People in British Columbia!!!

There’s more than 70 wildfires greater than 10 hectares and at least 171 total active wildfires since Saturday night and if you’ve looked up at all, you’d see that the sky is completely covered in smoke. People with chronic medical conditions should avoid exercise or stay inside and infants, the elderly and those who have lung or heart disease or diabetes should too. Remember to drink a lot of water and try not to go out for a prolonged amount of time. I was outside the entire day and my throat hurts and itches so bad.

Tips to reduce risk!!

  •  Avoid roads with heavy vehicle traffic and areas with wood smoke.
  • Stay cool and drink plenty of water.
  • Continue to manage medical conditions such as asthma, chronic respiratory disease and heart failure. Seek medical attention if you’re not well!!!
  • Stay in a cool, air-conditioned environment and reduce indoor sources of pollution such as smoking and vacuuming.
  • Run an air cleaner. Some room air cleaners, such as HEPA filters, can help reduce indoor particulate levels 
  • Take shelter in air-conditioned buildings which have large indoor volumes and limited entry of outdoor air.

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hello friends!

drinking and driving is one of the most selfish things a person can do. you’re not putting your own life at risk, you’re putting your passengers and everyone out on the road at risk as well.

i lost my cousin to a wrong way drunk driver about a year and a half ago. she was 21 years old. it is an indescribable and unbearable pain that i wish on no one.

if you drank tonight or your driver drank, here are some uber/lyft codes you can use to save money on rides:
uber: promo code emilym1288 for $20 off
lyft: promo code emily727433 for $30 off

happy fourth! please celebrate responsibily! 

Binder PSA

*takes deep breath* okey soooo I don’t have much experience with binders and such but I do know for sure that binders from Amazon are horrible. I understand that dysphoria is painful and that it’s hard to cope with. But after ace bandages Amazon binders are the worst thing you can use. They are none to break ribs and cause sternums to cave in and that’s when wearing them for a safe amount of time.
Please be safe and take care of yourselves. When it comes to getting a good binder there are blogs that have free binders and online stores. If it can’t be shipped to you directly try to find a friend or person you can trust to ship it too and have them bring it to you.
You’re all lovely people and I’d hate for y'all to hurt yourselves.

(Now because I don’t have experience with binders I’m going to tag my lovely friend Luke who is more credible and such )

Luke : paracosim

Okay hey guys, I just got this in my inbox not too long, and Its probably a virus.. I know this because I got another right before this, of course I promptly deleted it because well yeah no thanks. But This was send right after I deleted it… I’m not sure if it’ll be persistent, but since these messages were both along the same sketchy lines, I would advise you don’t touch them! Please stay safe guys, this is the first time this has actually happened to me.. personally its kind of scary, but if you get them just delete them please! ;m;

Quick reminder to my fellow people who menstruate to keep track of when it starts, and how long it lasts!

If you’re pretty regular and something goes out of whack with the timing of your monthly gift that’s the a strong sign that there might be something going wrong for you down there and to consult your doctor especially if you’re on birth control or some other hormone pill

There are apps out there to help you keep track of it like pink pad.

Please be safe my fellow menstruators !!

and to nikki, who i feel i did not respond to properly in my stream of anger: 

i am so sorry you are going through this. it’s such an awful thing to happen to you and i’m heartbroken that one of the nicest, safest places on this website has become hard for you. 

whatever you choose to do now, we are behind you 100%

please keep yourself safe over everything else


a reminder for all transfolk with boobs who bind:

bandage binding is very tempting, considering how cheap it is, but it’s NOT SAFE. it is NEVER SAFE.

please save up some money for a proper binder, seek out the help of other trans people who bind, try your hardest to find resources. there are even a few people who offer to buy binders for transfolk.

if any of you have links to some good resources, please add them to this post!

Hi guys please help us find our friend Noemi Lagman (21, 4'10, mid-heavy build, morena) who’s been missing since yesterday.. she’s a student of Asia Pacific College, Magallanes she left her house at Multinational Village, Paranaque yesterday (January 6) around 9am-10am to enroll carrying P33K. She was last seen at the entrance of Multinational Village near Duty Free, Paranaque. Her usual route going to school is from Multinational Village (Paranaque) to Heritage Hotel EDSA (Pasay) and to Asia Pacific College, Magallanes (Makati). Her classmates told us that she never reached school. Her mobile phone couldn’t be reached.

Please pass, please help. Thank you.

Person to notify:

Noel Lagman (Father) 0921-500-1468


first of all im really sorry for the spam on MH370

what happened, and what is MH370 you ask?

okay so MH370 is a plane that belongs to my country’s airline company(Malaysia Airlines)

and so MH370 left for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur

everything is going hella smooth while they are flying across the South China Sea and all of a sudden


the plane vanished from the radar, like this:

(credits to tumblr user ceciyn)

just like that

they disappeared

imagine yourself sitting in MH370, thinking about ‘oh my goodness i cant wait to see what Beijing is like i heard it’s quite cold now’ or 'i cant wait to snap a lot of pictures and taste all their food’ or 'oh i cant wait to meet my family members i brought a lot of souvenirs for them during my vacation i hope they wouldnt mind me gifting them some key chains and fridge magnets’ and basically all the feels you will have when you are travelling to another country or flying back to your motherland

instead of going the way it should, you are now worried sick and unsure of what is happening to the plane. everyone starts to panic including you

you are unsure if you can ever see the land or the faces of your loved ones

and you can only hope for the best

imagine if that was you


im sending out my prayers to all 239 passengers on board MH370 and i really hope you do the same too

please please please be safe

All I fucking want to do is hold you and make sure that you’re doing okay and that you’re dealing with things in a safe and healthy way because I honestly don’t know what I would do if something were to happen to you. I care so fucking much about you and your feelings and it kills me knowing you’re not okay.
—  Texts I will type and stare at for hours but never send.

To anyone who is starting to bind and is going to be binding for more than 5 hours a day, find a sports bra or something like it [thin, comfortable material] to put underneath the binder so you don’t do serious skin damage and bruising to your chest. Your chest won’t be used to the pressure you’re putting on it and it’s much harder to bind when the seams of the binder are creating and digging into bruises.  

about the jason thing and why i'm angry/uncomfortable

so, as you may or may not know, on twitter, i have posted screenshots of dms that jason has sent me in the past that are really compromising and disgusting. i feel like i need to explain why this whole thing is making me so angry/uncomfortable/emotional. 

first off, i just want to say thank you to everyone who supported me so far, it’s really great to feel that you’re not alone. 

so, to begin the story, i found jason in one of bribry’s videos and i thought he looked nice and funny, so i went over his youtube account and subscribed. then i followed him on twitter, facebook, tumblr and all that stuff. i watched his videos and i thought he was really fun. so i started tweeting him, and he would sometimes favorite, which was nice, then i bought his bracelet and when i tweeted it to him he then dmed me to say thank you. 

i started commenting on his facebook pictures, and he was always very nice and funny. it gave me the idea that he was really close to his audience and that he really cared about them and that he was really into talking with them and make friends with them. which i thought was great, every youtuber should be close to their audience!

and then i started leaving comments on his youtube videos, and he would most of the time reply to them. 

as you may or may not know, jason had this way of promoting his videos. he would tweet his video and say “rt for a dm”. at the time, i was a big (i hate saying that word but i’m gonna say it anyway) fan of his, so i excitedly retweeted his tweet. but jason thought it was a great idea to send his viewers (which are mostly underage girls) dirty pickup lines! yes of course what a good idea, jason!!

anyway, only wanting to get noticed, i retweeted and waited. as he wasn’t dming me, i decided to join in with the pickup lines. being 15 years old, i went with a classic, cute pickup line. but then, of course, he saw it and favorited it. 

immediately after, i was greeted with a nice little message in my dms. 

i would like to remind you that, at the time, i thought it was the most innocent, funniest thing. it was one of my favorite youtuber ironically sending me a dirty pickup line… right?

but then, right after that first dm, i got this one. and then all of these. 

yeah. really “:D” there jason. back then, i was as excited as a child on christmas day because, wow, look at how many times he had noticed me! i thought i was so cool because i had made him laugh. it’s only now, after all the stuff that came out about him, that i realize how gross and how truly unnacceptable that was. he never even stopped and thought “wait, is this actually okay to send these kinds of message to my young audience?" 

after that, i was really freaking out and tweeted "JASON JUST SENT ME ABOUT 10 DIRTY DMS I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING”. and then, of course, he had to see it and retweeted. 

to be completely honest, to me now it only shows how much shit he didn’t give. like “yeah guys i just sent 10 truly disgusting pickup lines to a 15 year old, look at me i’m funny.” real funny there jason.

after that happened, i was still freaking out and decided to post the screenshots to tumblr. and, of fucking course what did i expect, jason saw it and reblogged adding this. (i was veethreeeye, i now changed it because of all this)

this hit me so fucking hard. back then i was again all happy that he had noticed me ONCE AGAIN on the same day. but seriously, i’m like crying right now. he’s so not sorry for sending obscene messages to an underage girl, so not sorry for saying these things while you sexually abuse other women using alcohol and asking for nudes to underaged girls. yeah, so not sorry. 

after that, when he tweeted his “rt for a dm” thing, he would reply to me almost everytime, making me feel like we had some kind of bond. he also started to dm me randomly, when i never mentioned him or retweeted his stuff. and looking back at them, he was being so creepy! i’m a girl who thinks everything that is a sexual reference is being said ironically when it’s a friend. but now i’m pretty sure none of it was ironic. i’m literally so scared.

okay first off “no bunk” is a sex joke in the phandom, why would you even tell me that and call me “bb”??then telling me things like that. seriously, where was he getting at?!

also the fact that most of the tweets he decided to favorite that i sent him were ironic sex jokes such as 

to which he then replied

and also things including me being naked

and to get even more creepy he added me to this list that was back then called so

that he then changed to “the cute list” and added more people to.

i can’t even begin to comprehend how he could do all of this. he never once asked for my age, he never once stopped himself because it was too much or even thought about how creepy all of it really was. 

fortunately, not long after that, jason and i had an argument about his bracelets (which was literally so stupid, i was just saying they were expensive for people outside uk and he got extremely butthurt and was super rude.) (no need to show you these dms it’s just him being rude and trying to humiliate me because he dmed me and i had to reply publicly.)

anyway, after the argument jason stopped talking to me, which now i realize was FUCKING BETTER LIKE THIS. 

thinking about all of this back makes me sick to the stomach. please understand that nothing ever happened physcially between jason and i, i wasn’t sexually abused or anything (i live in canada anyway), but it’s just thinking about the fact that i could’ve been a victim. because i remember thinking if jason ever came to canada and asked to hang out, i would probably say yes. and it’s where it scares me the most now, because hearing about all the stories, and with everything he’s said to me, i’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have hesitated.

the thing that upsets me the most in this whole story, it’s that i liked him quite a lot. i thought jason was a nice guy, and that everything he told me was just friendly jokes and nothing more. i never considered jason more than a friend. i was 15 anyway, never did i ever think about it. and the fact that i now learn that he sexually abused underaged girls… it’s just so much to take in. 

now, please, don’t make the same mistakes as me. if a youtuber or someone you look up to tells you things you don’t feel comfortable with or says things that don’t feel right, please call it out. you are in no way obligated to deal with them because you think they are friendly. establish your comfort zone and make them know.

please, please, please, stay safe. 

thank you for reading.


There is a user by the name of more-dead-kikes, previously deadkikes, that is submitting gory images to people of the LGBT, POC, and Jewish individuals. They are also anti-Semitic, considering they have nazi symbols plastered on their blog. They also reblog people’s selfies and text posts, adding rude comments such as “kill yourself”. Please block and report this user and temporarily close your submissions/asks. Stay safe everyone!


i worry about tumblr users because yeah, we support body positivity which is SO important you should love yourself no matter your size/shape/weight anything like that

but guys please eat healthy if you can and take care of yourself because heart disease and diabetes are very real and i don’t want anyone to hurt themselves in the name of body positivity