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Terrorist attack in Barcelona

I don’t even know if there are spanish or catalan people here on Tumblr.
A man has run over dozens of people in one of the main streets of Barcelona. People wounded and dead. If somebody of Tumblr is there, please take refuge in houses, stores, wherever you can.
My sister is there. Yes, she’s fine. But many sisters of many people surely will not be. Things like that should not happen. Please, stop this crazy war.

Emergency phone numbers 📞:

Emergències i Mossos 112
Urgències mèdiques 061
Bombers 080
Policia local 092


Let’s try all of the fonts, shall we?

Of course, you have the starndard

And now we’re just gonna make it bigger

Why tf not, just make it EXTRA LARGE and bold everything

Ahh, the classic Times New Roman™

Oh god no, this looks like it belongs in an old fashion newspaper

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  • Bullets, I guess??
  1. Lemme get yo numba, gurl
Consecuencias de no tener internet😟
  • Yo: Tengo una muñeca vestida de azul~
  • Saúl: Con zapatitos blancos y todo
  • Yo: ¡No me arruines la canción!
  • Saúl: Pero sí tienes la muñeca ¿Por qué tienes la muñeca?
  • Yo: No es para mí
  • Saúl: Sí la quieres para ti
  • Yo: A mi dame una morada
  • Saúl: *tirado de la risa* Ahórcala a ver si se pone morada
  • Yo: Le voy a decir a mi mamá que te lleve al loquero~

Yeah. So. My wheel hub went out and I can’t drive my car until it gets repaired. It’s gonna be atleast 100 bucks to replace it. And I can’t afford that much out of one check and hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m freaking out because how am I gonna get to and from work????????????????????????

i am team “i hope bellamy heard clarke’s messages” and here’s why:
because… tbh, the thought of abandoning clarke to die is too much guilt for my baby and he’d had suffered for years and years knowing that (even if he “moved on” tbh, we know all about bellamy and guilt). i want him to know that he didn’t fail completely, that he didn’t “betray” clarke or his promise to abby. plus, i know their reunion will be epic even if he knows she’s still alive.