please appreciate the hair


Peter Scanavino 2014 audition video for a role right before he came to SVU.

Let me point out that Sonny Carisi could have looked like this. Even for just one episode. This is what could have been ^^^^ *weeps*

still love mustachioed peter, but damn

Awesome find by my friend @echelonislovefamilyandpower 

video at source link

everything, by design.


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for all the gorgeous amazing brilliant talented hilarious charming and impossibly sweet people that I’ve met on here and that have encouraged me to keep drawing, keep posting, keep improving, in the hopes that someday I’ll be just as wonderful as they are! you’re all so so so inspiring and I’m so glad that I could meet you and become friends with you, and I hope you can look back on this if you ever need a reminder of how much you mean to me (and I’m sure many others!!)

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and anyone else who I might have missed, mutuals or followers or someone who I’ve talked to maybe once or twice- you’re all such wonderful influences and I hope one day you’ll all be as happy as you’ve managed to make me!

I love you!!!!!


apparently you guys like these?