please be with me baby

25 - Teuvo Teravainen

Okay I don’t know much about Teravainen so I am sorry if i don’t write this right 

Anon:  25 for teuvo Teravainen please?

“Come here baby, let me take care of you.”

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When Y/N woke up to coughing she knew right away it was Teuvo last week she was babysitting her youngest brother who had been sick and Teuvo had helped and spent a lot of time with him. so Y/N turned around to see her boyfriend awake rubbing his forehead

“Teuvo hone you okay, I can go get some cough medicine if you want.”

“No I’m fine Y/N I just need some water go back to bed.”

Y/N sighed as she watched him walk out of the bedroom but no less if he said he was fine he should be. Y/N closed her eyes and tired to sleep but she knew Teuvo was sick and it was mainly because of her. so she got up out of bed and walked into the kitchen where Teuvo was still coughing she crossed her arms as she stood in the doorway.

“I’m fine Y/N go back to bed.”

“Teuvo your sick.”

“No I’m not, my throat just dry.”

‘Hmm so if I put on my music you won’t mind your head won’t bug you.”

“Y/N you don’t need to put music it on it’s 4;00 in the morning I don’t think our neighbors would like it.”

she smirked knowing he was too stubborn and wanted to go to morning skate so he wouldn’t admit to being sick and if he wanted to be that way so be it.

“Okay honey what ever you say and since its so early you shoulder start to get ready to go the rink and to pick up Aho.”

Y/N smirk grew as she walked back into the bedroom wondering how long before he would say he was sick and ask if she could call Skinner to give Aho a ride and to call coach to say he was not coming. Y/N soon found her self fast asleep when she work up the sun was up and no Teuvo she rolled he eyes at his stubbornness. she made her self some coffee  and pulled out a book and sat in her favorite chair in the living room and had her music playing. it didn’t take long at all for the door to open making her smile but she didn’t say anything as she saw him out of the corner of her eye. 

he walked into the bedroom Y/N looked to the clock knowing the morning skate wouldn’t end for an ahour and half so when he walked out and sat on the couch she spoke up

“Skate end earl today?”

he sent a glare her way

“Or maybe you where told to go home maybe because I don’t know your sick?”

he groaned 

“Fine Y/N yes yes I’m sick you can stop laughing now I admitted.”

Y/N let out one more laugh before putting her cup and book down and she went and sat in front of her boyfriend and ran her hand through his hair he closed his eye but opened them as she was now standing by the bedroom door 

“Come here baby, let me take care of you.” she said with a kind smile

Teuvo smiled back before getting up and following her 

Fuck the way I’ve been feeling lately
It’s driving me crazy, baby

Please save me
I’m caught up in the hole again
Caught up in this world again
I don’t know where I’m going
But it’s driving me crazy

Lately I’ve been missing you
Every time I close my eyes
There you are
Fooling me

I miss the way you held me
When I was feeling down
I miss the way you dried my eyes
And told me not to frown

But without you
I’m sitting here
Caught up in my head again

Writing words
To feel something
I’m going down that road again

Baby please save me
I think I’m going crazy

—  //The shattered flower

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OMGGG YOU WERE SO VAGUE ABOUT YOONMIN!??!?! PLEASES DONT KILL MY BABIES!! I dont even know how youve got me on edge over a fic i havent even started reading yet. That is talent. WOW.

djkfkldfjskjl thank you :’)) im givin no spoilers about how the au ends tho hehehehehhe

i’m so exhausted for literally no reason (thanks mental illness) but i need to stay awake because i have to get up at 11am tomorrow and go get my allergy shots and then do chores and get everything ready for the new baby rabbit and uGh somebody please converse with me and help me stay awake because me:a just ain’t doing it by itself


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