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Ok but you guys remember how in his first day of competition, Yuri’s thoughts just keept going back and forth to Victor, to the reactions he may be showing, what he would expect him to do or try in the moment. YURI’S ALWAYS LOOKING FOR WAYS TO PLEASE VICTOR.

And after it ends, he just can’t seem to wait and see his reaction, like a small child wanting to be praised.

But the thing is that there’s a really brief scene in his second routine, where the camera focuses on a detailed sequence of steps and then, seconds later, Victor is shown smiling.



EACH AND EVERY MOVE LOOKS SO FLUID. And Yuri’s skating in a way for this not to go unnoticed, because he knows Victor will like it.

Then we get to see Victor, and his current smile just turns into one filled with fondness and affection AND I JUST CAN’T DEAL WITH HOW ADORABLE THIS IS… BECAUSE HE KNOWS.

He knows all those steps by heart, he knows every little perk, trick, and art behind each movement. He knows Yuri’s changing part of the routine by following a distinct pattern of jumps, but whether or not he approves of that, he gets that Yuri is still trying to please him, just like the first time, and no other than Victor would have been able to figure out the words being said through such actions at that moment because he’s the one who created the routine.

Victor understands Yuri’s urge and restlessness to improve, because he has felt the same way countless of times, he’s been lecture by Yakov in the past for the same reasons, trying things that might seem reckless. And he knows that Yuri has not forgotten what is that he wants from him, what he is expecting from his performance. Yuri is greatful, he is so greatful for all what Victor’s done for him, he is repaying that with his skating, and that final smile shows that Victor knows.


Some of my proudest photos from 2016

Self-critique is to see if I can capture more personality in my shots, lower iSO, and always seek advice from other photographers. When you’re in love with a craft, always look for ways to grow and learn. :)

Please credit if reposted!

Handling & Restraint: Cat

This is a basic resource with the bog standard preclinical skills we use when handling cats, as Glasgow Vet School would like me to learn them. If anyone spots any issues, or has any hints and tips for using these skills in the real world, please let me know, as I’m always looking for a better way to do things. Everything under the cut.

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Reblog if you are a  art doll /stuffed animal /plushie  maker or collector.


I’m always looking for new blogs to follow, and this way we can see the size of the hobby on tumblr… and find new friends.

Bts reaction to you loosing weight

“how would BTS react to you losing weight to be pretty or loosing weight for them”
Jin: He would look at your body and start to see the slow but noticeable difference. “Jagi! You’re looking thinner” he’d simply say. When notices your face light up “I do?” he’d lower his head while walking over to you. “You don’t need to lose weight to look better especially for me… I love you no matter what”

Suga: He would start to notice gradual changes and he’d start getting worried. He’d try to approach you in a non offensive way. “Babe are you loosing weight?” When you answer something like “Yes Oppa! I look good now no?” He’d get upset not at you but at himself “You’ve always looked good! Please don’t loose more I love way you look”

Rapmon: He’s a dad hes going to notice and notice quickly. He’d see it more in your face. Your once chubby cute cheeks he loved weren’t so plump anymore. When he noticed you weren’t eating so much he’s really flip and ask you. “Babe you’ve been looking thinner” “I’ve been loosing weight to look good for you” he’d be really disappointed in himself for making you feel like that. “y/n the way you looked before was perfect don’t loose weight for me… I loved your size”

Jhope: You have been working out a lot more even eating less and he would notice how much weight you were loosing and fast. He’d come up to you and talk to you. “Y/n are you trying to loose weight?” He’d ask when you replied “I’m trying to become more beautiful..” He’d look you dead in the eyes. “You’re loosing weight to become beautiful? Y/n you were beautiful before.. Youre loosing to much and it’s hurting you I loved your curves”

Jimin: Jimin would automatically notice.. He’s been through some weight things himself. When he sees you eating less and working out and dancing a ton more he’s going to get really concerned. He’d try to approach you gently “babe? You’re looking thinner are you okay?” You’d look at him and smile “I’m okay I’m loosing weight for you! So I can be toned and prettier” his heart would drop at your words “y/n! Please don’t ever say those things again. I love you so much and your getting to thin to fast please eat more and if you want to loose a couple we can work out together but I don’t want you doing to much your to small to begin with it will hurt you.”

V: When he sees you looking skinnier.. He’ll notice in your face, arms and legs before he sees it in your tummy. He wouldn’t be to worried till he notices you eat less and want to do more exercise. Hell confront you and ask if your okay. “You’re not doing this for me are you?” When you look down a little embarrassed he’d come closer pulling your hands and sitting you on his lap. “Listen to me” he said moving a piece of hair from your face “ you do NOT have to loose weight for me. You are already perfect to me. I want you healthy and what your doing isn’t going to do that. Please don’t do it anymore”

Jungkook: Jungkook would be a little oblivious as you start to lose more weight. He’d start to be a bit more curious when he notices you getting smaller. He’d brush it off but then the other boys might chime in saying the same thing. He’d pull you aside and ask “baby are you getting skinner” he’d notice your face drop a little “I thought If I lost weight you’d think I was prettier” he’d get mad at himself for not noticing before “y/n you don’t need to do that. I love you no matter your size I feel in love with your personality..”

I keep seeing the post “study like Spencer Hastings” on my dash and I really don’t understand how so many of you can just reblog it without a second thought? You do realise that she was working so hard without any breaks because she literally took drugs to keep her awake and focused? That is such self destructive behaviour and is seriously harmful for your body and mind and you should not take her as your example of a perfect student or as your motivation. She put so much pressure on herself and worked so hard that it destroyed her mentally and physically and you all reblog that post with captions like “haha yeah right, what is sleep?”, “wow I’ll always be looking up to her!”.
Please never think of Spencers way of handling those things as motivational because that mindset is really dangerous. Please look after yourselves!

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So. I’m always posting cute pictures. Pictures with my hair done, makeup on, smiling and seemingly happy. However it’s all fake. This is me daily. This is what I look like. Pretty damn miserable. In pain, unhappy. Haven’t showered, no makeup on, tear stained pillows. Ten months of being in constant pain. Headache day after day and not one step closer to getting them resolved. I’m depressed and lonely. I want it to all stop… the pain, the unhappiness. I feel worthless. I’m posting this because I’m tired of trying so hard to always look perfect or look a certain way to please everyone. THIS is who I am right now and I’m done pretending to be happy when I’m simply not.