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Court of Dreams’ Individual Understanding of Feyre

During my reread of ACOMAF, I was struck by the unique way each member of Rhysand’s Inner Circle related to Feyre’s traumatic experiences (primarily taken from chapter 16 [family dinner]). SJM did such an amazing job with this! IRL, it doesn’t usually take just one person to help heal your past hurts—to understand—and we see this with Feyre. It takes the entire Inner Circle to help her begin to heal, and to learn she was not alone. 

Cassian understands what it is like to starve and freeze—to fight alone for survival. 

Azriel understands the horror of being imprisoned in darkness and brutally beaten, left to die. 

Amren understands being trapped in a body not her own. 

Mor understands how dreams can be stripped away and laid bare—to escape and dream anew. 

Rhys understands the terror of abuse, and what it’s like to wake up every night, every morning afraid his freedom isn’t real.  

Court of Dreams - All of them understand what it means to find a family they’d only ever dreamed of having—to love and care for and cherish one another more than anything in the world.

A Christmas present for my sister~

I hope you all will have a great 24th and 25th!!!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Note: This was not requested. I just wanted to do a Twitter thing. I hope you enjoy.

Wordcount: 1108

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: A bit of swearing (??) Also this is unedited because I have no surplus energy in life.

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February 12 / 12:30


So, @Y/N said in an interview, that she has a celebrity crush. Is that by any chance @DaveedDiggs?


Because that would be really cute and they should totally date.


Just saying, I support @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs dating.

February 20 / 23:02

So, a little birdie told informed me that you indeed do have a crush on @DaveedDiggs – Is that true, @Y/N?

Talking to @TheEllenShow today was great. Got to talk about my book and we talked a bit about celebrity crushes. Btw @RafaelCasal I still won’t tell you who my celebrity crush is.

I’ll get it out of you at some point @Y/N just you wait.

February 21 / 10:05

Working on a secret project with @Y/N you guys are going to love it.

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N Oh, really? Is that project called a relationship?

@Y/N Who invited @RafaelCasal?

@DaveedDiggs No idea. Maybe we should just go out alone tonight and ignore him?

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N If you two are going on a date you are more than welcome to go alone.

@RafaelCasal is officially a dick.

February 21 / 15:04

Last night was amazing. Had a great time with @DaveedDiggs and @RafaelCasal

Had a great night with @Y/N and @RafaelCasal last night. @RafaelCasal is still a dick, though.

Last night was amazing. @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs still aren’t dating, though.

March 3 / 12:00

Our secret project is finally out. Had a lot of fun working with the amazing @DaveedDiggs and the rest of clipping. Check it out on @clppng ‘s Youtube.

Check out @clppng ‘s new track featuring the lovely @Y/N over on our Youtube channel.

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N Are you two flirting?

 March 5 / 20:34

The music video for our former secret project is now out! – Head over to @clppng ‘s channel on Youtube to check it out

Check out @clppng and @Y/N ‘s music video out on Youtube. It’s amazing!

Had a great time working with lovely @Y/N during the last couple of months. Hoping to get to work to something again soon.

March 14 / 13:12

@DaveedDiggs If you tell us your celebrity crush, I’ll tell you mine?

@Y/N I’m in.

@DaveedDiggs You first.

@Y/N Cute. But no. You were the one who wanted to do this.

@DaveedDiggs Not going to happen.

@Y/N Too bad. Guess we’ll never know then.

March 17 / 16:31

Revealing my celebrity crush tonight in an interview with @FallonTonight on @NBC be sure to check it out. It’s your turn now @DaveedDiggs

March 18 / 09:00

Apparently, @Y/N revealed last night on @FallonTonight that I am her celeb crush. So, guess it’s my turn then. My celeb crush is @Y/N

March 30 / 19:12

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N So are you guys finally dating?

April 3 / 10:24

Had a great night out with @DaveedDiggs last night. Was fun meeting some of your guys, please don’t ever stop being so amazing supporters. <3

Going out for dinner last night with @Y/N was great, but meeting you guys with her was even better. Stay amazing.

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N Why was I not invited? ;)

@RafaelCasal I don’t know, maybe because you won’t shut up?

@RafaelCasal because you won’t shut that pretty mouth of yours.

@DaveedDiggs Your girlfriend is flirting with me.

April 7 / 12:14

It’s official! @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs shared their first kiss last night! Look it up, kids. I’m not lying!

I don’t care about anything else right now, Daveed fucking kissed her. Finally!

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs I am the best matchmaker, right?

April 10 / 21:39

Working on a new track with the love birds.

@RafaelCasal Who are the love birds? I thought you would be working with @DaveedDiggs and me.

@RafaelCasal @Y/N Yeah. I don’t know which love birds you are talking about, friend.

April 28 / 12:30

The new track featuring @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs is live on my Youtube channel now!

You heard the man. @RafaelCasal ‘s new track featuring @Y/N and I is live on his Youtube now.

You heard my boys. @RafaelCasal ‘s new track featuring @DaveedDiggs and I is live on his Youtube now. We won’t disappoint.

June 3 / 18:34

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs Why don’t you guys ever tweet each other anymore?

June 4 / 10:33

@RafaelCasal Because now I actually get to see her every day.

An important note might be that @DaveedDiggs and @Y/N finally moved in together and are officially dating. Have been dating unofficially since the release of their first song, though. Just thought you should know.

July 1 / 12:30

Going to Miami with @DaveedDiggs for the next two weeks. Take care of @RafaelCasal while we’re gone, please? He needs to be fed 3 times a day and you need to keep him hydrated.

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs I’ll stay full on your love.

July 14 / 04:30

@Y/N and I are Back in LA now. Heading to bed to get some sleep. Love you all.

September 3 / 10:32

Oh, how time flies. 6 months and I still love you just as much.

@Y/N Love you more.

@DaveedDiggs Oh, I wasn’t talking about you… I was talking about our track. But I love you too

December 18 / 21:22

So as you all probably know; Daveed is on tour and probably won’t make it home for Christmas.

December 21 / 20:29

@DaveedDiggs Can you just come home, please?


@Y/N I miss you too babe.

December 24 / 24:00

@Y/N Merry Christmas baby. Now, could you please let me in? It’s getting a bit cold out here.

So apparently @DaveedDiggs is back. Am I happy? Definitely. Merry Christmas to all of you.

March 3 / 12:10

Hey @Y/N ?

Hey, @DaveedDiggs ?

@Y/N Just wanted to let you know that it has been a year and I still love you just as much. Happy anniversary babe. <3

@DaveedDiggs I love you more. Happy anniversary. <3

@Y/N Can you come to the living room? I need to ask you something.

March 4 / 10:22

So… Apparently, my dude, my man @DaveedDiggs and I are getting married now

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs Was that what he wanted to ask you yesterday?

@RafaelCasal Yes?

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs I knew it! The mission was a success! I am officially the best matchmaker.

@RafaelCasal Get of your high horse, Rafa.


Happy holidays, gaynoizes!! i’m not sure whether it’s Dec. 25 where you are right now, so sorry if I’m late! ;A; 

I hope you have a fantastic holiday filled with warmth, nice gifts, and happiness! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑


Your Sunday Bach Cantata for Christmas Day

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)

Work: Ruft und fleht den Himmel an from Christen, ätzet diesen Tag (1716?)

Performer: Jan Börner, Julius Pfeifer, Orchester der J.S. Bach-Stiftung St. Gallen; conducted by Rudolf Lutz


This is part one of my two-part Christmas gift to you my lovelies because I have always wanted to do a Soulmate AU with Wolfstar & I love this time of year.

Merry Christmas from me & any other holiday greeting to you if you do not celebrate Christmas. ALSO if it is not your favourite time of year for whatever reason, I hope you still feel some happiness from this

If you would like to read Part Two


  • He would absentmindedly trace the markings with his fingers
  • Dancing across the words that ran under his collarbone
  • Following the lettering as he had a million times before
  • He didn’t even have to look to remember it anymore
  • But when he did remember them
  • When he realized what his hand had automatically done
  • He couldn’t help the smile it brought
  • Light script in beautiful handwriting
  • Yours.
  • There wasn’t a time he hadn’t had that word
  • Everyone was born with one or two or five
  • A word, a saying or even a fragment of a saying
  • Maybe a nickname or a joke
  • Something between you and your soulmate
  • Something not to help you find them Remus figured
  • But to remind you that they were out there
  • Hoping for you too
  • But that wasn’t all the universe gave you

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Merry Christmas to my Secret Elf, @kaipo-senpai! Just barely in the nick of time. I need to learn how to SFM again. :V But here is a gift for them: An SFM poster of Medic and Spy on a date/doing something cute. So here they are on a cold winter’s night, and Medic is introducing Archimedes to Spy!

It’s not AS well as I hoped it would be, I’m very rusty at SFM. But it is my hope that my skills can improve so that I can make this look better. For now, please enjoy! Merry Christmas!

A Very Malfoy Christmas

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Requested by anonymous:

“Hi! Could you please do a daddy!Draco imagine where him and the reader have a couple kids and the reader and him met at Hogwarts and then just family fluff. Thank you!! ❤❤❤❤”

Warnings: None, pure fluff - slight AU where the mini malfoy’s actually have normal names lol - also made it christmas themed cause why not

The sound of birds chirping was the first noise that entered *yn*’s ears as she stirred. Her eyes fluttered as sunlight streamed through a small gap in the window beside the bed and warmed her face. She twisted around in the sheets and peaked one eye open as she slowly became accustomed to the light.

6:13 am, the red digits glared back at her from her small alarm clock. She couldn’t remember the last time she had woken up naturally, or this early for that matter. So with that she closed her eyes once again hoping to enjoy the quiet. She shifted back around in the bed and blindly felt around until her body came into contact with another. 

She scooted over and snuggled into the warm body that occupied the other side of the king bed. She peaked her eyes open once again to look up at her still sleeping husband, Draco. 

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Decorations (Avengers x Reader) - 12 Days of Fic-Mas

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Thor, Bruce Banner and Clint Barton

Persona: Female

Word Count: 962

Warning: Swearing

Request: FicMas request!! can I have an avengers X reader where everyone goes on a mission and she ops to stay back and while everyone is gone she decks the whole tower with Christmas decorations and she had FRIDAY order a big tree and everything and they all come back to a beautifully decorated tower. thanks boo 

A/N - <3

“Hey guys wait up!”, you called quietly, your sweatpant clad legs tried to move as fast as they could to catch up with the Avengers who were boarding the Quinjet.

“What the hell (Y/N)?”, Clint scolded as he watched your figure get closer to the plane, “Didn’t we tell you to stay in bed and rest? You’re still sick”. His over-protective-dad side was showing through again. You nodded your head with a smirk, “Yeah but it’s me. I’m coming anyway so budge up”, you started to cough but covered it up with a weird sounding laugh.

“Yeah, no way kiddo, we don’t want to catch whatever you have so rest up”, Tony said popping his head around the door, he eyed you carefully and grimaced when you sneezed. “C’mon I’m not that contagious!”, you protested. “For once I’m going to agree with Tony sweetheart, you need to stay here and relax”, Natasha shouted from somewhere inside the Quinjet, her voice echoed off of the metal. “Aww please let me, I haven’t been on a mission in forever”, you whined stomping your foot slightly on the ground, you sneezed again, “Please Steve!”, you begged deploying your best puppy-dog eyes.

Steve started to frown as he tried to make a decision, you almost had him but Clint butted in, “Steven Rogers if you let her step onto this Quinjet I will personally see to it that this mission will be your last”. 

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Imagine getting a small bouquet of baby’s breath flowers for free whenever you visit florist!Woozi’s flower shop.

I’m loving AUs and I’m loving Christmas so imagine these AUs:

  • our families have been having an unspoken christmas lights competition since you moved here and now i’ve finally met my rival
  • i’m your last customer on christmas eve because it’s only now that i’ve realised i have no wrapping paper
  • i was your secret santa at work but i gave you some out of date chocolate by accident so now i’m buying you a drink to apologise
  • we’re both santa’s elves for the mall’s “Santa’s grotto” this year
  • we were the only ones wearing christmas sweaters on the bus and did you see how everyone was looking at us or was that just me?
  • my family insisted on going to the pantomime this year and i was the one who had to sit next to a stranger, meaning i sat next to you, and did i mention you have a cute laugh? 
  • we were both cast in our high school’s christmas production
  • we’re both lonely at a pub so let’s see how many christmas pick up lines we can come up with
  • we both wanted the book in the sale but it was the last one, what do we do?
  • all the shops are closed and its cold and we don’t know each other but we both happened to want to see the christmas lights 
  • i couldn’t reach the christmas decorations on the top shelf and you look tall so can you please help me
  • we were both caught in the christmas rush and now our cars have both broken down, so we’re both waiting for a pick up truck at the service station
  • we’re both in the store and i’m trying to find a good christmas candle for my mum, what do you think of this scent?
  • you were busking on the street, singing and playing christmas songs on your guitar, and i was the one who sung along to Slade. sorry.

I really like drawing crazy and I haven’t gotten a chance to draw Arthur yet so this was the natural conclusion. 

Somewhat inspired by Best Served Cold which is an amazing fanfic by hecallsmehischild (and is proof that I am seriously obsessed with this fandom by now seriously help me)

atreidespaul -> paigetico

thanks to the amazing @cruzmylene I’M CRYING SO MUCH I LOVE TICO SISTERSSSSSS
also i want to personally apologize, paul muad’dib of house atreides but there will probably be a point in my life that i’ll get back to this url not just untill the last jedi comes out bc…… MY PRECIOUS ROSE AND HER SISTER PAIGE ARE COMING TO SCREEN THIS CHRISTMAS BYE


btw from now on i track #userliena