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I had the TREMENDOUS good fortune to work with @boxesfullofthoughts and @douchenuts during the @checkpleasebigbang!

They wrote an amazing (AH MAZ ING) Zimbits Pacific Rim AU, which you absolutely must read now if you haven’t already. Jack + Bitty + Giant Robots + Saving The World. What more could you want than that???

You can read the fic (and see the rest of the art I drew for it) here:
Everybody Begs to Be Redeemed
(rated T, 40,667 words)

PS: I have to also give thanks because both @douchenuts and @boxesfullofthoughts were unfailingly kind and encouraging to me while I was dealing with one of the busiest and craziest months of my life. I still feel so, so lucky that I got the chance to work with them and I don’t think I’ll ever thank them enough!


throwback to 2008:
mbc gayo daejejun ☆ wonderbang special stage

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Can someone please explain what the actual fuck is going on here?

Let’s wait until the Bang family speaks out before we make any false assumptions… Considering Yongguk’s tweets, I am worried about his mother considering the fact that she is ill(Confirmed by Yongnam).. But my heart and prayers are with the family and I really really hope that his mother didn’t pass away, please let them be safe and sound… I’m seriously worried about Yongguk right now…

💚💚💚💚 BABY💚BAP💚💚💚💚

💚💚💚💚 Spread positivity💚💚💚💚



The new classic carol

Lyrics: Paul F. Tompkins
Music: Eban Schletter:
Vocals: Scott Aukerman & Paul F. Tompkins
Backing vocals: Eban Schletter

Art: J. Chris Wong


Omg Check Please! Big Bang art for

All Dressed Up (And Nowhere to Go) // By Inyron (link updated!!!)

“No, but seriously,” Chowder told him. “You really shouldn’t listen to me. I’m the worst at this kind of stuff. I’ve been trying to force myself to think about where I want to go after I graduate, but the future’s like a giant empty pit. I don’t want to think about it. I just want to stay here and play hockey forever.”

Chowder’s POV of Bitty’s senior year.


Thank you to Eve for being such an amazing and understanding author and dealing with me, an artist whose concept of deadlines is lacking HAHA

HER FIC IS BEAUTIFUL! I love love her Chowder voice and he is easily lovable in this work- concerning and introspective and unknowingly meddling haha