please adopt this cat

so Las Vegas is currently having the worst dust storm I can remember, so imagine Kent “Nothing Can Stop Me” Parson being the only one to still show up to an optional skate, and tasting sand for the next few days, and still finding it in his ears a week later just because he had to run through the parking lot. Or, as a cute romantic option, imagine that someone else showed up too, and because it is literally too windy to drive safely right now they’re stuck in the rink overnight together. 

Dating Blackwatch!Genji Would Include...

these are my personal headcanons for my boy so if any of these are insane, you know why lol // this is also kinda long so I’m putting some under the line

  • to start things off, he is literally the angriest man alive so like be prepared
  • tbh he’s probably not ready for a relationship at first, you’ll have to be very patient with him
    • his brother just tried to kill him after all so family issues are also going to be a main dilemma for him
  • you’re going to have to be the most patient person because genji is going through a lot of internal conflicts at this point and he’s just consumed with rage and confusion and revenge
    • this is also why zenyatta is able to whisk him away so easily and turn him into the lovely cyborg ninja dude we all know and love today

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Looking for a Home for my Cat

This is a bit of a longshot, but I’m running out of options. I need to find somewhere for my cat to go and I’ve been given less than a week to find a new home for him. Given my current living arrangements, I can’t take him in myself and I don’t have any of the means to change my living arrangements as I’m currently unemployed and having difficulty finding work that will pay me enough to move. I’ve contacted the few local cat rescue organizations in my area but they’ve all told me they’re full and/or my timeframe is too small for them to assist me. If I can’t find somewhere for him to live soon, I’m going to have to give him to a shelter, and he’s already 11 years old, so I’m worried he won’t last more than a month before they “remove” him to make room for a younger cat. We have the option of putting him outside, but there’s a high coyote population because of how rural the area is, and it’s highly discouraged to put animals out at night as they usually end up being attacked or killed.

If there’s anyone in the California Bay Area or somewhere in Northern/Central CA who’s looking to adopt a cat or can take in a cat, please let me know. I have less than a week to figure this out and I really don’t want to risk putting him in a shelter at his age.

I’ll update if anything happens.


If you live within an hour’s drive from Princeton, New Jersey and have always wanted to adopt a kitten or two, boy have I got news for you!

The white kitten is a girl, the black one a boy. The girl, we’ve been calling her Hannah, *might* have a home already but we would like them to go to the same home. Either way, Wally, the black one, is definitely up for adoption!

Message me if you’re interested! Otherwise, please spread this around!

Also! If you just like seeing these cute kids, follow garagecats on instagram~

Oh dear lord help me

i rescued a kitten today

but its 3 siblings are still illusive

they are in a storm drain that collects water from the street gutter and a super heavy metal grate keeps it covered so they cant get out…

but oh geeze it a 50% chance of it raining tomorrow and AZ is famous for flash floods during monsoon season

im hella worried

and the places i researched that made it sound like they would be able to assist and catch the cuties with me apparently dont help catch??? I’m just so confused

if anyone knows anything on organizations that help catch kittens or good no kill shelters near the queen creek/ gilbert area, let me know please?


Happy Holidays everyone!
It’s that time of year for gift giving and fun surprises, but that should NOT include a living animal. Many people think it is a good time of year to get a cute puppy, an adorable kitten, or some other small creature spontaneously. Please do not do this unless you have discussed extensively and in detail the addition of a new family member, with all members of your household. When the holidays are over and the newness wears off, these babies still need and deserve love and attention.
Finally, please make adoption your only option. There’s tons of animals looking for their forever homes in shelters and rescues everywhere.

Please reblog to save a life.

I have to pay $775 dollars in order to sign my new lease. I have to buy groceries and cat litter and cat food. I have to pay moving expenses.

My benefits have been cut and I don’t know how to survive.

Please help me if you can, or I’m going to be homeless in the street and have to put my cats up for adoption. Please help me.

My paypal is

REQUESTED: “Credence and reader adopting animals please! Could be magical creatures and/or just plain cats/dogs/rabbits etc.” You go to a shelter and get a dog with Credence, basically.

Warnings: None!! Just fluff and happy Credence.

Word Count: 1,293

Credence had been in a rather gloomy state of mind since finding his way into Newt’s suitcase after the New York incident. Being Newt’s assistant usually meant tending the creatures and taking notes, but lately, you had spent your time sitting in Credence’s vicinity and silently assuring him you’d be there for him. Eventually, you had small conversations with him, one of which involved you asking if he had had any pets before he answered in a small voice that his Ma would never have let them have pets. It had been a few months since the conversation, and Credence was much more confident now, though still reserved and often curious but tentative, so you decided it was time to try something. Thus, today, you had decided to take him to the pet shelter down the street. You weren’t sure if he’d want a pet, but you wanted him to at least see why people loved them so much—the unconditional love and the loyalty that came so naturally from them that all pet owners so willingly returned. And you wanted Credence to experience everything.

You had looped your arm in his as you led him down the street, fighting your growing grin as you kept glancing up at his confused expression and the giggle that nearly escaped every time your wider hips accidentally bumped into his slimmer ones. As you stepped forward, a cacophony of barks resounded, and Credence’s face froze, realization dawning. “Y-You remembered.” At the confused pulling together of your eyebrows as you looked straight up at him, he continued. “T-That I never had any p-pets.” He would never say so, but he thought your round face looked angelic when you looked up at him from your bed of scarves like this.

“Of course I remembered, silly.” The affection and matter-of-factness in your voice baffled him, so he continued on with you wordlessly, crossing the street carefully and letting his slim, (but healthier, since finding your group) body lean into your rounder, warmer frame.

When the two of you entered, Credence lost his breath. Families were scattered around, each looking in at a dog or a cat and talking animatedly, love and fondness all over every face. You watched Credence instead, taking in the awe that had cloaked his features. You could tell he was noticing all of the families and wondering curiously at their happiness, and you felt a pang somewhere deep in your chest—it would always baffle you that he would never know what it was like to have a childhood like this: warm, happy, excited, loved. So you set forth, determined to give him a better future.

Credence looked in at every dog and laughed a few short, clipped times when dogs happily leapt up toward him; however, it was when the two of you reached a gloomy pup that he stopped. The dog was a medium sized pit bull, sitting sulkily in the corner, round brown eyes filled with such sadness that it shook you. Credence just stood there by the glass, staring back at this dog that wouldn’t meet his eyes, face deep in reserved thought. You didn’t speak, afraid to break the silence that Credence was thinking in. When an employee passed, he asked quietly, “W-What happened to her?” The way he phrased the question hurt your heart—always seeing the ways other creatures were hurt.

The employee smiled sadly. “Well, her owners didn’t want her anymore, so they just left her here. Pit bulls aren’t terribly popular family pets either, unfortunately, so she’s been here for a while with no interest. I guess she’s just lonely. Hopefully someone picks her soon, or else…”

You could see the panic cross Credence’s face as he glanced from the employee to you to the dog before settling there. “C-Can we… Can we look at her, p-please?” It was the first time Credence had asked for anything directly, and you stood there, shocked and glued to the floor by the compassion that had fueled his bravery, deeply affected that it was the pain of another creature that had spurred his confidence, and nodded weakly, overcome with affection and happiness and pride and respect for this quiet boy next to you.

The employee smiled excitedly and led you to the play area, and you waited with Credence, who seemed to be holding his breath as he clasped his hands around his scarf tightly. It hurt you deeply to see the tiny hope that seemed to glint in the dog’s eyes as she rounded the corner toward you. When you really and absolutely broke was when you saw the first full smile you had ever seen Credence wear directed at the dog, and then the dog running straight to him, crashing into his now kneeling form. Credence was knocked right back on his butt, holding a now excitedly squirming pit bull that was licking his face with fervor.

Credence was laughing—really laughing—and you wished you could capture this moment forever. It was the first time it appeared that Credence let himself go, really, and this was exactly what you had wanted—you just didn’t know for sure that it would happen. So you just watched, smiling fondly as Credence kept muttering “Baby, good baby, what a good baby” under his breath at the dog who was still turning in his arms and getting as close as possible. Even the employee was taken with the sight, leaning against the gate and smiling with great admiration and appreciation. Wordlessly, you made a signing motion with your hand to the employee who happily ran off to fetch adoption papers.

Credence hadn’t noticed any of this, or that you left to complete the transaction, because he was so preoccupied with the happy animal that was now curled contentedly in his lap. When you touched his shoulder and motioned to go, he couldn’t help the twinge of guilt and grief that touched him as he frowned and nearly began to cry, but then he noticed you were holding something in your hand. “Well, we can’t take her without the leash, Credence. Why don’t you put it on your dog?”

Credence’s face froze for the second time that day, in shock and happiness and pure joy. “Really? M-My… My dog?” You simply nodded, holding the collar and leash out to him. He took them gently and gazed down at the dog who was now wagging her tail wildly and looking up at him with such a look of pure love that he couldn’t quite manage to breathe. He slipped them on the dog’s neck with shaking hands and surged with love as she looked up to him with glistening eyes, ready to follow him wherever he was going to go without question or fear. The unspoken, immediate trust and love from the animal floored him, and he was so overwhelmed with how good this was, how pure.

“What are you going to call her?” You ask gently once you had made it a little ways down the street.

He thought of the pure love of the moment, the joy, the intensity of his own happiness, and said breathlessly “Felicity.”

You smiled in understanding as you made your way down the street to Credence’s right as Felicity jumped excitedly to his left. He looked briefly from the dog to you and said with overwhelming intensity, “Thank you, Y/N.” He returned to looking at the dog, the smile never leaving his face, and reached out to hold your hand with his free one. You smiled and leaned into him slightly, admiring the way the pair were equally enamored with each other. You hoped the wait for a pet had been worth it for him.


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Need Permanent Home/Temporary Foster Home - URGENT

(Pictured from left to right: Isis, Ginger, Max, Willow, and Saffron)

Update#2: A family friend has offered to temporarily house all four remaining cats to keep them from going to a kill shelter and to give us more time to find them permanent homes. Please consider reblogging and please contact me if you can provide a home for any one of them.

Update: Max has a home, and I was informed yesterday that my grandmother was able to pay rent this month and wont be leaving until November 9th

I found out a few days ago my grandmother is being evicted later this month (October 20th) and now I need to find homes for my five cats. I’m unable to house them myself at the moment and it’s very very important to me that they are safe and cared for.

Max, Isis, Ginger, and Saffron are about 7 years old. Willow we’re not sure of. They’re all very good cats, if not a bit shy with strangers, but Isis is more hands-off and not a “lap cat” so i’m concerned about her finding a home.

The two boys, Max and Willow, are neutered and do not spray walls or furniture. Unfortunately the girls are not currently spayed. They are all strictly inside cats.

I’m specifically interested in a temporary foster for Max and Willow but there’s really no time to be picky and it’s most important they’re safe and loved!

If you’re in the Clearwater, Florida area and interested or know someone who might be interested in providing a good home, even temporarily, for any of these cats, please contact me at:

How to filter specific shit out of AO3 Searches

Okay, so some jackass wanted to send me anon inbox hate for supporting AO3′s policy of letting writers actually write stuff rather than banning and censoring any stories that aren’t saccharine mountains of G-rated fluff about magical happy couples frolicking through daisy fields with rainbows underfoot and unicorns at their heels. THE HORROR! 

That being said, apparently there are some peeps who don’t know you totally can filter keywords and terms out of an AO3 search using the NOT search operator if there’s something you’re looking to avoid. I’mma clobber the anon asshat later because that’s how I roll with inbox hate on this blog, but since there are probably also people who might want this info who aren’t anon asshats, here’s a down ‘n’ dirty “how the fuck do I do that?” crash course for anyone who might find it useful (or for anyone who’s just really bored and wants to read a post full of silly cartoon cat pictures). 

So let’s say you’re searching for Star Wars fic. Maybe you wanna read some gay kinky Jedi smut, maybe you’re down for some hot Snoke-on-Jar-Jar action, maybe you’re all about the Sarlacc tentacle hentai. Whatever. 

^ But those tookas, man. You can’t stand those tookas.  They get pastel colored kitty fuzz all over your Jedi robes, and it embarrasses you in front of the Council, and you’re getting the squirmies just thinking about it! Plus there was that time a tooka barfed up a hairball on your lightsaber hilt, and it shorted out the electronics, and wasn’t that embarrassing. No unpleasant tooka memories for you, thank you very much! So let’s filter those tookas out. 

Start off by just pulling up your regular tag or search or whatever it is you ARE looking for. In this case, we’re just gonna hit up the Star Wars - All Media Types tag.

Lots of fic! Yay! But beware! Tookas lurk within.

So click that “Filters” button on the upper right, and it’ll pull up this side window right here: 

Go to the “Search Within Results” box toward the bottom. Whatever you’re trying to exclude, just type NOT and then whatever you don’t want to see. (If it’s a phrase, put it in quotes - so if you don’t object to all tookas, only the fuzzy ones, you can tell it NOT “fuzzy tooka” as opposed to simply NOT tooka.) Then click “Sort and Filter”, and you’re all set! (You can also use a minus sign in place of NOT if that’s more your thang. [x])

Behold! The number of works found under the new search parameter has dropped from 45396 to 45385, as all tookas have been escorted from the premises and banished from your results. 

Of course, banishing tookas makes them rather sad, so you’ll probably want to use this info to filter out actual squicky or triggery stuff instead of tookas - but I wanted to use a benign search term for demo purposes. No actual tookas were harmed or exiled in the making of this post.

Happy reading! Ship, let ship, and please adopt a tooka or a loth-cat at your local shelter today. 

Just a reminder to keep your black cats safe this Halloween as some people still believe this silly superstition. Black cats are just as awesome and lovable as any other cat, and they certainly do NOT cause bad luck. They are not evil witch’s cats, they’re just normal cats. Also please don’t adopt a black cat just for Halloween because you think it’s cool, and then abandon it or return it to the shelter right after. It’s not cool to adopt an animal just to abandon it once the holiday is over. If you can’t be responsible then don’t adopt or buy an animal.