please agree with me here because me and you have this thing going on

Let's see if my Tumblr fam can help me out

So there’s a guy in my life who I’m rebuilding a relationship with. We stopped talking for a minute because I found out shit that I was right about the whole time. However he was persistent af and we had something good so I decided talking to him again wouldn’t hurt things. Fast forward to now things are good. He’s super sweet (always has been just got caught up), we communicate great, like if I have a problem and detail it out he details his response right back. He told me he wanted to work on becoming a couple eventually but we still have mending to do which I agree 100% with.

Here’s my problem. He has two best friends that are women. Which tbh I don’t have a problem with because my close friends are guys. Today he told me he was going to hangout with one of them around 5pm. It’s currently 11:03…. I told myself that I would just have to get used to this because at the end of the day it’s his best friend and I don’t want him to sacrifice a friendship but at the same time if he wants me to be his woman I’m not super duper comfortable/fond of him just laying around up in her momma’s house watching LHHATL into the late ass night. And what made it kind of worse is that he disclosed that they messed around a while back but haven’t since. He also just used to spend the night over there sometimes and I’m like ???

So with all that being said

How do y'all feel about your potential significant other having a close best friend of the opposite sex? Also how do you feel about your significant other spending long hours with their best friend of the opposite sex?

Owari no Seraph - My feelings for Mikayuu & a Friendly Reminder: Anime vs Manga

Manga is CANON (the real deal).

Anime is just….an adaptation to the official source (i.e. manga).

Reminder guys: Just take what you like in the anime and ignore the fillers which was added in that seems forced i.e. you don’t like. It makes life / enjoying this series a lot easier ^^


Now, I’m just going to say something (about my feelings for Mikayuu) on my end, so if you don’t agree with me, then you can just scroll past this ^_^

For the anime side of things, I always take the Anime as an ‘adaptation’ to the manga & personally for me, I just watch it for the enjoyment of it. Still prefer the manga way better, but I too have my hopes/expectations where they won’t screw up my favourite chapters (i.e. 36 & 37) because that is the MOST SIGNIFICANT point in the manga!! Although I say anime is just an adaptation to the real thing; I still hope the anime team won’t really mess up the scenes in these two chapters because god, it feels so touching/emotional in the manga, it brought me to tears every time I reread it… So I do have my hopes that the anime team won’t disappoint in animating that scene for us, fans. If they really mess this up, I will probably be totally disappointed and I might rant on my end as well (sorry, when that time comes though), but …

At the end of the day (and rants aside), as long as the manga doesn’t disappoint when it comes to Mikayuu / Yuumika i.e. them staying true to each other throughout, then I will always be a fan to this series. And I’ll also live with it since I only care what’s going to happen in the manga by Kagami. When it comes to pairings in this series, I love Mikayuu / Yuumika as the ‘only one’ kind of pairing, whether it’s in a platonic / romantic sense, I will always love them because of their chemistry/bond and back-story. And I hereby make a comment that I am not a Fujoushi just because I ship Mikayuu / Yuumika. Honestly, I can ship / view bromance to be equal to romance, depending on how the story & interactions between the characters are presented. A perfect example for bromance would be KilluGon for me. I love and love them in a bromance sense (pure/sweet friendship), but with Mikayuu/Yuumika, they have always felt more than bromance to me, given with what’s been presented in the manga. So, I don’t ship them because I am a fujoushi, but I ship them based on the evidence presented for both characters in the story. As for the evidence, I don’t need to go into detail of listing them because if we are reading the same manga, then I’m sure people will be able to see the evidence when it comes to Mikayuu / Yuumika as well (without being ignorant about it).

As for Shinoyuu, sorry to be blunt, but I don’t like that pairing, I don’t think I ever will tbqh. I do like Shinoa as a character, an independent character, which I find fits her character better. I also enjoy her teasing Yuu and pulling pranks on him; I always like that side to her character best as it fits her (makes her fun) persona, she also have more chemistry with Yuu when they are portrayed as a nakama sense. In terms of romance between Shinoa & Yuu, it feels awkward to me and like some people already pointed out, it does feels forced, to the point that it just feels like it’s only put in because of the existence of homophobia and to put those fans at ease. For me, Shinoa feelings doesn’t equate to Mika’s as she doesn’t need Yuu the same way Mika does (and vice versa: Yuu on Mika). Yuu is not Shinoa’s reason to live, she can live on without Yuu, but for Mika, he can’t. A world without Yuu is like ‘death’ to him, so this is why I can’t ship Mikayuu away from each other because just as Mika feels that way about Yuu, I’m sure Yuu does as well.

So, in the end, as a fan who follow this series, I would hate to see Mikayuu separated just to make ShinoYuu happen -_- That’s the ONE thing I don’t want to see!!. So on my end, I hope and HOPE that Shinoyuu won’t be the endgame in the manga.

P.S. I still have my hopes up for ch. 36 & 37 to be animated… but after reading some of the posts in the Mikayuu tag (can see what some fans means about it being so toxic :/), I’m so scared now… :<….regardless what the outcome is, I just hope they don’t completely screw up that scene because that will indeed be a total disappointment…Gaahhhh literally my favourite chapters!!! ;A;

I’m so sorry to do this again but I’m running low on options here.

My cat is sick, she’s been vomiting for days now, last night she woke me up because she was throwing up and just a few minutes ago she starting throwing up again and it’s starting to look a reddish-yellowish color??

My dad has finally agreed to take her to a vet but he expects me to pay him back for it and right now I don’t have any idea how much it’s going to cost.  I’ve been searching for work and still haven’t heard anything back from anyone I’ve filled in applications for.  While I’m still looking, please, if you can spare anything donate to my paypal  I couldn’t stand it if I lost Vriska, she’s been one of the only things keeping me going at this point and I’ve been through so much just so that she could come to California with me to begin with.  I can’t lose her now but I’m so scared.

Thank you for your time and I will try to keep you guys updated on her condition and such.

(Edit: the aforementioned reddish stuff does not at all look like blood, just to clarify.)

About Me: Please Read

Since people seem to forget that we are all actual human beings, not in just this fandom, but tumblr as a whole, I want to remind you all that each one of us have complex lives and feelings.  I wanted to give you guys an insight of how my life is and what could possibly be effecting my mood or opinions on things on a day to day basis.  This is not just about me, everyone has their own separate lives, but I’m really tired of feeling like I’m a shitty person just because I don’t agree with someone’s opinion/don’t want more negativity in my life.  So here I go:

-  One of the biggest factors in my life, my whole family’s world revolves around this is: My younger brother.  He just turned 18 on Sept. 26th, and I’m so proud of him.  We are going on year 5 of him recovering from a traumatic brain injury.  He cannot walk on his own, he has speech problems, motor function problems, and goes to therapy almost every single day.  He has none of his original friends from when he was younger, but still keeps a positive attitude.  Mentally he still with it, thankfully, but it breaks my heart to see how much he has suffered, but he is so strong.  As you can see, I live in a very stressful environment, this has effected my family greatly, but we are doing our best.

- My parents are amazing and they are SO hard working, but they are constantly stressed out.  It is hard to understand how our life works, but I don’t expect people to understand.  I wish desperately that I could help them, but we can only do what we can.  They run around like crazy caring for my brother and being great parents to me helping me with school and everything.  I love them both very much.

-My grandfather passed away last Tuesday; it was difficult to say goodbye, but we are making it through.

- I am behind in school and will be graduating a semester or two late, I have a job that I need to go to while going to school, and my job is hard to find people to cover my shifts because they completely rely too much on their part time workers.  Nonetheless, I am a manager there, and appreciate the money I receive. 

-  I have only a few of my close friends from school that I talk to.  One of my best friends dropped me without any explanation, and I find it very hard to get over, but I have great people surrounding me that I should appreciate even more for that.

-  My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 years this December 26th, and he is one of the greatest things in my life.  I appreciate and love him so much, but even some days he cannot help me through everything.

-  I have developed severe anxiety, and as of recently, am having trouble breathing because I’m on the verge of panic attacks.  My brother’s accident has made me depressed, but I try to find things that make me happier (ie. my family, my boyfriend, my pets, art, etc.)

-  I had two cats that were sisters, the both died 2 years ago within a few months of each other.  I had had them since I was 7.  I now just have my one kitty who I love to death, and my brother’s dog.

- I love art and I do my best to try and get better, but even so I feel like the one thing I’m good at, I’m not good at at all.

-I love cats, I love art, I love Fairy Tail….  All of these make me happy, but battling anxiety and depression everyday is hard, so I’m sorry if I come off as bitchy or something when I’m giving an opinion on here.

It’s okay to have opinions.  It’s okay to not agree with people.  I am writing this just as a reminder that everyone has something going on…  Not just me.  You can’t treat people like crap just because we’re on the internet.  We all have feelings, we are all going through shit, and we are all here to enjoy something.  Let people live, be nice, and respect each other.  I know this is a lot of personal stuff, but I hope with me opening up, others will follow suit.  I am so tired of negativity, I just want to be happy, but it’s already hard enough for me.  Please, please, please, don’t drive me away.  Don’t drive others away.  I need these things that make me happy, because without them, I don’t know what will happen…

Fed the fuck up

I can’t believe I have to do this…

I know I don’t have a lot of influence in the foundation but there have been some distressing things I’ve been told recently. Some people have been messaging me, here and other media asking about other scp fans because of some messages. What is so hard you shit-wits to understand the word ‘No’. If someone says they aren’t interested or not in to you, leave it at that. Someone telling you NO doesn’t translate to ‘please send me porn or your fetish.’ No has a lot of meanings but none of them means to keep doing what you were told to knock off. If i or someone says on on tumblr tells you to stop, what the fuck makes you think they’ll agree on Facebook, snapchat, or Skype. Sexual harassment is not a fucking joke once you keep going past the 'No’! Message me or my friend again, any of you, anywhere, any media….. I will make it my fucking purpose to shut your ass down.