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Here’s another redraw! The one on the left was the first art I ever posted online, uploaded to my dA account on May 25th 2014. Back then, I didn’t have any consistent “style,” and I didn’t even have an actual drawing program, just a broken edition of GIMP. But I really wanted to draw Valkyrie from Skulduggery Pleasant, so I spent hours (mostly on the fire) until I thought it looked good enough. It’s interesting to see now how much my style has changed.

(I still don’t really understand clothing wrinkles, though)

you can probably…. tell i rushed this….. I feel like i kinda forgot How To Shade today and i went through like… three? different backgrounds before kinda giving up and quickly doing this one. Fix all your problems with an overpowering blue glow !! 

Ah well. Valkyrie from skulduggery pleasant, man. Hopefully I’ll draw her again in future and do her more justice.

Parenting, Stannis found, was a trial. He could not fathom that he had ever, in youth, been so utterly needy as his five-year-old daughter. But there were few activities that tested his patience more than coloring time.

Shireen had been fond of coloring since her little hands were strong enough to hold a crayon. And for reasons he’d never understand, she always preferred her father color alongside her.

So every Sunday after breakfast became reserved for coloring time.

This Sunday, Shireen had picked a picture of a castle and asked Stannis to photocopy the page so they could both color the same picture, as they always do. Stannis used the grey crayon, making his castle out of stone. Shireen, on the other hand, was using purples and pinks and blues to make some sort of patchwork castle.

“You know, real castles are usually grey,” Stannis said.

Shireen looked up at him and grinned. “Of course I know, daddy, but my castle is purple and pink.”

“And where do you hope to find pink and purple stones?” If Shireen’s kingdom could find a stonemason to provide pink and purple stones, he supposed they would cost at least twice as much as his simple grey stones.

“My castle isn’t made of stones,” she said, as if it were the most obvious fact in the world. “It’s made of candy.”

“And if it rains, won’t your castle melt?”

“It never rains in my kingdom.” Never rains, Stannis thought. It would seem that Shireen’s kingdom would have a tough time growing food. Or perhaps they would thrive on imports, but what would they produce? He decided not to dwell on it.

Stannis’s grey crayon had grown dull from all the Sundays he’d used it. He doubted Shireen had ever touched it, since she preferred brighter colors with absurdly detailed names like cerulean. He’d have to buy her more crayons soon. He always bought the 36 pack. The 64 pack with the sharpener was too frivolous and Stannis didn’t want his daughter to become spoiled.

They finished at nearly the same time, and Stannis admired his work. 56 stones made up the castle, and he’d colored the castle’s banners black and yellow to match his family’s ancient crest. The princess in the corner he’d colored to look like Shireen, as he did with every princess. It even included Shireen’s greyscale scars, which were on the page before he’d even copied it.

Before giving Shireen a new coloring book, Davos would come over and together they would draw greyscale scars upon each girl’s face, so Shireen could see princesses that looked like herself. The first time they’d done it was as a present for Shireen’s third birthday party. They’d bought her a coloring book full of princesses and they’d drawn the scars on each and every one. “Look, daddy, these princesses look like me! They’re so beautiful!” she’d squealed in delight upon seeing them, and he knew he could never give her a coloring book any other way.

Over two years later, and Stannis and Davos had perfected the art of drawing greyscale scars on princesses.

Shireen waved her finished picture in front of Stannis’ face. “Daddy, it’s for you!” He took it from her hands. Shireen had decorated her candy castle with black and yellow banners as well, imitating the ones hanging in his study, and the princess was colored with bright blue hair. She’d even signed her name at the bottom in her big, messy handwriting.

It really was quite a pleasant picture, despite the strange patchwork design on the castle itself and the foolishness of candy as a building material. And, he realized, Shireen hadn’t once gone outside the lines.

“Wow, Shireen,” he said, astonished. “You colored this so neatly.”

He was used to gritting his teeth and holding his tongue when she handed him her pictures, bright messes with stray lines everywhere. Davos had told him that it’s normal for young children to color outside the lines, and he supposed Davos would know considering the abundance of sons he’d raised. But still, Stannis could not stand coloring outside the lines. And he certainly couldn’t imagine that he had done it as a child.

Shireen grinned up at him. “I wanted to color neatly like you, daddy. Do you like it?”

His heart swelled with pride. “I love it, Shireen, truly. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown.” He scooped Shireen into his lap and she buried her face in his shirt. “I think this one deserves a spot on my wall at work, so all my coworkers can see it.”

Shireen nodded. “I think so too.” She wrapped her arms around his neck. “I love you, daddy.”

“I love you too, princess.”

As he hung Shireen’s picture on his wall the next morning, he thought that maybe candy kingdoms weren’t so bad, after all.

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One of Us

Requested by @dust-finatic :  Can you write where the ‘reader gets stuck on the side of the road and teamiplier helps them out’. Maybe during the 'date with markiplier’ shoot? Thank youuuuu

A/N: Of course I can! I had a blast writing teamiplier!!

Key: Y/E/N=Your Exs name Y/H/S= Your home state

Warning: Cuss words 

“Get out!” You looked to your boyfriend shocked. He slammed the breaks and glared at you. “Now!” 

“Seriously? We’re in the middle of fucking nowhere!” You yelled back, the two of you were at each others throat for the hundredth time this trip. This time the argument was even more heated. “You’re the one who’s sexting my best friend!” You screamed as you got out of the car you could feel your eyes watering, you were looking up directions on his phone when you happen to see a not so pleasant picture on his phone. After finding it was sent to your ‘best friend’ you confronted him, causing him to yell and retaliate. 

“Take your stuff Bitch!” Before you could react your backpack was thrown at you and your phone was thrown after, landing smashed on the ground. With that he was gone. You watched as his car sped away and you looked around your surroundings, you weren’t sure where you were and you had no way to call for help. Picked up your smashed phone and sighed.

“What the fuck just happened?” You said aloud to yourself. You started to walk the way you came, hoping you could just follow where you had came and come across the last rest stop. You were trying your best not to cry and you had so many questions. ‘That dick left me to die!’ You thought to yourself. You saw nothing but cactus for what seemed like miles. That was until you heard a scream. You froze. It had came from your left and you were to scared to look. But with a deep breath you turned to see a group of people in the distance. You furrowed your brow and started to walk towards them. The closer you got the more you saw what was going on, a shorter guy was wearing a torn up suit and was standing in front of camera. A boy with blue hair seemed to be setting up a picnic basket with a tall guy. Behind the camera was two girls who were giggling. You stood back and watched, not sure on what you should do. Before you could so anything you were spotted by the guy in the torn suit. 

“Sorry if we scared you! I swear this isn’t a torture porn or anything! We didn’t realize anyone would be out here!” He yelled from his position and you decided to get closer. 

“Oh, I wasn’t sure what was happening here. Sorry for interrupting! I heard screaming and stupidly followed the noise!” You forgot you had been crying and quickly wiped your face. The blonde girl had noticed and walked up to you and grabbed your arm. 

“Are you okay?” She asked in a soft voice. You sniffled and nodded your head. 

“I’m fine. My boy- uh ex ditched me a few miles back.” You said softly not sure if you should be telling this to total strangers. 

“What? Who would do that! Mark! Did you hear her? She was left by her ex! What a douche!” The blonde began to rant and pulled you towards her friends. The one in the suit, Mark?, gave you a concerned look and turned towards the blue boy, who was still setting up the picnic. 

“Ethan! Get a water from the van!” Mark said firmly and Ethan looked up and nodded running to the parked car. “You’re coming with us! No if and or buts!”

“We should probably introduce ourselves, she just met us and you’re already bossing her around.” The tall guy said annoyed. He walked up and held out his hand. “I’m Tyler.” 

“Y/N.” You shook his hand and let out a nervous chuckle. 

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Why do the Sanctuaries have a painting of the Unnamed? Wouldn’t it make more sense for a painting of Mevolents master to hang within one of the Faceless Churches? Or if its a spoil of war, to be locked away in a Vault?

(The Great Chamber is Sanctuary owned, right? I barely remember anything from book four and five. But I do remember that the new elders where suppossed to be elected in that place.)

long time

Prompt: “What would you say if I told you that I loved you?“ 

"I don’t know, what would you say if I told you I felt the same way?”

Warnings: None!

Jughead and Betty were incredibly close.

They had been since they were kids. Their relationship had only built and strengthened as each day went by. 

Now they were in high school and inseparable.

Jug and Betty walked to school together, ate lunch with the gang, and went to their classes.

It was Thursday, one of their few days off from working on the Blue and Gold. Just like they came, they went, together, back to Betty’s house. Her parents were gone for the night, away at some banquet her mother was invited to.

“C’mon, Jug,” Betty said with her signature sweet smile. She grabbed the boy’s hand and yanked him up the stairs of her front porch, leading him into the not-so-homey home.

Betty’s room, though, was a different story.

It was completely her- pink, organized, and pleasant. Little pictures were set in different places: a few with Archie, and one or two with Jug and then with Veronica.

Betty sat against the headboard of her bed, legs crossed, a notebook in her lap, a pen in her hand. She was deep in thought. 

Jughead sat next to her, laptop resting on his legs, fingers furiously typing away.

The two were working on their homework, but making conversation the whole time.

All of a sudden, the typing stopped. Jughead was silent for a few minutes, as if contemplating something. His fingers did not touch the keys. Betty looked up and smiled at him.

“Wow,” she said.

“What?” Jughead looked up from his computer into her eyes.

“Is Forsythe Pendleton Jones the Third actually stumped during his writing?” She laughed. Jughead rolled his eyes at the use of his full name. “I hoped this day would never come.” Betty shook her head, faking disappointment.

Jughead just stared at her, taking everything in. There were so many feelings and thoughts surrounding him, he didn’t know what to do. Jughead had had a crush on Elizabeth Cooper for a while now. He didn’t even remember how long ago it had hit him- the way her ponytail bounced when she walked, how her laugh could make people having the worst day of their lives smile, how smart she was- just how beautiful she truly was.

“Jug?” Betty’s heartbeat quickened. Did I do something wrong? Did Veronica do something? Maybe Archie? God, he looks so beautiful. Wait- oh no. Did Kevin spill how I feel about him?

That’s it. This is happening. Jughead took a deep breath. “I-”

Betty waited for a second, then raised her eyebrows. “Yeah?” She said softly and encouragingly, not accusingly. 

“What would you say if I told you I loved you?” Jughead said, facial expressions extremely non-expressive.

Betty just stared at the raven-haired boy for a moment. Did I hear him right? No way.

Fear and anxiety bubbled within Jughead. This was not the reaction he had been hoping for. Shit. Shit shit shit shit sh-

“I don’t know,” Betty paused before a grin spread across her perfectly-pink lips. “What would you say if I told you I felt the same way?”

Jughead let out a deep breath he didn’t realize that he had been holding within him. A smile only Betty could strike within him was plastered his face.

The two were smiling, extremely happy, when Jughead wrapped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her in for a kiss.

What one had, the other needed. 

The two finally pulled away from each others’ lips. Betty leaned against his shoulder, planting another small kiss on his shoulder.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time, Betts.”

“As have I, Jug.”

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I remember when I read the first Skulduggery Pleasant book, I was about 8, and I was so excited and into it that I looked up ‘Skulduggery Pleasant fan art’ on Google. There was one picture that I didn’t really understand what it was, but I knew it was Skul and Valkyrie in the picture. Now that I’m older, I want to know, who the fuCK DREW PORN OF 12 YEAR OLD VALKYRIE

Winwin spam#1
Description: A pleasant, lovely picture of winwin looking at the camera. However, deep in his heart, he is not smiling; he’s thinking about how Kun is still in his dungeon while he is performing onstage. and how he will never come out of the dungeon. until the time comesー

—- Emma edit before post

I actually love that photo. So pretty

Much ado for a lot of things in the Pleasant-Langerak household. Danny started dying his hair, this color is called flamboyant raspberry and he thinks it look great. At the last extended family BBQ his ex-wife Mary-Sue even unironcally complimented it. Not only that, she didn’t even tried to stab him with the big thermometer fork or to shove Kaylynn’s face into the grill. She has grown so much.