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I’ll start off by saying I’m of the opinion that the current person on the Castle bridge is not, in fact, Shiro but rather a clone that thinks he’s Shiro (which is heartbreaking in its own way).  Other people have done plenty of posts about this and in more detail than mine so I’m just going to throw in, from time to time, little ‘addendums’ of a few little things I noticed that I haven’t seen mentioned yet.

1. ‘I say Vol - you say?’

This threw me so badly I can’t even tell you and I honestly had to stop the feed for a second over it.  He’s in an enemy ship, trying to catch up to a swiftly disappearing Voltron and as it rockets out of sight he yells -


Voltron?  When the hell has Shiro ever referred to his crew as ‘Voltron’.  ‘Team Voltron’ sure.  But Voltron is the robot.  Shiro isn’t in this for the robot.  He’s here for his team.  He knows each one of them by name.  And while yelling each name would be awkward, a simple ‘Keith’ for his strongest bond with the team or even ‘guys/team’ or something human and including would have sounded much more ‘Shiro’ than calling after the robot.  Even calling his lion would have sounded more like Shiro than yelling the robot’s name.  It was honestly the moment my feelings flipped from ‘I feel awkward’ to ‘holy shit, what terrible writing!’.  Looking back now, if there are programs inside the clones head, they would focus on reaching, not the team, but rather Voltron.

also I was pissed about the lack of attempted radio contact from fight ship to retreating Voltron but eventually figured a bunch of robot pilots that run on wi-fi apparently wouldn’t need radios so the ship probably doesn’t have one.  Not sure why an expendable robot would need a distress beacon either but I’ll roll with it.

and 2. Tell who?

So this, right here.  Who are they notifying?  Well, its very apparent that its not Lotor because he spends the first few episodes completely unaware that Shiro is missing from the paladins and a big point is him figuring out that the pilots have switched around.  If they were intentionally releasing a clone (and that ‘escape’ was very obviously orchestrated), with the awareness that it would try to find its way back to Voltron, it would make no sense at all to do so while the original was still aboard the Castle.  So - ‘command headquarters’ isn’t Lotor.  Lotor, new head of the Galra empire, didn’t know Shiro was even missing.

Its not Zarkon for obvious reasons. 

Which leaves Haggar.

That said?  I don’t think the Galra have the actual Shiro.  Especially if ‘end it quickly’ Haggar is in charge of this.  She’s a very decisive, don’t mess around personality style, as seen when, in Season 2, she went with the strategic ‘blow up the Castle home base and the only being that can open a worm hole and then go after the flying lion who will be entirely without support at that point’.  Girl doesn’t play games or mess around.  If she had Shiro, he’d be dead.  She wouldn‘t make the mistake of underestimating him a second time.  She might be in the ‘clone escape plan’ which would make her aware of Shiro’s absence but she doesn’t have him or he’d be dead.  And the writers, who go out of their way to make you care about secondary characters so you’ll feel it when they die two episodes later, aren’t going to kill a main character they’ve worked so hard to give depth and development to off screen.  Theory?  Shiro’s alive and still on the loose.  Hope?  That he’ll pop up in season 4.

Blaine Theory



So we just got the new artwork of KHUX and now we can finally see what Blaine actually looks like

But now that I look more at him the more he looks like a certain character


Let’s do a comparison real quick

Here’s Young Eraqus:

Now here’s Blaine:

Right away you can tell that the eyes, hair, and face look very similar to each other

But of course looks are not only proof. What else can point out that they might be the same exact person?

Let’s go back to the E3 2015 trailer.

The main cutscene in that trailer was Young Xehanort and Young Eraqus playing chess.

I would like to point out the first few lines we hear before we see the gameplay

YX: Have you heard of the ancient Keyblade War?
YE: Yeah the master’s favorite story!
YX: So you heard of the lost masters
YE: Never heard of them
YX: You can drop the facade

This conversation was simple enough back then. But YX knew that YE was hiding something about the lost masters.

But why would he think that?

I always thought that this conversation was something more back then. Especially when I listen to YE he was hesitant when YX brought up the lost masters.

Now if Blaine and Eraqus were the same person, this conversation between them becomes something more.

I’m guessing that YX figured out that YE was living or knew more about the lost masters and Keyblade War. That’s why he told YE to drop the facade. He knew that YE is more than he looks.

Now I would like to go more in the theory like how Blaine changed to Eraqus and what he became to what we know in BBS but I would like to go more into it in another post.

The point I want to make in this post is that Blaine and Eraqus are or might be the same person.



anonymous asked:

I remember when you originally came up with the idea for an aesthetics blog you said had ideas for irl styles of architecture that would correspond to each Flight? Like obvious East Asian for wind, Greco-Roman for light, I think you said ancient Islamic for earth, etc. Do you have ideas for the other ones? (I'm trying to come up with ideas for Water and Fire cities specifically.,)

Aah man, I wish. The thing is, my knowledge of architecture is really limited? I’m really not that knowledgeable on this, hence why I asked for advice, too. I’m gonna try to reply the best I can, but keep in mind I’m just- not an art student?

I’m inviting anyone who is (or who has an interest in history of art/architecture) to reblog this with their own contributions, ok.

Arcane: Art Nouveau, especially the french architectural aspects of it.

Earth: Islamic art, and more specifically Persian art from various time periods, ranging from “simple” domed buildings to intricate mosaics. Mosaics especially seem like a thing earth dragons would do.

Fire: I was going to go with medieval castles, but then I found out about the Church of Saint George in Lalibela, Ethiopia, which was carved into Limestone, and yep, this:

Ice: A combination of baroque and ice art, probably. And maybe Icelandic architecture.

Light: Ancient Greek architecture, obviously.

Lightning: That look from the industrial revolution in Europe, all steel and glass and rock. Wrought iron and cast iron and… you know. Iron. Also industrial design, generally speaking.

Nature: Various kinds of indigenous architecture, both traditional and modern interpretations. Just check out the wiki article okay it’s hella cool.

Plague: Whatever style you call the catacombs in Paris. And early Romanesque architecture.

Shadow: Gothic.

Water: This one is really hard ok. Maybe this shit right here? Those are part of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. And I mean generally rounded, swooshy modern architecture made of glass sounds like a good direction to go in. Check out the City of Arts and Science in Valencia, too.

Wind: Japanese traditional architecture, mostly. Edo period?

THIS WAS AN INTERESTING FORAGE INTO ARCHITECTURE holly shit. Thank you anon! Didn’t expect this to get so long and interesting.
And it’s not quite as Europe-centric as I thought it would be, so props to me.

Mercs flirting

pyrogothnerd submitted

Please feel free to comment and add your own thoughts.

Spy: Usually goes straight for seductive lines. Slips in some French lines here and there.

Medic: Uses his deep voice. He knows it works. He knows people melt over that voice. Now, if he could just remember that surgery is a bad time to flirt… (“My, your pancreas is lovely.”)

Scout: Doesn’t really know what he’s doing, usually goes for pickup lines. He’s gotten better since “Expiration Date” though.

Heavy: Surprisingly shy, usually drops some compliments.

Engie: Pretty laid-back, his flirting is a bit subtle. Usually he tries to find something to do with the person he’s interested in, and uses it as an opportunity to drop compliments.

Demo: Fairly playful and energetic when flirting, but usually starts off by buying the person a drink. Will usually buy the person some flowers if he’s serious about it.

Soldier: Home-made gifts, usually the parts are gained from battle. We all saw that ear-necklace he made Zhanna…just wait til she gets the teeth earrings.

Sniper: Buys them a drink, waits for response before approaching. If they refuse the drink, it means no, unless they say otherwise. Tries to stay professional. Actually fairly reserved until he starts to get comfortable with the person he is flirting with.

Pyro: Tries to hand you some of their favorite things, will try to take you to the park…you get bonus points if you also enjoy burning things.



Saxton Hale: Shows off working out, brags about his adventures, tries to bond over beating up wild animals.

Merasmus: Hello? He has magic! He’s going to make a flower appear out of his hand, or maybe some butterflies. Heck, he’ll probably use his magic to make himself appear younger (and hotter), while he’s at it. That being said, take his magic away, and he hasn’t got a clue what to do.

Grey Mann: “Here is how this is going to work: I am a powerful man with a vast amount of wealth and I own a large company, and soon shall inherit another three (don’t ask me how, dear, now pay attention) By accepting my proposal, you will get in on all of it…” You get the idea: Overly confident and tries to use his wealth and power to win the person over. It must have worked, he has a daughter.

Nicholas Crowder/Old Nick: “Have you been Naughty or Nice?” (does eyebrow thing)

Ms. Pauling: Tries to start conversation, but gets overly nervous and giggly. She only ever gets one day off, she has not had a lot of time to practice.

The Administrator: Very blunt. If she wants you, she will tell you, and offer you one hour to decide if you are interested.

Bokuroo beach headcanons

  • they manage to get on a boat, however small, and use any sound system they can find to blare I’m On A Boat
  • while out swimming, Bokuto gets on the inflatable whale they brought and Kuroo tries to join him but the whale is no where near big enough. Bokuto reaches out to hold him up and says dramatically, “Don’t let go!” and Kuroo responds with, “I’ll never let go.” and Bokuto acts serious for all of ten seconds and then he’s pushing Kuroo under
  • both of them think they’re so clever making some stupid drawing on the other one’s back in sunscreen
  • sandcastles
  • Bokuto demanded they get a sandcastle kit before they arrived here, even if the tools are way too small for their hands
  • Kuroo wonders why he didn’t think of it first
  • Bokuto 100% picks up the towel to shake off the sand and ends up getting it in both his and Kuroo’s faces
  • staying long enough to watch the sunset
  • regretting staying long enough to watch the sunset because now they’re both freezing and their clothes are in the car
  • needing to wash off the sand and cautiously staring at the showers because wow that is going to be extra cold
  • Bokuto braves the water first and flicks water towards Kuroo, asking if he could be anymore catlike when he practically hisses at Bokuto
  • racing each other to the actual shower when they get home
  • very warm and very tired cuddling

Elriel Discussion Party.


1) But she is Lucien’s Mate?

The most common reason I see against Elain & Azriel being together is that she is Lucien’s mate and SJM would not separate them, but I beg to differ. I’d wager they will be the first up-close couple we see not to work out and maybe just be best friends, here’s some reasons why;

A mating bond can be rejected,” Rhys said mildly, eyes flickering in the mirror as he drank in every inch of bare skin I had on display. “There is choice. And sometimes, yes—the bond picks poorly. Sometimes, the bond is nothing more than some … preordained guesswork at who will provide the strongest offspring. At its basest level, it’s perhaps only that. Some natural function, not an indication of true, paired souls.” 

These two lines and their phrasing is very deliberate. Picks poorly, and not a indication of true paired souls, is interesting to me. To everyone who says they can’t love anyone else the same way they’ll love their mate, I agree but ACOMAF and ACOWAR have already established that love might not be a good one, Rhys’ parents are our best example of that.

“At least he liked you,” Rhys countered, then clarified for me, “my father and mother, despite being mates, were wrong for each other. My father was cold and calculating, and could be vicious, as he had been trained to be since birth. My mother was soft and fiery and beloved by everyone she met.”

☞ Not all mates are right for each other. 

“Why not make them mates?” [Azriel & Elain] I mused. “Why Lucien?”
“I’d keep that question from Lucien.”
“I’m serious.” I turned toward him and crossed my arms. “What decides it? Who decides it?”

I found it very interesting that Feyre of all people, someone who knows both Elain and Lucien well, cannot wrap her head around them suiting each other, there are multiple occasions where she see’s more of a connection/better partnership between her and Az. Even in ACOMAF she remarks on how she thinks they’d get along, these moments also remind me of her comments towards Cassian about Nesta.

“You know them better than I do. But I will say that Lucien is loyal—fiercely so.”
So is Azriel.

 This is coming from a protagonist who is a good example of mates being right for each other, so I think it’s interesting she feels this way about their bond. She is constantly pushing for Azriel despite knowing he’s loved Mor for centuries, why? What is she seeing that is making her so dead set that Lucien might not be the one and Az is.

“You are his mate. Do you even know what that means?”
It means nothing,” Elain said, her voice breaking. “It means nothing. I don’t care who decided it or why they did—”
“You belong to him.”
I belong to no one. But my heart belongs to you.”

Jot that down! Straight from Elain’s mouth. 

 No matter which way this goes it will be because she chooses the person. What shocked me reading this book was how little interaction Elain and Lucian got, how much the idea that mates are not everything was hammered in. How we had Elain, Feyre, Rhys and Nesta all question the bond and place doubts in the readers head.

Going in to ACOWAR I had not expectations for Elriel believing they’d go straight for the obvious pairing but im starting to get the inkling I was very wrong.

What I got from ACOWAR:

All mates are good for each other 

All mates have their own paths and choices ✔

I’ve got so much more to touch on with them but this is getting long so I’ll divide them up by topics, i think the next one will be about some people not reading their interactions as romantic and why I think SJM was not projecting a platonic relationship. 

Small disclaimer, I don’t know what will happen in future books, I am by no means saying Elriel are 100% endgame and theres no chance for anything else, this is just my perspective and predictions based on what I read during A Court Of Wings And Ruin. 

Please, please feel free to add on your own thoughts and feelings!

I believe in our ray of sunshine and shadowsinger ❤


Disclaimer: Contrary to popular (?) belief I don’t actually “hate” Silver. His characterizations make sense and it’s very compelling to watch– what I’m NOT here for, is the constant defense of him by various fans/shippers. He’s allowed to be a flawed character, you know, and people are entitled to feel disdain towards him and his harmful (yes, they are harmful) actions. 

Let’s break it down, then:

In retrospect, this is an odd scene because why would Silver even entertain the idea of them walking away? They should be focused on the war and trying to win, yet he speaks about the two of them walking away unscathed like it’s a certain outcome. And to ask Madi if he would be enough, when he’s well aware of the answer (judging by how invested she is now in her war), is telling. This gets echoed by Flint in 4x10, where he tells Silver that she won’t be enough for him anymore because the war brought purpose to all of their lives. Of course, knowing what we now know with the knowledge of 4x10, Silver has in actuality already obtained information about Thomas and that he is indeed alive and well in Savannah. In his mind, the option of walking away from the war is already set in stone, seeing as he’s got everything he needs to put an end to it– the only question remains is a matter of when.

He knew the Spanish were coming, he knew that there would be massive casualties yet he went along with it anyway. He knows Madi found her purpose as the next Maroon Queen, as this war only solidifies her will to liberate her people even more. He knew, yet he betrayed her anyway– because her legacy, the life of her people, the subsequent treatment of future generations of her people, doesn’t matter to him as much as her life. It’s an utterly selfish act, and it’s an act of someone who refuses to be supportive of the woman he loves, regardless of the fact that perhaps it’ll cost Madi’s life to achieve her goals (collateral damage is a-ok as long as it’s not the woman you love, I suppose?). He, a cishet white man, definitively stripped away Madi’s own freedom of choice and her power as a leader, merely because he doesn’t want to lose her. Her and Flint’s war isn’t important, because the struggles of marginalized people never affected him, and never will affect him. He simply doesn’t care. He’s the man with no backstory, a man who can spin tales to fit whatever narrative he wants to tell, while Flint and Madi’s backstories are the driving force of their character.

James McGraw said it best: “In most cases, a man trying to change the world fails for one simple and unavoidable reason: everyone else.”

Silver, and people like Silver, are exactly the reason why Madi’s people had to suffer for centuries. The curse of the Cishet White Male™.

What it'd be like to date Bastille

- Lots of hand-holding
- Forehead and temple kisses. Like, lots of them.
- tv marathons
- cuddling in silence. But, the comforting, homey kind of silence, not the awkward kind.
- texting lyrics and links to songs that remind you of each other
- him singing to you while you’re cooking breakfast together
- you accidentally let it slip that you loved those spinny videos from the WWW tour, so he makes a point of sending you one before every show
- lots of goofy selfies
- he makes you watch David Lynch films, you make him watch reruns of your favorite sitcom (Parks and Recreation ftw 😜)
- sharing his hoodies
- piano lessons

- You definitely have a cat together, possibly named after a Disney character or a character from The Fifth Element
- Disney movie marathons
- You see new Star Wars movies together on opening night
- singing Disney songs together around the house
- lots of hugs
- he’d wear silly things just to make you laugh
- he asks to do your makeup for you, and it ends up not being a total disaster
- he sends you selfies where he’s making that adorable squinty face while he’s away on tour.
- lots of random inside jokes
- you build forts and camp out in the living room together

- lots of flirting, even after you’ve been together forever
- Rihanna concerts
- French lessons
- he sends you flowers a lot, and they’re always different
- fancy date nights
- and art museum/showcase dates
- but there are also nights where you just stay in and bake cookies together
- he draws portraits of you
- he begs you to stay home when you’re trying to get ready for work. You give in once or twice.
- dance classes together
- he leaves little notes around the house for you to find while he’s on tour

- he buys you a jersey to match his for football season
- lots of football games
- he sometimes lets you braid his hair
- arcade dates
- amusement park dates
- lots of hugs and kisses on the cheek
- he tries to win one of those giant teddy bears for you at a fair, but you actually end up being the one who wins it
- you cook new things together
- board games
- you send each other memes all the time

(Please add your own thoughts and ideas, my mind went blank 😝)


Don’t ever make fun of someone’s mental illness. You can make fun of someone’s anxiety, causing their depression to act up and their BPD go nuts.

Don’t ever tell anyone, especially an emotionally unstable person to cut themselves. They just might. Or they might even do worse..

Don’t tell a person who you know that has cut themselves before, that they did it/ are doing it for attention, it fucking hurts and is highly insensitive.

Don’t make fun of someone for not having many friends, especially if you’re a bad one yourself because that person might have had people hurt them all their life and have trust issues. 

Don’t tell a person they’re weak because they have a mental illness, they’re stronger than you could ever imagine.      

Don’t push anyone to do anything they don’t want to, be it something as simple as a dare, or something serious, like sexual. Just don’t do it. (for me that does mean the smaller things, since social anxiety makes even truth or dare a living hell)

Don’t tell (or yell at) someone that they don’t suffer from a mental illness, if you have no clue what you’re talking about.

Don’t (for me this goes together with the previous one) discuss someone’s mental health with them in front of another person. It will make them uncomfortable.

Don’t push someone to tell you about their mental illnesses/ why they cut etc. If they become a threat to others or themselves, get them to contact a professional, if they don’t feel comfortable telling you, don’t push it.

Don’t be insensitive to people with mental illnesses.

These may seem obvious, but my ‘friends’ have done every single thing on this list, and more. Please reblog this, and if you have more, add your own thoughts. Just because I and a lot more people have to suffer, doesn’t mean everyone has to. If you suffer, help others so they don’t have to. Also, if you have a problem, i’m always here. Message me or send something to my asks, i’ll do whatever I can to help. See who else needs help and let’s all support each other. Please. This is an important subject.

bellarkeismymockingjay  asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you'd like to discuss some of the parallels and similarities between Jasper Jordan's and Charlie Pace's arcs, especially in S4 (Jasper)/S3 (Charlie). I'd love to hear your thoughts on them and what they might mean for Jasper's arc this season.

I have many thoughts! And many feels. First off, let me say that back in the day I was one of the biggest Charlie obsessives in Lost fandom. I can’t quite believe it’s been almost a decade since Charlie’s death episode (it aired in May 2007). I also can’t believe I am going to be “celebrating” ten years since losing Charlie by almost certainly losing Jasper Jordan. As soon as I started watching this show I commented my old friend @cylune that Jasper was so blatantly the Charlie Pace of ‘The 100′. And whenever I find myself a surrogate Charlie character in a new fandom, I start worrying that this character will be doomed suffer and then die tragically. So it goes. Onto the parallels then.   

Firstly Charlie and Jasper are very much the same stock of character. They are the snarky sidekicky beta males. They’re the ones with no special survival skills, they are not tough guys or super-brains, they are the underdogs of their groups. They have little control over their emotions. If they fall in love with a girl then they will be prepared to DIE for that girl even if they’ve only known said girl for a few weeks or days or hours. These boys wear their hearts on their sleeves. They’re good friends. The Charlie/Hurley bromance was very much the Jasper/Monty bromance of Lost. But Charlie and Jasper aren’t just cute little jokers. They’re both dark and broken. They are both addicts. Drugs and alcohol bring out the worst in them. They’re also both trauma victims.     

So first obvious parallel comes in Season 1s of both shows. Charlie and Jasper were both the first people to be attacked and almost killed by the Others and the Grounders. Both of them get strung up in trees as a warning to the rest of their camps. Charlie gets hanged by his neck but he doesn’t get the spearing Jasper gets. Saving Charlie and Jasper when it looked like they were goners is a big moment for doctor heroes, Jack and Clarke, who both need to save people for their own self-validation. After these near-death experiences, both suffer from PTSD, become fragile shells of themselves, then become unexpected badasses - Charlie shoots Ethan and sets his own head on fire, Jasper shoots the bomb, fires the Dropship rockets and leads a revolt in Mt Weather.

In S2 for Charlie and S3 for Jasper the characters hit rock bottom, alienate their friends, struggle with addiction issues and mental illness. Charlie was given the recovery story that Jasper’s never really had, but both seasons do at least end with them reconnecting with someone they love (Claire and Monty). Then in S3 for Charlie and S4 for Jasper both characters learn that they’re going to die. In Charlie’s case it’s him alone who gets marked for death, where as in Jasper’s case the world’s ending. But Jasper found out the world’s ending at the exact moment he was trying to commit suicide and he has always thought he was cursed so I can see why Jasper might have taken it personally and feel like the universe has got it in for him. Certainly the writers have got it in for him. He’s had two deleted death scenes already. So if Jasper dies in S4 it’s the writers who are course correcting and making death Jasper’s inevitable fate.  

I think it’s possible that writers realize that and that’s why they have chosen to mark Jasper with this obvious ‘Not Penny’s Boat’ stamp in an upcoming episode. It might be a clue that ‘Jasper’s Journey’ (to be a S4 DVD feature) might mirror Charlie’s journey in the end. Charlie went from being a funny sidekick, to being broken and traumatized, to being told he was doomed, to choosing to sacrifice his life to save his friends. Jasper’s been on that same arc apart from the ending and that death would seem like the best case scenario for Jasper at this stage. I say that, but then - I was never okay with Charlie dying and I don’t think I’ll ever be okay with Jasper dying either, especially when in Jasper’s case there is no time left for a recovery story and there’s no way to avoid Jasper’s death feeling like some form of suicide from a mentally ill teen.           

Well, that’s all I got. Please add your own thoughts on Charlie/Jasper parallels @bellarkeismymockingjay I’d love to hear them.

AUs for Disabled/Chronically ill OTPs

(I felt we were lacking in AUs for Disabled and Chronically ill characters, so here’s some! Please feel free to add your own! :D)

  • You thought I’d been staring at you all night and wanted you to come over, but really I’m just blind and was looking nowhere. At least your voice is pretty. AU
  • Nobody cleared the snow off the already not up-to-code ramp, and your wheelchair flipped as you tried to go up. I came to help you but I’ve slipped too and now we’re both on the ground. AU
  • I spilled an entire hot cup of coffee all over you I’m so sorry I have MS and my hands aren’t cooperating today. (I’m helping wipe you down and gosh you’re cute). AU
  • You’re the only other deaf person at this university, and I don’t particularly like you. But you’re the only one who can talk smack with me in ASL so I guess we can be study partners. AU
  • The store kicked me out after saying that my psychiatric support dog wasn’t a real service dog so you bought the tea I was trying to get and rushed out after me to make sure I got it.AU
  • I’m an amputee, and when I was getting out of my car I got yelled at by a guy for using the handicap spot so I took off my prosthetic leg and threw it at them. You watched this happen and are laughing so hard you had to use your inhaler. AU
  • I have a chronic illness and have to work from home when I have a flare up/feel especially ill. You’re the one our boss always send to deliver me my work. AU
  • I have Cystic Fibrosis and you take the same bus as me everyday. I don’t know your name but you always have tissues to hand me with only smile when I have a coughing spell. AU
  • Your electric wheelchair ran out of battery in the middle of the side walk and now I’m trying to use my manual chair to help pull you to the nearest repair shop. AU
  • The office of accessibility paired us up saying that we would make good friends but I’ve never met you before and I already think you’re annoying. AU
  • I’m a defense attorney who has dwarfism and you’re the prosecutor I often go up against. We’re in court when the judge starts using infantilizing language and you pause the judge’s opening statements to complain about how many cases you’ve lost to me. AU
  • We’re roommates at the hospital and you won’t shut up. I’m trying to get some sleep over here. AU
essential hq hogwarts au questions you need to ask yourself
  • in terms of their character portrayal can oikawa be called a muggleborn and kageyama a pureblood?
  • can karasuno be called gryffindor, aobajosai -slytherin, nekoma - ravenclaw and fukurodani - hufflepuff?
  • would ushijima corner gryffindor oikawa and suggest he comes to slytherin?
  • would iwaizumi be a dueling champion? would he take the care for magical creatures? would he prevent oikawa eating all chocolate filled with love potion or would he just watch him fall into the trap?
  • would kenma’s hair be a consequence from an unfortunate accident of being paired up with lev during charms practice?
  • would BOKUTO’S hair be the result of him blowing up his cauldron all the time??
  • would suga be the one who is best friends with house elves and bring snacks with him to the common room?
  • would kenma know every secret door, stair and passage in the castle? would he wonder around them, playing with spells, and get lost, only for kuroo to always find him?
  • would akaashi take the divination class? muggle studies? ancient ruins? all of them? or is akaashi the top of his transfiguration class? what’s his favourite subject?
  • would oikawa be singing in the choir?
  • would kuroo’s cat and bokutp’s owl get in epic fights with each other?
  • would ushijima walk in the room of requirements by accident to see a nutritious garden full of fruits and vegetables??
Trust in the Stark family - Thoughts on Jon, Sansa and Arya and the Winterfell plot

One of my anons wanted to share his/her thoughts on the Winterfell plot and I agreed to post it. It’s well worth a read! There are thought on Jon’s storyline as well, but I post them in the next post.

I copied these from the anon asks! So, all credit goes to the anon who is called ‘Alex’ for this post. I’ll add my own thoughts in italic script at the end of the post. Please, be kind to the shy anon and add your own thoughts in the comments of reblogs!

So, here comes ‘Alex’ and his/her take on trust in the Stark family

The Starks, trust and playing the game. Let’s start by saying this is just a theory on the way I interpret the scenes from the show. It’s an opinion and if you disagree that’s fine. Don’t send hate. Just needed to put my 2cents. Thanks to fedonciadale for posting it. Sorry for any errors, misspelling, and grammar issues. I have a hard time with English …

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Waige Season 4 Wish List

*This is my wish list. Please do not add your own thoughts and ideas to this post. If you have your own wish list, then post it separately from mine. Feel free to reblog if you’d like, just please do not add anything to my write up.*

I am happy that I can finally cross  “MAKE WAIGE HAPPEN” off of my Wish list for the past three years… :) 

  • The first episode of the season opening up in the loft after Walter and Paige’s first night together, and just showing them both blissfully happy, sated, and giddy. :) 
  • Walter serving Paige breakfast in bed 
  • Paige serving Walter breakfast in bed
  • Waige discussing physical boundaries during office hours
  • Walter spending the night at the Dineens’ apartment (not for sex) but just to be there with Paige and Ralph… and Ralph waking up the next morning to find Walter making breakfast (or trying to) for them
  • Waige dropping Ralph off to school together. (I’m sure they’ve done this before, but it’ll mean something more now that they’re together)
  • Waige picking Ralph up
  • Waige sharing stolen moments (i.e. hugs, kisses, flirty smiles, etc.) when they think no one else is watching
  • Waige date
  • Waige holding hands any chance they can get
  • Waige going undercover as newlyweds (that would be hilarious!!!)
  • Waige concert (I want them to sing together again!)
  • MORE Waige dancing
  • Waige cuddling… like picture them just casually relaxing together on the couch downstairs in the garage after a long day of work ^_^
  • Cohabitation by the end of the season
  • If we’re lucky and the network feels like blessing us, then perhaps waige showering together ^_^
  • mutual petnames
  • waige getting their pictures done together in a photo booth 
  • Waige on a weekend getaway

I have many more, but I think that’s a good list for now. 

What I do NOT want: 

  • pregnant waige (too soon)
  • married waige (again… too soon)
  • jealous waige (if they make waige jealous of each other, at least make it fun like @webuiltthepyramids‘s “Green” story)
  • another freaking triangle. NO MORE OF THAT PLEASE. The only triangles I will accept is the kind in geometry and astronomy. 
Okay so hear me out

So. Lord Hater. Space chimp. I know we’ve all kind of been joking about it since The Waste of Time, but I’d like to think I’m not the only one who’s pretty much adopted the theory as, well. The truth. In a wacky sort of way. Because man wouldn’t that be something? A Lord Hater origin story with that kind of connotation would be amazing. Because you know, earth actually existing in WOY, Hater being a monkey, what’s not to like? 

But. I’ve been thinking about it. Post ‘End of the Galaxy’. About how such a plot would work into a season 3 and how it would match up with the few easter eggs we’ve seen so far.

And well. I’ve realized it doesn’t match.

That space pod we see at the end of the ‘End of the Galaxy’ animatic? I don’t think Hater came from that crash; I think he caused it.

(Explanation complete with pictures under the read more so I don’t take up your dash!)

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@susieeslei messaged me some great questions about the Dragon AU and I finally got around to answer them, so I thought I’d share them with you guys :)

Just tuning into this clearly fantastic dragon au.  What KIND of dragon?  Are there different types? Are they capable of changing they’re sex in times of crisis(I just learned that some reptiles do this)? What about physical features? I’m seeing dragon rage do some physical features change during it? Do they hoard? Most Fics have Bucky trailing Tony around what if … Tony tends to follow Bucky around? Would that work ?how ? Also are there power dynamics? Pack mentalities? Nesting? Sent marking? Holy crap…. …. ….  *gives you all the hugs*

So many wonderful questions!! Get ready for a lot of background information/world building, my dears! By the way I’m building this world as I go, so if you notice inconsistencies, please don’t be shy to point them out! 

First the dragon species: There are no different types of dragons. Nor are they capable of changing their sex, I’m sorry to disappoint here. Thing is, in this universe dragons aren’t the fire-breathing reptiles we know. They are virtually indistinguishable from humans–in their appearance, that is. Maybe they were at one point ‘real’ dragons, in which case there would have been different species, but even if that’s the case, they have lost that form centuries ago. These days, dragons look like humans–any hair colour, skin colour, gender etc is possible. It’s one of the reasons dragons are so feared and despised, they are essentially the perfect ‘sleeper agents’–or so the propaganda will tell you. There are ways to tell a human from a dragon, but none of them involve physical tells. The surest/most commonly known way to unmask a dragon at the point where the story starts involves critically injuring a person and waiting whether they survive/how fast they heal.

A Dragon’s rage: The only physical change of an enraged dragon is their eye colour. They turn into a very, very light blue that’s almost white, no matter their original colour. This ‘sheen’ will fade once they calm down again. Nothing else changes, physically, but it’s hard to miss when a dragon goes completely berserk. An enraged dragon will attack anything in their vicinity, they are known to use excessive violence and while they are very capable of killing a lot of people while in rage they aren’t efficient about it. (Example: An enraged dragon with a machine gun is most likely to use the gun to beat someone to death with rather than shoot them once and move on.) Their facial expressions may appear more animalistic but at the end of the day they still ‘just’ look like a very, very angry human.

Hoarding: Is a typical behaviour/instinct/drive for dragons in this verse. They yearn for treasure the same way humans yearn for social relationships. However the term treasure is a lot wider than most human interpretations suggest and may also include territory, people, ideas/inventions, creations of any kind, money, resources and so on and so on. A dragon is just as likely to hoard Target discount coupons as they are to hoard pearls and gold. Also Treasure is generally used in reference to a mate or heir.

Bucky and Tony, who trails whom: Usually I’d agree with you. It would be nice to turn this around and make Tony the one who follows Bucky, and from a general ‘verse point of view I could see it happening. As it is, their personal backstory in it makes it very unlikely. Tony as no personal bounds to Bucky, he is just some guy his father used to speak of sometimes. Bucky on the other hand has heard Tony’s voice in his head for decades. He is drawn to Tony for his tendency to babble alone, to hear that voice again. That’s why Bucky seeks Tony out to begin with. 

Power dynamics: I’m gonna give you the short answer here because this post is already getting long enough as it is: No. Unless you consider the structural discrimination against dragons a power dynamic?

Pack mentality: This one is a little tricky. Dragons don’t form packs. They don’t spend a lot of time with their own kind, usually it’s just them and their Treasure. That is in part because of their mind link/link to the spiritual world. Dragons, when they first meet, have the ability to form a mental bond that allows them to transmit emotions and thoughts to the other recipients. It allows them to grow up normally with barely any physical contact to their parents if need be, and spread across the world, not staying near others of their kind, while still interacting with their own species–one of the reasons they are able to hide themselves so well among the humans.

Scent marking: Not exactly I think? They do have a slightly enhanced sense of smell, but they don’t mark others. In fact it’s the scent of their Treasure that calms them down–is the only thing that can calm down an enraged dragon besides death. So they have no interest in covering someone else with their scent, if anything they have an interest in tasting them. If that makes sense.

And finally no, no nesting. 

Alright, I hope that answers all these brilliant questions! If you have any other ones about this ‘verse or want to add your own thoughts please feel free to do so!

okay, so i noticed something about a few ghosts and kind of made a headcanon.

i noticed that clockwork, pariah dark, and nocturne all have a scar over their eye. obviously, this could just be a coincidence, but maybe there’s something more:

what if a long, long time ago in the ghost zone, a scar over the eye was used to mark ghosts as dangerous criminals. i’m talking the worst of the worst. they did something so bad that the ancient ghosts hunted them down, but they were too powerful to destroy, so they could only manage to mark them. give other ghosts a warning to stay away from these fuckers. obviously, we know what pariah dark did and eventually it got so bad that the ancient ghosts locked him away. it’s not too much of a stretch to say nocturne is very old as well and probably did some nasty stuff too. maybe he used his powers over sleep and dreams to kill a bunch of humans and do some real damage to the ghost zone.

but that leaves the question - what the hell did clockwork do? what crime did he commit that put him on the same level as pariah dark and nocturne? maybe clockwork wasn’t always the good little master of time. it’s perfectly believable that, at one point, clockwork might have been the bad guy. i have no idea what he did exactly, but in TUE the observants seemed to expect that clockwork would be willing to actually kill danny.

Translating Libfem to Radfem and vice versa

So, I’m getting pretty tired of seeing radfems and libfems/trans activists/radqueers* have conversations which devolve into arguments on the basis that they are using the same words to mean entirely different things.  Sometimes it’s like watching people trying to argue using two different languages and then they both get really angry when it doesn’t work out.  It’s controversial to say, but I believe that radfems and trans activists might actually agree on more than they’d expect if they could figure out how to see eye to eye.
So I’m trying to compile a list here of terms that I see radfems and trans activists use in entirely different ways.

Please note: all definitions included here are based on my own understandings of how these words seem to be used.  If you disagree with how I’m defining them, or would like to add some of your own, please please comment and add your thoughts.  I welcome discussion (but please keep it civil).

*I know these are three groups with distinctions, however, ideologically, I’m going to group them here because there seems to be enough overlap to do so, and they are all presented as opposition to radical feminist views.  I will use the term “trans activists” to represent all three of them, because trans activism tends to be the focus of these conversations.

Let’s start with Gender:

  • To radfems, the word gender means gender roles.  It is the hierarchical system created by men to control women.  The treatment you receive under this system is based on your biological sex.  You cannot opt out of it on the basis of personal identity.  This is not a system that can be reclaimed or fixed as it is built on oppression and inequality, so it must be destroyed.
  • To trans activists, gender is personal expression.  At its loosest, it can mean anything you want it to mean, but I think generally means how you view yourself as fitting within (or without) gendered expectations on the basis of personal expression/personal identity.  Because gender is based on how you view yourself as opposed to how others view you, it can easily be changed on a whim.

Female/Male and AFAB/AMAB (or variations thereof):

  •   When radfems say female they mean pretty much the exact same thing as what trans activists mean when they say AFAB 
  • These terms both denote the biological sex characteristics an individual is born with
  • To radfems, biological sex is immutable, if you are born a sex that is the sex you die
  • I’m not 100% sure about this one, but trans activists do seem to think that you can change your biological sex
  • A note to trans activists: female/male are, in fact, biological terms used to describe sex used across the animal kingdom, so when radfems use it, they are describing a biological state
  • A note to radfems: female/male are, in fact, often used as the adjectival form of woman or man.  It’s pretty common for someone to say “she is female” in lieu of “she is a woman”.  So when you say “trans women cannot be female” many trans activists hear “trans women are not women*” which is a pretty central tenant of their ideology  

*I understand that many radfems do argue this, but this post is just trying to clear up differences in terminology not actually solve disputes.  I’m not nearly good enough for that.


  • When radfems use the terms socialisation they basically mean the way in which a person is treated based on how others perceive them and the ways in which that treatment affects their development and actions as a person 
    • So when a radfem says that a trans woman received male socialisation, they are basically saying that the trans woman grew up being perceived as a boy by others and therefore was treated as a boy
    • This treatment can be incredibly nuanced and subtle and affects every part of a person’s life and interactions with others
  •  I’m not actually sure how trans activists define this one, but it seems pretty clear from their reactions that there is some miscommunication in connection with this term.  If anyone wants to chime in on the trans activists’ definition here, please do. My best guess is the ways in which people interact with the more explicit elements of gendered expectations.  So if a child chooses to play with barbies that is female socialisation regardless of their biological sex.


  • So this one is tricky because it means a variety of things across the board and part of the problem is there is no real consistent definition
  • At its most basic, it simply means someone who is not trans 
  • However, since the libfem definition of what it means to be trans is pretty loose and seems to include anyone who chooses to identify themselves as trans with no other qualifiers it can be hard to define what cis means in relation to that 
    • Honestly, what trans means is a post in itself and not one I feel qualified to make.  Especially taking into account the differences in dynamics of binary and non-binary trans people 
  • When radfems oppose the use of the word cis they tend to do so in reaction to the definition which means identifies with the gender roles associated with their birth sex.  Since radfems view gender as a harmful concept, especially to women, they tend to argue that no woman identifies with her oppression and, therefore, they reject the word

This list is just a start, but I hope it’s something that can be talked about and considered in the ever evolving discourse.  My ultimate aim with this is to ask both radfems and libfems, trans activists, and radqueers to be sympathetic to the fact that the other may have a different understanding of some of the words that you are using, and that if you ignore that fact, you may just be arguing yourself in circles.

As I said above.  This key is based on my own personal observations of how these terms tend to be used.  So if you disagree with any of my definitions, or if you want to add your own terms to the list, please, by all means do so.


I found these in some Dungeons & Dragons Guide Books… they may or may not be relevant…

The character faces death in many forms. The most common, death due to combat, is no great matter in most cases, for the character can often be brought back by means of a clerical spell or an ALTER REALITY or wish. Of course, recovery of damage sustained might be a problem, but that is not insurmountable.

On occasion one player or another will evidence a strong desire to operate as a monster, conceiving a playable character as a strong demon, a devil, a dragon, or one of the most powerful undead creatures. This is done principally because the character sees the desired monster character as superior to his or her peers and likely to provide a dominant roll for him or her in the campaign. A moment of reflection will bring them to the unalterable conclusion that the game is heavily weighted towards mankind.

3. (Cleric Spells)
CLERIC SPELLS OF THE 3rd, 4th, AND 5th LEVEL ARE OBTAINED THROUGH THE AID OF SUPERNATURAL SERVANTS OF THE CLERIC’S DEITY. That is, through meditation and prayer, the cleric’s needs are understood and the proper needs are given to him or her by the minions of the deity.

CLERIC SPELLS OF 6th AND 7th LEVEL ARE GRANTED BY COMMUNICATION FROM THE DEITY ITSELF. There is no intermediary in this case, and the cleric has a direct channel to the deity, from whom he or she receives the special power to cast the given spells of these levels.

MOVE: 12"
HIT DICE: 12 (body)
% IN LAIR: 50%
NO. OF ATTACKS: Up to 10
DAMAGE ATTACK: 1-6(x8)/1-12/1-20/
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Acid saliva and spitting
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Immune to acid
SIZE: L (36’ long, 20’ tall)
Attack/defense modes:

The dreaded Thessalhydrae are monsters which love dark and damp conditions, so they are typically in swamps, jungles, and subterranean lairs.

5. (More cleric things…)
A cleric who, at this or any juncture, changes deities is going to have a difficult time. His or her former deity will mark the cleric. The new deity (and associated minions) will be suspicious. ONCE A CLERIC CHANGES DEITIES, HE OR SHE MUST THEREAFTER BE ABSOLUTELY TRUE TO THE NEW CALLING, OR HE OR SHE WILL BE SNUFFED OUT BY SOME GODLIKE MEANS. IT IS 90% UNLIKELY THAT THE CLERIC’S FIRST DEITY WILL ACCEPT HIM OR HER BACK INTO THE FOLD AFTER FALLING AWAY, UNLESS SOME SPECIAL REDEMPTIVE AGENCY IS INVOLVED. THERE IS NO SALVATION FOR A THRICE-CHANGED CLERIC; HE OR SHE IS INSTANTLY KILLED. Any change of alignment which causes such a deity change is applicable, unless the change is involuntary. (See CHANGING ALIGNMENT)

Note that the above applies to paladins with respect to their clerical spell powers and to rangers with respect to their druidic clerical spell powers.

(So, those were just a few little snippets I’ve found. I’ve spent a bit of time looking these over and contemplating any relevance or possible meaning to the show. I’ve pinpointed some major similarities and have come up with a few minor theories of my own. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD ANY OF YOUR OWN THOUGHTS/INTERPRETATIONS/RESEARCH TO THIS!)

anonymous asked:

wait could you tell me more about how autistic people can get really focused on a person?

I can only speak from my own experience so anyone else please add your thoughts too! 

For some autistic people, and it is often particularly common with people who have PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) but obviously not limited to it, specific people can become a sort of special interest. 

Like with any special interest, this person can bring immense joy to you and you love to spend time around them or think about them and try to find out quite a lot of about them. Something about them is just really fascinating and you want to spend time with them, but it’s not the same as a romantic attraction (although that could co-exist alongside it). 

They may be someone you know, a friend, family member, colleague, teacher etc. or it could be a celebrity, actor, public figure etc. (the latter may be perhaps more relatable to allistic people?) 

Sometimes this can be problematic. It’s possible to become ‘too’ fond of the person so they feel a little overwhelmed by your behaviour such as following them everywhere or sending too many messages all the time. This can be really difficult, especially if they are a teacher or in another position of trust e.g carer. 

It can also make it hard to interact with them. As an autistic person, I already struggle with social interaction, and my awe and admiration for the person in question only makes this harder. Yet despite this, I am constantly drawn to spending time with this person and will actually plan choices and decisions to maximise the amount of time I can be with them. Talking to other people about them is also particularly enjoyable like with another special interest. 

I hope that was helpful, if you have more questions feel free to ask and I hope I always used respectful language when writing this. It’s not the same as an ‘infatuation’ or ‘obsession’, it’s just I become very focussed on someone, like you said, and want to be around them.