please can we get some scenes with these two soon

Now that cacw is out and everyone is ready for a flood of fic I hate to say that we are still completely swamped. We went from 50 to over 80 sitting in our inbox in the time it took me to see cacw, spend two hours with my friend and make dinner. We’re short staffed right now. We’re working on getting together some fluff, fix-it, missing scene and post cw fics as soon as possible since that is the majority of the asks we’re getting right now. In the meantime, please be patient. If you want any of the above fics or variations upon them, we’re working on it. 

Everyone please please lend us a hand and use these resources before sending in an ask, at least until we can get the inbox under control.

AO3 Search Tutorial

Library page at

We have a search bar!

How to manually search past posts (if the search bar glitches)

How to search ao3 if all you remember is a unique detail from the fic you want