz. Llevas… Llevas vaqueros.𑁋

𑁋 Sí. Y tú llevas encima medio campo. 𑁋


Based off this post about “Jeans” and “Cowboys” being the same word in Spanish, the lovely Baz En Vaqueros is in physical art form on @dancingwdinosaurs‘s Redbubble! Along with many of her other beautiful Carry On art! Swing on over and check out all of her amazing prints!

(Also, this may or may not be my new bookmark for my Spanish edition)

Here is the absolutely stunning commission of Anders I got from heavensong at Metrocon!

Collab i did with @bowtiesandtriangles!! She did the wonderful line work and I colored the whole thing!

Please love this artistically talented child


BTS Wallpapers (Pattern Ver.)

Original Ver.

  • Credit to @ask-bts-stuff for the awesome drawings used for the patterns, please check her blog her art is amazing
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