please be safe

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Hi, um what's going on with armys on Twitter?

A BTS stan started tweeteng about ‘how much more popular BTS are than Bigbangb ww”, some VIPs disagreed this and then they started fighting about everything. It’s a mess

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Robbie, I found out I was gay and now i'm scared of my family. My grandparents are so homophobic, and I just know they'll dissown me or worse... but I have a crush on this wonderful girl that I really want to date... What do I do? It's like I have to give up one love to have the love of the other??

“Oh dear, that’s a tricky one…
I normally would never say this, but I think it would be safest for you to stay in the closet for now so you or your interest aren’t put in any danger. If you want to date her then absolutely go for it! Just keep it on the low and only tell people you completely trust to not out you.
Also, very important, you are no less a member of the lgbt+ community just because you’re in the closet. You are just as valid as anybody else.”

//Robbie and I support you completely! Please stay safe hon and I hope everything works out for you in your favor!

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1 Hey, I've followed you for months and months now and think you're absolutely stunningly gorgeous. I don't know you or what you've been through, but I personally haven't seen you do or say anything that would even come close to denouncing your deserving of love and kindness. I think you're really hot, and whenever you answer people you either give an answer that makes me laugh, or you're very humble and kind. You seem great to me and I'm sure a lot of other people. It might not be the same, but

2 I’ve also had a dreading feeling of not being good enough and not being deserving of people’s love or admiration. It’s really fucking hard to get out of, but just know you are not alone in struggling through similar thoughts and feelings. I don’t know what I could say to help, but just know that I wish I could help you figure it out. You seem really cool and absolutely beautiful though. Please stay safe.

this rly made me smile so much, thank you
i am just very unlucky when it comes to relationships for all sorts of reasons sadly 
i hope you are well and stay safe too!! 

Stop yourself the moment you justify an abuser’s behaviour with, “but at least they don’t hit me,” or “but they’ve done it less lately,” or “it could be so much worse.”

The moment you think that, they’re in your head. They’ve gotten you to accept that abuse is the baseline for how life should be.

Reject that urge to justify your own abuse. This is not how life should be. You deserve respect.

attn: black folk in nyc

police officer was shot in e. harlem tonight. he’s currently in critical condition, rushed into surgery at harlem hospital. the fdr is shutdown in certain spots & lots of police presence in harlem.

be safe my black & brown folks uptown. especially with the myth around the “war on police” being all over conservative news lately.

y'all know nypd are always on 100 anyhow. certain the next few days, weeks are going to be in overdrive.

extra care, extra caution.

No religion is responsible for terrorism. People are responsible for violence and terrorism. Terrorists do not speak for a billion Muslims who reject their ideology.

President Obama, 18 Feb 2015

Important to remember in the upcoming days. Innocent Muslim people in ‪#‎Paris‬, ‪#‎Beirut‬, and around the world will no doubt suffer backlash in the wake of today’s terrorist attacks.

edit: this post was incorrect, Yom HaShoah begins sundown of the 4th and goes until sundown of the 5th. original post is under the line here


for those who don’t know: today was Yom HaShoah, holocaust remembrance day. since it was may 4th this year, Yom HaShoah has been very much pushed under the rug by all the star wars content

if you haven’t already, please take this time to reflect on how exactly we can prevent antisemitism in our communities. what actions can you take to support and uplift your Jewish siblings? whether it’s standing up for a Jewish coworker who “takes too many holidays off” or refusing to laugh at an antisemitic joke from a friend, it is critical that all non Jews do your part to stamp out antisemitism.

thank you


first of all im really sorry for the spam on MH370

what happened, and what is MH370 you ask?

okay so MH370 is a plane that belongs to my country’s airline company(Malaysia Airlines)

and so MH370 left for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur

everything is going hella smooth while they are flying across the South China Sea and all of a sudden


the plane vanished from the radar, like this:

(credits to tumblr user ceciyn)

just like that

they disappeared

imagine yourself sitting in MH370, thinking about ‘oh my goodness i cant wait to see what Beijing is like i heard it’s quite cold now’ or 'i cant wait to snap a lot of pictures and taste all their food’ or 'oh i cant wait to meet my family members i brought a lot of souvenirs for them during my vacation i hope they wouldnt mind me gifting them some key chains and fridge magnets’ and basically all the feels you will have when you are travelling to another country or flying back to your motherland

instead of going the way it should, you are now worried sick and unsure of what is happening to the plane. everyone starts to panic including you

you are unsure if you can ever see the land or the faces of your loved ones

and you can only hope for the best

imagine if that was you


im sending out my prayers to all 239 passengers on board MH370 and i really hope you do the same too

please please please be safe