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“No,” Leonard tells Jim. Short and sweet, and that’s how he ends the conversation. Jim isn’t done yet, though. Bones is working in his office, probably filling in all that paperwork he has to do. Jim sits down on his desk, taking his PADD away. “Please, Bones. This is Sam we’re talking about.” “You want to go to your brother’s wedding and lie about a relationship? That’s horrible,” Bones says, “you’re a horrible person.” “Please,” Jim repeats, “my brother is always better at relationship stuff. I want to one-up him this time.” “You want to one-up him on his wedding. Again, you’re a horrible person, I don’t know why we’re friends. And we’re definitely not fake dating.” “I’ll give you a week extra off. You can skip all the pre-departure preliminaries.” Bones takes a deep breath, and he clenches his jaws in the way he does when he’s annoyed; something Jim finds both infuriating and incredibly attractive. “Fine,” Bones finally says, “I’ll be your dumb boyfriend.”

Bones looks so good; a dark blue suit and a black tie; Starfleet insignia pinned to his chest. Jim reaches out to touch it, grinning when the other rolls his eyes. "Can we go inside or what?” Bones asks, nodding towards the doors to the reception hall, and Jim nods. “Can you at least try and pretend to be happy to be with me?” Jim asks, “I really need tonight to work.” “Did I mention you’re a terrible person?" “All the time,” Jim says, and Bones huffs. “Okay, let’s go inside.”

It’s like the flip of a switch the moment they get inside. Bones’ arm is around Jim’s waist and he’s smiling. He’s greeting Jim’s family members and he’s laughing at bad jokes and, surprisingly, he doesn’t drink a lot. Jim’s surprised, pleasantly so, at this stranger on his arm. "James!” Winona said, cupping Jim’s cheeks and kissing his forehead like she always does. “Mom,” Jim said, catching Leonard smirking from the corner of his eyes. “Mom,” Jim continues, “this is-” “I know who this is,” his mother says, “I knew the two of you would eventually get together. You should’ve told me sooner, though.” “You… what?” Jim asks. “Well, obviously the two of you are dating. You’ve been “roommates” since the Academy,” she says, and Leonard smiles. “I can’t believe you didn’t even tell your mother about us, Jim, oh my God,” he says, and Jim feels terribly lost. 

Leonard tells Jim’s family about their incredibly romantic dates they went on, made up out of thin air. He kisses Jim’s cheek before he leaves to grab another drink. He’s constantly reaching out for Jim’s hand, or his arm, or his waist, anything. And he doesn’t even hesitate when Jim pulls him to the dance floor.  “What is all this?” Jim asks, sliding his arms around Bones’ shoulders, “I’ve never seen this side of you.” “Well, you know, countless years pretending to like my in-laws, I can do this,” Bones says, and Jim laughs. “What about that date we were describing? Stargazing at the Golden Gate Bridge? What secret romantic is hiding inside that grumpy exterior?” “Nothing secret about it, you literally call me Mr. Sensitive all the time,” Bones points out, and Jim nods. “That’s fair,” Jim says, and he smiles fondly at the other. Being this close to Bones, he finds himself thinking about kissing him. But they haven’t yet, other than cheeks, and this is different. Jim catches himself having feelings, and Bones looks so good. The other pulls away before Jim can do anything regrettable and impulsive, though, and with a conflicted mind, Jim watches him leave.

“Hey,” Sam says as he approaches Jim, and Jim smiles. “If it isn’t the groom. Congratulations,” he says, patting Sam’s shoulder, and then he pulls him into a quick hug. “You too,” Sam says, and Jim raises an eyebrow. “Huh?” “You and your doctor,” Sam says, “I gotta admit, I thought you were going to get an escort just to get back at me for being better at relationships than you.” “What? I would never do that,” Jim says, grinning stupidly. “I can tell. You look more in love with Leonard than I’m with my wife, and her and I are a for-life deal.” “Ha, yeah,” Jim says, and then: “wait, what?” "I see the looks you two give each other,” Sam says, nudging Jim’s shoulder, “that’s how you know it’s for real.” Jim glances in Bones’ direction, who’s speaking with Jim’s mother, and when he catches Jim looking, he smiles lightly before turning back to the conversation with Winona. 

Jim promises he’s going to help clean up afterwards. He walks Bones outside, only letting go of his hand once they were out of sight from most family members. “Thank you for this,” Jim says quietly, and Bones shrugs. “It’s okay, I had fun,” he says, “you know that if you’re going to clean up, I can help.” “You’ve helped enough,” Jim replies. He hesitates, and then adds: “You’re really good at pretending.” “Huh?” “You said you did this all the time, pretending to like your in-laws. It’s really convincing. Even had me fooled,” Jim explains, running a hand through his hair. “It helps that it’s not all pretend,” Bones replies, and Jim frowns. He studies the look in Bones’ eyes, but he detects no annoyance or anger. No lies; instead, he smiles, possibly slightly intoxicated, and so Jim smiles, too. “Maybe we don’t have to play pretend,” Jim says, “we could just actually date.” Bones laughs, and Jim feels the doctor’s hands on his shoulders. “If this was your elaborate plan to get me to date you, you should know, it’s ridiculous, and complicated. But, I guess, it did work,” he says, and Jim grins. He reaches out, pulling Bones in closer, and he kisses him. Really kisses him, not just on his cheek.

“Jim,” Jim’s mother says, so suddenly that it startles Jim, and he pulls away from Bones. “Jim,” she repeats with a sigh, though it’s clear she’s hiding a smile, “are you going to come inside to help or are you going to keep making out with McCoy over here?” “I’m coming,” Jim says. “I’ll help,” Bones offers. “Mom, I’m dating this guy,” Jim announces as he walks inside next to her, and Winona laughs. “I know, Jim, you couldn’t shut up about it all day.”

Nothing Pt.3 (Jungkook/?/Reader) (Ft. BTS)

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Genre: Angst, slight smut, slight fluff

Words: 3.9K

Author: Admin Nan

Summary: The moment you met the man you had slept with the night before, you felt sick to your stomach. (Trigger: slight mature content, cheating, heartbreak)

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💙- Byeler, Pining Mike? :)

Mike couldn’t concentrate on the words scrawled across the blackboard in Mrs. Mitchell’s History class. His pages were painfully blank and he knew he’d end up having to trade a comic book for Lucas’s notes. But the loss of one issue of X-Men wasn’t quite as distracting as the boy seated in front of him.

Mike’s eyes shifted from the back of Will’s head to his own notebook, D&D ideas jotted into its margins, and back again. He felt a strange weightlessness each time Will, his cheek pressed closely to his desk and writing fervently, shuffled in his seat or surfaced for a deep breath of air before plunging back into his notes. Mike wished he could surface from the depths of the breathlessness he felt, but he was sinking, stuck under the expansive ocean of Will’s round eyes and golden heart.

How could he focus on history when the present was so pleasantly interesting?

The Story of Thumbel-willa Pt. 1

Once upon a time, there was a tiny, exquisite being named Thumbel-willa Graham, or Will, as he came to be known. He had awoken into the world one day from a large flower, and lived a happy, if lonely existence. How he wished to discover another just like him! Instead, he made do with the friendship of the animals in the forest, and could often be found at the tiny driftwood docks on the far side of a remote pond deep in the valley, where he worked day in and day out building boats to ferry four-legged clients across still waters. 

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Can we please just acknowledge how well the relationship between Jonathan and Will was characterized?

From the first episode, Jonathan cared so much for Will and had so much unconditional love for his younger brother, and that’s something what we don’t normally see from brothers in television– Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Shameless, etc. Yes, brothers like the Winchesters and Salvatores love one another in their own way, but their relationships are usually based off conflict or competition. Sam and Dean are always talking about love after one of them is killed or maimed, and don’t even get me started on Damon and Stefan. 

It’s so pleasantly different In Stranger Things. Jonathan’s love for Will didn’t increase or change because Will disappeared and was possibly dead; Jonathan didn’t need to have an epiphany like, “my brother might be in serious danger, I should start loving him more” because he already showed his love and care for Will so much! 

I found it so real and heartfelt the way the show put an emphasis on Jonathan and Will just appreciating one another while living their lives– ex; the scene when Jonathan and Will are listening to the stereo together, or the scene after Will is saved when Jonathan goes downstairs while Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will are playing D&G. It was brotherly love without a need for it, but a natural want for it, and that’s the only way I can describe it.

I honestly haven’t seen a relationship between two brothers depicted in all it’s sincerity like Jonathan and Will. I know this is kind of a rant but I NEEDED TO LET OUT MY FEELINGS FOR THESE TWO BEAUTIFUL BROTHERS AND THEIR BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP.