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This might sound mean so don't be mad, but I saw a video of you on insta and is there a reason you talk out of one side of your mouth? Is it an accent thing or a smirk or what? You're still pretty but w distracting.

Oh, fuck, was it the juggling video? I need to tell Alex to delete that.

Anyhow, I’ve had my jaw dislocated and fractured a couple of times, and I’ve had a lot of general face trauma, so making symmetrical gestures with my mouth/jaw can be painful and awkward. It just feels natural to talk that way, even though I always kind of look like I’m the hot teen boy about to offer you drugs in a middle school health class video.

Don’t sweat it. You’re not the first person to be like, “Why are you smirking? What devious thoughts are you having in this business meeting? Please talk like a person.” I get it a lot. I guess people stare at my mouth? Maybe they want to kiss me. Do you want to kiss me? Be real with me, man.

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Ok..... you need to make a video with you in it.... like, your voice dosen't fit with you... I just can't imagine you talking..... your cute face and cute voice.....

Here you fuckin go. Video quality sucks of course because I’m using my shitty webcam. And it is so weird to just talk to an empty room. So. Weird.

Lol the last 3 posts are a perfect transition from scratchy sleepy morning voice to normal day voice

Also, please be so kind to not reblog this, because it would make me quite uncomfortable

Please never f*cking do this

So, this happened to me recently, and I wanted to share this with everyone.

I was sitting outside a laundromat, waiting for my clothes to finish drying. My dog, Willow, was sitting next to me at a bench. I was kind of looking off into the distance, minding my own business, and was snapped out of it by a man saying “Hello!” very close to my ear.

I turn my head around, and there he is, sticking his NEWBORN CHILD DIRECTLY IN MY DOG’S F*CKING FACE.

Now, nothing bad happened. Willow is a good dog. She loves kids. She sniffed the baby, and the man happily told me how much she loves the dog they have at home.

But, here’s the thing:

Not all dogs like infants. Some dogs like older kids, but not babies. Some dogs are scared of children of all ages, and do not like being pet by them. Some dogs are ok with children being nearby, but don’t like being touched by them. Some dogs, when scared, react with aggression.

I feel like I shouldn’t need to say this, but when you’re meeting an animal for the first time, do not stick your baby 2 inches away from it’s f*cking face. ASK THE OWNER IF IT’S OK TO PET THEIR DOG, ALWAYS.

This has been a PSA. Thank you!

smh and sneezing

this is a weird thing to headcanon probably but i have a cold and i keep sneezing and that made me think about different types of sneezing

  • jack: has an adorable sneeze, the kind that makes every single person near him go “oh my god, that was so cute!”. nobody expects that high-pitched “cheww!” sound to come from jack, but it does.
  • bitty: the quietest sneeze. people often don’t even realize he was sneezing; just “why did you randomly cover your face for a moment”
  • shitty: his sneeze sounds strangely like “uh-BRAH!”. how??? it is a mystery
  • lardo: the loudest sneeze. she’s the kind of person who shouts when she sneezes, and gets annoyed looks from everyone in the library.
  • holster: always sneezes in threes, but there’s a longer time than usual between his sneezes, so he always gets “bless you”’s for every sneeze and it’s awkward.
  • ransom: always has really long buildup to his sneezes, often he thinks it was a false alarm, but then the sneeze comes with no warning. “[moments of silence while he stares up at the ceiling but nothing happens]….sorry, i thought i had to snee-CHOO”
  • nursey: somehow always manages to be taking a sip of something when he sneezes, causing his drink to squirt out of his nose. it’s awful.
  • dex: nobody has ever seen him sneeze, but rumor has it his sneezes are legendary. every now and then a clip of strange sound will circulate with someone claiming it is a Dex Sneeze, and usually ends up being exposed as a hoax. can dex even sneeze? are they real? i want to believe.
  • chowder: really shorts sneezes, but really many of them..his record is 15 in a row
  • tango: always has those really excessive buildups, like “uh-uh-uh-uuuuh-CHOO!”
  • whiskey: somehow remains straight faced through his entire sneeze. seriously, he doesn’t even close his eyes. it’s weird.
K-I-S-S-I-N-G - Tom Holland One Shot

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Prompt: You have yet to experience your first kiss when you are cast as Peter Parker’s love interest in the upcoming Spiderman movie. It doesn’t help that your character is the one who initiates the kiss and that you like your costar, Tom.

Word Count: 2500

A/N: I absolutely love Tom and Harrison’s friendship. In order to fit my idea for this imagine, I had to make Harrison kind of a jerk. So my apologies to anyone who would get offended over that. Harrison seems like a good person-please do not allow this fictional one shot determine how you see him.


“Rise and shine!” Someone shouted, their muffled voice ringing throughout your hotel room. You turned under your covers, planting your face into your warm pillow with a groan-not ready to start the day.

“Wake up, Y/N.” Another person insisted, knocking lightly on the door.

“Don’t make me come in there. Get up, you lazy butt.” The first voice threatened and the knocking got louder. You threw your warm covers off you and shouted back.

“I’m coming, Haz! No need to break down my door!” You replied. You yawned and rubbed your eyes.

“Hurry up.” Harrison stated.

“Take your time.” Tom said.

“No, hurry up. We’re going to be late.”

“We won’t be late.” The boys began to argue outside of your hotel door as you changed into decent clothes. You brushed your teeth quickly before combing out your hair.

“Are you ready yet?” Harrison asked impatiently. You opened your door with a tired smile. He sighed, “Finally!”

“We still have half an hour.” You stated, closing your door and beginning the walk down the hallway to the elevator.

“Y/N, I got you your coffee. Just the way you like it.” Tom said, handing you the hot cup. You smiled gratefully as you took it. He was always doing small things for you, such as getting you coffee almost daily as if he was your personal assistant.

“You’re a life saver. Thank you.” You replied, taking a sip of it. You kissed his cheek, missing how his cheeks flared as you did so. The elevator doors opened and the three of you stepped inside.

“Where are the others?” You asked.

“They’ve all got the day off. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all are sleeping in.” Tom explained.

“I wish I could be that lucky. So are we shooting mainly our scenes today then?” Tom was the star of the movie, playing Peter Parker aka Spiderman. You were portraying the love interest of Peter, which meant the two of you had a lot of scenes together. You both got along great and that chemistry transitioned onto the screen. You would even dare to say you had a developing crush on the dorky British actor. And oh how Harrison loved to tease you about it. He was like the annoying older brother that teased you and you would fire right back at him.

“Can we stop for breakfast on the way to the studio?” Harrison asked, “I’m hungry.”

“Hi, hungry. Nice to meet you.” You teased and he rolled his eyes.

“I really hate you sometimes.” He replied.

“No, you love me.”


After getting breakfast for the three of you on the way there, you were sat in the makeup chair, having your artist begin applying makeup to your face. A smirking Harrison came towards you from where Tom was talking to the director.

“What’s got you all smug, Haz?” You asked.

“Oh, nothing. I just figured out what scene you’re shooting today.” He beamed in excitement. You closed your eyes as your makeup artist began to do your eyeshadow.

“What scene would that be? Your cameo?”

“Nope.” Harrison replied, “Peter and Y/C/N’s kiss.” If your makeup artist hadn’t been working on your eyes, you were sure your eyes would’ve fallen out of your head. It’s not that you didn’t like the idea of kissing Tom, but it was that you had never kissed anyone before. A first kiss was something that little girls dreamed of and it had never happened to you. Now, you were being robbed of that experience because of your choice to become an actress. You knew you would have to kiss him eventually for the role since it was imbedded into the script that your characters would share one. It was even harder to think about the kiss because your character instigates it and not Peter.

“Really? The kiss scene already?” You questioned.

“Yep.” You could hear the joy in Harrison’s voice. Your makeup artist finished with your eyes and called it good. You thanked her and then grabbed your script, looking over the scene.

“Have fun with it. Shooting starts in ten.” He laughed even more smug than when he came over in the first place. A whole day of taunting was scheduled for you-you could just tell. You read over the scene again and again until the director called you into place.

“Don’t be nervous.” Tom tried to calm you down as your makeup artist applied one last touch of chapstick to your lips.

“That’s very helpful.” You replied sarcastically.

“It’s just like any other kiss, except you’re kissing me.” He stated and the confusion immediately spread across his face-wondering exactly what he just said and why. You two got into position on the set that was your character’s room.

“And action!” The director called.

“I need to go.” Tom said.

“Why? You just got here.” You asked, as Tom moved towards “your” bedroom “door”.

“I-I-I need milk.” He replied and you raised your eyebrows.

“Why are you lying to me?” You raised your voice a little.

“I’m not lying.” Tom stated in an unconvincing tone.

“Peter, we need to talk.” You said, standing from your desk.

“Maybe later, Y/C/N. I’m sorry-I’ve really got to go.” He put his hand on your door handle.

“Peter Parker, you listen to me right now.” You demanded and watched as his hand dropped. Your voice went into a whisper, “Are you Spiderman or is it a hobby of yours to get into fights and play with my feelings?”

“I-I-” Tom voiced. His voice and facial expressions clearly showing the internal conflict bubbling inside of Peter. “Yes.” He sighed, “But no one can know. Not Ned and especially not Aunt May.”

“How? How did this happen?” You asked, stepping closer to him.

“It’s a long story. Just stay inside tonight, promise?” He replied, meeting your eyes. You were supposed to pull him in for a kiss by taking him either by the shirt or the back of his neck, but, instead, you sighed and looked away.

“Cut!” The director yelled.

“I’m sorry.” You apologized, guilt and embarrassment eating you up. You felt guilty for ruining the otherwise great scene and you were embarrassed for letting your feelings get the better of you. It just didn’t feel right to you to initiate your first kiss with your cast mate in front of tons of cameras.

“Just take a breather. That was really good.” Tom stated. He was always the encouraging and supportive cast mate. If you struggled even in the slightest, he would be there to help you. You had spent several nights in each other’s hotel rooms, reading your lines and acting out scenes; but never once has this scene been brought up between you two.

“I’m good-I’m good. Let’s run this again.” You stated, trying to convince everyone, including yourself, that you could do it again. You and Tom went back to your original place to restart the scene.

“Action!” The director called and the cameras began to roll once more. The lines flowed from both of your mouths easily and then the important part came.

“Just stay inside, promise?” Tom asked. You inhaled a sharp breath before grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him down to you. The moment your lips locked, your mind became clouded with thoughts. Was this what kissing felt like? Were you doing it right? What was Tom going to think? Did he think you were good? Was it too much? Was it convincing? There was a loud laugh from off set, making the director call cut.

“Harrison!” Tom shouted, breaking away from you. You closed your eyes and dropped your hands to your sides to process what had just happened. You had just experienced your first kiss-now you could never go back.

“If you can’t keep your mouth shut Osterfield, you’re going outside.” The director said. Harrison nodded, trying to stifle his laughter.

“Two people kissing isn’t that funny.” Tom added. Harrison was ordered to leave because his laughter was not stopping.

“I’m sorry.” You apologized to Tom.

“Don’t be. You did fine.” He replied with a small smile.

“I haven’t initiated a kiss in a while.” You mumbled, embarrassed.

“You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. It wasn’t bad. I just didn’t kiss back because it’s not scripted for Peter.”

“Let’s roll this again!” The director shouted.

By the tenth take of the scene, you and Tom had to focus on not laughing. It began to stop being uncomfortable and awkward, but it was still an unusual thing for you. You pulled him in for the kiss as scripted and he started to laugh against your lips, making you burst out in giggles as well.

“Two people kissing isn’t that funny, Tom. Get a grip.” You teased while laughing all the same.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He repeated as he tried controlling his laughter.

The last time you and Tom had to do the scene was by far the strangest one for you. It was written that you would kiss him and then, after a moment, he would begin to kiss you back-right as you pulled away. But all of that did not happen for the last take.

The moment his lips hit yours he began to kiss you back. It surprised you at first, but you continued with it. You pulled away from him.

“Go get ‘em, Peter.” You said quietly, finishing the scene.


“I am so going to beat you.” Harrison said cockily to Jacob as the two began to play a video game in Tom’s trailer.

“Tom’s going to be so pissed at us for drinking all of his Dr. Pepper.” Laura laughed, sitting down beside Zendaya on the couch.

“Hey, you drank the last one.” Zendaya stated.

“I called dibs before we got here, so technically it was Jacob.” She replied.

“No blaming me for anything.” Jacob said, his eyes glued to the large TV screen. The girls watched as the boys played their game, waiting for the last of their cast mates to arrive. It was a common thing for the cast that had finished their filming to wait in someone’s trailer before going back to the hotel or grabbing a bite to eat. This time, they had all snuck into Tom’s trailer and (im)patiently waited for you and him to arrive.

“It’s always your fault.” Harrison responded. Their ears perked up as they heard the trailer door open.

“It was fine-I promise.” Tom said, walking into the room with you following him. He sighed as he saw the four others sprawled in his living room area.

“Really? You lot couldn’t just go to your own trailers?” Tom asked, kicking off his shoes.

“You have the biggest TV.” Harrison and Jacob replied simultaneously.

“Your couch is comfy.” Zendaya shrugged.

“My trailer is the smallest.” Laura stated. Tom rolled his eyes, “Can we go to dinner now?”

“No! I have to beat him first.” Harrison exclaimed. Laura got up from his spot on the couch and stood in front of the TV, blocking their view. You rolled your eyes at the boys who tried to see around her. You picked up the remote and turned the TV off, much to Jacob and Harrison’s dismay.

“You’re no fun.” Harrison pouted.

“I’ve been filming all day. I am more tired than you can imagine. All I want to do is eat and sleep.” You stated, standing by Tom in the doorway.

“Are your lips tired too?” Harrison teased making a kissy face at you. You took one of Tom’s throw pillows and chucked it at him.

“Aw, man. Was that today? We missed the kiss scene?” Zendaya whined.

“You didn’t miss anything.” You said.

“It was so funny. They were terribly awkward about the whole thing.” Harrison stated with a laugh, “Was there any tongue?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows at Tom, “Kissing burns 6 calories a minute. How many did you two burn today? How chapped are your lips?” He continued as the others began to laugh and Tom rolled his eyes, “What’s the flavor of Y/N’s lipgloss? Strawberry or vanilla?”

“Do it again.” Jacob encouraged.

“Yeah, do it for our friends.” Harrison taunted.

“Harrison-” Laura started, being the one who saw the upset look flash across your face.

“Can we drop this?” Tom asked, feeling slightly annoyed at his best friend.

“You guys go to dinner. I’ll just eat on my own tonight.” You said, turning and leaving the trailer with all eyes on you. Tom’s trailer was silent as everyone’s attention shifted to Harrison, who was now looking extremely worried and guilty. It wasn’t unusual for him to make slightly taunting jokes; normally you would give him sassy remarks. Laura and Tom made eye contact and she sent him a silent look that told him to go after you. Wordlessly, Tom left his friends and went to your trailer that wasn’t too far from his.

He knocked on your door quietly. He listened as footsteps drew closer to the other side of the door.

“Harrison?” You asked with a unsteady voice.

“The other one.” Tom replied. His heartbeat quickened as the door slowly opened. He felt a pain form inside him as he registered the red color of your eyes-you had been crying and it had been partially his fault.

“Can I come in?” He asked and you nodded, allowing him to enter. He shut the door behind him as you went back to your small kitchen. Tom followed you in there.

“Cereal for dinner?” He questioned, acknowledging the empty bowl, spoon, milk and cereal box on your counter.

“It’s all I’ve got.” You shrugged.

“May I join you?” Tom asked and you nodded, getting another bowl for him and a spoon. You two sat down at the table and began to eat the cereal in silence.

“I’m sorry for what Harrison was saying.” Tom spoke up, breaking the quiet air.

“It’s not your fault.” You replied, “I’m just sensitive about it.”

“Why would you be sensitive about kissing?” It was an innocent question-he meant no harm. You paused for a moment before answering.

“Because I’ve never been kissed. I’ve never been in a serious relationship and I’ve never kissed anyone. Today was difficult because I had to initiate it and I had no clue what I was doing.” You said in a hushed tone. Tom’s spoon clattered as it fell into his bowl.

“You-you’ve never been kissed-like ever?” He asked in confusion.

“That’s the meaning of never, is it not?” You replied dryly. “I already feel foolish as it is. I don’t need you, Harrison, or anyone else mocking me for it.”

“No-no-I’d never.” Tom stated, “I was just confused because earlier today when we were-ya know-kissing, it didn’t seem like you were that inexperienced.”

“So you’re saying I didn’t completely suck? Thanks.” You commented back sarcastically.

“That’s not what I meant. I mean, you still need practice, but it’s only because you’ve never done it before. You are a good kisser-I wouldn’t mind doing it again. It probably would have been better if I kissed back as well.”

“What did you just say? You wouldn’t mind kissing me?” You asked.

“Of course not.” Tom paused, “The truth is: I really like you. I was excited then and I’m excited now to have you play Peter’s love interest.”

“You know, I wouldn’t mind kissing you again either.” You replied with a shy smile on your face. Tom placed one of hands on the side of your cheek and drew you into him, planting his lips on yours.

You have probably kissed him at least twenty times today, but it’s different than those kisses. There is a spark in it and it’s filled with emotion and passion. It’s not acting, it’s real. You pulled away breathless, feeling your lips buzz.

“Now that was a kiss.” You said.

“And I plan on doing it a lot more.” Tom mumbled against your lips, locking them with his in another kiss.

We play 5e, and our Aasimar cleric is a cocky, hot for a fight kind of guy. And we were in a combat encounter with the evil father of our half elf Druid. This guy had caused our whole party a lot of trouble, and threatened several of our members, so needless to say, we were all ready to skin this man alive.

Cleric ooc: God, question?

DM: yeah?

Cleric ooc: Since this douche is below me, having a pretty bad day….can I…suffocate him with my dick?

The rest of the party: WHAT?!


rouge (me) ooc: -covers face with hands- please no…

DM: um…I guess…you could? It would be…an unarmed attack…WITH disadvantage…?

Cleric ooc: -rubs his hands together- oh this guys going to be having a bad day

Still Remembering - Smut

Originally posted by stilesstilinskiandlydiamartin

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 1,917
AN: So this was a song fic request that @writing-obrien​ got but she wasn’t familiar with the band. Since I am pop punk trash, I love me some As It Is (Patty Walters can fucking get it, let me tell you) so I was really excited about it and I asked her if I could write it instead. Please be aware it’s super angsty and sad and then kinda fluffy and idk what I was doing. And I know the song is kind of a goodbye but I couldn’t leave Stiles like that lol.

Based on the song Still Remembering by As It Is. Listen HERE.

Thunder boomed loudly outside, shaking the window panes, the sharp sound of rain pelting on the roof doing nothing to comfort me. I sighed, burying my face in my pillow, my arms limply at my sides. I couldn’t stop thinking of her, even though she’d left me. She’d gone one day without a word, a note left in her place, explaining that she needed time, that she was afraid. She loved me too much, needed me too much, wanted to find herself on her own. I was pretty sure it was bullshit, an excuse to make herself feel better about leaving me alone.

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let’s talk about: isak’s lil dimples

i feel like we’re not talking about isak’s dimples enough… i mean LOOK  at them??!!??!?!!?

have U ever seen anything so pure? i want to poke his dimple!!! 

i mean… it’s pretty self-explanatory why this beautiful human ruined a relationship and got the man of his dreams in return.. who could ever resist a face like that???

ok so maybe his dimples aren’t those hole-y kind of dimples maybe they’re smile lines or something i dont know i’m not a fucking doctor  BUT like wow… i’m enamored by those lil dimples.. (and not to mention the little eye crinkles that follow it) 

someone just… protect him PLEASE @Universe don’t ever hurt my son,, those dimples are worth millions 

his dimples know what’s up (ft. Tthe Gay Scarf)

bonus: snakesak killing us all with Those Dimples™

another bonus: mr. dimple makes an appearance around his owner’s (very handsome) boyfriend

Good Daddy

Title: Good Daddy

Genre: Smut, daddy!kink, mature content

Characters: Namjoon x Reader

Length: 3249 words

A/n: No amount of holy water can cleanse my soul. I am a beacon of sin. I swear I’m not even a daddy kink kind of girl… I just think about this a lot…


Namjoon pushed you against the wall without warning, his long fingers digging into your arms harshly. His face came centimeters from yours, his breath coming out hot and panting on your temple.

You still weren’t used to this. The first time it had happened, more fear than lust had risen in you but once he got going, you couldn’t help but bask in his treatment. Now was no different, it started with fear that slowly melted into desire.

His hand was at your jaw pushing your face up to expose your neck to him. He licked a thick strip of it up from your clavicle, ending with a bite at your ear. You whimpered at the attention, your panties beginning to stick to your skin.

“You’re eager today baby.” His voice was low in your ear and it sent shivers down your spine that melted into your core, leaving you throbbing and desperate for friction. He pushed your jaw up harshly when you didn’t answer.

“Yes-s daddy.”

“Tell me baby girl, what do you want daddy to do?”

His grip on your jaw slacked but only slightly as you felt the bruises forming under his fingertips. He brought his mouth right below your ear, sucking at the tender skin with an open mouth, his tongue painting over your skin. You withered beneath his hold, his body towering over you and closing you in, that with the combination of his tongue’s soft rhythm had you soaking and dying to be touched.

“Come on baby. If you don’t answer me I’m going to have to punish you.”

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The Fake Couple

Group/Member: BTS/Suga

Genre: Drabble, Fluff

Word Count: 409

Summary: #40: “I kind of told my family that we were dating and they kind of expect us to show up to our family’s annual Halloween party.  Oh, yeah I also kind of told them that you knew how to make a special dish, and they kind of want you to bring it.  Bonus: “I said it needs a dash of salt, not sass.”

Requested: Yee. Anonymous said: Can I request #40 w/ Yoongi for the drabble game? Fluff? From admin Pastel please!”

Author’s Note: So. Many. Requests.

-Admin Pastel

Originally posted by minseokked

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what kind of person svt is attracted to!

these are all my own opinions please dont flame me


coups! would be so damn attracted to someone who smiles really innocently? like you know those scrunchy beaming faces. i think he’d be interested by people who were not what they seemed? so if you looked tough and indifferent, but you’re actually a big softie who reads alot, he’d probably be quite intrigued. i can see him being interested in someone with alot of stuff hanging off their bagpack heh

jeonghan seems like he’d be intrigued by someone with alot of wit? like you know deadpan humor and wonwoo-esque puns. someone who deadpans and seems bored all the time but is actually just really good at hiding their laughter hoho. someone who’s good at art would appeal to him!

i feel like jisoo’s just. very simply attracted to your typical good, shy girl next door. but with a twist. like someone seemingly normal and all that but actually a gigantic meme monster with no chill. yes. ALSO someone who eats well!! and is actually interested in whatever he has to say

JUN IS okay i’m a bit conflicted with this one,,, i think he’d be into anyone who’s not exactly typical? because you know how most people tend to seem the same, so as long as you stand out to him i think he’d be attracted to you. someone who was obviously not perfect. i have a feeling those people irk him. maybe someone who pays him more attention than the other members! someone who offers to carry his stuff for him on a long day

hoshi is one of the only members i think would be attracted to someone like himself? like bright, full of laughter, and lowkey super dorky and nerdy and an A+++++ goofball all around. someone he can have refreshing! fun with!!! maybe someone who likes sweet popcorn hmm

with wonwoo i am so sorry but he’d be really attracted to someone who made really bad puns and made finger guns and loved memes. and like coups, someone who wasn’t exactly all surface, like you know those ‘tragic backstory’ types?? yeah. someone who spends 3 hours organising their pens because they refuse to throw any finished pens away

woozi would literally only be interested if you were, like, really passionate about something. sorry man but this kid is like. really dedicated to his work and his music and unless he finds someone who at least understands how he feels about music, he’s never getting attracted to ANYONE. maybe someone who falls asleep while working would interest him no joke

i think dk would be attracted to anyone who’s nice, funny and has a huge smile!! those people who try to help anyone and anything and feel bad if they don’t. someone who smells clean and has a messy, unorganised table + a face that lights up. someone who has a lot of depth!! someone who was willing to make his day better in anyway, someone who goes to extra lengths to make someone’s day better! also, he’d be intrigued by someone who was straightforward but not too blunt

with mingyu, i feel like he’d be into someone who looks comfortable in any situation? like never awkward and just really. chill. (although, he’s friends with practically anyone and everyone so idk) someone who’s chill on the outside and maybe carries a bagpack on only one shoulder, strands of hair framing their face! and someone nerdy who watches like. anime and cries while watching said anime. chill until they do something dorky and then they cry

the8 would be into someone warm. and someone who’s baked for him at least once. that would be so attractive to him? anyone who cooks for him really, and like checks up on him without being too clingy. maybe the not so emotional but caring type? someone who smells like cookies and bread. OH and he’d be really interested if you could speak Chinese

seungkwan i can see being attracted to shier people! like the one person who keeps to themselves most of the time and has earphones in constantly. maybe someone who seems slightly confused when waved to and someone with a favourite like, motif

vernon honestly seems like the type to fall for someone who looks comfortable and doesn’t care too  much about image. maybe someone who has an effortless kind of style? and someone who laughs easily!! i feel like the person he’s attracted to is someone who’s a super lowkey, closet softie lol. someone who has polaroids of their family in their wallet! 

dino’s going to be attracted to confidence like. not ego? just the way some people walk, you know, with a certain kind of swagger and edge?? and those people with big actions and who turn around and grin at you. he’d be interested if he ever saw you waving enthusiastically at him or anyone of the members. he’d be so attracted to someone who was unafraid and bubbly!!!!

wew that’s done! also yes i have several ships in my inbox waiting for me to finish but i’m not going to do them yet heh sorry

however, because i’m a terrible person, requests are still open!

Witches When Faced with an Antagonist

New Witch: I’ll do a spell to make them go away. First I need twelve candles, three kinds of crystals, five different herbs, and when’s the next full moon?

Intermediate Witch: Eh, how’s one candle and a mushroom I found in my pocket for a curse? It goes “I hate you please die.”

Experienced Witch: Probably faster just to tell them to fuck off.

Fairy Tail Pendants and Keychains for Sale!

Love Nalu and/or Gruvia? Is Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster or Juvia Lockser your favorite character? You can now show your love wherever you go with these sparkly resin gems that house the beloved FT mages! Choose from necklaces or keychains (ring or ball chain) to display your favs!

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If these sell I’ll be making more, so please let me know you guys like these by purchasing them! I might even do Gajevy, Jerza, Gajeel, Levy, Erza and Jellal gems in the future, and also might venture into other fandoms (YOI gems anyone?! *-*) Please keep checking back for new additions!

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Fanfiction - Our Shared Skin (College AU)

So I had a couple of hours to spare these last few days (kind of *cof*) and needing to cheer myself up, I decided to allow myself some writing. And so a chapter of College AU was born! This one features something very dear to @outlanderedandoverhere‘s heart – I hope you can spot it Master Seamstress! God, how I missed this! See you on the other side my loves, as long as it takes. <3

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Our Shared Skin

“If Mrs. Fitz finds us doing this, please be kind enough to slice my throat.” Claire moaned. “I don’t think I would survive the embarrassment.”

“Do ye want me to stop?” Jamie asked, his voice breathless, and she felt his wicked smile against the sensitive skin of her thigh. “I dinna wish to go over yer morals, mo nighean donn. But ye looked so lovely with yer hair curling about yer face, biting yer lip while ye read yer wee book…I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Jamie…” She hummed, as he lightly bit her in a provocative way. “Morals are so overrated. But I never dreamt of being shagged in the Philosophy section of the library.”

Jamie came up and kissed her burning lips, his hands seeking the comforting grip of her bottom, squeezing it in a possessive way.

“It’s the most secluded area. Seems like no one cares for Socrates and Nietzsche anymore.” He gave her an amused look, his blue eyes blazing with mischief behind the black frame of his eyeglasses. “Would ye prefer somewhere riskier, is that it? A bit of danger to perk things up?”

“I’d think this is dangerous enough.” Claire puffed, giggling as he kissed a ticklish spot on her neck. “People are sitting just there, barely twenty feet away from us. But seems a bit disrespectful for ye to be grabbing my arse just in front of these great minds.”

“Ye can close yer eyes and think of something else.” Jamie’s hands roamed to her waist, swiftly lifting her jumper just enough so he could insert his hands against her heated skin. “As long as ye dinna think of anyone else.” He added on second thought.

She snorted, her hands taking hold of the shelf behind her, as he pressed his body against her. She could feel the intensity of his arousal and it wasn’t helping her recover reasonable thinking. They had been doing a study marathon, as their midterm exams were approaching – the library was crawling with desperate and borderline maniac students. She was fairly anxious herself; her readings were very behind after spending time at Lallybroch and supporting Jamie after his father’s passing. But she had caught Jamie - looking beautiful and incandescent amongst the chaos of pens, books and highlighters - staring at her in an intent manner, as if she was already naked in front of him. He had smiled and had given her one dark look above the rim of the eyeglasses he now used for reading and she had been powerless to resist the urge to an impromptu make out session.

“God, I want ye sae badly.” His accent was getting thicker by the minute, a clear indication of the loss of any control he had left. He brushed his lips against her earlobe, whispering, while he caressed her breast with a dextrous hand. “Between Geillis and Ian tagging along, I barely touched ye for a week. I think I’m going mad.”

“You seemed to survive well enough in abstinence for almost twenty years.” She laughed, her hands gripping his broad shoulders. “And now you can’t go a week without having sex?”

“Aye.” Jamie groaned. “Survive is the accurate word. And it’s far easier to live without something, when ye dinna really ken what ye’re missing. Now that I know what is like to lay with you…” He shook his head with fervour. “I can’t stand being without it.”

He kissed her lips - their tongues colliding like meteors in the sky, sparkles falling to the stratosphere like alien fireworks - and they swayed, their efforts supported by the solid bookcase behind them.

“What if someone comes?” Claire asked weakly, but her traitorous fingers were already fumbling with his trousers, searching to release him to meet her need.

“I’m sure any lad would give one good look at ye and be in complete solidarity with my reckless actions.” Jamie answered, as he lifted her in his arms, her legs wrapping around his waist. He moved his hand to take off his eyeglasses before they came between them in their exertions, but Claire stopped him.

“No.” She blushed. “Leave them on. It’s quite…different. Intriguing.”

He laughed and slid inside her with the vibration of his body, making them moan against each other’s mouths. Jamie started to move inside her, Claire in a perilous equilibrium between his own body and the books behind her. Her nostrils were filled with the smell of him, apples and sandalwood, mixed with the dust of books too long asleep, craving for the touch of a reader.

“What did you say?” He gasped in her ear, moving ever so faster, ever so deeper. Claire had her eyes wide open, dreamily fixed on the ancient ceiling, as if it would rip itself open to show her the stars she was about to reach.

Wisdom begins in wonder.” She sighed. “Socrates.”

“In that case, Sassenach…” Jamie hummed. “Ye shall make me the wisest man that ever was.”


Jamie opened his eyes, immediately feeling that Claire wasn’t beside him. She had fallen asleep locked in his arms the night before, after making love – both thoroughly enjoying the opportunity of having Jamie’s room to themselves, as Ian was visiting Jenny for the weekend.

He twisted his neck and watched as Claire exited the adjoining bathroom, leaning hesitantly against the doorframe.

“What are ye doing up? Get back to bed, mo ghraidh.” Jamie grumbled in a sleepy voice, lazily waving his hand to the space next to him.

Claire slowly walked to him, hugging her slim body with her arms, as if to shield herself. She was wearing one of his oversized blue sweatshirts, his favourite outfit for her - he loved to watch her in them, knowing she felt safe surrounded by his perfume, intimate enough to wear them without asking for his consent. It marked her as his. It meant he was hers.

She sat on the edge of the bed, her foot nervously dangling in the air, watching as his eyes fought against sleep, peeking curiously at her.

“Jamie.” She finally said. “Jamie, I’m late.”

“How can ye be late, lass?” He smiled, giving his luminous alarm clock a quick glance. “It’s barely dawn. I still have a couple of hours before practice, so…”

“Not that.” She gulped and gave him a helpless look. Her voice came out low but quick, as if she was about to burst with the words that were forming inside her. “My period is late.”

Well, if she ever needed to wake him from deep slumber that would do the trick nicely enough – he reacted like a man called to arms, sitting up like a jack-in-the-box.

“Late?” He breathed out, his hand immediately searching hers. “Are ye sure?”

“Yes.” Claire answered, nervously playing with his fingers. “I’m one of those eerily regular women. It’s just a couple of days but…” She looked into his eyes, seeking his understanding and support. “It had never happened before.”

“But we were careful.” Jamie whispered, lacing his fingers with hers. But, as he said the words, all colour was draining from his cheeks. “Well, maybe in Lallybroch we…hm…”

“Yes. And in the library too.” Clare brushed the mass of wild curly hair away from her face. “We were in a bit of a hurry.”

“Aye.” Jamie swallowed hard, his fingers brushing her face, wrinkles of concern forming on the corners of his mouth. “It’s all my fault, Claire. It was my responsibility to make sure ye were safe.”

“No, it wasn’t.” She shook her hands, her bottom lip quivering. “I’m a medical student, Jamie. And the more experienced one here. I can’t blame you for this – I should have known better. I should have started taking a birth control pill right away.”

“Claire.” He said in a soft voice and his fingers tilted her chin, making sure she met his gaze. “We are together, aye? We share the joy, the passion and the pleasure – we must share the hardships. Yer blame is my blame, mo nighean donn.” He kissed her palm and then her slightly crooked little finger, which he always found so endearing.

“I’m scared, Jamie.” Claire admitted, their fingers entwining together. “If I’m pregnant…everything will change. We are both in college, for Christ’s sake! How would we raise a child?” She finished heatedly, tears shining in her amber eyes.

“I will take care of ye.” Jamie grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her to his embrace, her face coming to rest on the curve of his neck. He was still warm and tender from sleep, the hair on his nape slightly moist – he felt like home embodied on a male figure. “That I promise ye, Claire. No matter what happens – I’ll see that ye and the child are well taken care of.”

“But you have classes too and the team!” She protested, struggling a little against his soothing arms, desperately trying to make him understand the magnitude of the hopelessness she was feeling, her insides crashing and revolting like an angry sea creature.

“I’ll drop out if I must.” He said serious, his thumb brushing her cheek. “I’ll get a job - maybe even two - to earn enough for the wean and for keeping you in yer studies.”

“I can’t let you do that!” She protested vehemently. “This is your dream and…”

“No.” He stopped her, kissing the top of her head. “I like it well enough and would feel bad to leave it. But no, this is not my dream – a life with you is. But ye, my Claire…” He smiled, tenderness and pride shining in his eyes. “Ye need to be a doctor. Ye were born one, long before ye came here. I won’t let ye lose that part of yourself, that we both cherish so much.”

“Jamie.” She said, looking into his eyes, tenderness and devotion filling the black hole of fear inside her heart. “I do love you.”

“I ken that.” He smiled, his hands burying themselves on the mass of her hair. “As I love ye.”

“But a baby…” She almost sobbed against him. “It’s too soon. We are still getting to know each other. We haven’t even talked about it - if we would like to have children one day.”

Jamie glanced at her and scooted to lie down, taking her with him. His big and warm hand roamed across her body and gently came to rest on her still flat belly.

“I never thought of myself as a father.” He admitted. He moved his hand – just enough, like a question of the flesh – and Claire couldn’t help but to feel a strange sense of certainty, of something greater than her falling into its rightful place; like the palm of his hand had belonged there since forever, sheltering the invisible child that was nothing but a possibility living in her mind and in his heart. “But yer child…I could love. Yer child I would want, with every breath that exists in my body.” He finished with a husky voice.

“I’ll buy a test.” Claire whispered. “And I’ll do it tonight.”

“Aye.” He nodded, their foreheads coming to rest together on the pillow. “And I’ll be here, next to ye – right where I belong.”

Not sure what happened, I made a pretty normal looking hero with a tight red suit and descent muscles, but when I loaded into the game my face looks like ten monsters? I had more knives, too – a big one on my back, which turned into some kind of crazy guitar. Wondering if my original body is in the cloud somewhere, of if I Freaky Fridayed with another hero or something.

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Knife Dad

I picked this for you.

You weren’t into romance gestures, you didn’t understand boxes of chocolates as a gesture of love, you couldn’t understand why people would get weepy over gestures like flowers, a new outfit and jewellery. As for Valentine’s Day, eurgh. Bring out the sick bucket please.
Maybe because you’d never been on the receiving end of it, you’d just become immune to the idea of being the centre of that kind of love.

Unfortunately for you, Valentine’s Day loomed upon the Avenger’s tower. You knew Wanda would be all loved up with Vision, Tony would smother Pepper in grand gestures, Clint and Laura would finally spend some time together alone, you knew Natasha would be the object of Steve’s affections, probably Sam and Bucky’s too. How could they not? She was the ideal woman.
You’d seen the way they acted towards her, they just gravitated towards her, she reeled them in like a predator catching her prey and when she was ready, she’d pounce.
That left an unsettled feeling in your stomach.
You’d be the odd Avenger out. Again.


-Valentine’s Day-
Your alarm went off for half five, you crept out of your room and down to the gym. You were hoping to do training in peace before the barf-fest of Valentine’s Day kicked in the communal area upstairs.
It got to seven before Natasha bounded through the gym door, a bounce in her step, a smile on her face.
‘Hey!’ She greeted. You nodded back, wrapping your towel around your neck, downing back your water. She continued ‘I got a bunch of flowers from a secret admirer this morning’ She crooned.
You rolled your eyes and sighed. So it begins, your internal thoughts grumbled.
She took note of your mood ‘Ah, I forget, you’re anti-Valentines Day!’
You smirked ‘I’m not anti-Valentines Day…I just think it’s all bullshit. One day dedicated to love….what happens to the other 364 days of the year?’
Natasha held her hands in a surrendered pose ‘Okay Satan! Chill. You’re not into Cupid and bow and arrows – got it’

You left the gym and started to wander towards the communal area, which had changed into an array of colours pinks, reds and oranges. You sighed again.
‘Not your thing?’ A voice interrupted the silence.
You turn around and see Steve. ‘That massive sigh gave it away huh?’ You replied, losing yourself in the colours surrounding you.
‘You shouldn’t be so against it – you never know, Cupid might just fire an arrow your way’ Steve mimics shooting a bow in your direction. You react by pretending to vomit.
‘I’m going back to my room, have a nice evening Steve, Natasha loved your flowers’ You winked playfully. Steve’s cheeks tinted red.

Upon entering the corridor, you see Bucky leaving something by your door.
‘Bucky?’ You called
He shot up, like a deer in headlights; looking slightly terrified.
‘Whatcha doing?’ You asked, as you moved closer.
Bucky remained silent and still, paralyzed by your sudden appearance. You can see he’s gripping something behind his back.
‘Do…do you have something you want to give me Bucky?’
He relaxed a little, and shook his head. You couldn’t deny that you’re slightly disappointed.
‘Oh…’ Your eyes lowered to the ground ‘I guess, I’ll just be in my room then’
You opened your bedroom door, leaving Bucky standing at your doorway and headed to the shower.


It was nearing midnight when you appeared out of your room, but you stood on something outside your door. You picked up a single flower. Not just any flower, it was hand crafted, the person had even put a little blank tag on it. The petals had sheet music delicately designed onto them, it tugged at your heartstrings. You’d never mentioned about your allergy to flowers, so whomever gave you the flower had paid a lot of attention.
You wandered towards the kitchen, still admiring the handiwork of the flower, when you heard noises, a guy murmuring, a girl, giggling.
You turned the corner to see none other than Bucky Barnes playing tonsil hockey with some chick he’d probably met on his night out. You drop the flower in surprise, it clattered on the kitchen tiles.
Bucky immediately pulled back from the girl. ‘Shit! I’m sorry, I didn’t…I didn’t see you there!’
You stammered, pacing backwards to your room ‘I-i-it doesn’t m-m-matter’
You run back to your room and shut the door behind you, sliding down behind it. That awful feeling in your stomach returned and this time it reached to your chest.

After Bucky asked the girl to leave, he picked up the flower from the kitchen floor and made his way to your door, petals slightly cracked from the impact to the tiles and the little tag facing upwards with scrawled handwriting:

I picked this for you – Your Bucky’