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BTS As Things My Roommates Have Said Pt 5
  • Jin: Just cause I can cook doesn't mean I'm gonna
  • Yoongi: I just want to make a lit ass mixtape and live my life in peace is that a fucking sin
  • Hoseok: I don't give a shit if this is a rental if this house is haunted we're committing arson
  • Namjoon: It's not gay if he's hot
  • Jimin: Yes I just slut dropped in the Walgreens parking lot let me be a ho in peace
  • Taehyung: Can we talk about Ancient Aliens I know it's 5 am but please
  • Jungkook: My timberlands don't make me a fuckboy. I make me a fuckboy.

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Got one for noct mostly but the bros (and iris due to nature of ask) can react too in a meeting them sense Noct survives the events of the game and S/O have twins with him. A boy and a girl. s/o wants to name them regis and lunafreya after the two people who are not here now who helped him most.

I really, really looked forward to this! Like I’m gonna try to fluff the hell out of this!

Please be aware that all of my knowledge of childbirth comes from me reading the internet at 3 in the morning, going “well that seems painful” and than going on ebay for 20 min.


You waddled out to the garden, waddle being the key word, one hand to your back, the other rubbing protectively across your stomach. Your enlarged stomach that housed your precious baby, and the future heir to the newly rebuilt Kingdom.

Nearly 5 years had gone by, prior to the the defeat of Ardyn and the ‘Death’ of Noctis, you two were wed. Yet with quick thinking on your part, you managed to get most of the gods on your side which assisted with returning your husband back to you from the afterlife. The first few months were rebuilding the city, and the next few years flourished underneath the new King and his Queen. Now everyone was waiting for the next generation.

Once news had broken that the King and Queen were expecting, it was a rather joyous day! Now all you had was just about 4 more weeks and you would be able to hold the new Princess or Prince of the Kingdom. No one knew what to expect as the little one never wanted to get X-Rays right, sometimes it appeared to be a boy, sometimes a girl, yet most of the time with their back to the camera.

You stopped suddenly clutching your stomach, as you received a rather rough contraction. Turning as you heard a whine, “No, no Umbra it’s just a Braxton Hicks. I’m fine.” You smiled to your now constant companion, ever at your side if your husband was not.

Yet unfortunately your husband was currently locked away in a meeting with Ignis, and a few others from neighboring countries in Eos. Since the Starscourge was vanished, all of Eos was in a unity. Rather sad that it took the death of so many.

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HEY so I'm really curious! Did you just like holler and run away or did like Grodner and a bunch of security dudes come running out or? I gotta know how it ended. Even if it's boring please. :)

Nah it’s boring. The studio in that video is like 5 mins from my house. The actual studio where they film it is 20 mins. The backyard backs up to a small private road (not Gunsmoke Ave cuz you have to through a gate to get there) and a small creek. On the other side is public road so if you have a bullhorn you can yell from there, its residential so you dont wanna stay there for too long anyway and bother people. Google search Colfax Ave & Chiquita St, yw girlies


(mostly about the first zone, and some early things you see once you get the explore the whole world) (spoilers, probably, read it only if you have completed at least the first zone (part 1) AND you fixed your tablet (part 2))

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when Daniel apologized to Alex for being a dickhead that first day i was like woooooow. is this.. niceness? he’s LITERALLY a sour patch kid that rolls around in salt for fun obvsly cus he stays salty. salt bae asf. someone water my son down and drown him in sugar please.

Hey so what’s a good first job to get? It has to be one that doesn’t involve money or food btw

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  • Favorite animal - …i don’t think i have a favorite. Dragons.
  • Average hours spent sleeping - 6-8???? 5-8? The eight is rare tho but I take many naps 
  • Dogs or cats - Both 
  • Number of blankets I sleep with - All the blankets (as long as it’s not too hot)
  • Dream trip - Um. I don’t really like travelling. Any part of Eastern Asia maybe…I guess…………
  • Dream job - It’s a dream, right? Then…hm……….an actress? I chose the job i won’t be able to accomplish. BUT realistically probably a lawyer or a writer (or both) 
  • When did I make this account - August 2015….wow…okay but what was i doing making this account when school just started.
  • Why did I make this account - To practice writing
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Can you come up with something concerning gargoyles fantasy/sice of life etc.

  • “Okay I know this is rally awkward and I must look really threatening but please can I chill inside your house till the sun goes down again because I’m gonna turn to stone in like 5 mins and whenever it happens outside I wake up covered in bird crap.” AU
  • “I was wondering why this person only ever wanted to meet up at night but I was just walking in the park and saw a statue that bared a striking resemblance to them and I think I’m piecing together what’s going on here” AU
  • “I swear on my life, if I have to send ONE MORE LETTER to the city department about taking better care of their statues only to wake up covered in graffiti AGAIN I’m gonna scream.” AU
  • “Those actually aren’t tattoos that’s graffiti.” AU
  • “You’re that person graffiti artist who keeps coming and graffiting cool designs on me in the early evening and I was just wondering if I could make a request since they don’t actually seem to leave my body when I wake up.” AU
  • “I see everything that goes on in this park as one of the statues and in this position I see you eat lunch on that bench every day but it’s getting dark and I’m gonna reanimate soon and you haven’t gone home yet are you okay?” AU

Credit goes to: @jynnispook

They didn’t know I understood Spanish

This is a creepy encounter by kirashadowcat.

About a year ago in my final semester in college I worked at a department store in the mall. I didn’t have a car yet so I asked for day shifts because it was a 2 hour bus ride back home. So basically if I had a closing shift, I’d get done at 11 but not get home until 1 am. But sometimes I’d be given closing shifts much to my annoyance since I had a 6 45 am class & my mothers worry because who wants their kid on public transport that late? (Sometimes she could come & get me but it’d be too much of a hassle to get my younger sisters out that late & such so I never asked her)

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Do Not Drink When You’re Sad

The RFA+V+Unknown getting drunk after the events of the last story. This took way longer than I thought it would. I actually have four unfinished fluff stories but this came to me and I like it best. No spoilers as far as I can tell. Again, if there’s someone or something here I wrote wrong, please tell me and I’ll fix it.


Yoosung was devastated. When MC told him they were engaged he didn’t know what to do. He was happy for them of course. They were finally going to marry the man of their dreams, but he never stopped wishing that they’d eventually change their mind and be with him. Eventually MC had to go home so he congratulated them again and left. He didn’t want to go home yet, so he called Zen and asked if he could come over. He didn’t want to be alone.

Zen knew what he was there, Seven told everyone about the engagement on the messenger. Zen knew about Yoosung’s feelings for MC, everyone did, it was obvious. That’s why Zen already had shots ready for when he arrived. Yoosung downed the drinks one by one. He wasn’t as much of a lightweight as he was in college, but he still got drunk pretty fast. He didn’t get all handsy with Zen this time though, he just talked, and Zen listened.

Eventually, Zen put him to bed, and he was alone with his thoughts. All he could think about was the life he could’ve had with MC. MC, he thought, they’ll make me feel better. He pulled out his phone and dialed their number.

“…Hello?” A sleepy voice answered.

“MC” Yoosung laughed, “I was feeling really sad tonight, but hearing your voice always makes me feel better.”

“Yoosung, are you drunk?”

“No, not at all,” he was still laughing, “I just had a few drinks with Zen.”

“MC? Who are you talking to?” Yoosung heard another sleepy voice in the background.

“It’s just Yoosung, Sae.” MC told the voice, “I think he had a little too much to drink with Zen again.” Yoosung suddenly began to cry. “Yoosung?” MC asked worried now, “What’s going on? Are you okay?”

“No.” Yoosung laugh-cried, “But you are! You and Seven are great!”

MC began to whisper. “Yoosung, I think it’s time for you to go to bed.”

“But MC~ I still wanna hear your voice!”

MC didn’t know what to do now, so they just stayed on the phone and listened, going into the other room.

“You know MC, I really really like you. I always have, since you first came on the messenger. But you never liked me~” Yoosung whined, “You like Seven. I was so excited to meet you then. I was going to tell you at the party! But you only wanted to see Seven.” Yoosung sobbed. “And now you’re getting married! Hooray for you!” Yoosung

MC was speechless. They didn’t know how to react to that.

Zen suddenly barged into the room and took the phone from Yoosung. “I’m sorry MC, I’m afraid I gave Yoosung too much to drink again.”

“Hey! No I didn’t!” Yoosung tried to take it back but Zen pushed him back on the bed. “Give my phone back you selfie freak! I’m not done yet!”

“Please forget about everything he said”

“R-right.” MC Said.

“Goodnight then.”

“Goodnight MC! I love you!” Yoosung yelled from the background.



Yoosung woke up at two in the afternoon feeling with a splitting headache. He noticed that he wasn’t in his own house and tried to remember what happened the night before. He immediately grabbed for his phone when he realized. Logs: MC Today 1:37a.m. Outgoing 5 mins, 24 secs. Oh no. Yoosung prayed with everything he had that he didn’t say what he thought he said. He called MC again to ask if he said anything strange, but they never picked up. He was freaking out now. He didn’t know what he was going to do. His thoughts were interrupted by Zen knocking on his door and bringing in some lunch. “You’re finally awake,” Zen said, his expression was grim, and Yoosung knew that it wasn’t a dream. He felt tears fill his eyes again. Zen placed the food on the table and sat next to him, not looking directly at him, “I spoke with MC this morning.” Yoosung already knew what was coming and said nothing. “They think it’s best that you don’t see each other for a while.” Yoosung nodded and began to sob again.


MC and Jumin spent the afternoon chatting and drinking wine. Jumin loved those moments with them, when he could pretend that they were actually his, even though he couldn’t touch them. Jumin got carried away and drank too much, but MC had yet to notice. Jumin stared at them silently for a long time while they talked to Elizabeth 3rd. He loved them, he wanted nothing more than to hold them in his arms and whisper sweet nothings in their ear.

MC finally noticed him staring and spoke, “Is something wrong, Jumin?”

“You are so beautiful,” he slurred, “I’m so lucky to have you.”

“Jumin…? I think you’ve had a bit too much wine.” They said, reaching for the bottle.

Jumin held their hand, stopping them. “No I haven’t.” He said in the same manner he used to when they first met. He brushed some hair out of their face and they stared at him. “I love you so much.” He finally said.

MC’s eyes widened and they tried to pull away but Jumin kept a firm grip on them.

Jumin stared intensely at them, “I’ve always loved you, but you chose Yoosung.”

MC finally ripped their arm out of his grip, “I’m sorry Jumin. I have to go.” MC said as they left the penthouse.

Jumin stood there alone for a while. His head was still foggy from the alcohol. He sat down, placed his head in his hands, and began to sob.


Jumin has been on edge ever since the incident with MC happened. He’s been more irritable and snapped at employees more often much to Jaehee’s chagrin, but she empathized with him. MC didn’t contact him again after that, not that he expected them to. He was so upset with himself that he let his emotions get the better of him like that, and now he couldn’t take it back.

Jaehee came in one afternoon with his mail. She looked on sadly at Jumin. She knew what was in one of the letters she handed him, she had one too. She soon left though, because she knew that Mr. Han didn’t like being watched when he worked.

Jumin stared at the pink envelope. It had MC and Yoosung’s names on it. He knew what it was. He was actually surprised that he was still invited, but he should have known MC wouldn’t have wanted to cut him off completely. His chest hurt, but he decided that he would still go. Jumin let out a sigh. He swallowed his feelings and got back to work.


Zen left the party later than everyone else did. He wanted to congratulate MC on the fact that they were having a baby again. They way MC smiled at him almost made him cry. He wanted so badly for that to be him, for him to be the one that woke up next to them every morning, for him to be the one they were starting a family with, but that was never going to happen.

Zen walked the streets and ended up in front of a bar so decided to drown his sorrows with alcohol. He knew it was a bad idea, but at that moment, he didn’t care.

He drank way more than he normally would. He actually felt a little dizzy this time. The bartender cut him off so he decided to leave. The alcohol didn’t help. Of course it didn’t. He was hurt, he was angry, and he was about to do something very stupid.

Zen ran back to Jumin’s penthouse. Jumin told the guards to let him in because he thought it was an emergency. Jumin opened the door immediately when he knocked.

As soon as he saw them, he exploded. “Jumin, how dare you? Why did you steal them away from me?”

Both Jumin and MC were speechless. Zen stood there red-faced and yelling, tears streaming down his eyes.

Zen turned his attention to MC now, “MC! Why did you choose Jumin and not me? I love you MC, I could’ve made you happy too!”

Jumin saw how hurt MC was. Jumin was furious. He had his guards restrain Zen, and called Jaehee to take him home.


Zen messed up. He really messed up. As soon as he realized what happened, he tried to call to apologize, but Jumin wouldn’t have it. He would not let anyone upset MC like that again, and Zen didn’t blame him.

Jaehee went to his house a few days later to check on him. He was a wreck. There were bottles of alcohol around the living room. He obviously didn’t learn his lesson. MC helped him quit smoking two years earlier, but he fell off the wagon again.

Zen hated himself. It hurt him to see MC happy with someone else, but not seeing them killed him. Jaehee hated to see him like this, but she knew that nothing she could say would make him feel any better. She decided that it would be best to just put him to bed and clean up for him.

Zen lay in his bed staring at the ceiling. Jaehee was kind enough to listen to him ramble on about what happened, but she left earlier to clean up his house. All he could think about was MC, how he wished he could take it all back, but he couldn’t.



Jaehee was smashed. Jaehee was smashed. She and MC had way too much wine, and were then laughing uncontrollably at everything.

MC pointed at the tv, “look! Look, it’s Zen!” They said for the fourth time, “he’s so spicy. He twinkle twinkles.” MC fell off the couch.

Jaehee watched them and laughed harder. She loved them so much. Jaehee crawled off the couch and went on top of MC. MC stared up at her still giggling. “I love you so much MC.”

“I love you too Jaehee!” MC replied.

“No, no. I love you the most!” She collapsed on MC and gave them a big hug.

MC laughed again. “That’s why we’re best friends, silly!”

Jaehee’s heart cracked. “You don’t get it!” She whined, “I love you. As more than a best friend. I always hoped that I had even the slightest chance with you.” Jaehee waited for them to respond, but MC stayed quiet. Jaehee then passed out on top of them.


Jaehee was so nervous. She remembered everything from the night before, and she prayed with everything she had that it was a dream. Unfortunately, when Jaehee noticed she was sprawled on her living room floor with a blanket on her, she knew what happened the night before was very real. Jaehee went into the kitchen and saw MC was preparing breakfast. She gathered all her courage to apologize, but before she could, MC noticed her and smiled.

“We had quite a night, didn’t we?” They said, handing her a cup of coffee.

Jaehee faltered. “U-uh, yes we did.”

MC went back to cooking.

“I-I must apologize MC, I said some inappropriate things last night, and I’m hoping that you can forgive me and forget that any of it happened.”

MC looked at her confused, “I’m sorry Jaehee, but I have no idea what you’re talking about. I got so wasted, I can barely remember anything that happened after the second movie.”

“W-what?” Jaehee wanted to leap for joy. They didn’t remember!

MC just stood there staring at her. “Did we do something weird, Jaehee?”

Jaehee tried her best to conceal her blush. “Uh, no-no-nothing!” She stuttered, “We just stayed up and talked about Zen all night.” Jaehee prayed that she sounded convincing enough.

MC didn’t look completely convinced, but dropped the topic anyway.

Jaehee let out a sigh of relief. She was safe for another day. She promised herself that she would never be this careless again, lest she lose the only person that actually made her happy.


V was drinking in his apartment alone. He’s been doing that a lot recently. Ever since Jaehee and MC got together, he’s been trying hard to distance himself from them. MC was persistent, they kept trying to invite V out, but V always came up with an excuse not to go. It killed him, especially when he saw how hurt they were whenever he would blow them off, and Yoosung did not appreciate that V was so inactive again, but he believed it was for the best, lest he do something stupid that would hurt them.

He was feeling quite lightheaded already when he received a text from MC.

MC: V? Are you okay?

V knew that he should have made the conversation as short as possible, but the way MC texted him in the middle of the night worried him.

V: I’m fine, MC. Is something wrong?

MC: I’m sorry for messaging you so late, it’s just that I feel that you’ve been avoiding me lately, and Jaehee convinced me to finally talk it out with you. Have I done something wrong?

Had it been any other situation, he would have told them that he’s just been busy and that they shouldn’t worry. But V was very drunk that night, and he didn’t think about what he was going to do next.

V: If I can be honesf MC, I’m not finr. I’m decastated. I trued to be sipportuve, I tried to stay awsy, so you cab be gappy with Jaehee but it’s been do djfficjlt. I love you MC, I have fpr sp long, and it killd me that I can’r shor you.

V was so tired. He could barely keep his eyes open. Finally he just gave up and fell asleep.


V woke up at noon with his phone in his hand. He tried to recall the events from the night before then immediately sat up. Oh no. V turned on his phone. He saw a tiny envelope next to the signal bar. He received a message from his service provider as well so he couldn’t immediately see what the message said. He felt as though his life was over, he unlocked his phone, his fingers shaking so hard, he had to retry a few times. Finally, he was able to unlock it and it showed the conversation he had with MC. V let out a sigh of relief. Apparently, his drunk self mistook the enter button for the send button. V thanked every entity he could think of and deleted the message. He read the last thing MC sent him.

MC: ??

V couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t keep avoiding them, especially if things like this happened whenever he did. He decided to let himself just be a little selfish. He finally decided on what to reply.

V: MC, I’m sorry, I fell asleep last night before I could reply. I’ve just been busy lately, but if you’re free today, we could have dinner at your favorite restaurant.


Saeran took another sip of his beer. It’s been days since he was rejected by MC, and he hasn’t seen them since. It’s not like they haven’t tried, MC wanted them to remain friends, and they were very persistent. If you check Saeran’s phone, you’ll see 38 messages and 47 missed called just on that day. They even went to his house a few times, but Saeran told Saeyoung to pretend he wasn’t home though MC tried to bribe him with Honey Buddha Chips. He was getting tired. Saeran took another sip, he was already getting quite drunk and grumpy, and it didn’t help that his phone was buzzing again. He finally just decided to turn it off.

Saeran was mad. How dare they? They rejected him, and now they wouldn’t leave him alone? Were they planning on stringing him along forever? The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. Saeran suddenly stood up so fast that he got dizzy. He was going to go to them and tell them exactly how he felt about this whole situation.

He went to V’s apartment. He knew they’d be there since he heard Saeyoung talking to them when he snuck out. He honestly couldn’t believe how easy it was considering how much security they have. Saeran peeked in through the window and saw them. MC was staring at their phone. They looked so depressed. They dialed a number again but looked even more upset after leaving a message. It made Saeran’s chest hurt. Saeran was about to call them when he saw V approach them. V gave them a hug and they gave him the sweetest smile. Saeran’s never seen them that happy. Saeran backed away. MC was happy. They didn’t need him messing anything up. As much as they missed him, they were probably better off without him. He decided to go back home.


Saeran was in his room alone. He’s been in there a few days now and he only went out to use the bathroom or get the food Saeyoung left at the door. Saeyoung was worried about him, he knew what was going on and wanted to help, but he knew that Saeran needed time alone to think. He told Saeran that when he was ready to come out, he’d be there for him.

Saeran looked at his phone and sighed. They were still trying to reach him. He switched off his phone again and hugged a pillow.

After a while, Saeran heard a knock on his door. He stood up immediately this time, not waiting for his brother to leave. He opened the door a crack and peeked out and Saeyoung saw him.  Saeran opened the door wider and let him in.


Saeyoung didn’t normally drink. He didn’t like it. But he somehow ended up in a bar a few blocks away from his house after exploding at MC. He stared at the drink he ordered. T was his fifth one. He told himself he needed something to numb the pain he was feeling and for a moment, he thought it was helping. That was, until his phone started vibrating.

It was Saeran. Saeyoung nearly tossed his phone at the bartender. How dare he? He already took away the best thing that’s ever happened to him, was he trying to rub it in his face? Saeran let it go to voicemail and switched off his phone. He chugged his drink then ordered another one.

After a while, the bartender had to cut him off, and Saeyoung wobbled away, upset. He was not done drinking his feelings. If anything, he was even sadder than before. He leaned on the wall outside and cried. It was closing time anyway. Suddenly, a car appeared that looked like one of his. He turned to the bouncer that’s been watching him, “Hey, look! That looks just like one of my babies!” He laughed.

The bouncer just stared at him.

A red-haired man suddenly came out of the car. “Saeyoung, there you are! I’ve been looking all over for you! Why did you turn off your phone?”

“OMG! It’s another me! I’m not that drunk am I?” Saeyoung was about to fall over, but Saeran caught him.

“Let’s get you home, Saeyoung.”

“Ooh! You’re Saeran! I love you Saeran!”

Saeran chuckled, “I love you too.”

“But wait!” Saeyoung pulled away, almost fallng over, “I’m mad at you right now.”

“I know.” Saeran tried to reach for him again, “but-“

“No. You took them away! I loved them and you took them away!” Saeyoung was crying now.


“But it’s all okay!” Saeyoung started laughing. “You’re happy, right? And you’ll make MC happy.” He held his chest. “My heart crumbled into little pieces, but that’s all I ever wanted! I want you two to be happy.”

Saeyoung wobbled a bit and Saeran caught him again.

“I want the two of you to be happy together.”

Saeran helped him into the car and Saeyoung leaned on the window with his eyes closed.

“But never touch my babies without my permission again.” He suddenly mumbled. “They’re mine.”

Saeran smiled. “Okay brother, I’m sorry.”


Saeyoung woke up in his bed smelling like alcohol. What happened last night? He felt the bed for MC but they weren’t there. He reached for his glasses and suddenly sat up, making himself dizzy. He looked around, all their things were gone. Oh, right. Saeyoung saw that his favorite breakfast was on his desk, but he didn’t feel like eating yet. He lay back down and stared up at the ceiling. They’re probably moved into Saeran’s room by now. Saeyoung began to cry again.

This is for the best. He thought, It’s not like anything will happen if I stay upset, and they’ll be happy together. Saeyoung pulled the covers over his head and went back to sleep.


Kim Namjoon: Namjoon can be quite the tease, but when it comes to studying, you preferred being left undisturbed. However, Namjoon can sometimes be a block head…

Namjoon: “jagi…” he cooed as he entered your room.

You: “not now namjoon…”  

Namjoon: “Rapmon doesn’t like to be ignored…” 


Namjoons eyes opened wide, surprised at your sudden outburst. At first, you felt bad, you knew you shouldn’t have reacted like that, but a sudden smirk appeared on his face. 

You: What?” You glared, crossing your arms across your chest.

Namjoon: ….That was hot…” he winked. You rolled your eyes, pushing him out the door, then shut it at his face.

Kim Seokjin: Between the two of you, you both could agree that Jin was the best cook. You were skilled in the basics of cooking, but you preferred leaving it up to Jin, especially since you could be quite clumsy. 

One Saturday morning, you decided to lend him a hand in the kitchen.

Jin: “y/n, do you mind grabbing the flour for me?” He said sweetly, as he tied his favorite apron around his waist and began to blend the first batch of cookie dough. 

You grabbed a chair and climbed on top for a boost. As you grabbed hold of the flour, it accidentally slipped from your fingers and fell all over you. 

You: “AHHHH!!!” You shouted in anger. 

Jin had managed to hear your screams over the loud buzzing of the blender. He turned to you, frightened that you had fallen and hurt yourself. His mouth dropped open seeing you covered in flour from head to toe, making it difficult for him to hold back his laughter. 

You: “This is bullshit!!!” You blurted out, wiping the flour off your face.

Jin: “Jagi!!!” he gasped. 

You turned away and walked out of the kitchen, not bothering to even respond to him. 

Min Yoongi: Yoongi had been helping you improve on your piano skills. You weren’t bad, but you still felt like you were lacking. For today’s lesson, Yoongi taught you the song I need you. It was difficult for you and no matter how much you tried, you still couldn’t get it down. You began to get frustrated. 

You: “ *ugh* ” you sighed in defeat as you leaned onto the piano keys, creating a loud and unpleasant sound. When Yoongi heard the disturbing outcry of his piano, he rushed into the living room to see you hovering over it. 

Suga:y/a, what are you doing? “ 

You: *speaking in gibberish* 

Suga: “what? I can’t understand you” 

You: you lifted your head off the piano and let out a deep sigh. “ I said, I can’t do this” you whined. 

Suga: “Come on babe, it ain’t that hard” he smirked. 

You: “Well it ain’t fucken easy either, now is it!!! ”  you snapped, watching as the smirk vanished from his handsome face. 

Suga: he flashed you a stern look. “is that the way you speak to your Oppa, y/a?” 

You: *gulped*

Jung Hoseok: You had finally saved enough money to buy the vintage clock you always wanted. After minutes of searching, you finally found a perfect spot to set it up in the living room. Hoseok had just arrived and you couldn’t stop blabbering to him about how nice it looked, and he agreed.

Moments after, you decided to take a quick shower, leaving Hoseok in the living room to watch T.V. 

While in the shower, you heard loud music vibrating through the walls. *Hobi must be practicing* You voiced in your head. As soon as you turned of the faucet, you heard a loud crash coming from downstairs and the music was quickly turned off. You wrapped a towel around you and rushed down to the living room. 

You: “Hosoek what ha…..” you stopped mid sentence seeing your brand new clock shattered on the floor. Hoseok stared at you with a fearful look in his eyes. 

Hoseok: “jagi, i’m so sorry, I …” You raised your hand to shut him up. 

You: “Jung Hoseok,….I’m going to fucken kill you..” You said sternly. 

Hoseok stared in utter silence, shocked at the harsh words that spilled from your sweet mouth. 

Kim Taehyung: It was movie night and both of you had decided to watch The Maze Runner. It was just all so perfect, cuddling under the blankets, eating caramel popcorn, and drinking delicious coffee, what more can you ask for? However, the moment the girl appeared in the movie (Kaya Scodelario), he wouldn’t stop blabbing on about how cute she was. It was stupid to get jealous over that, but he just wouldn’t stop talking. 

Tae: ” Ya!! she’s the cutest girl I’ve ever seen.“ He mumbled, stuffing a handful of popcorn into his mouth. You glared.

Tae: “hmm, is Dylan (Dylan O'Brien) her boyfriend?” He babbled on. You couldn’t take it no more. You pulled his arm off from around you, and got off the couch.

You: “I’m going to bed…” You spoke sternly. 

Tae: he reached for the remote and paused the movie. “You’re leaving me alone?” He pouted. You nodded and started to walk away. 

Tae:Jagi are you mad at me?” You didn’t answer and continued up the stairs. Tae:Baby! I want to cuddle with you!!!“ 

You: ”You ain’t getting shit!!!“ You blurted out, your voice echoing through the house as you disappeared from sight. Taehyung was shook by your sudden reaction.

 Tae: "Jagi, are you jealous!!!” He shouted, as he ran up the stairs to tease you even more. 

Park Jimin: You would constantly hear Jimin complain about his weight and It would always anger you when he would skip meals. One day, you found out from Yoongi that he wasn’t eating for his excuse was, that he was to busy practicing. You called him over the phone and forced him to come home to eat, and thankfully he complied. You quickly drove to In and Out, ordered two combos and arrived a few minutes before he did. 

You: “ Gosh Jimin you look so pale!” You said sternly., as he entered the door.

Jimin: “Ah Jagi, your over reacting…”

You: “No Jimin I’m not, now sit down and eat…” You pointed towards the table, his food already set up. 

Jimin: “Baby, you know I can’t eat that, I don’t want to get fa…..” 

You: “Jimin…” You muttered, stoping him in mid sentence “Eat…the damn…burger….before …I shove it…down….your fucken throat….GOT IT!!!” 

Jimin ’s eyes opened wide, surprised at the fowl words that escaped your lips. He sat down at the table and began to eat, not bothering to even pick up a fight with you. However , he tried to play it smart by only eating half and a bit of fries then placed it back inside the bag to dispose of it, but you weren’t stupid.

Jimin: “I’m all done Jagi, he cried out happily. You walked into the kitchen, your hands placed firmly on your hips. 

You: “Park Jimin…I swear..”  before you could even finish, Jimin reached for the bag and it began to chow down all his remaining food. You smirked at his sudden reaction then came around to hug him from behind.  

You: “Nice try baby” You said sweetly, placing a soft kiss on his cheeks.

Jeon Jungkook: Jungook was a little brat at times, but you somehow managed to find it cute. That’s until he decided to scare you.

Jungkook was at the store when he found a realistic looking spider that was almost the size of his hand. He knew you were terrified of them, so he thought it was wise to take it home to you. When he arrived home, he heard the shower running and an idea popped in his head . He sneaked into the restroom and placed the spider on the towel that was closest to your reach, then waited. Moments after, you turned off the water, and as he expected, you reached for the towel closest to you . As you pulled it off the hook, you noticed the fuzzy spider falling on your feet. You let out a shrieking scream and ran out of the bathroom to find Jungkook dying of laughter on the floor. He quickly looked up to you, his mouth gaping open at the sight of you entirely naked. But, that wasn’t your concern. 

You: “Jungkook, you have 5 seconds to run, before I fucken strangle you with my bare hands…” you snarled.

He didn’t know how to react to this situation. He was happy to see you standing there naked, but he was also afraid of the fact that he’s never seen you this angry.

Jungook: “*chuckling nervously*, Jagi, it was just a joke..” He rose to his feet and began taking short strides backwards. 

You: “5…”

Jungkook: “Jagi?….”

You: “4…”

Junkook: “Please stop counting…”

You: “3…”

And with that, Jungkook took off with you chasing after him all around the house and yes you remained naked.


A/N: Ok, I thought I’d write something a bit out of my comfort zone for you guys, I’m so so sorry if this makes you cry, I cried while writing it so it’s ok, we can cry together ;). I hope you enjoy! x


Y/N P.O.V:

Over the past couple of days, I’ve realised Neymar has become more distant in our relationship, like he’s always going out at night or texting unknown people which gets me suspicious in most cases but for some reason I still trust in him although there might be a slight chance that he might be cheating on me. Recently, I’ve found out that I’m officially 2 months pregnant which excites me with the feeling to become a first time mom but at the same time, I haven’t exactly planned to tell him this. I didn’t know when, or how I was going to do but I was eventually gonna have to tell him.

Since Ney will be home any minute, I was trying to convince my self to tell him straight away. Within minutes he was home and my emotions were toying with my brain. “Calm on Y/N, you can do this just tell him directly in the face before it’s too late”. I kept mumbling to myself as I approached him in the kitchen. “Ola” he greeted with a restless tone, usually he’d shower me with hugs and plant kisses on my cheeks, but today he seemed frustrated and angry. In the meantime, I allowed him to settle his anger issues and solve his own problems while I started to wash the remainder of plates from breakfast and lunch.

While he was taking some time, I noticed he had thrown his muddy, stained football boots across the neat carpet which I spent 3 hrs of cleaning today! “Ney, please pick your boots up and place them in the laundry, where they belong”. I said with a calm voice. At first he gave the silent treatment for 5 mins and completely ignored me since his eyes were glued to the television watching those soccer documentaries. “NEYMAR DA SILVA SANTOS JR! DID YOU LISTEN TO WHAT I JUST SAID?!” My yelling had echoed through the whole house causing him to get my attention straight away. “UGH, Y/N GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK FOR GODS SAKE! DO I LOOK LIKE SOME GOD DAMN MAID WHO WOULD GET EVERYTHING DONE FOR YOU WITHIN A COUPLE OF SECONDS?”. His furious tone caused me to wince and shiver in sudden nervousness. “Oi, listen here Captain Crazy! Who is the one that cleans your house, washes your clothes, cooks your meals, takes care if you when your sick? Huh? Who is it Neymar!? All I’m asking for is a little help by putting your own shit away!”. Now we were only inches away from each other, we could’ve kissed at this moment. But how could me if I saw all the anger and tiredness in his eyes.

Instead, he chose to neglect me and leave me without telling me exactly where he was going, his last words to me were “I’m done” before leaving me to sob to myself. The only thing I wanted to do now was apologise, but it was too late. Instead, I cried myself into a deep sleep until about 5 hrs later, I receive a text from someone.


Who does she think she is for commanding me what to fucking do? After a long day at training don’t you think, you’ll get tired and want to come home to a peaceful environment?! Filha de Puta, not in this town! I left Y/N at home because I didn’t want to put up with anymore arguing or yelling, so now I was driving to try and relieve those events that are clouding in my head. I wasn’t exactly paying attention to what I was doing on the road. The next thing I heard was the sound of the car colliding and ambulance sirens before I went into a concussion and everything was completely blacked out. The sound of Y/N’s voice

Y/N P.O.V:

I wonder who could be texting me at this time of the night, in most situations this alerted that something terrible has probably happened. Surprisingly, I opened the text which happened to be from Rafa saying:

‘Y/N, once you have opened this message, I want you to remain as pacified as possible. A couple of hours ago, Neymar was involved in a car crash which has now left him in a coma. I want you to come to the nearest hospital with any hesitation, I will give more details when you arrive. Love Rafa x’

At this time my heart was about to explode, this had caused me to cry even more. Within a couple of minutes I was out of the house, proceeding to the nearest hospital which was the one Ney had happened to be in. “I’m here for Neymar Jr.” I told the receptionist who then directed me to his room where he had been surrounded by his family and some members from the Brazil NT. I walked into the room to find his lifeless, paralysed body with all these machines and needles attached to his body.

At that moment, I bursted into an ocean of tears as I thought his eyes would’ve never opened again. I was then comforted by Nadine and Rafa, they kept telling me everything was going to be alright and that he will recover and play futbol again but it didn’t seem to ease my pain. “Don’t worry Amor, once he wakes up we’ll make sure his steady and stable. I promise” she said before letting me sit next to him. I decided to stay the night whilst the others went home.

The next morning, I woke up hoping to find him awake but of course he wasn’t. “Ney, I’d like you t-to please wake up, I know you and I haven’t got along lately but this hasn’t stopped me from loving you and although you probably cannot hear me right now, words cannot express my love for you, I just wish that you’d wake up for me because-because”. I didn’t get to finish as my emotions took over and I started bawling my eyes out. After my unfinished speech, I felt someone’s cold hands wrap in mine. I looked up to see Neymar with his eyes only half open. “Neymar! Your awake!” I screamed with joy, he then moved his hand to interlock it with mine. “Y/N, my love I’m sorry for the last couple of days how I have neglected you, but you are my life, I still remember the time we met, when I met the most beautiful, attractive girl which was you. I’m sorry, baby for all our arguments and tantrums. Just please don’t forget me as I will watch over you. Y/N, I know our time together hasn’t been as I planned but please know that you have impacted my life so much and we have so many memories together…I love you s-so m-much…”. His eyes were starting to shut as he held my hand tight, the room filled with the loud echoes of the beep machine indicating he was gone.

“NO! Neymar! Baby! Please wake up! I need you! Please! P-please!” I started sobbing as the doctors pulled me out of the room. I tried to unwriggle myself out of their arms but they were too strong to defend against. My Neymar has been taken away from me. I could see from the window as the doctors tried to resuscitate him but he wouldn’t wake up. “NEYMAR! PLEASE WAKE UP!” I begged while banging on the window. “I’m sorry, Miss Y/L/N, unfortunately our paramedics were unable to save him and he has been pronounced dead” I looked at the doctor with regret and sadness. If his life was over, than my life should’ve been over.

*6 months later*

7 hrs of Labour pain and this child was killing me. Alongside assisting me was my best friend Rafa and Nadine. “Ok, sweetie one more push” the nurse instructed. My face was covered in sweat and tears from the agony. “I-it’s h-hurting me! I can’t do this!” I shouted while they kept encouraging me to push harder. After 10 mins the room was filled with baby cries with was music to my ears. “Congratulations, it’s a boy” the nurse had said while flashing a grin towards me. After a couple of minutes of cleaning the young blooded baby, he was brought back to me wrapped in a blue blanket nice and clean. I looked at him and smiled to myself thinking of all the memories of Neymar and I.

“Well done dear, Rafa, Pai and I are very proud of you, I’m sure if Neymar was here, he would definitely we proud of you too.” Her voice croaked as she mentioned Neymar letting out her soft cries. “Well, have you chosen a name darling?” The midwife asked while smiling at my baby and I. “Neymar” I whispered at first. “I’m sorry, what?” The nurse repeated, “Neymar”. I looked up at Nadine who had fresh tears in her eyes “Baby Neymar” she mumbled with a relieving tone. I was then joined by the rest of the team who celebrated the birth of baby Neymar. Although he wasn’t here to notice this astonishing moment, I know that our forever would be our…….Always.

The End.

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