please buy something i work on commission


:,D Hi, i need money for pay my college degree. You help me a lot if share this information or buy something _(:’3J_L)_

Thanks for watching and share :,,,,3


1. Once I receive the payment, I’ll start working (If pass four days and you send the note but not the payment, I will do the next order).

2. I need at least 2 reference for commissions.

3. I don’t offer refunds , so please consider this before asking for a commission.

3. Finished commissions are for personal use only.

4. The fee is already included in the prices.

5. If you want to see more examples, Please take a look at my gallery

7. Don’t be rude, please. (if have a bad day, come later)

8. Request commissions via note or via email:

Important: -
- I will take my time finishing your commission, It depends how complicated it is for me.
-I may refuse a commission if I’m not able to do it.
-I will have the right to use my artwork as I’d like to, like submitting it into a portfolio, artbook, or any publication I create or agree. I will specificate of who the character belong, to avoid confusions.
- After I confirm you, and I give you my PayPal info., you can proceed to send me the payment. I won’t start your commission until you do so.

Please write and send me this information for order the comission:

Style: Chibi, fullbody, etc
Oc´s name :
Character ref/s : Visual references of your character
Details : Any type of information
Payment method: Paypal (if you lives in Mexico please specify, i have other payment methods)
Can I stream this? : yes/no


cheaper ones, that is! I’ve been really needing some extra money hahahahaha help me

anyways! Im offering small little chibi things for like, 10 bucks. Adding another character to the drawing is an additional $5. they look like this:

But if you want a bit more pop for 30 dollars, I could make you something like this! Adding a character in this style would be an additional $10:

Please consider buying from me! I really need money right now as my work hours got cut so I can take the classes I need in college! Thank you!



I have never given anyone permission to use my base codes for COMMISSIONS, nor do I intend to. I published those for free because I meant for them to be for free. Why would I allow others to make money off of my work and not sell commissions myself? It makes no sense. Besides, it should go without saying that editing a code someone else made doesn’t mean it’s YOURS TO SELL. I would have thought that was pretty obvious, but apparently not.

So if you ever see anyone selling themes using one of my base codes, PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. It’s beyond rude and disrespectful, not just to me as the creator but also to the people who pay hard-earned money to these people for something they do not deserve to get paid for. I have recently been made aware of two blogs who do this, and I would appreciate it if you let me know immediately if you see someone else. It’s a massive violation of Tumblr’s Fair Use Guidelines, and I will report them. 

If you happened to pay for a theme someone made using my base code without knowing any better, I will not come after you or anything. I know that you probably didn’t even know something fishy was going on. You may have even assumed that they had my permission, which is not an unreasonable assumption. (As it’s nearly unthinkable that someone would be that much of an arse.) But if that’s the case, feel free to go to that person and DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK, as they pretty much took advantage of you and scammed you.

That is all. Thank you for reading, and if you wish to buy theme commissions, please do approach me. I can recommend you at least half a dozen talented people who actually make their own stuff from scratch, without stealing anything from anyone.


I know I usually don’t do this kind of posts but I really really need your help guys!!

 @stevenquartz is in a rough situation, he’s gonna be homeless soon and its been a while since he eats something because he’s broke, he is working on commissions right now but people is not buying and he has nowhere to go.

Because of that, if theres someone who lives in Essex (United Kingdom) and can help Steven with a room, that would be SUPER NICE!! also please check out his commission list so he can win some money, the situation is getting really complicated for him and I’m getting really worried.

Please please PLEASE reblog this if you can’t help him somehow, I’m really worried about his situation and this whole thing is making him incredibly depress!! thanks a lot for your help!


OPEN: MILKGRRL Commissions 

Hello! I’ve finally updated my commissions!
I’m going to try to avoid any possible confusion, so here are some rules about buying art from me!

  1. I reserve the right to raise the prices for excessively detailed requests (ex: heavy armor, detailed backgrounds, etc)
  2. Payment is accepted through paypal only
  3. This art is for personal use only, if you’d like to commission art for commercial use, please email me at!
  4. I will draw anything, basically, but I have weaknesses in my art, If you want to see if what you want me to draw is in my abilities, search through my art on here or deviantart to see what I’m capable of
  5. If you want me to draw something that doesn’t fit into the samples above (ex: scenery, digitally painted portrait, pixel art, etc) please ask! We can work out a price! 

Also, PLEASE only contact me if you are serious about buying my art! That being said, please don’t forget to check your email!

Email me at if you’re interested! 



It’s hit the slow season where I work, which means less hours, which means tiny paychecks, which means some upcoming medical stuff may be hitting me harder than I’d like. I’m going to be opening up commissions for a bit to see if I can’t mitigate the hours I’ve been losing.  This is also a little bit to gauge interest, because I have no idea if people would even WANT to commission me.

I’m only going to be offering two options for now, a little bit so that I can pace myself and a little bit because I honestly don’t know what people want. If there’s something specific you’d like and would be willing to make an offer for, please e-mail me at and we’ll figure something out.


A black and white line-work bust. I can work from text descriptions if need be.


Basically you’re buying about twenty minutes of my time to draw just about goddamned anything.  NSFW material needs to be negotiated, but I do love pin-ups. It will be black and white or monochrome, and it WILL be messy. That is the nature of the beast. 

I’m perfectly willing to do tweaks on a headshot, but I’m extremely unlikely to do it for a quickie.

If you want to place any kind of order, please e-mail me at Seriously, tumblr messages are the devil.  Payment can be made via PayPal, and I’m looking into alternate methods as well.


Hey all.

I’ve made more prints (even lowered the price more), because my boyfriend and I are in dire need of money.

Although we are barely getting by living in our apartment, it’s just not enough for gas/food/pets and such.

I’m asking for help, and by selling my art since I just can not take any commissions. I hate adding this, but donations are welcome if you don’t want a print. We just need something to get by.

I am working at home on animations (which pays well enough, but takes long periods of time), and trying to find a part time job as well. But yet no luck. Robbie-my boyfriend-already works a full time job, so it’s hard enough on him.

Please, if you can’t donate/buy a print, please spread the word. Anything helps.

My email is if anyone is interested. Shipping is also free (unless you are outside of the US, it will be a small fee)

I have other art if you are interested in a specific thing in mind that I’m willing to print out. Again just email me if you are interested in those, I’d be happy to share!


My baby and I haven’t seen eachother in a long time!!! He and I really want to see eachother this summer so we can be together for a few weeks! 

Only problem is, is that I don’t have a lot of money, and I would LOVE to help pay for the ticket, aswell as having some spending money for dates and the like! I don’t want him to have to spend every penny on me!!!

The plane ticket is $540! I want to have at least an extra $100 to spend on stuff while I’m there! (Dates, movie tickets, etc)
and so far we have $43 out of $540!

Absolutely ANYTHING helps! But please!!! Please don’t just donate! Please let me draw something for you in return! I don’t like asking for handouts of money- I want to work for it.

Please please reblog if you can’t help or want to help me out but can’t buy commissions. It means the absolute world to me to be in his arms again!

 I’m in a bit of a bind financially so i really need to try and raise a couple hundred bucks to get myself in a better place so i can actually buy food, school supplies, etc. So, ill be opening up bust commissions. They will be from the shoulders up and have simple backgrounds (though more complex backgrounds or details can be discussed.)

Bw: $30 plus $25 for an additional character

colour: $40 plus $35 for an additional characters

as i’m very busy with school and work please expect these paintings to take up to two weeks. if you have a deadline, then just let me know and i will arrange something.

if youre interested please email me at

signal boosting would be very appreciated!! thank you

I really want a like tablet tablet like an iPad mini to do art on sigh I think I could do commissions a lot smoother with that kind of media but how do I convince myself to spend like 200 dollars and more for something I feel is very petty to buy when I can’t currently work properly besides commissions which I’m lacking influx of


my birthday is on the 28th pls help me get this I would so appreciate it like I need something electronic to bust out commissions for. all donators will of course be getting a commission of their choosing I’d like to at least raise 200 dollars so I can get the bulk of the price out of the way. I’m gonna be buying the last iPad not the current one and the mini

please help if you can

PayPal is

thank you! reblogging would be great thank u!!! 💕💕💕💐💐💐💐💐

hey heY HEY!!! IT’S ME AND MY BOYFRIENDS 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY AND IM BROKE AS HELL SO, $5 AND I’LL SKETCH OR LINE ANYTHING, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. (extra people and characters on the same pic cost $2 extra)

some examples of my sketch and line work….

So I really want to quit my job and I need your help

I hate this place. It stresses me out, takes time I could be using for more relevant things from me and has crappy pay. I work at an EXTREMELY understaffed, high traffic super market atm to survive but really can’t take it much longer. I have a job offer for a job that’s actually related to my future career and pays waaaay more but it requires me to build something I don’t really have time to due to class and this crappy job. So I’m asking you guys, if I took commissions to make up for the lost work while I build this application for my new job would you guys be willing to buy? I’d only take sketches at about 15 per sketch (up to 2 characters before increases, full body if you want etc). And would need to do about 7- 9 a week to make the same money I do at this place. Please boost and respond as soon as possible because if I can I’ll quit today with enough responses