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this just in: bunch of funky undersea hipsters float around in a trippy neon fantasy-scape ✨🐠🌊

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babe i'm not a native english speaker can you pls write it what jeremy said in that video i didn't understand anything lmao

long transcript:

fan: i’m your boyfriend

jeremy: oh - oh! okay!

fan: (laughs) really? 

jeremy: i mean i - i don’t know! i mean, are you? i don’t know, i don’t know (smiles)

fan: the internet ships keith and lance like nothing else

jeremy: (laughs) that i DO know. uhhhm, so here’s what we’re gonna do: so you’re going to be playing keith in this scene, as you know. uhh, and you’re gonna hear 3 beeps that go beep, beep, beep, and that’s where your first line is. second is my line, then next line is this, so you’re just gonna be watching, uhh, your character. obviously, you know who the character is so, you know - your boy. watch him on screen. here we go

fan: and your boy

jeremy: (smiles) yeah

fan: (laughs)

[3 beeps and they start keith and lance’s “saving shiro” scene in episode one]

jeremy: NIIIIIICE, good stuff! would you like me to sign some of your, uhh, voltron stuff here?

short transcript:

jeremy: lauren if you’re listening i just told everyone klance is fucking canon 


I’m not saying Dex has a teeny crush on Bitty and that’s why he learns to bake and always helps Bitty out in the kitchen except that’s what I’m totally saying. 

Bonus: the moment he probably started feeling all gross and mushy towards that weird baking sophomore

Do the Gotham Rogues even lift, bro?

Harley Quinn: lifts her gf all the time with her strong and powerful arms

Poison Ivy: doesn’t lift a lot, prefers to use her plants for that nonsense.

Catwoman: lifts regularly. She doesn’t enjoy it but she knows it’s necessary for her line of work. Loves to shoplift tho

Joker: he constantly lifts the weight of his sins.

Riddler: he compulsively bought a shake weight while watching a bad Spanish soap opera at 3:00am, but he’s never used it

Killer Croc: has a membership to Planet fitness- yes, he lifts THAT much

Penguin: he lifts all the time. His arms are ripped and he can barely walk with all his bulging muscles. Dude I’m joking. This man never lifted a thing in his life

Scarecrow: has lifted exactly one (1) time when he was visiting the Riddler- he found a dusty shake weight in the corner and got curious

Mr. Freeze: lifts fairly regularly if lifting massive blocks of ice counts. In the past he’d lift Nora into his arms and spin around, laughing happily

Two-Face: One of his arms is shredded one of them is boneless. He lifts, but at what cost?

Bane: does he lift, bro? Does he LIFT, bro!! Is Bruce Wayne rich? Is Superman an alien? Did Jimmy Olsen deserve better in BvS??? Bro, he LIFTS.

Mad Hatter: I don’t think this man knows what lifting is


Red Hood: (he’s not a rogue but it’s my post I do what I want) He lifts. He lifts himself over walls and buildings as he desperately attempts to escape Bruce’s Love and Respect

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dril just got doxxed.

his name was figured out, but he wasn’t doxxed in the sense that anyone wanted to hurt him. it was very much of a “wow! cool! an ancient internet mystery solved! holy fuck!” kind of thing

but I’m looking at twitter, and even some news sites, and they’re painting it as if it were angry homestuck fanatics doxxing dril, which totally isn’t what happened. no one was angry. people felt like they had discovered something.

was the end result, that dril’s name got out, the same? yeah, and it’s kind of shitty. we got caught up in the excitement. I know I became part of the problem by posting about it. but considering he put his real name in the hiveswap credits, it was only a matter of time. but did anyone mean anything bad by it? no!!!