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Cheer Up Post #5300 - Spider-Man (Funny) Edition

For the anon requesting Spider-Man being funny, enjoy!


***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Sorry for asking but, may i request a victuuri saying happy bday? You'll see, my best friend and I are getting apart for external reasons that make us so sad, her bday was this past week and i feel so helpless bc i can't give her anything, a fanart of her otp would be much help, please.

gyaaaaa i wanted to write their name on it~ oh well, but here you go!! i hope things go well with you guys, this was such a sweet request i couldn’t help it ////

I’m close to 4,000 followers! Thank You!!!

Pick a location from the list of destinations below the cut. And that’s where your summer vacation will take place! 


1. You don’t have to be following me but it would be awesome ;)

2. It needs to be about a summer trip in your chosen destination.

3. Reader insert only. This time around just - Dean, Jensen, Sam or Jared.

4. Fluff, Smut, Angst, etc. Whatever floats your boat.

5. Minimum word count - 1,000. No maximum. It can be a one shot or the beginning of a new series. Please use the Keep Reading feature.

6. Fics will be due: Sunday, Oct 1st

- Please tag me and Lau’s Summer Escape Challenge so I can reblog/comment. I don’t want to miss anything!


Send me an ASK with:

– The number of the destination you choose and which character you pick. Include a backup in case it’s taken.

**If you want to substitute a town/city let me know in your ASK. For example: San Diego, CA is on the list but you’d rather Los Angeles, CA.

Please no messages or comments if you want to participate. Ask only! It’s easier to keep track. Thanks :)

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Kanako on Konya Kurabete Mimashita (07/19)

K = Kanako Murakami, A = Artur Gachinski, Y = Yoshimi Tokui, T = Terumoto Goto, B = Blouson Chiemi, R = Rino Sashihara, S = Shelly


Y: Kanako, your love life, can we… ask about it…?

T: Yea let’s ask her since she’s here today! How old are you right now?

K: I’m 22.

T: You’re 22. Is there anyone who you’ve had a real relationship with before? You do?? Please tell us how many you’ve dated, now!

K: 2 people.

Y: This is a good system isn’t it.

T: 2 people!

K: Yes.

R: Was that during your competitive career or after you retired?

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A little bit about me...

Hey guys. Nice to meet you all. I’m not exactly sure if anyone will ever read this, but I thought it would be nice to introduce myself. My name is Joe and i’m a 26 year old guy who really enjoys reading romance novels.

I haven’t decided yet how i’m going to use this blog, but I really want to keep it romance related.

I’m not really sure what else to say here, but i’m looking forward to meeting everyone in the romance novel community! If you have any questions about me, please don’t be afraid to ask! =D

anonymous asked:

Cullen is triggering for me personally because he reminds me of this guy who stalked me and then convinced a portion of my friend group that he was actually a shy, good person when he still had some major issues. It's probably nonsensical but I can't help but think of him when I see Cullen; I played a female mage Warden and they both have curly, blonde hair. So I would really rather not have him in DA4. But death threats?? Death threats over a fictional character?? That's...oh man. Not good!

I’m sorry that happened to you. That person is/was utter garbage, and you didn’t deserve any of that happening to you. But, if you’ll allow me to expand on this a little bit, now that you’ve reminded me…

My homeroom teacher in primary school had a mantra that she said every time she was criticizing or scolding us for something, as a group, and it went like (in rough translation) “Whose shirt it is not, needs not put it on”. Meaning that if it doesn’t apply to you, if you aren’t the one responsible, the following is not directed at you, and you shouldn’t feel bad or like you’re targeted as well. She said that every single time, and to this day, even 15+ years later, it’s so ingrained in my head that it is my automatic response to messages such as yours.

You needn’t explain yourself. It’s perfectly okay. You can dislike something or be triggered by something, and you don’t owe me or anyone else a reason why. You don’t have to have an explanation ready, and I -and I’m pretty sure most other, decent people- never intend for you to have to unfold your whole life story and show us all your scars, just for us to believe you when you say that something is not for you. :)

(EDIT: of course, some contextual cues are to be taken into account, like if the reasons for one’s dislike are homophobic, sexist or racist [coughLIAMcough] then they should be examined, but those people are generally very defensive over it and raise points and flaws they themselves usually excuse on straight, white male characters… but that’s beside the point. Consider this a “some restrictions apply” asterisk.)

…. but yeah, I was talking mostly about how odd I found that more than a thousand people at this point would get so upset that they would scream bloody murder in the tags and immediately jump to conclusions and blame the developers, but still not upset enough to even try to check if their outrage is justified. That, that is the kind of person that I think only WANTS to be mad. And that coupled with a loose treatment of violent threats (and frankly very much entitled and biased expectations)… that’s the kind of person that makes my eyes roll so far back into my skull that I can pretty much see the wall behind me.

… And now that I’m at it, even without fact-checking it’s pretty much obvious that Cullen’s chances of returning as anything more than a character barely mentioned in conversation are very slim. (Please allow me this, I KNOW I have said this before but as long as these attitudes continue to prevail I’ll continue to repeat myself even if it makes me want to tear my hair out.)

I don’t remember the quote exactly, but I bring this up often: I THINK it was Laidlaw who once said that with returning characters, they try their best to eliminate uncertainties. Like, he said that if you didn’t complete Cole’s personal quest in Inquisition, then he won’t show up in Trespasser, because they would rather reward the players for the things they HAVE done, than to waste their time on content they don’t care about, and if a character has a chance to be dead, they would rather focus their efforts and resources on making content the majority of their players are likely to see. There are exceptions of course, such as Leliana, but most of the time, when a character has a chance to be dead, they are assumed dead in the main plot.

Since Leliana has a chance to be dead only if she was in the Warden’s party while they defiled the Urn of Sacred Ashes (and lbr the kind of person who would roll with Leliana is, imo, usually not ALSO the kind of person who would defile the Urn for personal gain), she had a good chance to return. But in Inquisition, Cullen’s main personal story arc revolved around the Big Choice that eventually decided whether he lived or died. And, fandom-wide consensus aside, if a choice HAS to be made knowingly, by every player, it’s only reasonable to assume a bigger division. Maybe not 50-50%, but I’m SURE that the number of those who kept Cullen on lyrium is greater than that of those who ended up having to kill Leliana in Origins, and didn’t roll back to a previous save to avoid it.

This is why I’m almost 100% certain that Dorian is going to return (there is no opportunity for him to die in the main narrative, and regardless of player choices, whether he was romanced or not even recruited, he IS invariably in Tevinter by the end). Same reason why I would be surprised if any of the DA2 characters or Zevran showed up, like people seem to want.

I mean. I’d like to see him return as much as the next person, but Zevran has the chance to die(?) both in his personal quest in Origins (depending on his approval which is more difficult to correct than just rolling back and choosing a different party member to come with you) and in a war table mission, and there is not even a tile in the Keep to confirm whether he survived Inquisition. Depending on whether people have even read all the mission statements AND made the correct choices, his chances of being alive or dead(?) are now close to 50-50%. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the writers don’t really have anything else planned for him at this point.

And largely the same goes for everyone in DA2. Popular choices seem to be Fenris and Anders- there is a touch more uncertainty with Fenris since he has the chance to be in Tevinter as a slave, hiding, or killed by Hawke’s hand, but Anders (and Bull)… his death was based on ONE dialogue choice (that is deemed canon in the default worldstate), and Bull’s is decided by a choice that wasn’t prompted AS a life or death decision, but rather as a choice that’s as close to being gray as they get.

(Not to mention I have seen people wanting Alistair back, and to be frank I just do not know how many skins they still want to pull off that poor boy. He has had his fair share of near-death experiences, not to mention that 1.) in the default worldstate he’s king and even in Inquisition they seemed to be just about done with king!Alistair, and 2.) if he’s a warden his chances of being dead are about as close to 50-50% as one can get. He can be 1.) a despondent king, 2.) ten years dead, 3.) a living Warden that’s either a senior warden in Weisshaupt or exiled from Orlais and Maker knows where, 4.) two years dead, or 5.) a civilian who could have died in the Kirkwall uprising. If a character has a chance to be five different things, three of which involve them being dead, I don’t think they’re likely to be a major character.)

tl;dr, I wouldn’t worry about Cullen being back. I like the guy just fine, got no real problems with him, but his story has been rounded off pretty nicely, pretty cleanly, and there is logically little to no reason for him to return in DA4. Which is all the more reason why those people crying bloody murder over an obviously phony rumor putting him IN THE SPOTLIGHT of a game about which we can only reliably know that it’s going to exist sometime in the future… I feel like they’re little more than a stampede with Blinkers of Hate on, neighing their unfounded displeasure at the moon for no reason whatsoever.

Now, Scout Harding, I want back. She has enormous potential, as does Charter and Maevaris, both of whom would make EXCELLENT additions to the squad (a sapphic elven rogue and a transgender woman of immense magical AND political power, sign me tf UP). Sutherland is almost certain to make a cameo if he survived, too. But Cullen, Zevran, and Fenris, I feel like their chapters in the story are finished already.

now if there was a chance for Solas not to be back, that would be ideal. would save everyone a helluva lot of headaches.

Cheers. <3

Oikawa Rarepair Week starts!

This is going to run from July 20th to July 26th, 2017. We encourage you to submit any type of fan content you please. Just submit directly to us or tag your post #oikawararepairweek2k17 in the first 5 tags, and we’ll reblog it.

AO3 collection here:

PROMPTS (which can be interpreted as loosely as you want):
July 20th birthdays //  height  // soulmate
July 21st captaincy  // energy // post-canon
July 22nd winning // time // apocalypse
July 23rd same team // electric // crossover
July 24th rivalry // hot & cold // outer space
July 25th goodbyes // light // superhero
July 26th ~free day

For more info check out the FAQ and don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions. Let the shipping begin!

101 Followers Giveaway!

Right! So that’s a thing that happened!

So here’s my proposition for you folks:

Please send me a drawing prompt via ask in the following format:

(OC/C name)(adverb)(verb)(object)

for example:

Hex Ashkuri furiously eating nachos.

Rek drunkenly juggling pistols.

Panguur Latzvab seductively wearing a propeller beanie.

Darth Vader demurely painting his nails.

What have you.

Send as many as you like. Send other people’s characters if you want and have the sort of understanding where they won’t get mad. 

On August 1st, because that’s an easy date to remember, I’ll use a random number generator to pick 3 people, then I’ll draw my favorite prompt from each of them. Because I don’t reliably get computer coloring time, I’m afraid I’m only going to promise black and white sketches, but I’ll do my best to make sure they’re quality!

Then I’ll do whichever other ones amuse me.

Please reblog as much or as little as you like. Ask questions! Interact! Have fun. Surely that’s what we’re all here for.

Hi’ so i have participated in many phandom meetups and figured it was time to host my own. I also wanted to find more phandom members who are also fanders so this is a meetup for us!

Who is allowed to participate?

Fans of both Daniel and Phil and Thomas Sanders.


August 4th 11am est for 24 hours

What do i do?

This is a completely online meetup so you post things like your art and selfies or really anything you want that is related to Daniel and Phil and/or Thomas Sanders.

Please tag you posts with:

#Phanders fandom meetup  &  #Phanders meetup


Please be kind to your fellow bloggers and please no NSFW contet

If you have any questions please shoot me an



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Cheer Up Post #5299 - Star Trek (New Movies) Edition

For the anon requesting the new Star Trek movies, here you go!

Space & Sci-Fi Masterpost

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

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anonymous asked:

Could you guys please compile asks? I like them but the spam is touch and you were half of my dash and that's really a bit too much

Sorry for answering asks, but at times they come after we have already posted asks. We try to answer them as they come, which may result in a wave of asks. I think the best thing to do will be to blacklist our #replies tag. You can do this through an extension called XKIT. While recently the asks have been a bit personal, a lot of times we are asked about BTS. Please understand that we are just trying to help those who are sending us asks. Sorry for bothering you with our recent asks. 

You can’t blacklist on mobile though, i get you want to help but i wish you could be more considerate to other people too 😢

I am sorry that I came off as inconsiderate. I’ll just compile asks all together like this from now on. I’ll make one ask post per day and each person can navigate that ask if that is more considerate. Sorry again.
- Kylie


*The parentheses are for each additional character

Hey guys I’m opening commissions again! They’ll probably stay opened until September unless I’m too busy or get too many commissions (but that hasn’t happened ever lmao). So if you’re interested or have questions please shoot me an email! Reblogs are much appreciated, thanks for the support yall <3

IMPORTANT INFORMATION (before you order)

  • The commission is for your personal use only, you cannot use it as commercial art/sell it etc.
  • I may charge extra if your character is complex
  • Unless stated otherwise, I usually post commissions online
  • If you want the commission in a certain size please let me know or i’ll decide myself


  • Please fill this form out via email no asks please
  • Commission Type:
  • Character name:
  • Reference(s): (if they have little details i might miss please include it)
  • Description: (character personality, pose, what you want in general, that way I can get your character right)  


  • I only accept Paypal
  • Wait until i send you an invoice before paying
  • I will let you know the exact payment amount before I send the invoice
  • No refunds once I have started on it
    • If you change your mind early on, please tell me! It usually takes me a few days before I start a commission


Are You “Thirsty” for Headcanons?

You’ve come to the right place! @bokunoteatime will quench your thirst! Throw a request in the ask box and either Admins Honey or Milk will answer!
But, first let’s look at the rules! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


>First and foremost check if the Ask Box is open!  Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ

>This is primarily a reader x canon headcanon blog

>Reader will be referred to as “s/o” and “they” to be inclusive, although if you want a specific pronoun then please let us know!

>You may request any character that’s currently in the manga! We’ll answer the best we can with information at hand!

>Three character limit with each request!

>NSFW request are welcome! 

>AU is accepted! (i.e Omegaverse) 

>General character headcanons are accepted! (i.e what canon characters do on the weekend)

>We don’t write for the following kinks: choking, anything that has scat, peeing, DP, gang-bangs, vore,daddy/mommy, voyeurism, gets off to s/o banging someone else! Sorry~!ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ 

>Any non-con and dub-con are not accepted (i.e involving drugging,
requests where one person is under 18 and other is above (i.e student x teacher  romantic relationships)

>We do not accept request for the following characters: Mineta, Endeavor, or Hero Killer Stain—expect some sarcastic response if they’re requested—We are sorry for the inconvenience!  (´._.`)♥♥\(‘́⌣’̀ )

The Dragon Network

The Dragon Network can be found [here]. Tag this list to crowd source information and help for and about dragonkin. The list can be used for things like finding others who relate to an experience, or specific obscure information.

Please use the list responsibly. If it is abused I’ll have to take it down.

Send me a message or an ask if you want to be added to the list. You can also contact @dragoninanerdbody.

Important Askbox Change

Hey everyone! Since opening our askbox again this past weekend, we’ve received an unexpectedly large flood of asks. We’ve decided that in order to keep up with all the asks we get as the blog continues to grow, we’re going to limit the time we have the askbox open. 

It’s always been our goal to answer each and every ask you send us, and if we keep the askbox open, the asks will continue to pile up and many of them will end up going unanswered. We really don’t want that to happen! From now on, we’ll have the askbox open on Sundays only. It will be closed for the rest of the week so that we can answer everything we receive. 

We’re really sorry for any inconvenience this causes you all, but we hope you’ll understand~ In the meantime, please don’t send us any fic list requests or lost fic asks via fanmail, as they will go ignored. 

Thanks <3

-The Admins

Submit your art!

Friends, I wanted to try something new. Show us your creative side!

We have temporarily opened our submissions page for you to share your talent with us. Approved submissions of your own creation will be featured on our blog with all due credit going to you, your blog, or however else you would like us to credit you. All that we ask is that you please keep it related to the blog either featuring us admins (which would be awesome; bonus points to anyone who paints a portrait of me) or a personal portrayal of Hogwarts houses or the the wizarding world in general. 

This is intended to be a fun way for you to not only share your talent with us, but we hope you are able to be discovered by some new fans as well. Let us know what you think and if you have any questions.

Thank you, and stay creative!

-Justin (Slytherin)

anonymous asked:

Is it normal if while binding I can take a deep breath in but it comes out shaky? Does this mean my binder is too small or is it okay? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I want to be as safe as possible.

Lee says:
(Please don’t use ableist language in your asks!) In my experience, that’s been more of an anxiety thing than a binding thing, and it happens to me with or without my binder when I’m feeling anxious.

If you experience anxiety, sometimes binding can make it worse while you’re wearing it because the pressure on you can feel a bit like when it’s hard to breathe because of anxiety. If that makes any sense.


#HMAW17 - 14th-20th August 2017

You guys asked for us to host another Hayley appreciation week so we’re doing just that! I’m aware the fandom is pretty dead at the moment but any kind of participation is welcome, be it gifs/edits, writing! If you want us to see and reblog your contributions please tag it with #HMAW17!

Day 1: 14th August - Favourite Quote/s

Day 2: 15th August - Favourite badass!hayley moment/s

Day 3: 16th August - Favourite soft!hayley moment/s

Day 4: 17th August - Favourite platonic relationship/s

Day 5: 18th August - Favourite romantic relationship/s

Day 6: 19th August - Favourite hairporn/outfits

Day 7: 20th August -  Hayley + (whatever you desire, examples here)

Please like/reblog to spread the word, we’ll be sending reminders out weekly until the time comes and will be reblogging everything tagged with the appropriate HMAW17 tag! Please come to us with any questions.

Artist and Beta Sign-ups

Hey guys!! Author sign-ups closed a few days ago, but we will still be accepting more betas and artists!

Remember, your art can be anything you want! Drawings, paintings, edits, manips, fanmixes, fanvids, whatever you can think of!! We just really need enough artists for our fics to all get an accompanying art piece. You get to choose the fic you make art for, and can even choose more than one if anyone requests to do so.

Betas, you will be randomly assigned fics to edit, based on your age and the content of the fic. The authors got the opportunity to ask what they want you to look out for, so it’s easier to manage. 

Please enter if you can and help us spread the creativity!

- Ira