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  • *At the Shopping Centre*
  • Aph!England: Excuse me i've lost my son, may I please make an announcement?
  • Shopping Assistant: Ofcourse.
  • Aph!England: *Leans into mic* Goodbye you little shit.

You’ve read it right! BTS-Trans Projects presents to you our very first raffle! 

All funds raised from the raffle go towards funding for our 2017 WINGS Tour Project. More information on this upcoming project will be announced soon after we finalize the logistics of the project so stay tuned!

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BTS-Trans Projects is also accepting donations! 

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We hope many ARMYs will support and actively participate in the raffle as well as the project itself.

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Hello everybody ^-^ 

We are pleased to finally announce the prompts list for Victuuri week 2017!!  

Day One: Firsts

  • Victor: Surprises
  • Yuuri: Confessions
  • AU: Other Sports/Careers

Day Two: Travelling

  • Victor: Competition
  • Yuuri: Long distance, Reunion
  • AU: Historical, Time Travel

Day Three: Dreams

  • Victor: Hope/Regret
  • Yuuri: Reassurance/Doubt
  • AU: Role Swap, Superpowers

Day Four: Free for all

  • This day is for you to make whatever you like

Day Five: Domesticity

  • Victor: Anniversaries
  • Yuuri: Family
  • AU: Crossovers

Day Six: Bonds

  • Victor: Communication
  • Yuuri: Proposals
  • AU: Soulmates, Reincarnation

Day Seven: Endings

  • Victor: Promises
  • Yuuri: Memories/Moments
  • AU: Mythos

Day Eight: Valentines Day

Please read our FAQs and GUIDELINES for further details, or send us an ask if you have any questions. Please also check if we’ve already answered a similar question (answered asks).

We can’t wait to see what our fandom will come up with! 

Let’s make history! ;)

⭐ SHALLUREITH WEEK - March 4th until the 10th⭐

AboutRules ✦

A whole week dedicated to Shiro, Allura and Keith. The prompts for this event week are:

  • Day 1 (3/04): Chocolate
  • Day 2 (3/05): Waves
  • Day 3 (3/06): Pets
  • Day 4 (3/07): Loss
  • Day 5 (3/08): Sound
  • Day 6 (3/09): Stars
  • Day 7 (3/10): Free Day

Use the tag #shallureithweek when posting your works. Please reblog and spread this post as much as possible.

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my friend, who i cant release the name of for safety reasons, is at risk of being kicked out of their home possibly within the next 24 hours, maybe even sooner, they’re only 15 years old and have no means of providing for themselves. i’ve called MULTIPLE lgbt shelters but NONE of them seemed to care, nor were willing to help since they’ve yet to be kicked out, i explained their situation was already dangerous and abusive, but one again, they didn’t care

their parents have access to all their accounts and they know they follow me, they can see this post so i cant give out any further information within it

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you can help with information on access to shelters or resources who will actually help, IM me!!!!

details about location will be given out through instant messages! 


please reblog this if you can, this is urgent!!!

anyone going to OU?

I’m going to be going to University of Oklahoma in the fall and I’m having trouble finding a roommate for a dorm. The people offered to me on the roommate finder are all girls (bc im afab) and I don’t want to risk getting some rando who turns out to be a complete homo/transphobe. 

So if you or anyone you know will also be needing a dorm (doesn’t matter what grade, though I would prefer them be 20 or younger) please contact me! I’m trans-nonbinary and ace and would really like to find another trans/ nb/ ace/ or similar/ supporter. 

also please boost this if you can, it would be really helpful!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be drawing the original Nutcracker and Mouse King story by ETA Hoffman as a graphic novel for First Second! Really excited to be doing my first full length graphic novel with them. This fairytale is a dark fever-dream, similar to Labyrinth or Alice in Wonderland, except there’s no real moral for the children at the end. Just a crazy, incredible fantasy all on it’s own. Look out for more updates and WIPs soon!

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So theres a term called Ethnocentrism which is the assumption that one’s own culture is normal.

Theres another term called Cultural Relativism which is the recognition that one culture can’t be judged based off the standards of another.

I bring this up because having been in the kpop world now for over a year I have noticed some things people have said or done that didn’t quite make sense to me. I’m not talking about idols either, I’m talking about fans.

((Please don’t take this post as me just talking about Korea because this goes for literally every other cultural group in the world. ))

We all come from different countries, different ethnicities, and belong to different races. Its very evident that there’s a large variety of people here and its quite diverse. 

I’ve noticed that people have called idols out on certain actions or things they have said. Even if you believe they have done something wrong, does that mean that they really did?  Idols also come from a variety of different cultures.  Idols that aren’t Korean or aren’t from Korea are experiencing a different culture as they continue careers there.  Your culture is very normal to you, yes.  My American culture is very normal to me. However you shouldn’t let your own culture hinder your view of others.

Korean culture isn’t American culture.  It’s not Western culture.  It may have some elements here and there, yes, and a lot of cultures do through years and years of exchange.  They have their own history, their own story, they own beliefs and views, and their own way of living. And it may not be normal to you. And thats okay.

However, don’t accuse someone of a different culture for doing something that is considered weird, or wrong, or whatever else in your own culture. Because guess what? Your rules don’t apply to others.  

Something that is normal in your every day life might not even exist elsewhere. Actions that occur, words that are said, slang, slurs, etc., are not always cross-cultural or universal.  Other countries may have never heard of things, they may not be familiar with their meanings because it just doesn’t exist there.

What upsets me the most about this subject is that fans are so quick to call someone out saying they’re being “insensitive” or “inconsiderate” or “ignorant” because of something that an idol has done based off of what they have learned their whole lives, or what is normal to them, or even doing something that they particularly aren’t familiar with and don’t have a deeper knowledge about. But, isn’t it ignorant to just assume that idols should follow your cultural standards because that’s what you’re used to?  Isn’t it ignorant to assume that they know everything about a culture they may have never even been exposed to? Isn’t it ignorant to say that they shouldn’t do something thats a very normal action for them

The problem I find with fans of kpop is that they want to like the people and the music and the aesthetic whatever element it may be that draws them in, but they often times neglect educating themselves about the culture in even the slightest. It’s fine to like kpop, its music, its fun, its a great way to begin to experience another culture and another country.  However its not okay to bring your ethnocentrism in it and attack idols based off of what is true in YOUR culture. ALSO Korea is not just filled with kpop or k dramas or whatever… it’s filled with real people like you and me.  How would you feel if someone just thought your country was filled with whoever the most famous celebrity is? Probably pretty annoyed and shitty right? I know I would be annoyed if someone thought America was just Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. 

I’m growing kind of bored and tired of reading the same comments and not really seeing anyone mention how……Korea isn’t America.  The world… isn’t America.  The world isn’t your country. Every place is different, and your way of living isn’t as true as the person next to you.  All I’m asking is that if you want to say something, be a little bit educated first.  If you want to enjoy an aspect of someone’s culture, fine! But be educated about it and know that its much deeper than just whats on the radio.  

I really typed this out with an open mind and an open heart and would really appreciated no hate asks or whatever you feel like you may need to send me.  This was meant to ask people to be a little more thoughtful on certain subjects and if I failed to mention something I’m sorry and I hope this didn’t upset anyone, I just felt like it needed to be said.