please and thank :)))

you know what? give me trans peter parker. give me a peter who comes out to the avengers and gets acceptance and love. give me a peter who gets misgendered at work but can’t say anything or he’ll get fired. give me a peter who falls in love with deadpool in the suit and thinks that wade will be disappointed with what is under it, with a wade who thinks the same thing for a different reason. give me a peter who hasn’t come out to anyone yet and lives through being spiderman because it’s the only time he gets to truly be himself. 

give me trans peter parker please and thank you 

Reading this post, I would like to remind everybody that feedback is also emotional labor. Obviously it is not as intensive as writing/posting fic or art, but it is emotional labor nonetheless. If a person feels like they only have the spoons to leave a smiley-face in lieu of a long, thought-out comment, press the kudos button, or just think “This was really great and I’m glad I read it”, trust that they are doing what they can.

As a reader is not entitled to a writer’s emotional labor in the form of fic, sequels or regular updates to WIPs, a writer is not entitled to feedback. They are gifts, and you should be grateful for both.

Okay but let’s not kid ourselves here Yousef is gonna be that soccer dad who picks his 12 kids up from practice in his mini van and buys them all ice cream but also makes sure they eat their carrot sticks because healthiness I’m sorry I don’t make the rules.