Self diagnosis is awesome and I support it 100%

But please please please do not self medicate by buying prescription pills without any professional input.

Meds can have serious side effects/can be really bad with other drugs.

Also in terms of quality control you want to know that you’re getting the correct meds/dosage.

It’s also super illegal.

Please be safe.

trans boys!!

as the summer is approaching and the weather gets hotter and hotter, please bind carefully and safely! never wear your binder for extended periods of time, do some big stretches and deep breaths every so often (once per hour is great if you can!)

and remember, no amount of dysphoria is worse than permanently disfiguring your ribcage or cracking a rib. bind safely, bind carefully and listen to your body

(also, stay hydrated in the heat! that is SO so important!)

- mod moth

okay so there appears to be a blog (tumblr user ace-reblogged) which gets a kick out of reblogging personal posts which are tagged “don’t reblog”.

i can’t really put into words not only how disgusting that is, but also how disrespectful this sort of behaviour is. people often use their blog as a private place to vent and let off steam, and if they ask people to not reblog it, guess what: you don’t reblog it.

this blog also tags some selfies as “fat girls”, which is utterly disgusting and fatphobic. you have no right to judge people based on their weight, or reblog things without people’s permission. grow up and learn some manners

please don’t message them, but instead report and block them. i’m sure if we ignore them they might shrivel up and disappear. also, i would recommend not tagging your personal posts with “don’t reblog”, and just mention it in the post. please stay safe guys, i love you <3


Hey guys I just wanted to tell you that there is yet another bully blog here on tumblr and it’s called fucknotrannies. They started following me and sent me a very nasty message

If any of you guys get followed by this person, please block them. Be safe out there guys!

anonymous asked:

To your followers who are part of the FGC please be careful around Alucard. He's spewed lots of hate towards gay people, and has threatened Fooblat with physical violence. Please, please stay safe and be careful around him.

Source. Thank you for the warning. For those who don’t know, FGC stands for Fighting Game Community.

what the fuck kind of idiot buys drugs from a stranger? incredibly dumb. don’t do it. you’re asking for all sorts of trouble. you may feel blessed in your eternal search for bliss, but one day you’re going to take the wrong substance and end up in all sorts of trouble. please be safe. ffs.

with synthetic drugs, you just have no clue what you’re getting on the spot. you can never know.

I’m being driven through back country Indiana roads to move locations and we keep seeing funnel clouds and it’s pour rain- please pray for my safe return.

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Important question and need advice please! Is it safe to go to Tennessee during the winter for a flight? I don't wanna get stuck there although I love my girlfriend I have school to attend to.

I really don’t know I’ve never been to TN

Hi guys please help us find our friend Noemi Lagman (21, 4'10, mid-heavy build, morena) who’s been missing since yesterday.. she’s a student of Asia Pacific College, Magallanes she left her house at Multinational Village, Paranaque yesterday (January 6) around 9am-10am to enroll carrying P33K. She was last seen at the entrance of Multinational Village near Duty Free, Paranaque. Her usual route going to school is from Multinational Village (Paranaque) to Heritage Hotel EDSA (Pasay) and to Asia Pacific College, Magallanes (Makati). Her classmates told us that she never reached school. Her mobile phone couldn’t be reached.

Please pass, please help. Thank you.

Person to notify:

Noel Lagman (Father) 0921-500-1468


first of all im really sorry for the spam on MH370

what happened, and what is MH370 you ask?

okay so MH370 is a plane that belongs to my country’s airline company(Malaysia Airlines)

and so MH370 left for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur

everything is going hella smooth while they are flying across the South China Sea and all of a sudden


the plane vanished from the radar, like this:

(credits to tumblr user ceciyn)

just like that

they disappeared

imagine yourself sitting in MH370, thinking about ‘oh my goodness i cant wait to see what Beijing is like i heard it’s quite cold now’ or 'i cant wait to snap a lot of pictures and taste all their food’ or 'oh i cant wait to meet my family members i brought a lot of souvenirs for them during my vacation i hope they wouldnt mind me gifting them some key chains and fridge magnets’ and basically all the feels you will have when you are travelling to another country or flying back to your motherland

instead of going the way it should, you are now worried sick and unsure of what is happening to the plane. everyone starts to panic including you

you are unsure if you can ever see the land or the faces of your loved ones

and you can only hope for the best

imagine if that was you


im sending out my prayers to all 239 passengers on board MH370 and i really hope you do the same too

please please please be safe

proper concert behavior:D
  • it is best asking politely to move up if ur short n can’t see
  • never push bc there is a baracade n it’s not a magical portal so its just gonna hurt whoever is front row ;//
  • please don’t shove others into the mosh pit. not everyone came to this concert to be kicked around in a tight circle; some would rather enjoy the music by dancing alone
  • try 2 be kind n considerate of those around u bc some may be claustrophobic or have asthmatic problems
  • do not touch others if they don’t personally ask u “touch my bum pls” [asking for consent is p important]
  • taking the advantage of knowing someone just to get a better seating is a v rude n bad thing
  • please do not cut in line [many dedicated ppl have waited at least several hrs for their spot, it’s not fair n it’s not nice]
  • if someone collapses or has a panic attack, move out of the way n let them thru [these things r so scary n not something 2 be ignored]
  • be polite to others ! concerts r at least 2x as much fun if u can make friends w/ ppl in your line or who ur standing near
  • take care of yourself, bring some snacks and water to stay hydrated, make sure 2 check the weather [if it’s an outdoor event or if ur going to stand in line wear something comfortable that will keep u feelin good]
  • make sure to bring money in case you’d like 2 by merch but definitely in case of emergency
  • remember that it’s important to have fun, but it’s also important to be safe and aware of others around you