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I know this isnt what you wanted but liste n, ,, i thought dragons and then i thought Hanzo and then I thought attitude and boob window and th e n


Somebody asked if Genji would be Flemeth and

I dont know shit about Morrigan’s sister Yavana except that she exists so here u go 

NHL Scout Bitty AU (with a twist)

I would like to preface this by saying i know nothing about how real hockey stuff works, so the whole premise of this is probably completely impossible. BUT-

  • AU where Bitty goes into the NHL after college, does one or two seasons and realises it isn’t really for him and/or gets a slightly more than minor injury and decides to quit
    • but he doesn’t want to leave that field because he loves it there and has made lots of friends in the Falconers team and their management
    • somehow most of the SMH team have ended up around there too
  • Anyway, he decides to take on a sort of mentoring/coaching role because he was an unusual player and passing that style onto others will give the Falconers an edge. But in addition to this, he also works as a scout for new players.
    • Bitty was the first out NHL player, so maybe he particularly likes his scouting job for how many people he comes across that tell him they’re only trying out for the NHL because of him.
    • He gets known for his ability to persuade anyone into anything. Bitty’s southern charm and otherworldly pies have tempted many a player away from bigger, more established teams. If there’s someone you really want, or who will be a hard sell, you send Bitty.
  • So Bitty has spent a year or so in this job which he loves when Georgia approaches him with a task: 
    • Jack Zimmermann, prodigy son of Bob Zimmermann (and for the purpose of this AU only one or two years older than Bitty otherwise this probably doesn’t make sense), who has barely been heard from since his less than graceful exit from the hockey world, has recently been seen skating at a charity game run by his parents. Skating really well against a lot of the best ex-players around.
    • Bitty is to go find him and try to persuade Jack to sign with the Falconers, who think that Jack could be just what the team needs.
  • So Bitty packs his case, puts on three extra layers and the biggest coat he owns, and catches the next flight out to Canada.
    • Bitty lands, full of enthusiasm and excitement (he possibly had a small thing for Jack when he was younger and followed his career in the Q). 
    • However, his first meeting with Jack does not go well. At all.
    • Bitty didn’t expect it to be an easy job, exactly, but he never thought it would be so difficult either. 
    • Jack is completely disinterested in his job offer to the point of being rude. He hears Bitty out, but refuses categorically to even consider the offer, and, to make things even worse, looks Bitty up and down as he leaves the room, gives him a pitying look as if to say you used to be in the NHL? then says “You should eat more protein”. Straight to Bitty’s face!!
  • But Bitty is not a quitter, and refuses to be so easily deterred. There’s a reason he is sent on the hard jobs, and he is determined to win Jack over even if he has to stay in this cold horrible country for the next six months to do it.
  • So Bitty tries to woo Jack into the NHL in every way he knows how.
    • He bakes him multiple pies until he finds his favourite.
    • As his charm doesn’t seem to work on Jack, he ingratiates himself with Jack’s parents, who are actually lovely people he will definitely be keeping in touch with (Bitty has a bit of an internal freak-out that the Bad Bob Zimmermann asked him to help teach him how to bake his maple sugar crusted apple pie, and that the Alicia Zimmermann, style icon, said she liked Bitty’s outfit).
    • He even manages to get Jack to go skating with him, and shows off some of him figure skating moves, which seems to surprise Jack if not impress him. Jack does appear to enjoy himself, though, and the two have a fun time on the ice.
  • However, after a few weeks with no luck, Bitty is almost ready to give up.
    • Finally, he decides to have a frank conversation with Jack about why he doesn’t want to join, and surprisingly Jack is equally honest with him.
    • Bitty knew about Jack’s reasons for leaving hockey, but never how bad it was, partially because Jack’s parents kept it as quiet as possible but also because Bitty never listened to what the sporting world said as they tended to be assholes who lied and exaggerated (not that Bitty knew this from bitter experience or anything). 
    • In return for Jack’s honesty, Bitty talks a bit about how difficult it was for him being the first out player in the NHL, but how he doesn’t regret it because he has seen firsthand the impact it has had.
    • Maybe Jack confides that his own sexuality was another deterrent for entering the NHL.
  • After their talk the two are a lot closer, and Bitty realises that he can’t ask Jack to enter into an industry where he will be pressured and miserable.
    • Bitty also perhaps realises that he is beginning to have real actual feelings for Jack.
    • Bitty decides he needs to leave before the situation gets any more complicated. It’s clear that Jack isn’t going to change his mind, and Bitty no longer thinks that trying to persuade him is the right thing to do anyway.
    • So Bitty packs up his stuff and leaves.
    • He says goodbye to Alicia and Bob, but can’t bring himself to say goodbye to Jack, so he leaves him a pie and runs away.
  • Meanwhile, what Jack’s slightly emotionless facade has not let Bitty see is that he has actually been considering Bitty’s offer.
    • Jack misses hockey. He always has. He still coaches sometimes, and that game with his dad’s hockey friends was the most fun he has had in ages. 
    • It would take him a bit to get up to the right fitness and skill again, but Jack had started to seriously consider it as an option. The changes in attitudes in the NHL had also helped a lot.
  • BUT THEN HE SEES THAT BITTY IS GONE, without even saying goodbye.
    • Jack is sad.
    • Bitty is sad.
    • They are both sad in two different countries.
    • Alicia and Bob dispair.
    • So does Lardo who was Bitty’s confidant in all of this and who had to hear every excruciating detail of Bitty’s realisation of his feelings.
  • Anyway, Jack probably turns up at Bitty’s work all dramatic (think campus run/turning up in the rain but on an even bigger scale because he flew over from Canada for this).
    • Jack possibly signs with the Falconers (idk choose your preferred ending, either this is the opportunity he always wanted or he realises he doesn’t need it).
    • Bitty and Jack get together.

I reached 20K followers today O.O That’s an insane number of people who like my art omg. All of you thank you so much for your support, it always makes me smile seeing your nice comments in the replies and in the tags <3 I’ll try my best to improve and make better drawings in the future! 

I was thinking about what I should do to celebrate, and I came to the conclusion that I really really really need to finish the acotar illustrated song thing that I abandoned a while back. So! I’m going to do it! This time I wanted to try to make it into a video rather than a scroll down post so that it might be easier to watch, but that means that it might take a little longer to finish, so please have patience with me ^^ 

And if there’s anything else you would like to see, let me know! I would love to hear your ideas!

Anyways, thanks again so much for all your love and support, it really helped me stay motivated to draw more and more and keep improving ^^ 




I really like how I designed Goth’s outfit, but f any one has any suggestions for Palette’s please message me! :D
Goth belongs to @nekophy
Palette belongs to @angexci
Superhero AU and designs are mine

Reason #34976 I love Anakin Skywalker: When Padme is packing for Naboo in Aotc and she says “Please don’t look at me like that”, instead of responding with “Like what?” to protect his pride, like most people would, he says “Why not?” because this boy doesn’t know what dishonesty is, he wears his emotions on his skin like armor, and it makes him all the more powerful

Rub a Dub Dub - Fun With Negan in a Tub

Negan x Reader (Y/N)

Just over 2500 words

Warnings- Negan language, sexual situations (in other words, smut) and a NSFW aesthetic

I tried something new and wrote this in first person. Not sure if I like it.

Tagging some beautiful people

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Last part - Dreams

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Hey. (๑╹ヮ╹๑) I feel a little douchy saying this (or well it's more of an ask) so if I am please ignore this. I really love your godmode!Frisk especially their design and OHMYGOD I love THEIR HAIR!(I'm looking at the colored ref)They've had only a small amount of time in the comic which is a shame for such a cool character. I was wondering if you ever feel like it if you'd do a what-if where godmode!Frisk stayed or something along the lines of that. Sorry, I know asking for art can be rude.

Glad that you like them! A whole other ‘what if’ would be a loooot of stuff to do, so can’t much on that…but I dunno, maybe sometime in the future I’ll draw them again just for the fun of it.

@ my Jewish friends, I have a really sincere question, and if I’m asking this in a hurtful way please tell me -

But do y'all consider yourselves white or white passing? I know Judaism is often considered an ethnicity and a religion, so should white-looking Jewish people be considered white or nah? Like, would I be remiss for calling Andy Samberg a white guy?

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Byakuya, quick! You literally have Makoto to yourself. Please, try to reason with him - you are the most important person in the world to him, he's gotta listen to reason SOMEHOW

So. Why did you want me to stay here? I doubt it was only because you were going to be lonely.

Don’t you like being in my presence Byakuya?

Not when you are like this. Now answer me.

Aww, being rejected again…So much despair…

But since you’re cute I will tell you !

I’m waiting.

You know, I really thought about what would bring me the most despair. And I realized that you were the one who could bring it to me.


Well you see. You’re the one I love right? And I love you veeeeery much. So…*opens a drawer, pulls out a gun*

Wouldn’t killing you make me feel a despair I have never experienced yet? *aims at Byakuya’s face*


christmas eve; jinyoung

This was taken as a writing prompt from this post

words: 1.5k

Originally posted by jypnior

“I know we hate each other but it’s Christmas eve and your flight was cancelled. Please come inside.”
“No.” He stood resolutely with his back to you, the snow falling in a flurry around him.
“Why do you have to be so stubborn,” you whined, almost stomping your foot like a bratty 6 year old. “Come inside and stop being childish.”
“I said no, are you deaf?”

Despite how much you absolutely loathed Jinyoung, you didn’t want him to freeze to death on Christmas. That would be unforgivable. The idea of Jinyoung appearing next year as the ghost of Christmas past had you moving into action.
“Okay, fine,” you muttered, slipping on your welly’s and walking out into the nipping air with nothing to fight the oncoming blizzard but your dressing gown. Jinyoung groaned when you appeared beside him.
“If you won’t go inside then I guess I’ll have to wait out here for death with you. It’s Christmas so I can’t let you die alone.” It was silent for a while and, despite the freezing wind biting at your face and the shivers that made your muscles ache for respite, you savoured every second. It had been so long since you had experience a white Christmas and it made you feel like a giddy child again. The snow in front of you lay completely untouched and pure, the leafless trees bowed with the weight of snow collecting on their bare branches. The street lights created the perfect glow to give the atmosphere of that night the hint of magic that it deserved. You no longer believed in Santa Claus but that didn’t make the festive season any less magical to you. Every year it was like you were 10 again, leaving carrots on the fireplace for Rudolph and the other reindeer, climbing excitedly into bed knowing full well that there was no way you would be getting any sleep. Excitement would bubble away in your chest, waiting for the sound of foot steps on the roof, for the jingle of a sleigh and the rustle of wrapping paper as the precious presents are placed below the tree.

The same childhood excitement fills you as you watch the snowflakes fall gracefully, finally noticing the way your breath makes clouds in front of you. You blew out a breath out and giggled.
“Look,” you say, elbowing Jinyoung to catch his attention. “Dragon’s breath.” You exhale through your mouth again, smiling to yourself. “I always called it that when I was little, I had no idea it was just because your breath is warmer then the air and that’s why it happened. I don’t know what I thought it was, actually, it was always just dragon’s breath.” Turing your head, you caught a quick glimpse of Jinyoung’s own smile, and you were reminded that you aren’t the only one who enjoys the childish excitement of Christmas. You start talking again, softer this time.
“Please, just come inside. I know that you would rather be anywhere else for Christmas than here, but please,” you plead with sincerity. Jinyoung looks at you through the rapidly falling snowflakes, and you get the sense he wants to say something. Then his face turns hard and you’re reminded why you don’t get along.
“Anything to stop your teeth chattering, it’s annoying as hell.” He turns on his heel, grabbing his bag by his feet and walking into your home. You take another couple of seconds to look on fondly at the sight in front of you, cherishing the memories it brought back.

Once inside, Jinyoung huffed about angrily, removing his coat and making a point to let you know it was wet from snow, like it was your fault.
“Do you want a cup of tea? Something to warm you up?” He simply grunted his confirmation, making his way over to the sofa. When you reappeared with two steaming mugs of hot chocolate, Jinyoung was looking at your Christmas tree, the yellow lights making him seem like he was glowing right along with them, and the little smile on his face startled you. He looked happy and … beautiful. The candid type of beauty that you don’t notice until you see someone in just the right lighting with just the right look on their face when they think no one is around to see them like that. And then you can’t stop noticing their beauty. That kind. You made your presence known when you kicked the door closed a little too loud behind you and he started slightly. Casting an embarrassed smile his way, you set the mug down on the coffee table and sat on the floor facing him.
“I made you hot chocolate instead because I know that you like it a lot more than tea or coffee,” you said, your voice seeming loud in the silence of your living room. He thanked you politely and took a sip, the relaxation of his shoulders visible. It was quiet for a moment or so before he broke the silence.
“Why do you have so many presents under your tree? I thought you lived alone.” You glanced over to them with a smile, glad that Jinyoung was talking civilly to you.
“My family always come over on Christmas day and I leave their presents under the tree ‘cause it reminds me of when I was a kid. I like having us all sit around and dig through the presents to find what’s whose.”

He nods at your response and takes another sip of his drink. You cradle yours in your hands and watch him continue to eye your tree before finally noticing your gaze.
“What’s your best Christmas memory?” He looked at you incredulously. 
“My what?” He asked.
“Come on, your favourite memory from Christmas, you’ve got to have one.” Jinyoung thought hard for a few seconds, thinking back on everything he had received. 
“The Christmas before I turned 17 I got a Porsche, that was pretty good.” 
“You’re kidding me?” You asked with irritation. He looked at you as if to say ’I gave you your answer, what more do you want’.
“Okay,” you took a breath, determined not to get mad on Christmas. “I’ll tell you mine.” Jinyoung’s expression showed his boredom, clear as day, but this was your favourite memory and damn him, you were going to share it.

“I was about eight or nine at the time, around the age where you start questioning if Santa is real. I remember asking my parents if he was all the way up to Christmas, saying 'if he’s not real tell me, I won’t be mad’,” you chuckled, remembering how you told your parents you wouldn’t shout at them if they just told you the truth. Jinyoung smiled as he watched you get lost in your memories. Unexpectedly, it hit him how pretty you looked when you smiled, and how much he wanted you to do it again. “So it came to Christmas eve,” you continued, not noticing his stare. “And I was asleep when my mum and dad came into my room to wake me up. It was like 2 in the morning and I was thinking 'He can’t have been already’ but they put their fingers to their lips, telling me to be quiet and follow them. We crept downstairs like we were some kind of thieves, and they opened the living room door a crack and there was this man there, all in red, big black boots, white hair, laying presents under our tree. And I remember being completely mind blown, like no kid has ever seen Santa, that only happens in movies, and here I am, both of my parents beside me, watching him put my presents out. God, I was so happy, it felt so surreal and I just kept looking back at my parents like ’do you guys see this.?’ I can’t describe to you the kind of excitement I felt. After a minute or so, my parents ushered me back upstairs telling me we couldn’t be caught cause he’d take away the presents and never come back again. I laid in bed thinking ’oh my goodness he’s real, not my parents like my friends at school say because they were both right there’. It was magical.”

When you snapped out of your reverie, Jinyoung was looking at you expectantly, he had joined you on the floor and looked completely riveted, hooked on your every word.
“So?” He questioned urgently.
“So what?”
“Who was the person laying your presents out?”
“Ohh, it was my neighbour, he was quite fat and had a kind of jolly face.” Jinyoung stared in what seemed to be thinly veiled amazement.
“My parents never did anything like that for me, when I started suspecting he wasn’t real, they just told me, they never tried to convince me otherwise.” After that he urged you on, asking you to tell more and more stories, both of you laughing together heartily beneath the glow of the Christmas tree and when morning rolled around, Jinyoung was more than happy that you asked him to stay for dinner.

please imagine

if you will

fallout and fallout 2 animated feature films. like. I know we joke about Don Bluth’s character designs, and rightfully so, but please just imagine what like. The Lieutenant would look like in his style.

Do they get jealous or not

Youngbin: Umm to me no, well not that much. Like, you would have to do something like touch the opposite sex too many time aka more than once  Than he would go full blow daddy mode Father mode

Inseong: Yes. Hell yes. If he sees someone legit it can be the same sex as you and he will get 1000000 percent jealous Looks at you or even smiles at you he would be all over you making sure the person knows you’re taken

Jaeyoon: umm I honestly think him and youngbin would be  the same, but Jae would be less like a father but more like a six year old who loves his mom……. like a lot

Dawon: VERY VOCAL. HE WOULD PROBABLY SAY SOMETHING LIKE “ Do they know that you’re mine” or he would look at the person and say something slick 

Rowoon: I feel like he would be pretty vocal about it, but not as vocal as Sangpetty Dawon. He would probably just say “Please stop bothering whats mine”

Zuho: Yes. Lets just keep going before I make a full blown smut about how he fucks you for- okay lets just go to taeyang

 Taeyang: Of course. Your his. and his only…….. K BYEEE

Hwiyoung: SInce my baby Hwiyoung is pretty quiet, I feel like when he gets jealous which is probably rarely. He’d probably just glare at the guy and wrap his arm around you, warning him that you’re taken.

Chani: He’s a child so he doesn’t know what being jealous is. Just give him a cookie and hug him or some shit

Heat of This Moment [Post-Survivor Series 2016 Ambrolleigns One Shot]

Summary: Dean Ambrose was scripted to be eliminated first. He was scripted to come out and “reunite” with his Shield brothers to feed the fans. He was not scripted to actually love those two “brothers” of his, but good thing about that is he doesn’t want to admit he does. Won’t even say it. This is a (very long) one shot following the three boys and what went down after they all left the ring. Established Rolleigns. Past Ambreigns. Lots of angst and misunderstandings but its a happy Ambrolleigns ending!! Please comment your thoughts and reblog if you liked it. @the-awkward-fangirl-hard-life @ilzehs @cookiethewriter @arrowtothecrown @nessaliv @adriennegabriella @justtheaverageblog1 Just tagging some people I think were interested before, if you’d like to be tagged in the future lemme know too!

Roman really would’ve liked for this one to be different. He knew he was stupid to get his hopes up.

Canada. America. Europe.

What did it matter if everything he did got the same reaction anyway? Still. The crowd whooped and cheered for the triple-power bomb. Every. Time.

And that moment he’d felt it— yeah he let himself soak in every drop of that crowd’s love and excitement — as short lived as it was.

He didn’t want to be bitter. He didn’t wanna feel sad. Defeated. But he was damn human, not the Superman he pretended to be. And the fact Dean refused to make eye contact with him, even during their spot, only made things worse.

“Roman sucks! Roman sucks!”

The words were still ringing in his head as he rolled over, wincing while he saw Seth get hit with the RKO and get pinned in his peripheral vision. Roman rubbed the exhaustion from his eyes and cursed creative for booking him to be the last member of RAW left.

Oh yeah.

“Let’s go SMACKDOWN! Let’s go SMACKDOWN!”

Seth was the only thing tethering him to the fan’s good side. Now he was really alone.

Heaving himself up by the ropes, Roman stared blandly across the way at Randy and Bray. Luke Harper too, the fucker.

Roman realized he’d been getting far too many flashes of nostalgia tonight for his health. The Wyatt family and one grain of dirt from Evolution right before his eyes and a terrible ache in his spine all the while.

The match passed in a blur, and of course he wasn’t going to be the soul survivor here, and the echoing sound of the ref hitting the mat beside his head became music to his ears.

At least now the crowd was cheering.

His coal dark eyes stared up at the blaring white lights, and he let himself be pushed out of the ring by Luke Harper’s sweaty head—

‘Didn’t know he was actually part goat, or lamb or whatever the hell their mask was modeled after’ — Roman snarkily thought to himself, but felt the rest of his body roll over the apron and onto the floor.

He just wanted to go.

Seth was already sitting backstage, running his tingling fingertips through his wild curls of hair. He was watching the end of the match play out, and he couldn’t help but notice Roman looking particularly… down— to anyone else he might’ve looked like he always did in the ring — but they’d had enough history together for him to catch the little things in the big dog’s expressions.

He pitied him, he really did. Seth radiated self confidence, wasn’t far off his in-ring persona in real life, and genuinely felt unaffected when he used to get boos, but he knew how Roman was too. Roman was a <I>good</I> fucking guy, and was a good fucking wrestler too, contrary to popular belief.

He deserved better than what he got.

But apart from that… he’d find Roman later, he had to talk to the other part of their very jagged jig-saw puzzle.

Seth found Dean coming out from the locker rooms, roughly rubbing a towel over his unruly mop of hair. Even though the ginger-blond was already in sight, Seth still found his feet speeding up slightly, as if he were afraid Dean would be gone in an instant. Maybe it was because he was half-expecting the lunatic to have already left.



The raspy voice answered back, even though the owner of it didn’t turn around.

“I’m surprised you didn’t leave yet.”

“You know me so well.” The eye roll was palpable in his voice.

“Listen, I know why you asked to be drafted to SmackDown, but Steph told me that she was thinking about getting you to RAW 'cause—”

“No, Seth. You knew why I asked, then you wouldn’t be trying to convince me to come back. So don’t.”

“Fine.” Seth was right beside Dean now, pulling the damp towel from where it was absently lying over the taller one’s head.

“Even if you don’t come to Raw, would you at least try picking up his damn calls? He’s fucking drowning himself, Dean, and I’m not a lifeguard—!”

“—You get a fucking perm or something?”

Seth stopped, brows furrowing.


“Your hair. It’s might as well be tickling the roof of this damn building with all that volume. You need to think about gel or something because water ain’t workin’.”

Seth could practically feel his skin heating up by the second, and threw the towel he’d unknowingly been clenching onto into the wall.

“I see you haven’t changed.” Calm voice contrasting the tense fists tucked into his crossed arms, Seth stepped into Dean’s space- in front of him now.

“And I see you’ve changed plenty. Like the commentators said, You and Ro clearly 'kissed, hugged, and made up’ right? You two sharing rooms again too?”

Seth smirked over clenched teeth.

“I see you’re jealous.”

“I don’t get jealous.”

“Sure, like my hair doesn’t frizz up during matches,” It was Seth’s turn to roll his eyes.

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c2e2 mystic messenger

so, i was thinking that it would be a fun idea to do a mystic messenger panel at c2e2 where the characters could answer questions, dares, and other fun stuff, only problem is i have no other people who would be willing to cosplay the rfa with me and do this. so i’m reaching out to tumblr, please like this if you’re interested in doing this and could go to c2e2, and even if you can’t please reblog to spread the word edit: please don’t like this if you’re not interested and available to be a part of the panel! that’s how i’m going to know who to message (if you want you could message me directly if you’re interested)!

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I actually feel bad for Lily. Like damn NC they didn't so anything wrong :/

Well, NC did have a toxic relationship with MC, so of course producing a spawn with someone who abused you is just… humiliating. Plus, knowing that Lily is related to MC, NC believes that being extremely strict and organized would keep Lily in line. They have to know what she does in every hour of the day so Lily won’t be out and doing whatever they please. 

But deep down, I know NC loves Lily. They just don’t know if they can trust their own child. 

Like, Jewish friends please fill me in if it’s ok to post things like “I’m not Jewish but every Jewish person I know makes my world complete and I would lay down my life to protect them” bc I…don’t know if I’m going Out Of My Lane here, but we’re living in gross times and I feel the need to emphatically state, as a non-Jewish person, that I am Really Fucking Attached to the existence of Jewish people as a group and I don’t need prompting to say I value Jewishness and its joyful, proud presence in my life

bc I see a lot of my Jewish friends getting really scared RN and I don’t know if I’m helping/hurting by stating w/o prompting, I have lots of love and respect for Jewish people and will protect them with my life

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hey can you please maybe tag whenever you talk about dan's brother? i would really prefer to stay out of the conversations about dan's brother just for the howell's privacy's sake

i’m the anon that was talking about dan’s brother please know that that was a troll on your post about dan not looking anything like himeself sometimes, i’m praying that you understood my humor

your humor is understood i’ll be sure to tag the different phases of dan’s two sided gemini face

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i love you!! This is so cute and sweet. Thank you 💓💓