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Seeing as how some of the animals in Lazytown were actually Stefán’s, and because I work in a pet store, I would like to make a thing.

Pet Store Owner!Robbie:

·Throughout the day he lets out a couple different birds and puts them on his shoulder. He doesn’t know that his back is a mural of poop at the end of the day. His customers never say anything.

·Robbie likes to carry any of the animals throughout the day, but he thinks birds are the easiest. Plus he can teach them to say insults and it makes him smile whenever the bird manages to say it to a rude customer.

·He can deal with almost all of the animals, BUT HE WILL NOT DEAL WITH SPIDERS.

·He tries not to overfeed the animals but dammit when he looks in their eyes he can’t help but give them an extra treat.

·Purple fish EVERYWHERE

·He swears he does not tear up or cry whenever he sells an animal. He told himself never to get attached to any of them, but it always fails.

·He would always call any of the animals ‘little something’ no matter their size.

·Even if he is the owner Robbie will occasionally take naps in the back and will let his employees take care of the store for a while.

·He won’t let people hold the animals (someone ran off with one once), but every time this enthusiastic, pink haired girl comes into the store he lets her, and only her, hold them.

·He breaks his promise of only letting Stephanie hold them after she brings in Pixel, Trixie, Ziggy, and Stingy one day.

·Whenever a rude customer keeps coming in Robbie will find out which animal they’re afraid of and he will chase them with it when they come back in. (He swears he’s not being extra with this)

·Every time Sportacus comes in (Robbie later finds out he’s Stephanie’s dad and single) Robbie tries to avoid him by threatening to chase him with an animal because dammit someone that handsome should not exist. It never works.

·Robbie’s way of flirting with Sportacus is giving him discounts


Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPcolorful

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post every week announcing the latest project.

The goal this weekend is to create photos and videos that pop with color. Here’s how to get started:

  • Seek out environments with bright and bold colors that catch your eye. For example, if you attend a concert or parade, get close to the action to capture spirited moments and dazzling props.
  • For portrait submissions, look for colorful personalities and striking fashion statements that stand out against everyday surroundings.
  • Make color move with a video or Boomerang submission. Capture a bright painting coming to life, the flashing motion of neon lights or a burst of color emerging in an otherwise bland scene.

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPcolorful hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.

Frech wizard facts

Yo, y a le post de @culturefrancaise qui m'a fait reflechir, et ce post commençaient à dater malgrè sa perfection intemporelle (il contient “On dit un pain à la citrouille, pas une citrouillatine!”, si ça peut vous motiver), donc dans le désordre :

-Les loups-garous ont leur potion Tue-loup remboursée par la sécu.

-Les elfes de maison ont des syndicats.

-Le dahu étant en voie d'extinction mais une fierté française quand même, y a chaque année une sortie scolaire dans une réserve/ferme à Dahuts.

-la Bête du Gevaudan est un peu une fierté nationale parce que EH C'EST NOS LOUPS GAROUS QUI SONT CONNUS PARTOUT même si on se se la pète pas officiellement avec parce que… bah des morts quoi.

-On a deux-trois dragons MEGA PROTÉGÉS qu'on hésite à réintroduire ou faire se reproduire parce que le fait est que c’est quand même des dragons

-la Diagonale du Vide est le paradis pour sorcier campagnards…

-…et Paris l'idéal pour les sorciers citadins. Sérieux. Personne ne lève les yeux quand des mecs passent en hooverboard ou en monocycle en jonglant avec des massues, les gens ont les cheveux et les vêtements de n'importe quelle couleur, j'ai vu trois fois des mecs en jean t-shirt et cape aller à leur boulot. J'étais maquillée en Jack Squellington dans le métro avec un post-apo badass  sanguinolent à mon bras, pas une seule question. Personne va checker si c'est plus ou moins étrange que ta moustache soit un vrai guidon de vélo ou si t'as un varan en laisse.

-Un mix de magies différentes dans les rues ou bar à sorciers, parce que les vagues d’immigrations différentes au cours de l’histoire ont apportés des sorciers, avec les enfants qui ont appris des deux cultures, plus de celle de la voisine, plus de celle de leurs amis, bah y a un mix de yolo incroyable et magnifique dans nos sortilège

- On a une longue histoire d'animaux parlants. Une très très longue histoire. Genre on en croise tout le temps. Y en a même une qui est prof à Beauxbatons. C'est pour ça que Roman de Renard, contes de Perraud, Fables de la Fontaine, la Petite Souris… c'est même pas mentionné dans nos débats inter-culturel parce que c'est tellement commun qu'on le questionne pas.

-DES VIENNOISERIES QUI CHANGENT DE SAVEUR ET DE FORME, ou des “pain au canard” qui sont entre le beignet et la tresse et battent réellement des ailes, ou des glaçages qui bougent, ou de genre de truc.

a few facts about keith kogane that are canon
  • was a chubby baby
  • sometimes gets stomach aches for no reason
  • has a dorky, embarrassing laugh
  • thinks tarantulas are cute
  • will fall asleep within minutes if you give him a back rub
  • likes tex-mex food
  • loves his teammates so much it scares him
  • worried that his teammates don’t know how much they mean to him bc he has a hard time expressing affection
    • spoiler: they do. they know
  • can do a backflip
  • sharp canines
  • air guitars when he thinks no one’s around
  • sleeps in a nest of at least 6 pillows

please add your own Canon keith kogane facts

Because really a few random tweets and facebook comments showing that transgender people are angry and violent toward Terfs proves everything. 

You know what? People use social media as an outlet for the frustration they feel in their everyday lives. They share what they feel, what happened to them with people who listen (or not, it’s not the point), they express themselves in (sometimes) the only place they can talk about their daily lives, that person who misgendered them, that other person who asked them what they were doing in the women’s bathroom. But of course, you wouldn’t understand what it feels like to live that everyday and to be fed up. (I don’t know it either because I’m cis, but I understand, I can imagine what it’s like to be rejected, to feel rejected and to be angry towards the people who think transgender people don’t even exist, who talk about erasing them from the LGBT+ community). And guess who these people are? Trans-exclusionary radical feminists. 

I want to point out that nothing excuses death threats, rape threats and insults and it’s certainly not the way to go but first of all, it is petty to choose these comments , secondly please do tell me all about transgender people not receiving death, rape threats and insults everyday of their lives, not going through the same things you poor martyrs have to endure. Except that it’s way harsher than whatever you may imagine because flash news transgender men and women are killed. And you terfs play an unvoluntary (or voluntary it depends) part in it. 

ok a few updates:

  • i followed everyone that i can today - i hit the limit so ill have to finish up tomorrow
  • im not 100% back yet bc im still not doing so hot +one of the big things im working on is managing my time so ignoring my schedule & spending hrs on here is not!! good!!
  • i dont know how ill be abt answering messages.. . all i can say is that it might take a while for me to get back to u but i definitely will ( and if ur my mutual the snapchat offer is still up - i check that more regularly & ill def give u my username if u ask )
  • i have some things i need to do today (a bunch of hw & chores & other obligations) so im gonna be working on all that !!
  • and i rlly. like this little font
  • so i might be using it a lot
  • <3

johnlocked-starkid  asked:

So I don't think I've really mentioned, but since I've seen it brought up again I want to say that in TLD, I seriously thought that the therapist was going to be Mary somehow. We saw her fake identities before, and to my ears, the therapist started going through distinct accent shifts as she dismantled her disguise - and Sherlock said that the accent Mary had wasn't her own. ((also completely unrelated but how long does a fic have to be for it to be considered a longfic? asking for science...))

Hi Lovely!

Yeah, well, I suspected it was Sian Brooke, but I FEEL like it should have been and PROBABLY WAS Mary – I actually believe it WAS Mary somehow, which is something I need to figure out for my fic I’m writing. But yes, she did go through the accent shifts, absolutely.

PLUS there was that setlock pic of Amanda wearing the red wig (which I can’t find, UGH someone please add it), so… it had people suspicious.

I think what has people calling bullshit on the Eurus thing is her character shift in TFP. UGH. The character was purposely made inconsistent so that we WOULD question the reality of the character, I believe.

((and I don’t think there’s any real rule, but I personally consider anything over 20,000 words long since it takes me more than a couple hours to read. I’m slow lol.)) 

anonymous asked:

I have been getting more and more depressed about having a female chest. And I am trying to get top surgery. But I'm finding it difficult to find LGBT surgeons in Elyria, Ohio. Or Cleveland. Any suggestions?

I’m not american, so I’m not really the right person to turn to.

If any of my followers have any information, please feel free to add to this post.

(Side note: a “female chest” is any chest that a woman has. If you mean breasts, say breasts. Body parts are not inherently gendered.)

@anaphillips-sb said:

That’s a link for a clinic in Cleveland that scored real fuckin high on the human rights campaign healthcare equality index. I saw an anon was asking about resources in Cleveland

I’ve noticed a few people on my dash express concerns about Mass Effect: Andromeda spoilers, because they won’t be able to play it right off the bat. I myself am just getting into the Mass Effect games and am not sure if I’ll want to play Andromeda or not. If I do, it will may be a while before I have the extra cash for it, so I’d like to avoid spoilers as well.

So I decided to start a thread of Andromeda related tags. If you plan on playing and posting about Andromeda, add the tags you’ll be using to this post. This way people can block tags and avoid spoilers. Or, conversely, people can find Andromeda content if they want to look for it.

I’ll start with some of the tags I’ve seen or think could be used. Please add yours! Remember that punctuation, spacing, and possibly capitilization can make a difference in if a tag will be picked up by a blocker or not.

  • mass effect: andromeda
  • mass effect andromeda
  • Andromeda
  • mass effect
  • mea
  • me:a
  • me: andromeda
  • andromeda spoilers
  • MEASpoilers

This was pinned to contact_jm’s Twitter on Wednesday. Nobody so far has been able to figure it out or get close yet. I’m going to tag some people involved in the arg to see if anyone has any ideas. Please add ideas and share. Apparently it has something to do with John’s biryhday, I’m stumped and will be trying to work it out tomorrow.

@jenna221b @teapotsubtext @arglocked

anonymous asked:

michi-sama 😩😩 can you please add a trigger warning to that post.... it's quite something... and i dont want others to fall victim to it >_<

Please do tell me which posts in particular tho. However, I’ve already added tw tags to posts relating to what’s happening in the chapter.


[yandere simulator] say ah~!

this is another request from @hetalia-kpop-yandere the request was mei and shin in the cooking club! i too personaly ship these two as well so i loved making these, tho it took awhile to make the props (yandere dev please add props to pose mode qwq) the bento was the hardest one to get in place XD anyway mei is feeding shin her food she made for him! i hope you liked this as much as i love to make this!

Energy Readings

I have about 20+ Energy requests, so i will answer them 5 at a time until I am done. 

If you are anonymous and want to  keep up with yours, please add a “keyword” with your request so you know what to look for when seeking your answer.

I am starting from the last one (which means it was first) and working my way up so if you don’t see yours, please be patient. 

I ask that you all direct +energy and strength this was as we all know Energy Readings use… well, Energy.

Thank you in advance.

things i have observed about different fandoms

Harry Potter

  • your hogwarts house is more important than your name
  • so vast?? so old??? scary, kind of.
  • really old classic fics
  • used to have ship wars like all hell, and kind of still does??? but not really??? it’s better now
  • every other fandom has a harry potter au.
  • split into different sects that are practically whole different fandoms. there’s the marauders fandom, the golden trio/canon era fandom, the fantastic beasts fandom, the next gen fandom – they’re all like little umbrella fandoms under one great big potter net.
  • no one’s favorite character is harry potter.
  • they don’t talk about the cursed child.
  • will never die.


  • holy shIT this fandom is a minefield
  • a lot of teenagers??? like??? a lot???
  • an alarming amount of smut fic
  • i dont know a lot of this fandom is really immature and there are so many ship wars?? like??? 
  • ignoring actual historical material in favor of coddling your favorite character
  • the dub is one of the most quotable things i’ve ever seen
  • hetalia is very much a starter anime. a lot of people get into this anime as like a gateway drug and grow out of the fandom later on.
  • lots of bad fic, with rare absolute GEMS thrown in.
  • some fics are beautifully researched, intricate, historically accurate, and amazing. so much potential for fic in this fandom.
  • george devalier.

Les Miserables

  • frENCH
  • the main character is jean valjean
  • much of the fandom does not realize this.
  • les amis are love, les amis are life. jean valjean?? who??? javert??? who’s that?? fantine????? WHO THE FC U K
  • emerges from the deep once every few years when a movie or something else comes out.
  • The Movie Musical shot the fandom to new heights and launched a new era, but now has mostly calmed down???
  • also will never die. been around since 1862 and still going strong.
  • used to be eponine stans (eppyboppers) who hated cosette??? and usually shipped eponine with marius or enjolras. thank god that’s over.
  • literally everyone ships E/R.
  • even the actors ship E/R.


  • no
  • nOOOO
  • dying??? (hopefully)


  • oikawa tooru is universally adored
  • pretty much everyone ships the same things?? like obviously not, and there are so many great character dynamics and rarepairs, but ships like bokuaka, iwaoi, kagehina, etc. are so ingrained in the actual canon that everyone ships them a LITTLE bit, even if you ship the character different ways too.
  • you can ship anyone with anyone. literally. go fuckin wild.
  • everyone has normal hair except for the one owl guy.
  • incredible aus.

Yuri!! on Ice

  • at this point 90% of the fandom is just screaming over any new content they get b/c it’s all so great.
  • everyone under 20 gets shipped with yurio, and every one of these ships is somehow controversial.
  • fandom swings back and forth between wanting JJ to die in a fire or being ready to protect him to the ends of the earth.
  • sala or sara??? nobody can decide??? (spoiler alert: it’s sara, that’s a real italian name, sala is the word for living room.)
  • even the people who despise the dub can’t hate it THAT much
  • at one point the fandom hated chris, but now he’s just kind of the weird overly sexual uncle at the family barbecue
  • giaCOMEtti
  • kubo-sensei is a goddess
November 2016: A Summary
  • evil kermit the frog
  • #boycotthamilton and the subsequent failure of said boycott
  • devastation over the death of an anthropomorphic race car… 
  • …but equal devastation from an unexplained rise of bee movie memes 
  • a racist soggy cheeto was elected president of these united states
  • fantastic beasts and where to find salvation through the HP fandom
  • “i am forcibly removed from the premises meme” clarifying what is unacceptable for us to do in public spaces 
  • yuri on ice saving us all
  • i accidentally projected a slideshow of my cats to a classroom full of people and it is still haunting me to this day 
  • Gilmore Girls ?!?!? aka in which four words can mess up an entire fandom
  • the samsung galaxy note 7 possibly being even more self-destructive than myself 
  • pokemon: sun and moon 
  • speaking of moons, we also apparently had another supermoon?? 
  • moana <3

In sum: November was a wild ride from start to finish. I’m kind of nervous what December will bring lol omg please save us

A trope I would like to see blown way out of proportion in 2017:

Harry “unobservant” Potter

Harry “hey Ron, is it just me or do Padma and Parvati look kinda similar…?” Potter

Harry “lived in the same room as a gay couple for six years and never noticed” Potter

Harry “accidentally went on three dates with that one Hufflepuff girl and didn’t realize” Potter

Harry “had magical powers his entire life and didn’t notice til a fucking magical giant told him” Potter


My first attempt at trying to draw an actual background/room/thing that has furniture inside.

psssst dirty laundry