please become a meme

@i-am-become-meme : Whoa damn!! I’m glad you enjoyed the video :D Never knew it’d bring such a huge impact

@nyx-isai : Hey thanks a lot buddy! 

@19j :  謝謝!!我好久沒畫雙飛了……好懷念;;

Sorry. I’ve totally forgotten about these old asks. Here’s the cuties having a good laugh. 

anonymous asked:

one day fish mob wakes up with mob mobs face

I will have yall know that I sacrifice my supposedly 11 hr sleep to make this shit

Me: Lmao I’m too depressed to take care of myself or leave the house

Friend: Just go to the beach, get some sun!!!! You need to be out in nature and see the world, you’ll feel better!!! :)


// Ya’ll see, there’s a reason why I almost never drink coffee and certainly don’t drink it to the level as my twin bro and ma do.(Like seriously they down like 6 cups of the stuff each easy on a slow day.)

Coffee drinkers before their first cup of the day:

Coffee Drinkers when they discover there’s absolutely no coffee in the house:

and that is why I don’t regularly drink coffee. Well that and I prefer to have tea actually. 

Draw your OTP - Bookcover

Okay, you all know these super kitschy romance/erotic books that no one reads/buys but they exist and there’ll be more so someone has to buy them?

I challenge you to draw these covers with your OTP!!!

And just in case that you need some inspiration:
(Some of them just get really awesome with the title)

(probably not this kind of books, but I was in tears)