please buy my house


TV LIFE 2016 Vol 24

Sooooo… I decided to translate Inoo’s comment!! >_<
Inoo yoooo…. ahhh… He’s soooo random! And… the boy needs to believe in himself more! haha ^^;

Inoo Kei - Image Change from Kinoko

Give Me Now
A dish washing sponge. It’s the shape of a fish and it wetly attaches to the faucet, and it comes in a pack of about 10. Once it gets dirty, I throw it away at once. Hikaru is also using the same thing (lol).

Each other’s Give Me here!
Inoo => Hikaru
Change my hair to various colours. Courage to try it out (lol). I’m conservative and I’m not the type who actively changes my image so, I’m envious. Just one once, next time, I guess I want to see Hikaru’s black hair. I think everyone will be taken aback instead.

Hikaru => Inoo
When I buy my house in the future, please do some DIY for me. My ideal becomes higher whenever I go on location to a first class architect’s house. It’d be nice to have something like a tennis court on the roof. Oh, complete with a barbecue pit. I want a large storage space too! (lol)

Inoo => Daiki
Because he is deeply in-tuned with music in his life, I want to have such a knowledge too. I only listen to music as much as the average person, I don’t know about music genres and such. The first person to tell me about PPAP was Daichan (lol).

Daiki => Inoo
Inochan’s hands are pretty so his hands! His nails are white and his long fingers are pretty huh. See! (between the photoshoots), Just holding the plastic bottle now and it becomes a picture. Once I get used to those hands, at first I’m going to draw an outline of them on a notebook!


As always… thank you Kahoriiii <3 for checking my terrible translations and also, please do comment if there are corrections! m(_ _)m