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Jimin said that the reason why his neck was hurting (relief patches were seen at his neck—shoulder area) was because he slept in the wrong position. And he told fans not to worry. ©

Thank God our Mochi isn’t in a serious injury or somethin. But still, they all need to rest T>>T

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Since I’ve started the blog I’ve gotten a fair share of followers (little over twenty) and I get a lot of likes and occasional asks or feedback. I really appreciate all of you guys for following the blog and liking the prompts, but if it’s really not too much, I would appreciate it a lot if y’all could reblog a bit more often?

Why? The blog was made to help Wander Over Yonder fans create content for the fandom and for Trending Twenty-Sevenths. Reblogging helps more people to find the blog and use it as they please. Likes are good, and very appreciated, but I would just like to know that more people are seeing it so that they can use the prompts and suchmore.

If for whatever reason you don’t feel comfortable reblogging or don’t want that kind of content on your blog, that’s absolutely fine, I just wanted to have the message out there, though, that while likes are nice, reblogs help more.

arielmagicesi  asked:

thoughts: blue gansey and henry all sharing clothes. all of them staying up late to talk about how they didn't feel at home in their assigned genders, and they feel safe about it when they're with each other. making pillow forts. sometimes on late nights the air gets a little silvery and blue's the only one awake, curled between her two boyfriends, and she can feel that noah's watching them, and she feels more at home than she ever did in henrietta, in some motel a thousand miles away

this means Everything to me!! like. ariel. u got me. we got sarchengsey. we got trans sarchengsey. we got communication and coziness. we got noah. we got Home Is Not A Place, But People. i’m. :’)

hey like/reblog this if you’d be down to rp with a multiverse, canon-divergent puck from “a midsummer’s night’s dream”? i’m too lazy to remake a promo right now i swear i’m cool guys

I know the quality isn’t the best, but this is the latest drawing I’ve made! It was supossed to be Valentines day themed!~ ♡♡♡
U-uhm… I really like your guys’ art and I look up to the both of you, so, I was wondering if you could please give your honest opinions on this drawing? Please give some criticism to the drawing if there is some parts I could do better on! That’s how I will learn to grow!~ ☆☆☆

Without hesitation, Hanzo grabs Jesse by the front of his blue and white gingham shirt, and he crashes their lips together. He fists the shirt and presses himself against Jesse’s body, suddenly desperate for contact. His cowboy tastes of the spices Ana used in her jerky and sweat from a long day’s ride in the sun.

– Chapter 19 “Constellations” of Petals on the River by bamfbugboy and @ijaat

This commission art was done by @Kazimo. Please check out their artwork and consider commissioning them! Kazimo captured this moment so wonderfully, and we are so touched by the thought and care that went into this piece! Thank you very much!!

let this man call his brother cute

stories to read.

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I asked you guys to send in your stories as a way of giving back to you for all your support during the last four months I’ve been on Tumblr. I can never thank you enough for being such sweethearts to me, but I can try. So, here are the stories my lovely followers sent in. Thank you! ♡
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