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Hey guys, this is kind of an announcement for the blog and persuasion to sign a petition, so stay with me. Tumblr recently added a safe mode that blocks nsfw content from minors, but it doesnt work. Sometimes it fucks up and screws up your whole dashboard, and yet they show no signs of removing the update. This is affecting me to, as i entered my age as younger than i am and now cannot view a lot of content, even sfw, on my dashboard. Because of this I will be taking a hiatus from tumblr until they remove this feature or give me a way to change my age.
In the meantime, you should sign this petition to remove the feature:
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not a poem! / announcement

hello friends, fellow writers, and anyone else who’s stumbled upon my blog! 

i am pleased to announce that i have survived another bout of dreaded writer’s block and will be posting a new collection/loosely-structured series of poems on here soon!!

it’s too early to tell what kind of series it will be exactly, but rest-assured these poems will have all the barf, neon lights, and doom-filled bleakness you have come to expect from my work. ;P

(although, having said that, this new collection will be a place for me to experiment with new subject matter and styles, so if it’s odd or different, well, all of that is on purpose so just sit back and enjoy. or, if you don’t like my stuff then that’s okay too. there are a Lot of excellent poetry blogs here on tumblr and i suggest you check them out!)

anyway, new collection of poems coming soon so stay tuned!!


ANNOUNCEMENT - please check out the trailer for my new 8 part LGBTQ+ Pride Month series, “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience” - my hope is to amplify the disenfranchised voices within our community, honor our history, & fight for our future. creating this series enriched my little gay soul, so any reblogs would mean the world to me. thanks for the love & support!!

⭐ SHALLUREITH WEEK - March 4th until the 10th⭐

AboutRules ✦

A whole week dedicated to Shiro, Allura and Keith. The prompts for this event week are:

  • Day 1 (3/04): Chocolate
  • Day 2 (3/05): Waves
  • Day 3 (3/06): Pets
  • Day 4 (3/07): Loss
  • Day 5 (3/08): Sound
  • Day 6 (3/09): Stars
  • Day 7 (3/10): Free Day

Use the tag #shallureithweek when posting your works. Please reblog and spread this post as much as possible.

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starwarsanothertime  asked:

Ever considered a drawing of what an Obitine child would look like?

…Who, me? why do you ask… what makes you think I would have extensive headcanons about happiness-AU babies in multiple different timelines… *shifty eyes*

*whispers* (her name is Jinn and she is Force-sensitive, and she has Satine’s nose, cheekbones and temper and Obi-Wan’s eyes and dimples)



We’re back! The countdown has already begun and we’re finally at the 2 month mark until the start of our event! We are pleased to announce the prompts list for NSFW Victuuri Week 2017!!

Day One: Exploration

Day Two: Clothes

Day Three: Roleplay

Day Four: Free Day

Day Five: Toys

Day Six: BDSM

Day Seven: Positions

Please read our General FAQ, Prompts FAQ, and GUIDELINES for further details. If you still have any questions not answered in these resources, check if we’ve already answered a similar question (answered asks) and, if not, please feel free to send us an Ask !

Prompts can also be found on our Prompts page as well as our Mobile-friendly Prompts page.

The event will be held from July 10th-16th. 

We look forward to exploring the more adult side of Victuuri along with all of you!

someone: oh my god were you CRYING???

me, not even 4 minutes after a full on breakdown: