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Request: ok so after watching the new homecoming trailer i’ve been drawn to the idea of peter making those little videos to send to his s/o / partner because after finding out about spider-man they’ve been almost over protective of ya get my drill. idk. it’s cute and you’re the only writer i’d trust with it

A/N: Sorry its been so long, guys! There’s been college stuff and vacations to worry about, but we’re slowly getting back into the groove of things. If you’ve requested something a while ago, don’t worry, we’re getting on those! I hope you guys enjoy this one! I wrote half of it a week before I saw Homecoming and wrote the rest after, so I hope I do his character justice?? (Also the breaks in between separate the videos, if that makes sense??)

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somniar  asked:

Please pal, I have a simple idea: I know Spike always wears a suit, technically, but it's more of a leisure one. What would he look like in an actual tux. What if he's going full on James Bond? What if this kid was going after a bounty in some high class place and had to fit the part? Could you draw that please? Fancy sophisticated Spike in a rich man's "monkey suit" omg.

Like that? ^^