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If Jon and Dany do have a baby, I see these as the most likely possible endings 1. They both die, leaving Tyrion/Sansa to raise and groom their child for the Iron Throne 2. One dies and the other takes the IT albeit unhappily and raises the child 3. They both live but are too weary and tired from the war and no longer want to fight so they take their child and perhaps sail west of Westeros maybe with Arya to live a quiet peaceful life with no conflict but Westeros is in need of healing

1. Very probable but please no not Sansa raising their child. if Arya lives, I hope it’s her rather. Yes to Tyrion as well.
2. This is the likeliest of outcomes. It’s tragic and sad but at least there’s a glimmer of light because I think Westeros would be better off with either Jon or Dany ruling and then their offspring brings new hope.
3. I’d love this because what I’ve always wanted for Dany is a home and family more than anything else but sadly it’s probably resigned to fanfic :(

What a mess! (Company/Legolas x reader)

        Rating: G

        Warnings: Fluff ehehe

        pairings: Company and Legolas / You


        “Aye lass! Could I grab you a cup of tea?” You were astounded by how dumb some of these dwarves could be. They kept offering you things like you were a Queen or a Goddess among men. You were part elf part human (which is why Kili started all of this in the first place), and all of the company, including Thorin, had their hearts set on winning you over.

        “I’m fine.” You mumbled.

        Bilbo saw you walk to the edge of the forest as the company talked amongst themselves as to how to get back onto the path to Mirkwood. He wanted to help you considering his tiny crush on you as well.

        “H- hello (Y/N).” He stuttered and sat beside you.

        “Hello Bilbo! Finally someone sane around here. How are you Master Baggins?” You said mocking Thorin’s tone. 

        “Someone sane? Well I- I don’t consider myself one to brag but I Can assure you I am someone sane”  (Says the guy stroking a magic ring every five seconds!)

        “Thank you so much for being here for me Bilbo, I really needed it.” You leaned over and gave Bilbo a small kiss on the cheek. He accepted it with a blush.

        “Why are you blushing so much? Twas only a kiss.”

        “Well I may not be entirely sane after all.”

        “OH COME ON!” You stood up and kicked a rock into the nearby shrubs. 

        “Ouch!” A smooth voice yelled.

        “Hello? Is anyone there?” You asked to an unknown voice. The creature in the bush scurried around before collecting themselves and standing up only to walk out of the shrubbery and into your line of sight. 

       It was an elf with light blond hair and silver armor. He drew an arrow from his quiver and pulled it on Thorin. 

       “No please don’t!” You yelled throwing yourself in front of Legolas’s arrow. He only chuckled before lowering it to the ground.

        “You would die for such lowly creatures, human?” 

         “Yes I would.” You said matter of factly Pulling back your hair to show off your pointed ears.. Thorin could almost swoon.

        “An elf? Where do you come from?” Suddenly Legolas showed an interest in you as well. 

        “I came from the west to help Thorin reach his goal of restoring Erebor.”

        “Ah.” He grabbed your hand and allowed him to bring it to his lips. He pressed a kiss to your knuckles and you blushed as the company began yelling dwarvish slurs.


         “You like him.” Bilbo said

        “That I do Bilbo.” You smirked as you watched him push the dwarves into their cells. 

One last go round 👉🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Alright ladies!!!! So as some of our followers know, me and my husband are sadly ending our marriage 💔 next Tuesday will be the final paper signing. It’s been a fun run but unfortunately all great things come to a end. This was a mural agreement that me and my husband both made. He’s always been a wonderful husband so please no bad mouthing 🗣✋🏼 well anywho! We wanna have one last go round with a follower LADYS ONLY!!! We have a hotel reserved downtown Austin, beautiful view of the city bring a change of clothes, so here’s how it’s gonna go down. We meet at the hotel, get dressed head out to west 6th for lunch and a couple drinks, dance and just a good time after that’s all done head back to the hotel, slide the blinds and dim the lights & make a wonderful memory. Lady’s shoot us a message!!! Don’t be shy, I love bitting 😺😻

Morning with the Collins - Misha Collisn x Reader (Oh Westy Sequel) - Part 1

Title: Morning with the Collins

Pairing: Misha Collins x Reader

Word count: 3,787

Warnings: None

Read Part 1 Here! l Read Deleted Scene Here! l Read Part 2 Here! l Read Part 3 Here! l Read Part 4 Here! l Read Part 5 here!

A/N: I know Misha is married but for the purpose of this he’s divorced because, yeah, no way he would cheat on his wife. Just to make it clear, Misha, West and Maison are used in this just like characters, just like I would use Dean, Sam or Castiel on others. So if anyone is bothered you ’re free to not read it. This is just a story after all.

A small sigh left your lips as you were pulled out of your peaceful sleep by the light shining over your face. Your eyes slowly opened and you blinked several times so that they could adjust to the light. You breathed steadily as you let everything sink. For a moment ou thought it was all a dream but no, no it was not.

You remembered every single detail fo the previous day, especially the previous night and you could have never been more sure in your life that it was true. You bit your lower lip as you felt a blush rise up in your cheeks. You felt like a little school girl thinking about her crush having just admitted he feels the same as her, although in this case it was your best friend.

You were scared, yes, very much and you had expressed it last night to him.

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Illegal/Legal States to own Sugar Gliders
For anyone looking to add a suggie to their family, I found this nice little list of the states where it is legal/illegal to own them :] Illegal/Legal States to own Sugar Gliders Legal - Idaho Legal - Alabama Illegal - Alaska Legal - Washington Legal - Oregon Illegal - California They’ve been known to seize and put down animals here. Please do not risk owning them in this state. Legal - Nevada Legal - Arkansas Legal - Colorado Legal - Connecticut Legal - Delaware Legal - Florida Florida law requires you to have a cage at least 4'x4'x4’ for two gliders, and then 25% more space for each additional glider. I’ve been told this is an old law, and not really enforced. Be sure to … Legal with Documentation - Georgia In Georgia it is legal to own sugar gliders if you have documentation proving that they are from a USDA licensed breeder. Illegal - Hawaii Legal - Indiana Legal - Iowa Legal - Illinois Legal - Kansas Legal - Kentucky Legal - Louisiana Legal - Maine Legal - Michigan Legal - Minnesota Illegal in St. Paul. Legal - Mississippi Legal - Montana Legal - Nebraska Verify in Omaha. “No person may keep, confine, or sell any nondomesticated animal…”” Legal - New Hampsire Legal with Permit- New Jersery Legal - New York Illegal in the 5 boroughs. Legal - North Carolina Legal - North Dakota Legal - Ohio Legal - Okalahoma Illegal - Pennsylvania Legal with a permit, but the state has never issued permits and doesn’t seem to have plans to. Legal - Rhode Island Legal - South Carolina Legal - South Dakota Legal - Texas I’ve been told there are quite a few cities in Texas where gliders aren’t legal.  Please call and ask to find out about your city if you’re planning to own gliders. Legal - Utah Sugar glider, Petauridae Family (Petaurus breviceps) is noncontrolled for collection, importation or possession; Illegal in Salt Lake County. May be illegal in other counties/cities.  Please call your… Legal - Vermot Legal - Wyoming Legal - Wisconsin Legal - Arizona Legal with Permit - New Mexico Legal - Tennessee Legal - Virginia Illegal in Prince William County and Fairfax County, Virginia. Possibly other counties as well.  Please call and check before bringing gliders home! Legal - West Virginia Legal - Maryland Illegal in Prince George County Legal - Massachusetts Legal as of January 2014. Legal - Missouri Illegal in Jackson County

The side project I have been working on with @iriswestallens is finally being unveiled! We are so excited to bring this to an audience. Help support us!

Vocal Vixens is a talk show about Women of Color on television. We believe that women are dynamic and their TV counterparts should be as well. Each week we use our voices to bring light to topics that concern WOC characters alone. We do this in hopes that the world will recognize that WOC stories matter…period.


(A/N: Hey guys so this one is more like short story, but anyways please request imagines and or ships. I will hopefully respond to your messages in the same day and try to write as quickly as possible. And if you ever find yourself in a similar situation as the  narrator in the story please go to a public well lit area with a lot of people around and maybe ask someone in a group of sober people if you can wait with them until you get someone to get you. Also bring your phone with you everywhere xx.)

“Just two more miles (y/n). You’ve got this!” I mumbled to myself as I tried to get home from my “great” idea to swim in the beautiful West Coast Ocean. Except for the fact that it was midnight now…Somehow I lost track of time and I ended up walking home alone and trying to avoid eye contact from any possible predator. But I couldn’t help, but feel bad as I walked along the sidewalk and saw all the homeless people sleeping on the streets. Too bad I was only in my bathing suit with and oversized t-shirt, no pockets and of course no phone. I thought I was so smart to leave that precious iPhone at home because I didn’t want to get it wet.

“Hey baby, you seem to be a little cold with only that on. Come here and I can warm you up,” stammered what seemed to be one guy from a group of totally piss drunk college grads. They all laughed at his comment, but it only made me want to walk faster.

“No, don’t walk away! Just one kiss and we’ll leave you alone,” another one said as he ran up to me and tried grabbing for my arm.

“Shit. Shit. Shit.” I thought as I quickly started running faster. Please let all of those 5 a.m. runs actually help me with something. They might have been drunk, but they still managed to get around pretty well. I started for looking around for somewhere to hide or someone kind enough to protect me. But who the hell would be out near the beach that wasn’t drunk, homeless, or even more dangerous than the herd of animals already chasing me?

“Yo Sam! Get in this pic with me for snapchat,” I heard some more my age looking boys yell from a couple street lamps away. They looked a little bit like fuckboys, but they looked sober and had phones. I sprinted ahead further, and I looked behind me. Nothing.

“Oh thank god, they are gone,” I whispered to myself as I slow down back to my normal pace. Maybe they thought they still had some energy for a few more shots. At least I only had a couple more blocks until I reach my apartment. I noticed that the boys who were in front of me were getting into an Uber, which made me feel a little unsettled since I was hoping they would be my Plan B for future troubles.

“Beep Beep,” I heard the honk of a horn coming towards me. I didn’t know anyone who owned a silver Camaro.

“See baby, we can just drive you home so you don’t have to hurt your pretty little feet,” the same guys from earlier proposed.

“No thanks,” I sternly murmured and continued my sprint. The car drove right next to me, as I once again looked for any way out of the same danger. My eyes darted like a hawk looking for some kind of person to help me or even save me because I knew this couldn’t end well.

And with one quick motion I felt a gust of wind from behind me and a cluster of boyish laughing and giggling. This was not going to end well.

But as I looked ahead of me, it was only a couple of teens riding their skateboards at midnight. Not so uncommon for LA. And in those few moments I lost track of what was actually happening. I just wanted to feel how the feel carelessly laughing under the stars; flying with no resistance. However, I then turned to my left, and saw a couple figures coming out of the car. The short distraction caused me to slow down and allowed the drunks to get a greater advantage.

I knew what I had to do and I moved my feet as fast as I could to get to those boys.

“Hey guys! Wait up!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, hoping to get their attention. They jump off their boards and look at me with inquisitive expressions. At least they stopped, but I had no idea what to do. I was just making up bullshit as I went along.

“Oh my god! I haven’t seen you guys in such a long time!” I exclaimed as I get closer to them. I softly whispered to the boy with the star tattoo, “Please play along. I’m being followed and I need you to pretend you know me.”

“Heyy! How are you? You’re probably cold here’s my jacket,” he stated as he put his jacket over my shoulders and then whispered into my ear, “I’m John by the way.”

I smiled and said loud enough for the drunken men to hear, “Thanks so much John. I know I can always count on you. You’re the bestest friend in the whole wide world! Have you been working out? Wow, you are so strong you can fight a bear,” I sounded like an idiot, but I needed to be convincing that I wasn’t alone anymore and that I had people who could defend me.  “I’m (y/n). Thank you so much for doing this,” I said quietly back to him with a big smile.

One of the men from earlier came up to me once again and hopefully the last. I could smell the lingering scent of whiskey on his tongue while he uttered, “Bro, she needs a man, not a little boy to keep her safe. Right now she doesn’t want a friend; she needs something I can only give her.”

It only took a second after his last word for John to push him back and claim, “Well she’s my GIRLfriend so back off or you won’t see the nice side of me.”

“Oh come one she wouldn’t be with a guy like you,” but right then John’s face came closer to mine at a rapid rate and our lips collided desperately needing to show affection.

“You can still call me later babe,” were the last words the man said as John’s friends dragged him away.

I was still blushing, but smiling at the same time after that kiss. It may have been rushed, but I got some sort of thrill and adrenaline rush after kissing a stranger. “Wow,” was the only word I could get out. His eyes were still locked on me. It’s a strange thing that when you look into someone’s eyes you can see who they are and suddenly get some sort of connection. Even though we only knew each other’s names.  He has soft brown eyes that didn’t have a hint of threat and a welcoming smile that made me know that it was going to be alright.

“Considering the circumstances this may seem inappropriate, but I was wondering if you might possibly want to grab something to eat now or maybe another time. It really depends on how you feel. Are you ok?” he nervously rambled.

“I never kiss on the first date, but I guess this is before the first the date,” I add jokingly. “But yeah I would love to get out of here. I can’t say no to a good kisser and even better Improv actor.”

“Not too bad yourself Ms. ‘you are so strong you can fight a bear,’” he said, earning a laugh from me. “Since we met in such a rushed way I never got to use a pick up line, so here is one I think best fits our predicament. If I was a knight in shining armor, would you lower your drawbridge for me?” he asked with a wink.

“Too soon,” I laughed uncontrollably, “ I wouldn’t quite say that you were a knight since you only had your bear fighting muscles, no sword to protect me, but you are definitely my savior.” 

We both walked down to the nearest convenience store since everything else was closed. However, we both got to know each other over some gummy bears and Twizzlers. Maybe the swim was worth it…


Titan Will Bring Ice and Snow for Millions this Weekend

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Do we possibly have some Attack on Titan fans on the storm naming committee? Well, considering that the Winter Storm Names for 2013-2014 were developed by a class of high schoolers in Montana, chances are high.  

If you haven’t been following the weather channel today, Winter Storm Titan will be bringing winter weather from the West Coast all the way to New England starting this Friday. The west will get some heavy rain which will switch over to snow as it crosses the Rockies and heads to the Midwest and Northeast. For more information on the storm, please check out  

External image

For a winter storm to be considered for naming, it has to exceed an established threshold. A process known as IMPACT (Integrated Meteorological Population and Area Calculation Tool) is used to evaluate the potential impact a winter storm may have. To learn more about IMPACT click here.  

External image

Naming winter storms is actually a fairly new process. The Weather Channel attempted this last year, to mixed reviews. This year they started a naming program and enlisted the help of a Latin class at Bozeman High School in Bozeman, MT to come up with the 26 predetermined names for the 2013-2014 season.  

External image

So, Winter Storm Titan derives its name from Greek mythology and not the heart-pounding action-packed anime that we know and love. But, hey, we’re positive that at least a few of those high schoolers in that class are Attack on Titan fans!  

In all seriousness, be careful out there this weekend. We love you guys and want you to stay safe in this weather!

For more Attack on Titan, check out episodes on

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Why do everyone westernize everything??? Chanyeol and Baek would surely not make such comments if they knew they were bad but please, they live in South korea whehre these things, commenting on someone's body/ skin color is not considered rude like in the west! Plus Jongin himself too joke about hhis won skin color as well! Why do you guys hold them up to a standard they don't live in ... ??

Anon I just  find it so interesting that skin tone is brought up everywhere. It’s like that red in a sea of white. Everywhere you go no matter what country you live in, people have to bring it up and point it out because it’s so unique and so different. And because it’s unique and different, people feel as if they have to joke about it or bully about it because it is different. 

Personally, as a person with dark skin myself, I don’t see a difference in Asia vs Western, happening to Kai or Tao then with me who has experienced the jokes of being the darker skin tone of a race. You guys keep saying it’s “different”, they’re not being “rude”…., the similarity is “ Your darker skin then everyone else therefore we have to talk about it or joke about it.

Okay so the people who are saying, “This isn’t considered rude,” look at this article….Yook Jidam of Unpretty Rapstars was bullied for having darker skin when she was younger…

Or N from Vixx…

What I mean is, this is affecting people. If you haven’t been affected, then you probably can just ignore all of the bs comfortably opposed to me who have suffered from colorism from family members to friends. You can’t say “it’s only for fun.” You can’t say “ They probably don’t mean it, they’re just joking, it’s okay.” and you def. can’t say “ It’s asia, it’s a homogeneous country..” because that is when it becomes an excuse and trust me, you are not speaking up for all the people in Korea. It’s a social norm, YES but that does not mean all Koreans are okay with it. You don’t speak for those who have been affected by this.

What does Kai say is the most attractive part of him?

 He says it’s his skin. He likes it. So why does Chanyeol and Baekhyun have to demean it? Why should Kai have to joke about his own skin? Why should Tao have to endure what Luhan and Lay said about his skin tone and say it’s “okay?” 

Why do I have to watch even this come up in exo’s next door?

These are the things that bother me as a fan of k-pop. I’ve ranted a couple of times about SM being money hungry and fans being obsessive. This topic isn’t different.  I’ve been an exo fan for 3 years, and I’ve been into k-pop since 2011, learning about the Korean culture and actually falling in love with it. Is the country and it’s culture perfect? Hell no. I will say the same thing for the U.S.A. lol. No amount of essays you guys send trying to educate me (on something I’m already familiar with) will make me change how I feel about it. (Call it stubborn, however I’m not ignoring their history or their views nor am I saying this is something that needs to change now and we all know change does not happen overnight; it takes time the more awareness is being spread.

And I won’t stop talking about it because once again, some of us are afraid to talk about it and when we do talk about we want to brush it away with words like “delete it” lol. I’m just not the type to excuse. When oppa did wrong, he did wrong lol. Weather it’s Kai and friends joking around saying the “n” word or obnoxious comments about having darker skin tone being brought up as a cheap laugh. 

But I think this will be alI I will say on this matter on this blog lol. Thanks for the messages of people who are affected by this. Weather you are “dark” or “pale” skinned. I really thank-you guys for telling your stories and sympathizing with this issue. To those who think this doesn’t concern the western views, I’m saying as a western fan of eastern music, someone who throws money at EXO every time a new album drops, someone who sacrifices study time and ignores certain responsibilities for whenever EXO does anything, I’m going to have something to say. Don’t think this will ruin “the good exo blog” because we aren't “perfect”, we’ve never strived to be. I’m a realist, I’m going to keep it 100 lol. I’m proud of this blog, I’m super attached to it, and the other admins are too, we treat this as our very own and we will respect everyone who comes on it.