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Red Instead Project!

I promised to make an official post today so here we go!!

Okay everyone, here are my ideas! Ideally I’d have one or two people show a picture or short video for each point, so I feel like I’ll create an email address to receive submissions and try to compile them all together! Also, if anyone is really good at editing videos and wants to help with that portion of the project, please let me know! Thanks 👍👍👍

#stopthestigma #redinstead #acceptancenotawareness

Autistic people can(’t)
- have children
- get married
- keep a job
- graduate
- live on their own
- be trans
- be girls
- be POC
- be adults 
- be a contributing member to society 
- be famous
- have emotions
- be multiply disabled
-stim in public

And maybe a few like this, although I think we don’t necessarily need this, I might add a small slide at the end saying stuff like this!
- autistic people need to be cured
- autism is caused by vaccines
- autistic people are a burden

The email you can submit to is

I’ll be accepting submissions from today (March 26) to April 7, 2017!

You may also submit suggestions for videos/pictures but note that I may not use all of them, depending on how much I get. Make sure to include your tumblr URL in the submission, so I can credit you at the end!!

(Just tagging a few that were interested so the word can get out @candidlyautistic @sbroxman-autisticquestions @autisticliving @kikikid1412 ) Thanks everyone, and I hope we can make this a success!