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How are you guys??

Haha did you guys miss me? I missed you, too.
Everyday before I go to sleep, I find two teardrops on my pillow when I wake up.

[ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t know too]
I took screenshots of the comments here on fancafe where ARMYs recommended movies for me to watch. Today, I decided to watch a movie. If it’s good, I’ll recommend it to my members or to everyone through VAPP hahaha. Because of ARMYs I really like to watch movies!!! I feel like I’ve become a better person!!!

[I also]
I’ve been interested in paintings and photography these days, I’ve also been recommending a lot of them haha. Lately I’ve been taking pictures of landscapes, too. I have representative models, lots, there’s 6 of them. I bought a filming camera 3 days ago that I’ve been trying to take proper pictures with. The important parts are the ISO, focus, aperture, and shutter speed. I don’t know much about it, so I’m trying my best to learn, but I’m afraid I’ll stop being that it’s difficult. So please, stop me from quitting.

[Right Now]
There’s so many comments that I can’t read them all. When I have time I’ll come back and read them all. Sleep well. 

[Euwoh I’m touched??]
Because all you guys are supporting me~~
Saying that you all can help me with things like this, I’m extremely proud. If I didn’t meet ARMYs, I wouldn’t have been interested in art. I probably wouldn’t be watching foreign movies or listening to a variety of music, I would be watching Oseam during Chuseok. I wouldn’t have discovered all these things if it wasn’t for ARMYs recommendations and different lifestyles, which is what gives me strength!!! Ahh, I’m so proud!!!

trans: jhope-shi | do not repost without giving credit!

T/N: Tae posted several times on fancafe, so I decided to put them all together instead of mini posts.
Also, he replied to ARMYs comments. One gave him advice on his camera, in which he replied “thank you~” (aegyo). The second person was giving him support in which he replied the same way.

I want the V route to be a romantic route. 

I want this because he deserves to know a relationship not hurting because of abuse and wrongdoings. I do not hate Rika; but I cannot be the only one who thinks that their relationship is not cute or adorable, but disgusting and abusive. 

Neither of them are good for one another at this point - V has become secluded and has lied because of his love for her and for the RFA; I feel perhaps before we see V in the game, before us, he was a lot different; but being in a relationship that slowly becomes one based on abuse changes people. People will try to seclude themselves, they will shy away from what they were once before and the people they knew before. I’m not saying this is how most people in abusive relationships act but I am saying that this is a way some people change in abusive relationships. 

Rika’s mental illness’ are not an excuse for her actions. Yes, a mental illness can perhaps influence ones actions, but to completely disregard ones actions because they are “mentally ill,” is wrong. It is ones responsibility (in my opinion) to apologize for what they do during an “episode,” or after they have gotten help - because like it or not, mentally ill, or not, you still hurt someone with your actions, and you should apologize. When I do or say things that are harmful/hurtful during an “episode,” brought on by depression or anxiety, I apologize afterwards, because I know, I still am at fault. 

I personally do not think V and Rika should be in relationship while Rika is in the state of mind she is - she needs help - and I’m not sure even if she did get help, if I would want them in a relationship anyway. She still abused him - she still did a lot of horrible things to him - and if this was real life, would you want someone who was abused in a relationship to get back with said person after they got help? I don’t readily think so. If someone abused someone close to you and got help afterwards would you want that person to get back with the person who was abusive towards them? Even if they have gotten help? Maybe you would, but I myself, would not. I had a best friend once who was in an abusive relationship - I hated the boy with my guts for how he treated her. He has gotten help, but I in no way ever want to see her with him again, she deserved better and she still does. He also deserves a good relationship too; one without abuse, and not one with her. Maybe some are more forgiving then me, and if you are, I applaud you, but that is not me. 

My point is - is I’d like to see a route for V where you help him realize that there’s more to life than a relationship that hurts you and the other person, that some people aren’t meant for you and you’re not meant for them, to show him again what it is to be in love and not to be hurt at the same time by the one whom you love. And I want Rika to get help - I want her to see V happy and her, herself, be happy too, because maybe they just weren’t meant to be; maybe there is more out there than just what she had, And there is. 

All of this is opinion, and I do not wish to see people attacking me for said opinion or feelings, I have seen others opinions and whilst perhaps not completely agreeing with them, I chose to understand them, and not attack them. If you don’t have anything nice to say, do not say it at all. Anyone who wishes to start drama, or fight with me, will be blocked, because I do not want to see it and you are clearly not mature enough to see an opinion and respect that it is ones opinion. Thank you.

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Please recommend me some good bnha fanfics

I…ah….hope you don’t mind, but pretty much…all of these are tododeku lol

you called it home, theroyalsavage - first fic I read (reaaally nice first impression of this ship)….cute snapshots of tddk getting together feat. pining Todoroki

It must be the heat, Sleeves - Izuku’s birthday! v soft

what is right and what is easy, theroyalsavage - hogwarts au! 

alone together, celestialfics - outsider pov! lowhighkey domestic tbh

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky, PitViperOfDoom - mer/sailor au (´∇ノ`*)ノ

The Ringriotousorder - a proposal!

and baby, the world’s watching us drownjambell - non-shippy future fic…a bit sad

You’re Fantastic,  spicanao - buying each others’ merch! this is rlly cute omg

in death, at the end of the world (wip), theroyalsavage - ghost hunting au…( ̄ー ̄)b

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BTS Masterlist

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Newest Never Forget Me

Kim Seokjin (Jin)

 Couldn’t Wait Baby

Min Yoongi (Suga)

 Still Here ⚉♨︎

Professional ✸♨︎

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)

Nice Sleep? ✸♨︎

What parent Hoseok would be like

So Cold 

Never Forget Me 

Kim Namjoon (RapMonster)

 Little Encounter ⚉✸

♘ Best Friends ✸

Park Jimin

Little Crush ⚉✸


Kim Taehyung (V)

Strange ⚉♨︎

Just Friends ⚉✸

Locked In ✸

Dangerous; Prologue | 1 | 2 ⚉ ✗

Jeon Jungkook

❥ Still Here ⚉♨︎

❥ Strange ⚉♨︎

Stay Alive 

Roommates ⚉✸


Let me show you ✤♨︎

No Escape | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | Final

Boyfriend Jungkook would be like


 Rapline reaction to you being a cat person

Bts reaction to their GF being Norwegian

♡ BTS reaction to their GF that’s usually very polite and happy breaking down after finding out a family member passed away

 BTS reaction to GF being underweight


Bts as things I’ve said

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EXO Reaction to you and them being childhood friends

This was requested by @sekailover​ Thank you!!
I wasn’t sure how you wanted it to be, like just friends or their S/O being also a childhood friend so I did a little bit of both. Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*He’d be that kind of friend that has a spare key of your place and just comes in to get food* “Y/N hasn’t seen me… good, she might notice I ate the whole fridge”


*He’ll be the softest boy only with you* “Why did I tell you all my secrets… why…”


*SO much trust here. Probably too much. SO much that sometimes people think you are dating. Or maybe you are, who knows*


*You’d be fools together tbh* “I want you to do my make up two! Maybe we can go out like this and say we are in a weird date!”


*He’ll take you anywhere tbh. You’ll always be with him and he’ll always be with you* “We are going on an adventure today Y/N. We’ll be picking you up at 5AM xD”


*Probably would be eternally in love with you* “You came! I’m glad you could make it… I was looking forward to meeting you today… come I prepared a surprise”


*That kind of friend that will surprise you at 2AM with the last thing you would think of* “Hey there! Open, I brought you someone… yeah you bias. You better hook up already, please”


*Partners in crime… for literally E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G* “Wanna be  naughty today???”


*There are no boundaries between you too….* “The Eve, special dance for Y/N. Here we go!”


“Don’t look at me like that… you are making me blush!” *You’ll probably know everything about each other and might as well be in love with each other in secret*


*The person he treasures the most. Sometimes looks like a brotherly-friendship, sometimes more like a love thing* “Have I told you how nice that sweater looks on you? You smell nice, are you seeing someone today? OR just going out with me?”


*He’ll be the one you can truly count on, even if you two had a fight. He’ll be there, because he just loves you too much* “You know… I love seeing you happy… it makes my heart content”

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For all you who have seen my “I do Adore” Miraculous Ladybug animatic, I clearly said in the description that I WAS GONNA POST IT ON YOUTUBE.

I know im not usually harsh in situations like this but….







Also!!! HEAD UP TO @megs-ils and @yunyin they reposted you comics too!!!

And a big shoutout to @arachelyma THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME THIS.

MC: What do you guys think about me?
ZEN: My beautiful princess, angel from the heavens, queen of my heart
Jaehee: Supprtive, kind and caring (girl)friend
Jumin: Meow
707: The Holy Cure For My Depression, What Did I Do To Deserve This Goddess
V: Good party planner, nice person
Yoosung: (:
MC: God please no
Yoosung: [inhales]
MC: What sins did I commit to deserve this
Yoosung: R
MC: [starts crying]
Yoosung: I
MC: [pulling her hair]
Yoosung: K
MC: [screaming] WhY
MC: [throws phone at wall so hard it breaks]

Mysme characters as shit i said last month

Jumin : mom i’m not lonely because i’m single, i’m lonely because I don’t have a cat pls mom

Yoosung : life is too hard i wish i could be a cactus

Jaehee : if i die will I have to continue working on this? please have mercy jesus

707 : do u like maths because u can count on me lol I really like you

Zen : you know what they say, 60 squats a day makes your ass okay

Unknown : life is so weird look at this sky so blue and then boom it’s raining i’m impressed

Rika :
Me : why can’t i rule the world it would be very peaceful, nice and lovely
my friend : sam you can’t even take care of your own life

MC : i don’t know what is happening but I think i like it lol

V : i could eat this eraser if that makes you happy please smile

I Love You, Not Your Gender

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Request: howdy, could you do a tyler x reader where they meet at a coffee shop or something and they fall in love, but turns out that the person ty falls in love with is trans Ftm (female to male) and they get beat up or something and ty is like “fuck man. i really love them……” idk just an idea!!!!!! thank youuuu!!!!

Summary: So basically Trans!Reader (FtM) meets Tyler one day at Molina’s Coffee House and they hit it off but then some bad stuff happens but happy ending as always.

A/N So this was definitely different than what I’m used to, but I really got inspired this morning while I was at Starbucks working on some other stuff with some friends so I wrote this! Kinda long, but I’m actually very happy with how it came out! Hope you guys enjoy! Also, I do support the LGBT community, so please don’t take anything I wrote in this fic (slurs/intrusive thoughts) as anything that I personally believe. As always, anything in italics is a personal thought in first person that the character is having. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1572, much long I’m v sorry

Warning: I cursed, used a homosexual slur, a little bit of violence, and mention of mental issues such as anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and being self conscious.

This request really got me out of my comfort zone, but I’m very happy with how this came out. I’ve never written a Tyler fic or a trans!reader fic so please be nice. I tried my best to get into the mind of what someone in this situation might be feeling and experiencing, but I obviously am not perfect. Anyway, feel free to request! I’ve got a few lined up in my drafts, but the more the merrier!

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I'm too shy to come out of anonymous... but how did you start your studyblr?? It looks so professional!

hey anon! dw, jo here has got your back! B )
     (& don’t be shy, anon! feel free message me or de-anon and tell me to answer privately if you have any questions or just want to talk!)

onto your question, personally, I kind of tripped into the studyblr community one day and simply put, fell in love. So I decided to start my own studyblr as means to motivate myself, but only started working on it about three weeks ish ago? anddd the rest, they say, is history.

WARNING: A LONG POST BC JO TENDS TO GO OVERBOARD (and i probably forgot something even tho there’s this huge post but whatever oops)

but hey! i’m sure my blabbering wasn’t quite what you’re looking for, so
here’s what I’d recommend if you’re looking to start or spice up your studyblr!!

  1. find a nice theme: I find that if you can find nice, clean, simplistic (but cute and aesthetically pleasing) themes, you’re well onto your way to becoming a v nice studyblr. but still, you don’t need a theme to be a good studyblr!
    here are a few blogs that make really nice themes you can look at!
    1. shythemes - is where I got my theme. Shythemes has very simplistic, clean type themes that I really like. These themes look crisp and neat and a sort of minimalist feel.
    2. ciralismthemes - has a cute, magazine/website layout (??) type theme. Cute and clean type of theme, ciralismthemes almost seems to build a little personalized "theme” within a blog. lots of choices, each theme different and unique.
    3. micaelis - has cute, tidy themes. ‘Mediocre’ is the theme that some studyblrs seem to favor, is compact and has lots of options and things, has other themes anime-related.
    4. zenthemes - zenthemes has clean, neat, minimalist themes. loads of options, all free. take a look around and choose as you like!
    5. tumblr’s themes - tumblr has loads of free themes all ready to go, you can pick and choose whichever theme you think you like!
  2. customized backgrounds/icons: let me say this first. you do not need to have all these “pretty, cute, aesthetic, personalized items” to be a great and amazing studyblr. you don’t. but I do suppose that it makes your blog look better strictly-aesthetic wise? I’m not saying you need perfect themes and great everythings to be a good studyblr, but this is something that people seem to like, if you get what I mean.
    but here are a few things you can do
    1. on your desktop - you can do a few things with your desktop theme and stuff
      1. find nice background wallpaper - choose a wallpaper! i don’t recommend complicated backgrounds or pictures as your wallpaper, because it can make your blog look messy and hard to look at. instead, choose pastel colors or solid colors with a simple pattern (like with gridded lines or dashed lines, maybe). 
        you can also put random things on your wallpaper to customize it. I put a border with my url on it, but you can do a lot more, like add pictures of people, flower petals, stars, anything! to do that, you can use photoshop (software) or picmonkey, etc. (online photo editors) to edit.
        the usual size for wallpaper is 1920 x 1080 btw!
      2. don’t clutter - make sure your blog doesn’t look to cluttered, i guess? remember KISS (keep it simple, stupid).
    2. on mobile - just like desktop view, you can pretty up your mobile look
      1. make a header - you can either make your own personalized header (like I did for my mobile theme) that fits with your desktop (or doesn’t) or you can put nice, pretty pictures as your header.
    3. make an icon - icons are like, super important. to me, at least. so try and make or find a good icon!
      1. letter/url icon - you can make an icon by putting the initials of your url or your entire url into the icon and setting a (most often pastel) solid color as the bg. it’s pretty popular and what my icon is. you can also add things that represent your url to the icon.
      2. photo icon - set a nice photo as your icon. i don’t think there’s much to say about this type of icon.
      3. selfieeeee - you can set yourself as your icon! only if you want to though (though i’m 100% you’re super handsome/pretty, i know it ;) )
  3. URL making - you can make up anything for your url!
    1. i’d recommend you add something related to studying or academics so that people know that you’re a studyblr, but you don’t have to!
    2. most often, people find good urls by either doing
      1. favorite object/thing/color/anything + study/studies or
      2. studywith + name
      3. name + studies/studying 
  4. Original Content - make original posts! here’s the thing, i’ll be honest with you. if you have good lighting, nice notes, nice filters, etc., your stuff is more likely to get noticed. but they don’t have to be. the only step is that you post stuff! don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a lot of notes because you aren’t defined by notes. just post photos (if you need motivation, try doing the 100 days of productivity challenge), make your own masterposts, write about things, make a advice/tip list, etc. do anything! 
  5. Signal Boost - related to original content! when you make your own posts or whatever, you can tag people! put their urls or whatever tag they track in your tags because then studyblrs will see your posts! the studyblr community is a great and friendly place, we won’t ignore you or your posts (promise) unless we don’t see it on accident! people do it, and if you don’t feel comfortable tagging studyblrs you look up to or just studyblrs in general, tag me! i’ll def reblog and boost your stuff, so feel free to tag me (and it’s ok to tag other studyblrs in your posts, honestly!) and if you have any mutuals, tag them too!
  6. Intro Post - oh gosh, the intro post is like, the most important thing ever. you should make an introduction post, introducing yourself to the community! in general, the formula for an intro post is your name, age, what you’re interested in, etc. etc. and tagging studyblrs that have inspired you or helped you make a studyblr. It took me a month to get around to this, but ohhh boy, can I tell you what a difference it made. It’s important to show yourself to the community, so do this!!
  7. Get Talking & Be Nice - not like you aren’t nice, but be friendly and outgoing and nice and kind to people in general and you’re gonna get far in both the studyblr community and in real life. and you should talk to people! reach out! find new studyblrs or talk to studyblrs that you look up to, etc and message them / send them an ask (like you did me!) this gets you far, youngun, trust me <3
    1. Communities - also, you can join communities and other study groups to get connected. 
  8. Reblog - reblog posts and stuff that you like and you’ll get nice content filling up your blog in no time. also, the queue is your best friend if you’re pressed for time. 
  9. Extra things - extra things idk where to put
    1. nice things - you can buy nice things to treat yourself. buy stationery, paper, just nice things to treat yoself. they look really nice btw and yes just do it. 
      1. stores -  you can buy things at stores like muji, kikki.k, tokyo pen shop
      2. brands- that are really nice include pilot, uniball, sharpie, copic markers, etc
    2. apps/extensions - apps and stuff people use
      1. Focus Now/Forest - keeps you on focus by having you put your phone away. you either kill or grow a tree for a certain time you don’t use your phone. (extension for chrome: Forest)
      2. Leoh - chrome extension that opens on a new tab. includes to do list, time, goal for the day, news, weather, etc.
      3. Momentum - the typical studyblr extension, gives time and sets goal for the day
      4. - alternative to Momentum, gives time, has a built-in pomodoro timer, and a lot of lists and stuff to keep track of things.
      5. Flashcards+ - helps you study by opening a new tab and having you do flashcards.
      6. OneTab - a super lifesaver. Onetab collects all the tabs you might’ve had open and saves it so you can go right back to here you were last time if you need to close your laptop, etc.
      7. Pomodoro Timer - sets a 25 min timer to have you do things and keep you on track, etc. 
    3. Bullet Journal - keep a bullet journal! A bullet journal is a sort of to do list, note, journal, and everything else mashed into one. Lots of studyblrs and other people use bujos. You can search reach the official bullet journal website or look on tumblr to see more about bujos. 
  10. I don’t know what else, but if you have any more questions or if I didn’t answer your question properly, contact me again, anon! (If you were referring to my wallpaper and icon looking professional, I made them myself and you should contact me if you’re looking for stuff like that!) 

Other (great and quite possibly better than my hastily written answer) New Studyblr Posts:

also, some great studyblrs you should follow just to get you on your feet, etc: 
@standardunistudent @succulentstudy @hope-studies @studyign @studybuzz @studyblr-bri @haleystudies @hayley-studies @academla @sirenastudies @studylikeslytherin @studytildawn @elkstudies @studycxlture @study-well @studylou @katsdesk @studyvet @the-brightest-witch-studies @studyandblacktea @green-tea-and-studying @emmastudies @milkystudies +  hella lotta more lovely people

i hope this helped, anon! feel free to come and talk to me whenever xoxo



Hi there dear anons !
yes, all MM bois all so nice and love MC wholeheartedly and truthfully, no doubt, no comparison as this isnt a competition, heheh but if we are talking about preference then, this is my preference, owo)/

Yes I am bias to Jumin because i just love him so much (???)


My drawing above is just to show my own understanding on both ship/ how I interpret it.

From this point onwards is just

my preference

, please dont take it too seriously–

I prefer Jumin to be with his childhood friend, V, more as he is the one of the first person to ever break Jumin’s cold icy heart and totally understand him and since they have known each other for a long time I think V and Jumin just born to be together ? hehehehe

Not to mention as in my previous ask I do have soft spot for childhood friend and V would totally fit the role. And since I am bias to Jumin, so ofc I want him to be with someone who can treat him nicely and totally understand him and (in this case) Jumin and Zen ship is more like Jumin try to understand Zen antics more rather than he himself being understood.

Not that I hate Jumin Zen I just state my preference, www I am cool with Jumin Zen, sometimes their relationship is hilarious hahahaha

I should stop before its getting longer heh anyway thank you for reading !

p/s; cant wait for


next week ! //whale noise

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Headcanons for RFA + V and Saeran (if you write for them) with an s/o with a very large chest? Like, F-cup and above. I really like your headcanons and I'm feeling a bit insecure about my chest (H). Thank you so much~ <3

I know this won’t help but please don’t feel insecure! I, personally, think is nice <3 


  • He got a big surprise when he saw you 
  • omg he wasn’t expecting that

  • is a bit nervous about it at first 

  • but with the time it gets normal 

  • excelent pillow for him 


  • Doesn’t notices at first 
  • but you wear this particular dress one day and now he can’t stop staring 

  • loves it of course 

  • the beast will be released OH NO! 

  • but mostly feels like he wants to hug you a lot because know you look like cuddle material (if that is a thing) 


  • She got a big chest and is really cool with it 
  • of course yours is bigger but she doesn’t mind

  • “MC if your back hurts just tell me I can rub it” 

  • ask you for tips about bras 


  • He wanted to give you a gift and asked about your size for a dress
  • and he was a bit shocked about it 
  • but once the dress came he sent it to you 
  • “send a picture, I want to see how it looks”
  • and WOW! beautiful
  • He just sees it as a part of you and how beautiful you are 
  • loves it when it gets dirty (:o) 


  • YASSS! 
  • always touching them 
  • “Can I name them?” 
  • Of course he will love you without them but is something he likes a lot too 


  • He is ALWAYS nervous when you wear shirts that shows a little bit of your chest 
  • tries not to look much at them but can’t 

  • he thinks it looks cute 

  • of course tries to make casual coments about how nice you look 

  • but fails and makes it akward 


  • likes to buy bras for you 
  • like in different colors and with different shapes 
  • always trying to make you feel confident about your chest 
  • “I thing you look lovely with that” 


I suc at dis :(( kbye

The Other Lodge (Part 3)

Originally posted by justin-gingerlake

Pairing: OC x Reader

Requested: Nope

Synopsis: Veronica Lodge and her twin brother Jackson ‘Jax’ Lodge are new to Riverdale. He thought he was going to hate it here but then he met you.

GIF Not Mine

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

“Well, it’s not the Met ball.“ Veronica said as you, herself, Betty, Archie, and Jackson walked through the entrance of the gym where the dance was held. The dance was in full swing, everyone was having fun and dancing. You glanced over to Jackson, who stood next to Betty the other side of the group, and you had to admit he looked good in a suit.

“I’m… uh going to get some punch.” You informed the group and walked away before Veronica could protest. When you got to the punch table you poured yourself a glass, you didn’t actually want any you just wanted to get as far away from Jackson as you could. He was your weakness, the longer you were in his presence the more you want to forget about everything and hook up with him. You were leaning against the table scrolling through your phone when Veronica came over with Kevin. She cleared her threat trying to get your attention but to no avail so she snatched your phone out from your hands. “Hey!” You exclaimed.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Veronica asked. Her perfect eyebrow arched.

“I was on my phone.” You replied, emphasising on was.

“There is a handsome guy wanting to dance with you so go dance with him.”

“Okay, if you’re referring to your brother, he doesn’t. Secondly I don’t want to dance. I don’t even want to be here so can I have my phone back.” You asked attempting to get your phone from Veronica but she moved it out of your reach in the last second.

“No you can’t. You are going to dance with my dear brother. We’re here for Betty so if we all dance it will hopefully make her relax and finally tell Archie how she feels.” She said grabbing your hand to guide you where Jackson is. “Also, you’re not getting your phone back until you dance with him.” You both stopped where he was standing and she nudged you towards him before going off to dance with Kevin.

“So..” You started.

“So… I’m guessing she took your phone too?” Jackson asked.

“Yep.” You replied.

“Well, I guess if we want our phones back we better fulfil her bizarre wishes.” He decided and took your hand leading you to the dance floor. He slipped his arms around your waist and you crossed your hands around his neck. It was a slow song on so you were both swaying to the music. You were looking around trying to avoid eye contact with him. Jackson sighed when he noticed what you were doing. “Why can’t you look me in the eye? Am I that bad?”

“Depends. What did you mean when you said you pegged me as a cheerleader?” You didn’t mean to ask him tonight, or at all, but you had enough and not knowing was driving you crazy.

“What did you mean when you said you didn’t peg me as someone who plays football.”

“I asked first.” You were getting impatient with him now. You stopped dancing and removed your arms from around his neck.

“Okay… you’re superficial, self-centred, bitchy. Your parents are rich so you think you’re untouchable. You’ve probably been with the whole football team, if not most of it. You are fake and you don’t let anyone see the real you.”

“That’s a bit presumptuous, don’t you think?” You crossed your arms dumbfounded at his presumption of you.

“Oh like you haven’t done the same.” Jackson retorted. He was standing close to you now, towering over you.

You scoffed. “Wow, I was right about you.” You shook your, disappointment laced in your tone and flashed across your face. You hoped you were wrong about him like you were wrong about his sister but tonight he proved you right. The music soon stopped for Cheryl to introduce Josie and the Pussycats to the stage as well as make a speech about Jason. You turned away from him and started heading to the door leaving Jackson standing in the middle of the dance floor on his own. You wanted to not draw attention to yourself but Little did you know was that two people were watching you. Cheryl was standing on stage and noticed you walking off out of the door, it was easy for her as everyone else was standing still.

The other one who was watching was Veronica. She was watching the exchange between the two of you the entire time. When you walked away looking upset she was confused, she didn’t know why or how it went so wrong. She caught her brothers gaze to which he looked away immediately and walked off. Veronica followed her brother and caught up with him. “What the hell happened?” Veronica demanded. She grabbed his arm so he would look at her.

“Nothing. It’s none of your concern.” He replied turning back to the punch table grumbling at the lack of alcohol in it.

“It’s obviously not nothing. Y/N walked off clearly upset. What did you say to her?”

Jackson scoffed. “She was not upset and I told her the truth. Why do you care so much anyway? Isn’t there someone else’s life you can be meddling in?”

“I care because you’re my brother. What did you say to her, Jax?”

“I told her she was fake. Look, I know the type V. The typical cheerleader.” Veronica’s face dropped. She was angry, no she was pissed. Jackson saw the look that clouded his sisters face and knew immediately what he did was wrong.

“You’re joking right? Please tell me you didn’t actually say that to her.” Veronica looked at her brother waiting for an answer but he just stood there speechless. “I can’t believe you. How could you make an assumption about someone after everything we’ve been through.”

“V I-.” He started but Veronica held her hand up to tell him stop and continued.

“And if you must know Y/N is the least fake person I know. She’s nice and caring and definitely not like the girls from our old school but of course you wouldn’t know that because you didn’t even bother getting to know her before you made up your mind about her.”

“She did the same thing, you know.”

“Then you prove to her that she’s wrong.” Veronica shook her head in disappointment at her brother and scoffed. “You can take the boy out of New York but you can’t take New York out of the boy.” She looked at him in pity and shoved his phone to his chest. Once again Jackson was left on his own in the middle of the dance floor realisation that he messed up flooded him. He liked you, from the moment he met you he liked you, but now he’s messed up. Any chance of being with you gone.

“Don’t give up on her. She’ll come around. You just have to work even harder to win her over.” Cheryl assured standing beside him. Jackson was startled, he didn’t hear her or see her come over. ‘She was right’ he thought but now he’s got to win you and his sister over, both he wronged.

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whatnameshallitake  asked:

Um...Sorry but I'm actually quite new to this. Just wanted to ask what your personal favourite headcanons are for RFA+V+Saeran+Rika if it's not too much trouble Just saw your tumblr today and I'm currently in love~ XOXO~♡

please don’t be sorry, I like these kinds of requests. Thank you very much for your words, it means a lot to me, everyone is so nice. These may be a little gruesome and could be triggering, so just be warned. Also, I think I’ll keep adding to this list, because I’m sure I can think of more in the future. Oh, this also probably shows which characters i really like. 

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may 10th, 2017 // #vivs1.5k

yikesss the banner lmao thank you all so much for getting me to 1.5k followers!! i kinda wanted to do something for 1.25k but i never got around to doing it so here’s a big celebration!!

keep in mind ive been in a v bad place mentally and are in the middle of exams and still have gymnastics so this will probably happen slowly!


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smiley boys (≧◡≦) | more phan doodles here

this is a preview to another phan comic that i wanted to finish tonight but didn’t…despite that tho i’m v happy with this combination of two art styles i do :>

In an entirely black space, a glowing cyan and yellow circle appeared in thin air.

A small skeleton stepped out from the circle.

“Gzus, this place sure gives me the chills,” Timekid Sans remarked, shuddering slightly as he looked around, searching for the skeleton he knew was in here somewhere. “No wonder Mel is terrified.” His bright eyes swivelled around.

As soon as he knew about Mel’s whereabouts after a pacifist timeline , TK, knowing about Mel’s fear, had decided that he had to keep him company, at least for a while. Besides, Mel had saved both him and his younger brother Papyrus from the hands of GZtale Papyruz…so of course he had to return the favour.

‘Ah, there he is!’

Upon spotting the magenta and black figure, TK immediately ran over to him.

“Mel! Mel! It’s me, TK!

The older skeleton turned slightly, clear tears flowing from his eyesockets. His mouth curled up in a weary smile.

“Heya kiddo~” Melancholy Ganz greeted, mustering the most cheerful tone he could manage. “Watcha doing here?”

TK sat down beside him, grinning . “After you saved me and Pap’s ass back there….I haven’t properly thank you yet! So just thought I’d do that now!”

Mel raised a browbone. “You came ALL THE WAY here to thank me. Doesn’t sound very convincing, kiddo.”

The smaller skeleton’s head sunk into his hoodie sheepishly. “Welp, ya got me…..”

“So why are you here, kid?” His pink and yellow eye suddenly blazed brighter, and TK could practically feel the heat emulating from it. “You better not lie again, I can tell.

‘No shit,’ TK thought as he gulped. "Actually, I just thought you needed some company here….I heard it’s an unaVOIDable issue!”

Mel stared at the younger skeleton as he explained himself, and chuckled weakly at the pun.

“Well, you should probably leave, TK.” Mel replied quietly. “This is no place for kids. And Geno’s probably worried about ya-”

“I told Geno I was coming here.And…"TK’s voice softened, yet his tone was more determined than ever. "It’s okay to be scared, you don’t have to hide it. Ganz probably wouldn’t want it.” He dared to add.

Mel turned to TK, surprised at how mature he sounded. Maybe it was a time traveler thing? But inside, he had to admit he felt reassured by his words.

“Nice pep talk, kiddo,” he remarked, smirking, his voice unusually thick. “Guess I won’t be able to persuade you to leave. Welp, do you wanna spar while you’re here?”

TK sprang to his feet. “Yes, please!”




OMG! This is a good story and you really captured TK’s personality! One flaw though, he doesn’t speak in profanity other than “Damn” or “crap” XD He changes those “Fs” into “Tick” or “Tickin’” X’D but overall I LUV IT! <3

Ray Theory Pt. 2


*Hey guys! This is a part two to this theory! I recommend reading this before you read part two! 

Also please send a message if you have any theories about his case as well! I love conspiracy theories so I would love to hear from you all!

I would also like to say that this is just a theory! If you suffer from any sort of mental disorder or DID please do not take any offense to this at all! If I am wrong about something please correct me! Thank you!*

Last time we went over Ray and his DID. Recently, I have found more evidence supporting this theory!

This event takes place in one of visual novels from Day 7 in Another Story.

So the novel starts off with V in the cellar locked in Mint-Eye. Ray was talking to him and V asked him why he used the name Ray. He replied with this.

This is more evidence that Rika encouraged Saeran to take on two personas due to the elixir he takes. But we also discover that there is more than one way to trigger Unknown.

He also claims that V is a trigger for Unknown by just his face. He refers to his Unknown persona as the “bad boy inside me” and Ray as the “good boy.”

In general, Ray continuously talks about his “other me” and how when especially enraged, he may appear.

In this part, while V took the elixir, he calls Ray by Saeran. Ray gets frustrated, sating that he shouldn’t say that name if he doesn’t want Unknown to show up. He says his head starts to hurt and that “he’s” coming.

He still continues that “he” is trying to break out, especially after being called by Saeran.

I also thought I’d point out that Ray calls Saeyoung “red-head” instead of ”idiot” or “him.”

The last part that shows his split personality is this. This is what I feel is the most legible evidence I could find for this theory. He says “I’m not Saeran right now.” This is where I question if Unknow and Saeran may have extremely similar personalities or are one person.

This proves in my separate post about Saeran’s real personality. I believed that it is more closely related to Unknown’s personality. In general, I believe that Saeran has at least one other personality, Ray. If he does indeed have two, then Ray and Unknown would be the. But, it seems that he could have three with he line above.

In conclusion, I wish I could learn more about his personality disorder and figure out how many he has. He seems to suffer a lot of mental trauma and sadly, Rika is behind a lot of it with her “paradise” dream.

I know some people don’t want a Saeran route, but I personally do so I could learn more about what Saeran did during his earlier years in Mint-Eye and how he was treated. I’d also like a second chance to save him in his own route.

I hope you all enjoyed this theory. Leave opinions and comments please! This is all open discussion so please be nice to one another. Thank you! :)

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