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For You / Ieyasu x MC

Week 2


Whenever she asked him questions about himself, he always felt something cold move across him, as if he were iced from the inside, his organs and nerves being protected by a sheath of frost. In that moment, though, when the words slipped past her lips, he thought he might break, that if he said anything the ice would shatter and he would splinter and crack. So he waited until his voice sounded normal before he let the words fly:

“No,” he sneered, “I don’t need you anymore tonight. Or any other night. Know your place, kitchen wench.”

She took a long time to respond. “I’ll see you tomorrow then, milord,” she said, quietly, and though he didn’t look at her, staring hard at his book, he had felt her eyes on him the whole way, bearing down and heavy, until the moment she passed through his door and melted into the night.

The problem was that she was greedy for information: she wanted to know how he had been raised, and if he had any siblings, and who his friends were, true friends, and whether he preferred one flavour over another. And sometimes the air grew so hot not only with the questions she was asking, but the manner in which they were asked — honest, guileless and a little too foolish for a cook from Kyoto — that he felt strangled by their weight and frequency and inevitability.

She wanted to know so much; she wanted so many answers. And he understood it, he did— he wanted answers, too. He wanted to know everything about her as well, but while she had made her intention as clear as an arrow’s twang, he couldn’t bring himself to reciprocate, in part because of who he was, who he was meant to be, but also because he wasn’t sure whether it was worth the endeavour. If she was worth the effort.

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Just Madison Things™ that Eric Bittle does

Because of these posts and my non-existant self control

  • the nearest real city is Athens and if you think Bitty isn’t there every weekend there’s football you’re wrong
  • should win the Slowest Walker award. its more an amble or a stroll
  • would never ever pass anyone on the street and even more so never on the stairs. it’s bad luck.
  • dirt roads mean washing his truck more than should be humanly possible, but also driving fast down a dirt road so you don’t feel every bump when it’s all washborded out
  • more on roads- what in the ever loving hell is a snowplow???
  • even more on roads- why the hell would you ever jaywalk? to where???? the garbage can so you can throw away some stranger’s litter? (Bless their sweet little darlin’ heart!)
  • is in denial that the Atlanta Thrashers ever left. They’re just on a long off season.
  • stops to talk to anyone at any time. Had a class together once freshman year before you dropped it three days in? Bitty is gonna ask about your momma and your dog because “Lord honey, that’s just how you do things”
  • going to Murder Stop n Shop means ‘going into town’ 
  • is frankly apalled at the lack of farm stands on the side of the road
  • Thank The Lord there aren’t half a dozen of those awful ‘southern charm’ boutiques on the square- probably because there’s no square
  • complains that there are no antebellum homes to decorate at Christmas and make the cold less awful
  • making friends with history nerds read: Jack Zimmermann and informing him that Madison was the only city spared on Sherman’s March to the Sea because it’s the only Georgia history he knows

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17 and 18 with boyfriend, Jungkook. ;)

Prompt request: “Please.” + “Cuddle me.”

Pairing: Jungkook/Reader

Genre: Fluff fluff fluff

Summary: Jungkook comes home from the gym with clothes drenched in sweat and a demand for cuddles.

Word count: 468 words

“I’m home,” Jungkook’s familiar voice rang out from the entrance to your apartment. You peered up lazily from where you were sprawled out on the couch, seeing him set down his heavy gym bag. “Wow, where’s my enthusiastic greeting?”

“I dunno,” you replied, squinting your eyes and looking around the living room. “Help me find it.”

“Y/N,” Jungkook whined, trudging towards the couch, his voice a stark contrast to his muscular build. He reached the couch and collapsed, draping his heavy body over yours. “Love me.”

Laughing, you carded your fingers through his dark brown hair. Only to reel back with disgust.

Jungkook’s hair was practically dripping with cooling sweat, and his clothes were damp with his bodily fluids.

“Oh my god!” you squealed, pushing Jungkook off of you. He tumbled over the side of the couch, landing on the hardwood floors with a heavy thud. “You’re so gross! Go shower!”

“First of all–ow,” Jungkook hissed, pushing himself up into a sitting position from where he lay. “And second of all, I was going to, but I wanted to come home quickly. And you know how much I sweat! Don’t be mean about it.”

You leaned over and flicked him in the forehead. He winced dramatically, throwing himself to the ground once again. “I’m not being mean, I’m being honest,” you said, sticking your tongue out at him.

“Well, this is me, not listening,” Jungkook said stubbornly. Then, he launched himself at you, yelling, “Cuddle me!”

You shrieked as Jungkook enveloped your body with his, rubbing his sweaty head against your cheek. He pinned you underneath him, wrapped around you like a koala, almost uncharacteristically clingy.

“Jungkook!” you whined, trying to push is head away from yours.

He looked up at you with his wide, expressive eyes. “Please?” he asked, his grip around you tightening, and he looked almost vulnerable.

A bit surprised by Jungkook’s rare show of vulnerability, you relaxed your body and returned his embrace, arms encircling his thin waist. You resigned yourself to letting Jungkook drip all over you (plus, his muscles were still tense from his work out, and damn, that was hot).

“Why are you so clingy today?” you asked as Jungkook rested his head on your shoulder. You could feel his cool breath against the side of your neck, tickling you. “Is it because it’s our fourth anniversary and you didn’t get me anything?”

“Oh, our anniversary is today?” Jungkook repeated, a shocked expression appearing over his features.

“Jungkook, you’re so mean!” you pouted, again trying to wiggle away from him. Jungkook just tightened his grip, and you knew it was impossible to escape his strong arms.

“I’m just joking, Y/N,” he smiled, eyes crinkling cutely. “But why bother counting when we have a whole lifetime ahead of us?”

- Girl in Luv

Ok, I was a bit confused. Was Jungkook supposed to be the boyfriend or was he supposed to have a boyfriend? I kept everything gender neutral just in case. I hope you enjoyed! If you have any requests, please check out our prompts page. Happy reading 💛

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Maybe Le Equius or Nepeta cuddle with whoever

i had to shrink the photo a lil bit ri p,, but i think?? this is what you meant :0

tagging my blog rates with ttstudys2kbr so black list this if you want! (ending 21 march) 

I’m SOOOO sooo grateful for 2k followers. It was never my goal to ever reach such a large amount of followers in less than a year and I’m actually so mind blown by this. This is a thank you to all of followers, for all of the love you’ve been giving me throughout the time I’ve had this blog for! It’s also a way for me to show my appreciation by following you back if I haven’t already (if I like your content ofc!).

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How come everybody gets a cool shirt but Akaashi :(( I think he would want one too

the problem with being the long distance friend is that all your other friends have the power to buy you an unnecessary amount of shirts just to make sure you feel included

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pointing out the rampant racism that quite a few jalec shippers display is not bullying. pointing out that many jalec shippers and the works they make villianize and/or erase Magnus- Asian bisexual, actual boyfriend of Alec Lightwood- is not bullying.

i am a woc and i do not ship malec. does that make me a racist against asians all of a sudden? i think the fuck not. i have no idea where this whole ‘anyone who does not ship malec must be a racist’ mess came from. whatever happened to people not shipping a pairing just because they do not like it or favor another that they find more interesting in terms of the dynamic between the characters? i’m sure shadowhunters is not the only fandom that you are a part of nonnie so please do not act like you ship all canon pairings in other fandoms or do not have pairings that you dislike for x or y reason that has nothing to do with the color of their skin.

as for the matter of magnus being a bisexual, it’s a beautiful thing. no one is denying that. but please note that people who ship jalec are not shipping a het couple. it’s a gay ship too and they do not go around invalidating/erasing alec’s feelings for jace just to prop up another ship.

and lastly, this is more a personal note about myself, i love sense8 to death and ship all the couples on this show with every fiber of my being because to me, this is a show that not only does representation right in terms of poc and lgbtq+  but also because they make you want to ship the pairings since their chemistry is so damn good. how’s that for someone who is racist? also sun bak is my favorite. i’ll let you sip that tea!

I tend to to make up weird outfits while drawing

Friendly reminder that

It’s not okay for partners to hit each other!!! Just because one of them is a girl does not mean she can hit or slap her boyfriend!!! Arguments and anger do not justify violence!! I’ve seen relationships depicted like this in fanfiction, books, tv shows, and movies and it’s not okay. Gender does not matter. You. Do. Not. Hit. Your. Partner.

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They should know he's a guy by now but anyways how are u doing today ?

// Well between dealing with a handful of people stealing, tracing, and otherwise reposting my art, telling me I’m wrong for politely calling them out and handling it like an adult in DMs, trying to help handle the #savebendy bullshit, people ripping off my designs for Lendy & Acute & Alice, having my characters misgendered repeatedly after already making a post on the matter, being insulted directly to my face on a handful of servers, handling some personal drama, and generally feeling alone in groups of people (not their fault) I’ve been… okay. Mostly just extremely tired and admittedly a bit pissy. I haven’t hardly eaten this week and today I can’t stop so if I don’t post a lot its because I’ve made myself sick, sorry in advance.

Send °o° for A Disney Themed Starter. I’ll Generate A Random Number Between 1-30
  1. Peter Pan: A young interaction between our muses
  2. Aladdin: My muse will go out of their way to do something for your muse
  3. Beauty and the Beast: My muse will dance with your muse and confess their attraction
  4. Hercules: My muse will teach yours a trick about defeating their demons
  5. The Lion King: My muse will look up to yours for advice
  6. Tangled: My muse confesses the real reason behind their biggest dream
  7. Bambi: My muse will help yours face their greatest fear
  8. Robin Hood: My muse will confess they are being bullied/taken advantage of
  9. Mulan: My muse experiences your muse’s true strength for the first time
  10. Pocahontas: My muse has to use their love of your muse to defeat a dark situation
  11. Snow White: Your muse wakes up from a deep sleep to discover my muse has been taking care of them
  12. Treasure Planet: Both muses explore/adventure somewhere they’ve never been
  13. Lilo and Stitch: Our muses put aside differences in order to become closer
  14. The Little Mermaid: My muse helps yours overcome a disability/disadvantage
  15. Tarzan: My muse helps yours become closer to their true self
  16. The Nightmare Before Christmas: My muse must adapt to a parallel world, and seeks your muse out for help
  17. Big Hero Six: My muse helps yours overcome great emotional loss and preserve friendship
  18. Alice in Wonderland: My muse is drunk and relies on your muse for saftey
  19. Dumbo: My muse is being teased for one of their physical traits, and comes to your muse for comfort
  20. Lady and the Tramp: My muse ‘accidentally’ shares food with your muse in an attempt in romance.
  21. Hunchback of Notre Dame: My muse watches yours overcome their own self doubt
  22. Pinocchio: My muse gets caught consistently lying to your muse
  23. Brother Bear: My muse forces your muse to confront a bad decision they have made and encourages them to fix it
  24. Toy Story: My muse must rekindle their friendship with your muse after a bad argument
  25. Winnie the Pooh: Your muse reads my muse a story
  26. Princess and the Frog: My muse convinces your muse that they can do anything they believe in
  27. Spirit: Your muse discovers why my muse has been so hard on themself
  28. Cinderella: My muse has to discover the love note left for them was written by your muse
  29. Monsters, Inc: Your muse gets roped into an elaborate scheme my muse has set up
  30. Your Choice: Your pick, from the list, of the starter

Note: Not all mentions of love have to be romantic; platonic love can also be the main focus. Credit for meme belongs to clumsyfoxboy

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Have you seen the tweet of latina magazine about camren? Any thoughts about it?

Yes I have. Lame ass bandwagoning, that’s my take on it. And recycling an old issue is such a turn off. What’s the correlation of their caption (“Camren is in good terms”) to their article (a fucking dinosaur of a story)? Click bait. It’s obvious they were late to the party.

It’s definitely not PR. Because if it’s PR, then their team would have fed the magazine some lame ass juicy tidbits, and the magazines SHOULD HAVE said “according to credible sources, Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony, and ex-member (and ex-gf? Hmm) Camila Cabello, a fast-rising solo artist like omg the next big thing the world has ever seen after Selena (Quintanilla-Perez, not Gomez, LOLZ), were seen canoodling at Coachella. They’re definitely in good terms, but they’re not dating,” our source insisted.“

If it’s PR, the article should have given us something new, and not a 100% recycled issue that has already been shut down by everybody.



sooo big question here, i need some help 💦💦💦 i’m gonna be setting up commissions soon once I fully acquaint myself with paypal and i’m starting smollll, just 

BUSTS: (lines → flats → full color)

 CHIBIS: (lines → flats → full color)

 and CHIBI ICONS: (flats only)

but I’m having a bit trouble ranging prices 💦💦💦 I-I don’t want to sell myself out and go anywhere below $5, but at this point in the way i feel about my art and considering what I’m offering, I don’t feel comfortable going anywhere over $25 💨

I’ll have an actual commissions sheet soon with some better examples, but I just need an idea for where to begin. I’ve been through the ring around with commissions, but that was on DA like five years ago with a points system that didn’t get me anywhere, but I know now that I was doing a lot of work with such little profit and I don’t want that to happen again //////

I’ve tried to look around at other artist’s prices, but I feel I can’t compare myself to anyone >/////////< there’s also the idea of cataloging the time spent on a piece, but that just makes me kinda nervous too


I will not be taking fandom requests !!!!!!!! because honestly, that’s some seriously risky business involving copyright and making a profit off of characters that you do not have ownership over 💦 call me paranoid, but I am pffff, I’d rather not have anxiety while trying to do something to benefit myself and others /////////// sooooo OCs only please /// 

uhmmmmm, that is all i think //// so any advice anyone can give me on ranging my prices will be greatly appreciated ;////w////; nighty night and thank you ///


Well, that’s a relief.

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