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somebody tell me how these two are the same people!! what happen yurio?!!! puberty??? XD Well no matter how you turn out I still love you!!! Yeah just can’t help it I need to draw the Midnight Summer Yurio too cute….Anyone have a place where I can buy the magazine? I try Amazon japan and nothing!!! please give me the magazine I have needs….


1st Hype Magazine Release Party

Firstly, I just wanna say thanks to Marsupial @classymarzia and the rest of the Hype team @hypemagazine and models for their hard work in creating such a great (and aesthetically pleasing) magazine. You guys killed it in the first issue… and did even better with the second issue, which I deadass didn’t think was possible. So congrats!

Secondly, let’s appreciate Jahari @loftybabe and her pregnancy glow. It’s definitely there. But now I probably gotta carry around that heavy ass fur. And she’ll probably end up complaining about how much her feet hurt. And complain about not being able to drink alcohol anymore. And complain about how hungry she is. That’ll be fun!

170210 - Arina Tanemura Twitter Update 

Arina sensei would like to remind everyone that the first part of the manga adaptation of Iori and Riku’s novel story “Wish Upon a Shooting Star” originally written by Bunta Tsushimi has been released today in the March Issue of LaLaDX! It is 66 pages long. Also, don’t forget that the first half of Arina sensei’s IDOLiSH7 in the rain photoshoot collection is in the magazine too! Please enjoy the long-awaited illustrations as well as this new one of Iori and Riku she posted to Twitter ♡o♡


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Yuri on Ice interview translation - Pash! 2016/12 (p16-17)

This is an interview with Chacott’s Yuiko Sagiri that was published on Pash! Dec. 2016 issue. Chacott is a brand that mostly makes dance costumes/clothing/accessories, but they happen to create costumes for figure skating as well. She was in charge to come up with the designs for the original costumes appeared in the anime.

Usually I only post text, without images, and I was wondering what to do with this article, because it’s not as easy to understand without pictures. They have most of them on their blog too, but they’re all in different pages and it would have been a pain to link, therefore in the end I decided to include pictures taken from the magazine. Please understand that the pictures are only for reference and are not meant to be high quality scans (in fact I just took them with my phone and fixed them a little).

Since the post is heavier than usual because of the pictures I tried to use a cut for the first time. Maybe I should do it for long interviews as well…

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The one week countdown begins for when I leave for Helsinki for the 2017 World Championships. Lots to do to prepare and to pack.

I’ve had a couple of magazine scans I never got around to posting so I’ll post them gradually in the next couple of days. Luckily these scans were mostly from GPF and NHK Trophy so Yuzuru’s hair isn’t so long (I’m hoping he trimmed his hair by now, it was too long at 4CC).