please allah only

Please keep me in your prayers.. I have nobody who really thinks about me or cares for me.. I only prayed to have a family that cares about me and.. my heart feels so sad today. I am genuinely thankful for you guys. Whenever I post something here, you all have prayed for me. I am so so so so so thankful. May Allah grant you all, all the success in the world. I am so emotional rn, its ramadan and I didnt want to be sad. My family sucks guys. Please pray for me.

I really pity those innocent sisters married to shameless husbands who may look as religious as they get (externally); but end up privately communicating, flirting, mixing, even dating non-mahram women (or God-forbid worse) behind the backs of their wives in secret. I unfortunately know many of these so-called “religious” males (note I didn’t say men) engaged in this type of behavior and deceit; even some Imams and scholars aren’t safe from this behavior. It truly is heartbreaking and shocking. If your spouse is someone you can trust with all your heart, who lowers their gaze, avoids all mixed gatherings, avoids all unnecessary communication with the opposite gender, and is transparent with you about everything he/she does; then make sincere Shukr and gratitude to Allah everyday for the truly rare blessing (in our time) that Allah has given you. May Allah protect us and grant us all pure and chaste relationships that will please only Allah and lead us to Jannah, Allahumma Ameen. 

Allah was always ready to listen to me, I was just not ready to hear him.

We speak to Allah five times a day atleast, he is always listening, he is the best listener there is. But when did you last allow Allah to speak to you? When did you last long to hear your Lords word? Allah speaks to us through the Qu'ran. Cling tightly to his word, hold it close to your heart, I promise you his word is like a love letter to the soul of the believer.

The early Muslims confined their objectives to seeking only the Pleasure of Allah:

One of them would say: “I will make all my worries, one,” that is, my only worry in this life is to please Allah, the Almighty.

Their only concern in this life was to achieve His pleasure. Therefore they overcame any hindrance or obstacle on the road leading to this exalted aim and dispensed with all their desires and worldly aspirations.

Their aim was to achieve all that Allah commanded of them. Thus they became the most pious, most knowledgeable and most just of all people.

Their Lord, consequently, granted them guidance and support and made them the mightiest of all people.

‘This is Bilqis’

‘She doesn’t upload selfies to gain attention.’

She doesn’t need approval of other people because she is already a strong confident woman who only needs to please herself and Allah. The only thing that really matters.

‘Bilqiz knows she’s hot but hell is hotter.’

She knows she’s already beautiful because Allah made her. Allah never makes mistakes. He created us uniquely and beautifully she will never question why she has xyz etc. She can look in the mirror and she is happy with what she sees. She doesn’t need other people to tell her that - especially brothers because she already knows she is beautiful. She doesn’t need to make other girls jealous because they are not competition - they are our sisters, just like your own sisters. She fears Allah because the images on the Internet can be seen by anyone and used in the most disgusting way. Everything you do on the Internet will be questioned, just as if you had done this physically in real life.

‘She uses social media to make an impact, not to impress.’

She is using social media for the greater good and for the sake of Allah. She is using this to reach people who need help, to share what will benefit because she knows that there are so many souls in need of that help. She wants to help in a way that you wouldn’t need to post images of yourself to get that help because deep down maybe they are not happy with themselves. Because it all starts from within.

When you see a quality you dislike in a person, examine yourself first to see if that quality exists in you. Never be too quick to judge. Please remember only Allah judges!