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Jungkook was growing impatient, and it was obvious. All day long you had your face buried in your studies, and all day long he was rock hard thinking about how good you look when you’re a stressed out mess. He had tried countless times to get you to take just a little break with him, but you refused. “Jungkook, I’m almost done baby. Please let me finish.”

You gave him a quick kiss, and giggled to yourself as he sighed, and walked away pouting. “Fine! Fine!” He plopped down on the couch at the other side of the room, staring daggers into the back of your head. His lips pulled into a shit eating grin, and he quietly slipped out of his clothes before laying back on the couch once more.

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“Beautiful and deadly!”

Kaden, leader of the tribe based in the Kitsune Hamlet. He feels a moral obligation to repay debts owed for people who’ve helped him, which starts a chain of debts that lead to him joining the Hoshidan army.

“My bite is worse than my bark!”

Selkie is Kaden’s daughter and even more playful than he is. After a run in with some bandits, Kaden and the Hoshidan army help her out, and she joins shortly afterward to repay that debt, much to her father’s approval.

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I would kill for a fic of the Chocobros taking care of a really sick s/o. Bonus points for one that is stuck working while they are sick. Please and thank you!❤️

I’m sorry about the wait for this! Google really dislikes me right now with all it’s snapping (i was almost finished when it decided to go snap about an hour or so ago). But I hope that you’re feeling a lot better now or, if not, that you get well soon!

Only Gladio and Prompto are at work and I feel like they’re the longest ones. But I think I got Noct’s goofy side out in the open for the first time in quite a while.


When Gladio discovered that you were sick and going to work, he was training Noct in his back garden. You had let Iris know and she decided to tell him. Although Gladio was concerned, he didn’t particularly mind: he knew you had a string of meetings that you couldn’t really miss and he believed, or he hoped, that you would return home afterwards instead of lingering in your office for another three hours, staring at a blank page whilst trying to write a report.

He shrugged it off and continued training the young prince, laughing back and forth and going about his trolling ways, already planning on a way to sneak in an attack.

During their break, he looked at his phone to see if he had any messages. Thankfully though, you had just decided to call him. He answered, of course. “Hey, babe. How you feeling?”


“How dead? “

“Well, I have a throbbing headache and the arguements in these meetings aren’t helping me at all.” You sighed. “I kinda wish I decided to stay with you today.”

“Want us to collect you? It’ll just be me and Noct.”

“What about Iris?”

“She’s already in school.” He looked at Noct. “Besides, his highness here could do with a driving lesson.”

“In the crown city where thousands of people drive around?”

“Yup. Teach him careful driving.”

Noct simply glared at the offending, muscle-man.

“Okay. I’ll wait for you outside the office building. Make sure he doesn’t crash an that you drive on the way home.”

Gladio agreed to your request and then hung up, putting his phone back in his pocket. “C’mon, Noct. You’re gonna take us to __’s workplace an I’ll drive back. You good with that?”

“So long as you don’t become Ignis, then sure.”

The journey to your office buildin wasn’t as reckless as it normally was. There wasn’t a lot of traffic on the road due to nearby road works. He was glad that Noct had opted to drive at the speed limits rather than above or below them - like he did if Ignis was teaching him.

Once he parked, Gladio got out and Noct swiftly moved into the back. The shield waved at you and you carefully approached, yawning and rubbing one of your temples. He smiled at you and opened the passenger door for you to get in. Once you were in, he got in via the driver’s side,

“Did you take anything?” He asked you. When no reply came, her looked at you. “Babe?”

“Hm?” You looked at him.

“Have you taken anything?”

“Hm-hm. Yeah.” You nodded. “About four hours ago. The pain killer’s are starting to fade now…”

Gladio kissed your forehead gently and then began to drive again. “How about now/”

“Much better.”

Noctis grumbled. “Stop flirting. I’m trying to sleep here.”

Gladio chuckled. “Wnt me to flirt to you?”

“Please don’t.” You and Noctis replied in sync and that only made him laugh more.

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Prompto was the type to call you every few hours out of pure worry. Your day started much earlier than his, you shift usually starting at five and finishing at four. So by the time he awoke, you were three hours into your shift and a note was usually written so he could do things to help you out when you were tired.

But today, you had woken up to find him awake. And he just knew that you were ill. You hid it well, but he could still see it behind your eyes. “Have a good day at work.” Was all he could say. And when he went on his morning run, he took his camera and took pictures. But once he took one of the sun rising, he thought: I wonder if my princess is okay. So he called you. Then he called you when he got home, he called you at lunch. And the next time he called you were so annoyed that you gritted out words that pained him: I’d feel so much better if you just stopped calling me and let. Me. Work. And then you hung up.

If he wasn’t already feeling like hell was kiling him he definitely did now. You ha made him wonder if he had done something wrong, if he was going about something wrong You made him feel like a terrible boyfriend.

Oh, how far he was from the truth. But how was he supposed to know that? He couldn’t read minds. But he felt like shit because you hid you pain from him and then proceeded to pull the cold shoulder.

It wasn’t his fault he worried so much over you. You meant everything to him. You helped him through so much pain. The ray of sunshine soon turned into a rain cloud and he walked out the door to meet you outside your workplace.

When he arrived, he leaned against the wall and stared blankly, waiting for you to walk out the door. And when you did, he saw you look around, heard your pained sigh. And when you noticed him, you looked to the ground whilst you approached him. He couldn’t bare to see you like so, and he ran to you.

Prompto enveloped him into a warm embrace and he buried his face in your neck. “Don’t be sad. I’m sorry for calling you a stupid amount of times.”

“No. I’m sorry for my outburst.” You wrapped your arms around him. “It was sweet and I should have none that you were just making sure I was okay… I’m a horrible girlfriend and you’re and amazing boyfriend. You deserve so much more than me…”

The blond shook his head. “You’re special to me. And everyday I look forward to seeing you and hearing your voice. Just tell me if you’re unwell. Okay?”

You nodded. “So you can be my hero again?”

“Damn straight.” He nodded in determination and then chuckled at the realisation that he was as whimpy as they came. “At least as best I can. I’m not exactly in the crownsguard but I’ll try.” And he took your hands in his. “How does a cuddle session sound when we get back?”

“Sounds great.”

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Ignis knew you were sick way before you did. That was the good thing about his intuition: knowing when you were unwell. It saved you a lot of trouble, especially when it came to figuring out if you were actually unwell or if it was just your imagination. Of course, he couldn’t know everything but he certainly new more than you did. Which you found a little strange.

So when you woke up, you were pleasantly surprised to find Ignis walking into the room with your breakfast.

“Tomato soup, vitamin C and water.” He placed the tray on the bedside table and helped you to sit up, fluffing your pillows and then checking your temperature with the back of his hand. You were warmer than normal, feverish symptoms, and he frowned slightly. When he noticed your worried look, he put the tray on your lap.

“Is it serious?”

“Just a fever. Providing you rest up and I keep you cool, you’ll be fine.” He pressed a kiss onto your forehead and then stood. “I’ll return soon.”

“Wh-where are you going?”

“For my ebony, bowl of cool water and a cloth.” He smoothed a hand over your forehead and then left. And when he returned, he was surprised to see that you had finished everything, put the tray on the table and to find you sleeping peacefully. He smiled with a gentle sigh and sat on the edge of the bed, dabbing your forehead with the damp cloth. When you mumbled his name in your sleep and took to wrapping your arms around his neck tightly, he felt himself blush slightly before chuckling quietly. “Adorable thing, you are, my love.”

He was happy to at least see you being affectionate like this. It made him want to keep you home more, even though he’s have to leave every so often. But it did give him a happy reason to return early.

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Noctis had no utter clue what to do. And that was the truth. When you were sick, you were in a mood without you even knowing. Your constant scowl reminded him of his father’s daily expression and it wasn’t something he really enjoyed seeing.

What’s worse was that he didn’t even know you were sick until he tried cuddling you in his half asleep state.

“Get off me, Noct. You’re too hot.”

And you literally pushed him off you. That also put him in a terrible mood. He just wanted to cuddle you. Was that so bad? He didn’t think it was. Looking back, he didn’t even remember his father doing that if he was in a mood. Not even Gladio did after they became good friends. And that was what made him grumpy… You were the most comfortable person in the world and you were also the most evil woman he met when you were unwell.

So the prince huffed and he pulled the bed clothes off you, dragging them to the sofa so you were forced to cuddle him. But today you really weren’t in the mood. And you had actually messaged Ignis to call him and tell him you weren’t. But Noct was having none of your excuses. He believed the only cure to being ill was being shown how much you mean to someone. Because even though were were one percent, he’d give you ninety-nine so the loved shared was always at one hundred.

That was something Regis had taught him. And he lived by it.

So Noct sighed, stood and marched over to you. You were shivering now and he felt extremely guilty for his actions. The only thing he could do, which you had no choice but to accept, was to carry you back to the sofa. And that was exactly what he did. He picked you up and carried you bridal style, humming gently in order to keep you calm.

Instead of him getting under the duvet, he put you in his place and kissed  your forehead. “Don’t be mad at me.” He spoke gently, and it was clear how concerned he was. And how confused he was. “Even if you are at one percent, I’ll give you ninety-nine. So…please let me?”

Although you were annoyed, you nodded at him. “Okay.” He managed to slide in the space behind you, wrapping an arm around you whilst he snuck his other one under your head. “Thank you for putting up with me.”

“When I need cuddles from you, I get desperate. Me and you is Ignis and Ebony. You’re my ebony.”

“You just called yourself Iggy…”

“What? He’s taught me everything I know about life. He is an….inspiration…”

“Awwe. You’ve gone all mushy.”

He blushed and blew a raspberry on your shoulder. “Shush. You’re sick. So sleep.”

“What if I don’t want to sleep?” You turned and looked at him, pulling those puppy dog eyes out the bag.

“Okay okay. We’ll play King’s Knight…” He sighed.


And then he smirked. “But only if you 1) let me cuddle you. And 2) let me kiss you first.”

“Okay okay. But if you get sick -”

But he was quick to silence you with a fleeting kiss. “Now let’s play.”

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Who says I can’t be serious? Oh wait, never mind!

I just like adding extra stuff just because I can~ :P

Hurrah, I’ve finally figured out how to make GIFs that doesn’t go over the 2MB limit! I was getting frustrated but then I discovered that Photoshop can make things a whole lot easier– I can even put two scenes into one no problem! :D It’s a little bit faster than it actually is, but it will do!