please buy something i work on commission


skywarper’s TF commissions!

{ Image Transcript: Black & White Sketches, bust ~ waist - 20 USD
Coloured Sketches, bust ~ waist - 30 USD
Icons, limited cel-shaded pallette, 1000x1000 resolution, suitable for most anywhere, but optimized for Tumblr - 15 USD }

more examples of my work in general can be found HERE


  • i take payment via paypal only, and i take payment upfront! i will be using Paypal.Me as default, but if you would prefer an invoice, please let me know!
  • i will draw any TF, anything is cool. AU designs (as long as they are mecha) are fine too! i do take artistic liberties with the designs so be mindful! bust/waist depends on the complexity of the character, but i do not charge extra
  • images can be reposted and used by you as you see fit, i only prohibit profiting off my work! anything else (using on themes, icons, printing it out and eating it) is perfectly fine
  • please ask me about images with several characters (such as ships) etc, i can work out a deal with you. also feel free to ask if you intend to buy multiple things, i can haggle!
  • want something not listed here? let me know and i can give you a quote!
  • any questions? feel free to ask!

slots are limited, you can find slots HERE , please check before ordering!

interested? awesome! please shoot me an IM and we can discuss!

if you can’t/don’t want to order, no hard feelings, though reblogs are infinitely appreciated! thank you very much!!



I have never given anyone permission to use my base codes for COMMISSIONS, nor do I intend to. I published those for free because I meant for them to be for free. Why would I allow others to make money off of my work and not sell commissions myself? It makes no sense. Besides, it should go without saying that editing a code someone else made doesn’t mean it’s YOURS TO SELL. I would have thought that was pretty obvious, but apparently not.

So if you ever see anyone selling themes using one of my base codes, PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. It’s beyond rude and disrespectful, not just to me as the creator but also to the people who pay hard-earned money to these people for something they do not deserve to get paid for. I have recently been made aware of two blogs who do this, and I would appreciate it if you let me know immediately if you see someone else. It’s a massive violation of Tumblr’s Fair Use Guidelines, and I will report them. 

If you happened to pay for a theme someone made using my base code without knowing any better, I will not come after you or anything. I know that you probably didn’t even know something fishy was going on. You may have even assumed that they had my permission, which is not an unreasonable assumption. (As it’s nearly unthinkable that someone would be that much of an arse.) But if that’s the case, feel free to go to that person and DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK, as they pretty much took advantage of you and scammed you.

That is all. Thank you for reading, and if you wish to buy theme commissions, please do approach me. I can recommend you at least half a dozen talented people who actually make their own stuff from scratch, without stealing anything from anyone.

what! it’s a new commissions list! 

Hourly rates basically mean you can pay any amount and I’ll try and make something work out for you. (within reason. the lowest I can go is half an hour for $12, youd get like.. a sketched portrait)

The coloured sketches that have been gaining traction recently take between 1 to 3 hours. 
A painting can go anywhere from 1 hour, all the way up to fully rendered 8+ hours. It can also be a portrait/bust, fullbody, or something in between!
A full illustration like Tamamitsune there can take 10-15 hours on average. 

My Terms of Service;
If you’re unsure or would like a quote, please don’t be afraid to ask! 

I work through email (depicted), and with paypal invoice only (makes payment simpler for you, and I don’t get rekt by scammers).

Emergency Writing Commissions

Okay, so I’m negative in my account. Wells Fargo, instead of canceling what I had scheduled, paid for something I didn’t have money for. I get paid this Friday but my account is at -49.44 right now and I really want to fix that before Friday because I need that money to pay rent as well as buy food and get gas. So Since I don’t work until Friday this week, I’ll be doing writing commissions all week. If you can’t buy one, just please reblog this for me. It would mean a lot

I will write self-insert stories as well as canon character x ocs. I’ll also write imagines. For example, “Imagine Finn finding out you’re pregnant.” I will not write pedophilia, incest or abuse.

I have five slots opened.  

Fandoms I will write for:

  • MCU Cinematic Universe
  • Adventure Time
  •   Overwatch
  •   Team Fortress 2   
  • Disney princesses
  •   Big Hero 6
  •  Star Wars
  • Steven Universe
  •  Stars vs the Forces of Evil
  •  We Bare Bears
  • Voltron

Imagines: $3

3 Page Drabble: $5

4 Page Drabble: $7.50

5 Page Drabble: $10

If you can’t donate, please just reblog this. If you are interested, send me a message and when I am done, just send the money to met through paypal at 


1. Taken

2. Taken





Heya everybody here is my Updated Commission post! 

Contact me via tumblr (if I do not reply in 24 hours please send again) or my email (this is not my paypal email)

If you would like to purchase art but cannot use paypal for some reason I will draw you something of equal price if you buy me something from my amazon wishlist 

I’d really appreciate if you could boost this!

more info under the cut

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Again haha! ( sorry long post!) 

 So My computer just die… ( Rip 2010 - 2017 ) So Im a working on the old lap of my mom. I really Need my own computer! aahh I always dreamed with a nice computer! So guys if you want to help me, can you considering commissioning me? Or just a reblog, that would be amazing!  
I dont like talk about my personal situation but, I live in a country very…sad? I’m from Venezuela, so is impossible for just buy something like a computer here, And I was helping my family with the commissions that I done before ( thanks!). ( Im not lying! read about the inflation in my country here )

Now I want to save all my money just for my little whim ♥   If you have Any kind of doubt please feel free to ask me!

I dont have any problem drawing guys or girls together ( love wins ♥) or something a little sexy. But I can’t draw Mecha/bara ( I cant srly haha) 

♥   Only paypal
♥   I only start work after payment has been made!
♥   Do not pay me before I accept your commission
♥   Process: Send me some reference pictures and I will make a sketch. You pay me the half and can ask me to change everything you want. when the color process ends I  will contact you, you pay me the rest and I send you the final drawing. Feel free ask me to see the process anytime c:
♥ 1 Commission (waist-up ) will Take around 1 week as max, Completeboy 2 week as max 
♥ You can contact me too via mail: <- this is NOT my paypal account!
So I think that is all, here some expamples…Thanks for reading/sharing/reblog/favs!  

And thanks to all those people who commissioned me before, I have amazing examples with beautiful characters!♥ 

If you share this, srly thanks! ♥ Have a nice day! and sorry for my poor english x_x


Hey I’m making another Commission post bc I’m THAT poor. Consider buying a commission from me, I’m very fast and I will draw most things. Just message me if you’re interested or have a question! All money will go to my food or my sweet kitty’s food. Prices are always negotiable, so just send me a message and I’ll be happy to work with you! 

Extra characters are 3 usd each, if you want something like a background I’ll charge maybe 5-10 usd depending on complexity.

Even if you can’t buy from me please reblog I have like 50 dollars. I don’t have a car and can’t get a job on my school campus because my parents (who don’t pay for my food) make enough money that the school doesn’t need to hire me. Unfortunately money also gets used up because of cat costs and for things like toiletries and food. So please consider commissioning me or at least reblogging this post. 

TLDR pls signal boost if u can!!!


Hey guys. 

So last week I announced that I had made these cute little earrings and that for the first 20 orders I would be including a cute little bracelet with them. 

I’m feeling pressure to sell these right now. 

My dog, Jackson, has cancer in his ear. It’s the kind that will grow back even if it’s removed. So the vet wants to surgically remove his ear altogether. Not only that but the vet found heart problems so now Jackson is on heart meds. 

The surgery is going to be close to $700 and I don’t have the money. Right now my mom is going to cover the costs with a credit card, but I still need to pay that. 

So if you guys could help spread the word about my etsy shop that would be great! 

Chained Dragon Works on Etsy

Victor Earrings 

Yuri Katsuki Earrings 

Yuri Plisetsky Earrings

I’ve got a lot more than just Yuri!! On Ice Earrings too! I’ve got a selection of pokemon earrings, elf ear cuffs, necklaces, bracelets, and headbands. 

I’m working on a commission page as well, but if you guys want to order something custom made before the commission sheet is made I’ll do it! I really need to get the money for my dogs surgery. If you can’t buy anything please at least reblog this!


Animation Example: X

My Art Tag

Turnaround Time: 2-4 weeks once started, unless something unexpected happens!

Contact for copy/paste


discord: Lupist#5442

You can also feel free to contact me on Tumblr via messenger! 

Extra Info:

-I’m not comfortable with sexual NSFW

-I’m comfortable drawing furries, animals, dragons, and humanoids! I don’t have experience drawing mechanical things but I’m willing to try. 

-I reserve the right to turn down any commission that makes me uncomfortable

-Payment is due once I approve the commission, but I’m willing to be flexible!

-please help me buy cool stuff and support my family

-signal boosts appreciated!

EDIT- my Discord changes pretty frequently- if it’s not working, send me a message somewhere else! I’ll send you my updated tag. 


Hello lovelies! 

I’ve been juggling this idea back and forth for a while and need some money and everybody’s always in need of art. I won’t give you a sob story but I do need some money for my car. Let’s get to it! 

For $8.00 you will get a one color clean doodle bust. If you want something from the waist up or feet up it’s $10.00. You can choose the color and background color if you so choose. 

For $12.00 I will color the bust doodles in 3-5 colors of your choice! $15.00 if you want something from the waist or feet up. $17.00 if you want an extra character. 

If you want a full color bust of your character it will be $20.00. It will be $25.00 for something from the waist or feet up.

It is $25.00 for two full colored characters from the waist up. $30.00 if you want the characters to be full bodied. 

$30.00 for vector work. $35.00 for two characters. 

What I won’t draw:

  • Anything NSFW
  • Anything illegal
  • Mecha
  • Gore

What I will happily draw:

  • Any fandom you enjoy
  • Your OC!

Currently opening 10 slots on tumblr! 

  1. Open!
  2. Open!
  3. Open!
  4. Open!
  5. Open!
  6. Open!
  7. Open!
  8. Open!
  9. Open!
  10. Open!

Even if you can’t buy a commission please reblog this. I really appreciate it!

Send me an ask so we can sort out the details. Thank you!

Please read the message below, it might save lives and nerves of poor artists

I’m addressing this not to someone in particular, but to anyone who would ever consider to commission/buy art, either mine or someone else’s. I’ve had enough times when people who were interested in buying my art, just magically disappeared after I told them the price/method of payment/something else. You know, it’s totally understandable if you don’t have enough money/don’t want to spend them on a silly ass drawing/are afraid to transfer your money through anything but PayPal/something else, but please, PLEASE, just tell me (or another artist whose work you were meant to buy) about it. You don’t even have to explain the reason, it’ll be enough to say that you’ve changed your mind. I won’t curse you and your whole family, I pinky promise. The thing is, when you fall silent, I wait and wait and wait for your answer. “Maybe they’re just busy”, I think on the 378th day of anxious waiting. If you need to figure out whether or not you want to buy something, do tell. I can’t read your mind and nothing will stop me from selling this art to someone else in case if you don’t answer long enough. Well, that’s all, folks. Just a friendly reminder that artists don’t bite and won’t kill you in your sleep if you simply tell them you changed your mind. Sorry for my poor English, by the way.

Open for Commission! ㅇㅂㅇ

I will draw just about anything, from portraits to OCs to Fanart. I’ll even draw mature/sexual content, but we’ll have to discuss a different price for that. Please PM me for references.
I’m currently in a bad place with money, so I’m looking for a little spare change to help me get by. I start University soon, but until there I’m really struggling. I pay for all my own living expenses and it’s hard to even buy food. However, these are guide donations, you can choose to pay more or less. I’ll be happy with just about anything (as long as it’s reasonable. <3) I understand other people struggle, too.

Please PM me if you’re interested and we can work something out!


Coming in SECOND place in my spooky background poll, here are some backgrounds featuring Litwick, Lampent, and Chandelure! I have even more stored in the queue, but enjoy these to start! Who was the winner? I’m working on something special for that.

Free to use for non-profit (eg. as a background on your blog). Credit not needed but appreciated. Please do not edit or repost (reblog instead!). c:

Check out my pokebackgrounds tag for more backgrounds!

All requests in my inbox will be DELETED! Please reply/reblog here instead! Check here for commission info! c:

[Love my art? Buy it on Redbubble]



I’m leaving the job that has abused me for 5 years without so much as a pay increase. I’m looking for new work but until then I need to suppliment my income so I can still afford to pay for things like food and my bills. So please! Spread this post around and hit me up if you are interested

Payment goes to my paypal at

No fandom or subject matter is off limits since I cannot afford to be picky. I just ask that if you are commissioning a picture of an OC that you provide references. And that you describe what you would like in as much detail as possible if there is something very specific you want. 

Speed from piece to piece will vary depending on what is purchased but each will be made as soon as time permits. I work quickly but I have a very full plate at the moment. 

Please at least reblog this even if you’re not interested in buying or unable to. I just need a little help so that I can finally break free of this job that has caused me emotional, mental and physical pains over the years. 


cheaper ones, that is! I’ve been really needing some extra money hahahahaha help me

anyways! Im offering small little chibi things for like, 10 bucks. Adding another character to the drawing is an additional $5. they look like this:

But if you want a bit more pop for 30 dollars, I could make you something like this! Adding a character in this style would be an additional $10:

Please consider buying from me! I really need money right now as my work hours got cut so I can take the classes I need in college! Thank you!


I know I usually don’t do this kind of posts but I really really need your help guys!!

 @stevenquartz is in a rough situation, he’s gonna be homeless soon and its been a while since he eats something because he’s broke, he is working on commissions right now but people is not buying and he has nowhere to go.

Because of that, if theres someone who lives in Essex (United Kingdom) and can help Steven with a room, that would be SUPER NICE!! also please check out his commission list so he can win some money, the situation is getting really complicated for him and I’m getting really worried.

Please please PLEASE reblog this if you can’t help him somehow, I’m really worried about his situation and this whole thing is making him incredibly depress!! thanks a lot for your help!


doing commissions again!!

Some general rules/things:

  • Fanart is go.
  • No graphic porn, extreme violence/torture, graphic gore (some blood or bruises or whatever is fine though). Basically, keep it PG-13. Ish.
  • If the finished product isn’t entirely to your liking, feel free to tell me! I’m willing to do small changes. No refunds though, sorry.
  • Prices can vary depending on the complexity (a character with full armor is going to cost more than a character with just a jeans and t-shirt). 
  • Art is for personal use only, not commercial.
  • Also feel free to hit me up for things that aren’t on this list! Maybe you want a birthday card or a banner for your website or… something else illustration related. Just tell me what it is and we can work out a price.
  • Payment upfront and via Paypal only.

And if you’re not interested, please reblog this I will love you forever.

Here’s some examples of finished commissions. If you’re interested, shoot me an email with details at

I also still have a shop, so you can check that out for phone cases/tote bags/prints/whatever.


OPEN: MILKGRRL Commissions 

Hello! I’ve finally updated my commissions!
I’m going to try to avoid any possible confusion, so here are some rules about buying art from me!

  1. I reserve the right to raise the prices for excessively detailed requests (ex: heavy armor, detailed backgrounds, etc)
  2. Payment is accepted through paypal only
  3. This art is for personal use only, if you’d like to commission art for commercial use, please email me at!
  4. I will draw anything, basically, but I have weaknesses in my art, If you want to see if what you want me to draw is in my abilities, search through my art on here or deviantart to see what I’m capable of
  5. If you want me to draw something that doesn’t fit into the samples above (ex: scenery, digitally painted portrait, pixel art, etc) please ask! We can work out a price! 

Also, PLEASE only contact me if you are serious about buying my art! That being said, please don’t forget to check your email!

Email me at if you’re interested! 


hey so my best friend michaela is selling prints of already made/revised artworks, custom dog beds, and personalized art to help pay for college!!! she’s been having to pay for it by herself by always having to look for jobs, and she really needs help

prices vary based on how much materials she has to buy, etc. if you’re interested in buying something, PLEASE message me off-anon to work something out!! even if you aren’t, I’d appreciate it if you could spread the word!!

The Giant Squid’s Got Nothing On You

(or as i like to call it, when fandoms collide)

bob morley dressed up as james potter and that was simply too much for my jily shipping marauder trash self so this happened

wc: 6.1k

read on ao3 here

The thing is, Clarke didn’t really make the conscious decision to become a Marauders’ era fan artist, it just happened .

Although, to be fair, she did sort of bring it upon herself. She made a tumblr a couple years ago to showcase her art, and, in a bid to gain more visibility, offered to take requests for a couple of weeks. Being fairly new, she didn’t have that many followers and the lone response came in the form of someone asking her to draw James and Sirius on the motorcycle.

She’s a pretty big fan of the Harry Potter series, going to midnight releases as a kid and having them lined, covers worn and dogeared, at the top of her bookshelf, but she never really considered doing fanart for it. Or at all if she’s being honest.

Still, she presses on, doing some minor web searching to come up with the right references and styles, and then she’s off, sketching and colouring until she’s satisfied. She doesn’t really think much of it as she uploads it, sending it into the void of the internet with just a few clicks, and then goes about the rest of her day without sparing it a second thought.

It pretty much blows up overnight, her follower count jumping past a hundred, the image being reblogged and retweeted by what feels like everyone. Soon enough, more and more people jump into her inbox requesting more Marauder pieces, but what startles her, is the sheer amount of requests for James and Lily related things.

That is, James and Lily Potter. Harry Potter’s dead parents.

She knows the internet is weird place, but seeing the level of enthusiasm some people have for a couple long dead before the series has even started is… strange.

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