please appreciate the hair

everything, by design.


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jack things to appreciate
  • his bright green, poofy, sometimes curly, gravity defying hair
  • his adorable smile
  • his baby blue eyes
  • his HAPPY CLAP !!!
  • HIPS
  • +1 biceps
  • those black ripped skinny jeans ;)))
  • how high pitched his voice gets
  • and when he puts on a low voice for an outro
  • he apparently can purr??!
  • loves puns
  • buys kids toys just for fun or to use in a video
  • points out little details in games
  • can sing pretty dang well
  • supports his friends no matter what
  • an absolute sweetheart
  • always tries to stay in touch with us
  • decicated with what he does
  • loud but in the best way possible
  • he’s so humble and caring <3
  • just… HIM.

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man begets monsters.

It may not be quite yet August 20th, but either way, I just wanted to finally post this artwork I did for H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday! The version of the author in Bungou Stray Dogs has captured my heart in so many ways, and no matter how you feel about the author he is based off of, the character himself is such a wonderful mixture of the horrifyingly bizarre and the strangely mundane. 

And now we can safely say why Lovecraft’s hair is so big. It’s full of secrets. ;)

anonymous asked:

i appreciate curly dan but can u please tell him to wash his hair.....

dan if ur reading this become an unwashed white man so i can unstan