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I am in my own Harry Potter AU hell.

And just because I can:


Malfoy looked up from his desk, quill poised over the parchment as his son hovered by the study door. Aware that he was frowning, Draco lifted his expression into something more neutral. He was vaguely aware of his own father always frowning whenever he’d tried to talk to him as a boy, and he didn’t want Scorpius to one day think the same about him.

“Come in, come in. Shut the door, you’ll let the heat out.” 

The Greengrass estate was a crumbling ruin compared to Malfoy Manner, with only half the library and none of the artifacts Draco had spent the last few years archiving and putting safely away behind spelled glass. But for now it was home, chilly stone walls and all.

“Did you want something?”

“Yes.” Scorpius replied, pausing to tug at the hem of his dark shirt. There’s still a bruise under his eye, faded to be sure, but the mere presence of it made Draco’s heart skip a beat. When he’d seen Severus Potter crawling out of the rubble, face covered in blood and no sign of his own son, he’d known terror like no other.

And Draco Malfoy was intimately familiar with the machinations of terror. He’d been hugged by it once.

“Well,” he prompted, setting aside his work entirely and giving his full attention to his son. “What is it?”

“I want my friends to come visit.”

Draco blinked. Whatever he’d been expecting, it wasn’t that. “Your…friends?”

“Albus Potter and Rosie Granger-Weasley. I would like them to come stay.”

Draco blinked again. Later he’d laugh—somewhat despairingly into a decanter of fire brandy—at the absurdity of the notion that his boy, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, was best friends with a Potter and the hybrid off-spring of a Granger Weasley, but the threat of impeding hysterics was quelled under the defiant gaze of his son, narrow chin lifting at some unspoken challenge. 

“I see. For how long?”

“A…a week…maybe two…They’re going to France for the Quiditch Cup Primaries…” he glanced down and Draco spied the curled up parchment hidden up his sleeve. “So it wouldn’t be for long.”

Draco glanced at his desk, to the fireplace, then back to his son. “I don’t…”

I want my friends…friendshow often had Astoria lamented his lack of playmates as a child, how often had she fretted that Scorpius’ only interaction had been with adults—or books, or enchanting his own toys for someone to play with. And how quickly had Scorpius’ face crumpled at the utterance of two simple syllables. 

“…know if two weeks would be wise, given your mother’s health. She’s still recovering from the move. But I shall discuss it with her, and see what can be done.”

Scorpius stilled, the beaming smile on his face reigned in to something calmer, even now, not wanting to get his hopes up too much. “Thank you. For what it’s worth, we will be good.”

Draco snorted at that, remembering the last time a Malfoy, a Potter and a Granger and a Weasley had been together at their age. “Somehow I doubt it. Go on off you go, go see what your mother is up to. She’s enjoying having you home.”

“And I am enjoying being here,” Scorpius replied, in that curiously courteous and stiff way of speaking he’d always had, even as an infant learning his words. “I am happy to be here, with you, and mother.”

“I’m…very glad to hear it.” Draco replied, unsure what else he was supposed to say to such an open admission said so politely like one was discussing the weather. “Now go on, off you go, I need to finish this manuscript before I lose the thought.”

“You’ll talk to mother though, wont you?” Scorpius pressed from his space by the door. “You’ll ask…”

“Yes, yes.” Draco waved a hand, “I’ll ask if the Potter spawn can come stay with us. Just for a little bit. To say thank you for…everything.”

Reassured, Scorpius left, closing the door behind himself with a firm click. 

Draco waited several more moments, counting to a hundred before opening up the top desk of his drawer and pulling out his correspondence folder, flipping through them until he found the appropriate manila envelope, writing the address of the Ministry Neatly to the front. 

Clearing his throat politely, he composed himself, then tapped it to life with his wand.

“Hello Potter,” he spat with a vicious familiar glee, unable to keep from laughing, “I’m not sure which one of us is going to be more surprised by this turn of events, but I swear to gods if you break my son’s heart by saying no, I will personally send you a red Howler on the hour every hour till the day one of us dies. Now, about dates, the last week in June works well for us…”


Vortex & First Aid

A while ago on AO3 I accidentally discovered this pairing tag and felt right into shipping hell thanks to @ultharkitty‘s amazing stories ( Rain and the Wages Of Compassion being absolute favourites of mine )

These chibis came out of boredom mostly, but I will probably draw more of this pairing, they are fun to draw and Vortex’s IDW design is just great.


Me: The Lego movies teach people to be inclusive to people who are different than them, accepting people for who and what they are. 

My dad: “It’s also teaching and influencing the young people in this country to engage in activities they were not born into (being gay). Now when the children play with legos, they might think…do not try to teach our young children that it’s okay…”


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How come everybody gets a cool shirt but Akaashi :(( I think he would want one too

the problem with being the long distance friend is that all your other friends have the power to buy you an unnecessary amount of shirts just to make sure you feel included

Vanilla #2

Lance went back to his room and showered approximately 5 times, it might have been 6. This stench, this gross disgusting stench, he needed it gone. He needed to wipe away just how omega he smelled and along with it tried to wipe the status, rubbing his skin raw. It was the last shower when he felt it. That familiar nauseous feeling in his gut. That feeling that happens right when you know you’re gonna throw up and red lights start flashing and alarms start blaring and you need to get to a toilet as quickly as possible because you’re definitely going to blow chunks. The toilet was right beside the shower and Lance thanked his stars that he was so close. Of course, Lance knew, there was a god, and it did, in fact, hate him. In his frantic state Lance stepped out of the shower just a little too quickly and he went down, legs flailing and shoulder smacking promptly against the toilet seat. There was a sharp impact against the tiled floor and Lance was gasping for air, surprised he hadn’t thrown up due to sheer impact he made his quickest effort to go over to the toilet.

Within milliseconds, supper was up and out of his system. Tears instinctively rolling down his cheeks. He was, to say the least, the image of pathetic. Huddled over a toilet, convulsing every few seconds to rid his body of more proteins, his shoulder hanging limply, obviously something wrong with it. Lance sat there with sweat plastering his hair to his forehead, his mouth dense with saliva in a desperate attempt his body was making to soothe his throat. And there Lance sat, not daring to move for god knows how long. His tears didn’t stop but it wasn’t because of his sickness, it was because he knew why he was sick. This was his body trying desperately to rid itself of suppressants, trying oh so hard to make him as appealing as possible to potential suitors. Lance had to laugh to himself at that thought, with how pathetic he must look, ‘yeah right, this is sooo desirable.’ He mused himself. Lance sat in the bathroom, over the course of unseeable time, he had mustered a towel to at least cover himself with, but he didn’t stand up, he hardly had the energy to turn off the water of the abandoned shower. The blue paladin was certain there was a decent ass print in the tiles he sat on; or more accurately a decent tile print on his ass.

“Dinners ready everybody.” Hunks voice cooed over the intercom. Lances eyes fluttered open. Had he really been sitting there all day? He had returned to his chambers right after breakfast, was it already dinner? Had he missed lunch? He looked to the artificial luminescence that glowed a nice calming orange. It was evening. Wow. Lance couldn’t move. He wanted to, he desperately wanted to go and converse so he could pretend he was fine, but he legitimately felt as if in that second he could not move.

There were several moments before Lance dragged himself out of the bathroom and several internal thanks that he had decided to put his underwear in the bottom drawer. He remembered that conversation with Hunk who questioned him avidly as to why not the top. To be honest, Lance did it in a joking spite of his friend, but good god was he grateful now and never again would Lance cease to put underwear in the bottom drawer. He pulled briefs up over his legs and enormous mound of effort and then laid in half-defeat over how exhausting it was, and half-victory because despite it being exhausting he did it. Pants were… a slightly different story. He was cold, he wanted the warmth of pants but even his underwear was getting uncomfortably clingy. He put on a pair of PJ pants and decided that he literally had 0 fucks to give what anyone thought of his decision. That being said he threw on a t-shirt he forgot he owned and had somehow made it to his bed. He wriggled uncomfortable, every thread of fabric stretching in every wrong way, especially around his groin. He squirmed for a couple seconds but soon gave in to the constant cling of the clothing. With one mighty heave he stood up, using his bedside table for balance, though he was much taller than the top of it, he convinced himself it helped; however being bent over like this did not and he questioned whether or not he needed to go to the bathroom.

Lance shook his head and stood up straight, proud, strong, slightly light headed, very warm, very cold. Within seconds of trying to regain his thoughts and make himself presentable, he had plummeted to the ground in a heap, blacking out.

There was a soft humming coming from across the room. It was nervous and Lance couldn’t place the song, but the baritone was unmistakable. “H-Hunk?” He let his head flop over and felt his pillow underneath him. His eyes trying to open but shying away from the light. His voice hardly audible and sounding almost foreign.

“Hey buddy.” There was instantly a soothing hand on Lances forehead, rubbing his hair from his face. “How ya doin?” Lance finally thanked his eyes for adjusting to the light. Hunk had a concerned expression but still wore a smile. The blue paladin smirked weakly back and he grunted in response. “You gave us quite the scare there bud.” Lance closed his eyes again, finding the darkness less offensive to his eyes than the lamp that hunk had turned on. “Hey, hey don’t fall back asleep.” Lance groaned again “just for a couple minutes I need you to talk to me dude.” Lance shifted under the blankets, just now realizing how uncomfortable he was under so many layers. There was a second of peace as he readjusted but then his eyes flew open and he sat up as his body convulsed.

Vomit flew over the side of the bed, unfortunately, that was right where Hunk was sitting. Lance didnt see the yellow paladin but he heard a patient, and, understandably, slightly aggravated, sigh. Hunk didn’t say anything, he just rubbed circles on his friends back, Lance sat there, hunched over his friend, having just thrown up on him, questioning why he was like this. He opened his mouth to apologize but figured a bowed head would do, to his surprise a small whine came out with it and Hunks hand tensed slightly on his back, but didn’t stop. Alphas didn’t whine, betas didn’t whine, you know who whined? Omegas, omegas whined when they did something wrong. Lance looked down, he didn’t care, not when he was sweating through everything and still felt cold, not when his clothes wouldn’t set, not when his stupid groin kept rubbing cloth in all the wrong ways and he was oh so painfully aware of it.

“This isn’t a bug Lance… is it.” Lance meekly shook his head with 0 hesitance. Hunk was using a strong, still reassuring, authoritative voice, and when Lance flinched at the tone, it only proved Hunks theory. Hunk didn’t like using that voice, it was the voice that omegas listened to, his dominance voice. “When did you run out?”

“5 days ago.” Lances answer came out as little more than a whisper and what noise he had managed to make was course and rough. It suddenly set in that hunk knew and he flung his head up, ignoring the temptation to pass out again, he couldn’t, not now. “How’d you…?” His voice was still weak, but determined.

“It wasn’t hard, but to be fair im observant. Your smell was different, then Shiro and Keith acting far from normal, then you moping in your room all day… then I found you passed out on the floor with a bruised shoulder and a rank-smelling bathroom… the bruised shoulder didn’t really make sense, but I’ll ask later.” There was a brief second of panic in his mind but it melted away, he didn’t care, they’d find out and Keith or shiro would get dominant and… Lance tried desperately not to think of them like that… hunk was sitting here trying to be comforting and Lance, of course, had a hard-on because of these stupid omega pheromones imagining a sweaty Shiro and a desperate Keith pinning him down and- no. Stop. Stop stop stop. His underwear suddenly burned. “Then you woke up and threw up on me, then you didn’t argue when I used the alpha voice… and you whined.” Lance cringed at everything that was happening if he had the energy to, he’d cry.

“Please…” he breathed shallowly. “Please don’t tell them.” Hunks eyes sharpened “coran knows. He’s trying to come up with a replacement for the supplements.” Lance gripped a clean part of Hunks shirt. “Please just buy him time.” Hunk sighed again, Lance was pale and in a weak state, he looked at The man pitifully. Lance almost hated that look, if it wasn’t hunk he would have, he was a paladin of voltron, not some weakling to be pitied. But in his defence, he was hanging out of his bed onto his friend he threw up on, desperately trying to ignore a boner and not vomit… again.

So, yeah, Lance figured, this was a moment to pity.

…to be continued…

UPDATE: He’s found an adopter!!
Hey reptiblr, I need to rehome Hamilton, my ball python. My mental illnesses have gotten very in the way of me taking proper care of this guy, and he needs a better caretaker than me. I don’t have a job nor can I drive, and my money has to go towards dental work so I can no longer afford him either.
If you’re in New York State (Rochester area, or willing to drive very far) and would like to adopt him, I;m asking $45 (this includes all of his tank and his accessories), I also have a 20 gallon that he was in when he was younger that I;m willing to give you as well for $10 extra (it also comes with some accessories).
He hasn’t been handled in the last few months due to my mental illness taking all of my energy, but when he was handled regularly he was very docile.

Please don’t bash me for this guys, I honestly want what’s best for him and I know I’m not that any more.

If you want to adopt/buy him please PM me. I;m willing to haggle prices as well.

Mutsunokami being jealous because Izuminokami didn’t invite him first.

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Shinsou x reader, lots of floof, headcanons please ~


Hitoshi Shinsou fluff hcs with reader:

  • It’s mostly on weekends but sometimes after school he and his s/o like to go to local shelters and look at the cats and volunteer to help out. They get to play with the cats and help them so it’s a win-win situation. He loves to watch his s/o smile and laugh when they play with the kitties it’s just one of those things that always makes him feel better. 
  • He’s kind of a baby and he’s not used to a lot of positive attention so he kinda get’s quietly flustered if his s/o praises or compliments him a lot. Does that nervous tick thing rubbing the back of his neck but he actually really genuinely enjoys the praise!! He’s just unsure about it at firs to his s/o shouldn’t go too overboard with the compliments since he’s a little cynical and might end up thinking that his s/o’s compliments are less genuine. 
  • ANOTHER AWKWARD KISSER. Also awkward with affection in general tbh since again he’s not really used to that positive stuffs. He tends to back away form that immediate intimacy thing and prefers to be gradually warmed up with it. That basically means a lot of slow and tiny things like holding hands and just sitting together.
  • When he wasn’t to go for something a little more he’s definitely the one to initiate it first and make the move. Though, it’s still little stuff because he’s lowkey super duper worried about rejection form his s/o. He won’t initiate the first kiss because of this s/o his s/o might have to take charge until he’s fully confident in making such a bold move like that.
  • SPEAKING OF KISSES,,, He’s kind of a mess honestly like his lips are chapped and dry mostly because he probably has some sort of habit of biting them when he’s stressed or thinking. Please buy him some chap stick. (Or alternatively if he refuses his s/o can always put some on themselves and give him a good smooch and he might be a little more inclined to keep it on. ;^) )
  • Tends to shy away from kissing in public until he’s really used to it! He’s not afraid to turn down his s/o the first few times they ask for a smooch while they’re out. He’s partial to forehead kisses and shoulder kisses when he’s feeling affectionate though! Especially likes doing those when he’s cuddling with his s/o but if he’s a little clingy he might go for the slightly bolder neck kisses. 
  • Prefers early morning dates where he and his s/o are at his place and they’re slowly waking up over a cup of tea/ coffee while giving each other very gentle affection. Bonus points if there’s a cat around and it’s raining. Loves lounging around with his s/o in pajamas on weekends he’s feeling lazy and it usually ends up with a movie marathon or complete nap day. 
  • Secretly loves those dumb couple things like if he can feed his s/o a sweet treat he just adores the slightly flustered look on their face and then having to clean their face if they get something on it. Lightly teases his s/o sometimes if he’s feeling a little cheeky! If they get a little mad with him he’s quick to soften up. Loves to lend his s/o some of his clothes and his heart practically soars if they wear something of his out in public.

Fun Fact: I still haven’t recovered from the latest episode of BNHA, so I decided to make this.

Now available at my redbubble shop (a link to which is available on my blog or you can just go to people/captainrae).

Shouto Todoroki is my precious son and I love him. I hope you love him too.