please and thank queue

i need to build up my queue cause its Dead so if youre a voltron blog and you’re chill w me queueing from you please like this post! thanks!!

anonymous asked:

people are too impatient. i remember seeing many people complaining about how much the admins took to reblog their entries on tokyoghoulweek too. do they forget that you guys are doing this for our sake? because, yeah i like yuri on ice but honestly, it would suck if i had so many yoiweek posts on my dash. so, please don't mind them and keep queueing our entries. thanks for organizing this event!

Thank you so much for your support! It means a lot to us that there are people who can understand. I know they’re impatient but, we also have our blogs and tumblr has a post limit as well. Hope they can understand this.